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Our newest pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2013.

Our newest pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics.

About this project

Thanks to everyone for a successful Kickstarter! If you missed out, I’m going to try and get as many of the individual books in this collection available for whatever you want to pay over at as soon as possible! We have lots more in store! You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or join our mailing list!

------------and now back to your regularly scheduled programming-------

The Whole Story is all about digital done right. We put our time and money into offering the best first-run comics, new translations, and high quality, complete versions of old favorites. We don’t force you to read them on certain devices or in certain apps, we let you download and keep your comics forever. We don’t force you to pay more than cover price, we let you name your own price.

Our books are bundled together in pay-what-you-want collections, and every book we bring you is a complete, stand-alone story. No cliffhangers that force you to pay more to find out what happens next! You can choose between Retina-resolution PDFs (for the highest quality), Web-resolution PDFs (for easy storage), or CBZs (in both resolutions, for use in comic-reading apps), all of which are DRM-free so you can download and keep them forever.

The success of our Summer 2012 collection showed that many people agree with us about how awesome digital can be! Now we’re back with our brand new Winter 2013 collection and we’re turning to Kickstarter to make it the best it can be!


Four awesome brand new comics made just for this collection! You get all 300+ pages, no matter what you pledge!

This Was Our Pact is a brand new 78 page adventure from Ryan Andrews. It's about a group of kids who decide to ride farther than they've ever gone before. Those that stick to the rules find that there they be more truth to their town's legend than they thought.

The Dog's Sins is a new 22 page story from KC Green. Rachel knew her old dog Buster was a pain in the butt, but she didn’t know he was such a bad dog that a powerful being was coming to make sure his sins were paid for. Unfortunately for her, it was decided that she would be the one doing the paying. Someone’s got to scape that goat! Note: If you’re a backer, you can download your copy of this book right now! It’s in a backer’s only post!

Plagued by Ryan Estrada (that’s me!) is a 38 page book that tells the true story of a fake apocalypse. It chronicles the most terrifying (at the time) and hilarious (in retrospect) night of my life when a plague of locusts, a rain of frogs, and even more terrifying sights convinced me I was in the path of a tsunami. The book also includes a completely redrawn version of Looh’s Story, based word-for-word on an account from an amazing family who really did live through the 2004 tsunami. I’ve been waiting nine years to make this book and share these stories with you! Note: If you’re a backer, you can download your copy of this book right now! It’s in a backer’s only post!

Definition of Dead Body by Jang Young, is a brand new English translation of the 164 page South Korean graphic novel about the interconnecting stories of a late wife, a dead goldfish, and a lost stuffed animal. Jang Young is an amazing artist, and she uses a variety of art styles to illustrate the power of loss at different stages of a man's life.

...but that’s not all! To reward our awesome backers for supporting the new collection, we have lots more comics in store for you!


To thank our backers who beat the Whole Story average and pay $13 or more, I’m putting together five more ebooks, featuring some of my favorite stories from our Whole Story artists. That brings you up to 800+ pages!

The Anime Club by KC Green, now in ebook format for the first time! Complete with all the extras and bonus stories from the print edition! It’s the hilarious story of a group of American kids who take their Japanese animation way too seriously. (140 pages)

Nothing is Forgotten by Ryan Andrews is the beautiful book whose print edition was tearing up Kickstarter the last time we released a bundle! It collects the stories Sarah and the Seed, Our Bloodstained Roof, Nothing is Forgotten, One Last Snowfall and The Tunnel. (192 pages)

Son of a Father is the first complete collection of Nam Dong Yoon’s strip about a boy trying hard to look up to his father. It’s also the strip’s first time in English! When I announced that the new collection featured a new South Korean artist, a number of Dong Yoon’s newfound fans lamented that there was no new comics from him! So I added them into the double comics collection to make up for it! MORE PAGES ADDED! (157 pages)

(Preview art only. Final will be translated.)
(Preview art only. Final will be translated.)

Freelancer Report by Nam Dong Yoon is a story about what it’s like being a freelance cartoonist in Bucheon, the city of cartoonists in South Korea. Spoiler: It’s not too different from being a freelancer anywhere else, but Nam Dong Yoon makes it much funnier. MORE PAGES ADDED! (27 pages)

There’s also been a fifth book added to this collection! 88 Blues is a Nam Dong Yoon story about college life in Korea! (24 pages)


If you beat the Kickstarter average and pay $26 or more, you can also get your hands on the entire original Whole Story collection! Many of these comics have not been available anywhere since! That brings you up to 1700+ pages!

