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Our newest pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics.
A pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics. Ryan Andrews' This Was Our Pact debuted here, and an expanded edition is coming soon from First Second!
A pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics. Ryan Andrews' This Was Our Pact debuted here, and an expanded edition is coming soon from First Second!
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Updates and previews!


Hey everyone! Our third Fortnightly comic Seomyeon John is running a little late because it's turning out really good so I went a little crazy and it ballooned from a 30 page short into a 67 page epic. It's one of my favorite things I've ever worked on, I think you're gonna like it. It will be hitting the inboxes of fortnightly subscribers ASAP.

Here's some preview art:

 John was many things.

I haven't forgotten you Broken Telephone subscribers! Here's a bunch of out-of-context previews for you, in varying levels of completion! See if you can guess who drew what!

 Holler in the comments if you recognize the styles!

Last day for The Whole Story 2014!


If you haven't checked out our new offerings for 2014, time is almost up! We're already fully funded, but there's still 20 hours left to pay as little as a dang dollar for 18 issues of Broken Telephone. That's just craaaazy cheap! Broken Telephone: The Whole Story 2014

by Carolyn C. Nowak
by Carolyn C. Nowak

The Whole Story 2014 is live!


 If you enjoyed your bundle last time around, this time you can name your price for a subscription to 18 books by 18 artists the combine like Voltron to create an even bigger story! Check out the new bundle here!

Also, if you recall there was a stretch goal for a FUTURE BOOK called Satyagraha. I haven't forgotten! If you pledged $13 or more you'll be getting it soon!

Korean Ultra-minis

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Some people have been confused about their Korean ultra-minis, so if you got the “Korean Comics” collection delivered to your door, listen up!

In your package you got four bookmark-sized prints with goofy Korean characters on each side. Fold those in half so that the cover is on the front, and those are your minis! They’ll fit in your wallet so you can see weird Korean jokes you can’t understand any time!

I left them unfolded in the interest of getting them to you faster and safer!

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Well, that’s that!

I’ve sent out all the digital rewards, and all the physical packages! There are of course still some FUTURE COMICS involved, so you all will be getting surprise bonus comics for some time as thanks for supporting this project, but everything from Whole Story Winter 2013 is done!

I made BFFs with staff of my local Korean Post-Office because I kept showing up with mountains of envelopes that got bigger and heavier and crazier with each trip. I had to borrow handcarts from the little old ladies in my neighborhood to transport them.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how The Whole Story Winter 2013 went, let me know! I have lots more projects in the works, including a series of graphic novels that will teach you languages, a graphic novel that will teach you how to travel cheap, and of course the next Whole Story!

I have one crazy idea that I’ve been thinking about the last few days.....

For the next Whole Story, do you like the “all at once” bundle approach, or should I try a “graphic novel of the month” club so you have new stuff to read year-round?

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