Fusion Elementary and Fusion Future are chock full of beautiful art by Nam Dong Yoon that has been remixed into a series of intertwining stories by the best writers in indie comics, from Andrew Hussie to Zach Weiner!

That includes stories from:

Andrew Hussie, Anthony Clark,

Audra FuruichiC. Spike Trotman

David Hellman David Malki !,

Don Hertzfeldt, Dorothy Gambrell,

Doug TenNapel, Erika Moen,

Gordon McAlpin, Jeffrey Brown,

Jessica Mcleod, Josh Fruhlinger,

Katie Cook, KC Green

Malachai NicolleMeredith Gran,

Michael “Mookie" Terracciano,

Nicholas Gurewitch, Rebecca Clements,

Ryan Estrada, Ryan North,

Shaenon Garrity, and Zach Weiner.

You Can Do It, Dong-Gu! is a Nam Dong Yoon story about a boy who decides to become Superman, even before he can wipe his own Bum. A Heart of Stone Work, Walk Like a Sumerian and The Great Disappointment are Box Brown books about religions, myths, ideas and cultures from all over the world. The Kind is a Ryan Estrada graphic novel about what werewolves do between full moons. You can see more previews by watching the original project video.

What if you already HAVE the original collection? Well, we just unlocked another seven books that will be added to every tier $26 or higher! It’s the KC Green Collection! Question Hound’s Puzzletorium! The Blood Cloud! Secret Midnite Duck Party! The 3 Minis! Midnite Surprise! Shrekless Abandon! Horribleville! All yours!


We’re so thankful for your support we’re putting together some other rewards that will be mailed out to backers!

mockup. final size of new book not yet determined.
mockup. final size of new book not yet determined.

The Learn to Read Korean Comics Collection was made in celebration of all the great South Korean comics we’ve translated for you! I did a comic a while back called Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes that went crazy-viral and taught millions of people Hangeul. I’m putting together a new travel-size print edition, and bundling it with a bunch of my Korean-language print comics. There’s the first volume Aki Alliance, and my Korea-exclusive collection of pocket-sized minis, Michingu (they feature simple words and Korean puns, so they’re great for learning.)

Prize packs I’ve got a giant pile of original art, hand-cut stickers, minicomics, bookmarks, magnetic poetry comic sets, sketchbooks with hand-drawn covers, hand-decorated paper lanterns and other handmade goodies, and I’m going to spend the month making more of them! Each prize pack will be different, and designed just for you, but all of them will be awesome.

We’ve even unlocked some additional rewards! Everyone who pledges $49 or more will get a 4-pack of exclusive pocket-sized minicomics, as well as a brand new print edition of Mystical Monkey, my story from Flight: Volume 4.

detail from bookmark design for Definition of Dead Body
detail from bookmark design for Definition of Dead Body

What else? I’ve put together some prize packs to begin with, but since this is name-your-price, I’ll keep adding more as I see what people choose to pay! If you surprise me with your generosity, I will find a way to reward you!

Where is the money going?

from The Dog’s Sins
from The Dog’s Sins

The amount we’re asking for covers the advances I’ve already given out, and the translation fees I’ve already paid. Anything above that is distributed among the artists. I am one of the artists, but all of the rewards come out of my share, and what’s left of my share goes right back into The Whole Story, to pay advances to the next batch of artists to make more great new comics!

Thank you so much for checking out this project.

I hope you like all the amazing comics we’ve put together for you. You can share this page with your friends easily! Just send them to I want everyone who loves comics as much as I do to have the chance to get all these super great books!

from This Was Our Pact
from This Was Our Pact

Risks and challenges

This collection isn’t just an idea. It’s a massive undertaking that we’ve been hard at work for for the last six months. There are still some pages in the works, some translators to hire, and some finishing touches to do, but this is happening!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • “Bridges” by Jim Smith, who was also the director of photography for The Kind. Speaking of directors of photography and my Kickstarter video, Peter Starr Northrop was the DP for the video!

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  • The last Whole Story Bundle offered immediate delivery, but this time we’re trying something a little different, with a Kickstarter pre-order. All the comics will be delivered on February 1st.

    However, just because you guys are great, and I’m super excited, I’ll be giving some of the books in advance via backer updates! Plagued has already been delivered If you’re a backer, check the second update!

    Last updated:
  • Every tier $50 and over comes with 10 or more pieces of original art. The art will be by me, Ryan Estrada, from The Kind, Plagued, Looh’s Story, Michingu or Aki Alliance promo art, with perhaps some other projects as well. I have some drawings of The Muppets, Star Wars characters, Lost, and other random things I’ve drawn in the last year. It’s all drawn in ink on A4 copy paper.

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  • There are a few stretch goals already plan, but I’m kinda known for just getting excited and announcing that I’m giving you extra stuff on a whim. Here’s what’s going down so far:

    $10,000 DONE!

    To thank you guys for bringing us up to five figures, I’m going to have a series of four ulta-minicomics made for you, and mail one to everyone who pledged $50 or more. Digital-only backers will get printable PDFs!

    $15000- DONE!

    I added three new digital comics to everyone’s bundles! Road Comics, Cartoon Coup, and Plague: The Musical. It’s all the comics I made during and leading up to the events mentioned in Plagued!

    $16000: DONE!

    All backers received a high resolution copy of our banner image for printing or desktop-image purposes. We also unlocked brand new digital copies of a whole bunch of Ryan Estrada books including Aki Alliance, Chillin’ Like Villains, Awesome O’Clock and more!

    $20,000: DONE!

    We unlocked a brand new PRINT EDITION of Mystical Monkey (a story that appeared in Flight: Volume 4) that will be mailed out to everyone who pledged $49 or more.

    $25,000: DONE!

    When this bundle ends, the pay-what-you-want comics won’t! I’m launching a digital storefront that sells a whole bunch of creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics for whatever you want to pay!


    Everyone who paid $26 or higher will get The KC Green Collection added to their order. 7 more books!


    Two new books will be created just for you! Satyagraha (the story of how I was thrown out of a train by a small army of policemen) and the 8th Anniversary Full-Color edition of Ped X-ing.

    $50,000 A brand new print edition of The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother will be sent out to everyone who pledged $49 or higher.

    $100,000 Crap just got real (in this hypothetical scenario that is not yet real) There will officially be a PRINT BUNDLE to go along with your digital bundle. First of all, I’m going to do a print edition of Plagued. Then, to everyone who pledged $50 or more, I am going to send you printed copies of Plagued, The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother,Mystical Monkey, Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes and the Korean version ofAki Alliance: Volume 1. That’s a whole mountain of print comics on TOP of all your other rewards.

    Last updated:
  • Heck yeah we did! That’s how devoted to prompt, quality service we are!

    If you’re a backer, you can find Plagued here:

    And The Dog’s Sins here:

    Last updated:


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    Pledge $1 or more

    750 backers

    YEAH COMICS! Pay whatever you think is fair! No matter what you pledge, you get the new Winter 2013 collection. This Was Our Pact. The Dog’s Sins, Plagued, and Definition of Dead Body. That’s 300 pages of super great comics that you can’t find anywhere else! They’re really pretty neato!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $13 or more

    442 backers

    DOUBLE THE COMICS! Wow, thanks! You beat the average from our last bundle! To thank you for paying a little extra, I’m going to give you twice as many comics. How about digital editions of KC Green’s "The Anime Club,’ and Ryan Andrews' "Nothing is Forgotten?" And two brand new translations of Nam Dong Yoon books, “Son of a Father” and “Freelance Report.” This brings you up to 8 books and 750 pages! You deserve it because you are great!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $26 or more

    651 backers

    QUINTUPLE THE COMICS! Oh, man. Oh, man. You’re the best. You could have gotten away with paying whatever you want and you decided to beat the Kickstarter average and support the artists? That’s great. Okay. I’m gonna send you Winter 2013 Collection, the Double Comics collection, AND, I’ll even throw in the entire original Summer 2012 collection! That includes Fusion Elementary and Fusion Future (featuring art by Nam Dong Yoon and stories from all of the biggest names in indie comics), The Kind by Ryan Estrada, and three books from Box Brown (A Heart of Stone Work, Walk Like A Sumerian, and The Great Disappointment) That’s brings you up to 15 books and over 1600 pages of comics!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $49 or more

    40 backers

    PRINT COMICS TOO! Even though the $50 tier sold out in a day, many of you keep pledging that much anyway! That is so cool of you, I’ma give you some print comics! You will receive every single digital offering, and I will mail you: One piece of original art, one copy of Mystical Monkey, A 4-pack of collectible ultra-mini adventure comics, and any other print comics that get unlocked!) Every reward tier higher than this gets the new print comics added to their order too!) Keep watching the updates!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $50 or more

    15 backers All gone!

    DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP! Oh my gosh. That’s generous. I can’t even think of anything else to e-mail to you! To thank you for being so awesome, I’m gonna have to start mailing stuff to your house! I’m gonna send the Winter 2013 collection, the 4 extra comics, the Summer 2013 collection, The Ryan Estrada Collection and every other digital offering on a customized The Whole Story SD card! Plus, I’ll send you ten pieces of original art! That’s 2500 pages of comics on one SD card! I really hope you like it because man, you are so cool I don’t even know what to say about it.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $60 or more

    53 backers

    Oh, MAN. I’m starting to tear up here, you’re so nice. I’m trying to think of how I can make this whole experience better for you. Oh, I know! I’ve translated a bunch of great Korean comics for you, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could read the originals? I’m gonna make a brand new travel-sizeprint edition of “Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes.” I'll ship it to you along with the first Korean-translated print edition of my book Aki Alliance, and a whole bunch of my Korean-language minicomics to practice with! AND ten pieces of original art! On top of that, along with your e-mailed digital comics, (Winter 2013 collection, Double Comics collection, and Summer 2012 collection) we’ll include extra digital editions of Jang Young and Nam Dong Yoon’s comics in the original Korean!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    58 backers

    YOU DESERVE A PRESENT! Okay, that’s nuts. You know how to make an artist feel great. I’m gonna give you a present. I am gonna make a whole collection of goodies just for you wrap it up, and send it to you. I mean literally, just for you. They’ll all be related to this project, but everyone will get something different because you deserve a surprise! See the photo on the left of some of the stuff that might be included: stickers, minicomics, bookmarks, and other goodies. And of course, you’ll also get everything in the LEARN TO READ KOREAN COMICS tier, including the original art and every single digital comic we have ever offered.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    5 backers All gone!

    COMICS FOR YOUR COMPUTER, YOUR BOOKSHELF, AND YOUR REFRIGERATOR Oh, wow. That’s just- you must love comics as much as I do. We should be best friends. I made something for you. It’s a handmade Magnetic Comics set to cover your refrigerator. It works like magnetic poetry, but it has 7 characters, 300 words and a dry erase marker to build panels and word balloons! Plus, I’m gonna send you 20 pieces of original art so that you have some to give to friends and hang some on your newly comic-covered refrigerator!
    Don’t worry about ruining the surprise, because I’m still gonna send you the handmade giftwrapped prize pack made just for you, the prize pack with stickers and whatnot, everything in the Learn To Read Korean Comics collection, AND I’ll even throw in the custom memory card with every single digital comic. I hope that’s cool. If you could send high fives in the mail, I would send you like a hundred and twelve of them.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    ART FOR YOU SO YOU CAN MAKE ART YOURSELF Dang, yo. My $99 tier sold out and you’re still pledging! You’re so great, I wanna make something special for you. There’s a shop in Korea that sells the best sketchbooks in the world. They’re full of heavy black paper, which you can sketch on in white colored pencil. Best yet, the cover is blank so you can draw your own cover art. But I will do that for you! You give me a theme, and a name, and I will draw a super awesome cover just for you! And send it to you with the colored pencil, some other cool customized Korean art supplies, custom prize pack, the Read Korean Comics collection, and every single digital offering.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    4 backers

    CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND HANDMADE LANTERN Holy cheesecake, that’s higher than I ever imagined! I have to start making new reward tiers! So This Was Our Pact is all about the journey of paper lanterns, right? Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to go to a traditional market in Korea, buy a paper lantern, and I will draw a handmade design on that lantern on whatever theme you choose. You tell me what theme you want, and I’ll give you 360 degrees of art! I will then let put said lantern in the air, and let it fly across the globe to meet you. And by “the air” I mean an envelope. I will mail it to you. Plus, of course, the prize pack, the Read Korean comics collection, and every single digital offering.

    Estimated delivery:
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