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A twenty-something's perspective on the executive facade. Advice, stories, and entertaining observations about life and business.

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Do you ever feel like there's a new way of doing business, and all the old guys bossing us around are stuck in the traditional? Don't you just work to live, and not live to work? Why can't every day be casual Friday? 

Join me, a twenty-something professional, as I break down the executive facade surrounding business in the 21st century. Find out why power phrases ("absolutely, consider it done") are obsolete. Reconsider work-place attire. Learn how to better fake the work day and remain productive at the same time. 

Content ranges from personal life stories to philosophical rants and case studies. Learn about what I call the 4th dimension of business: brand. Discover why your superior is so obnoxious and relentlessly micro-managing. Master the utopian ideal of "work-life" balance. And have fun reading a debut book by an ENTJ guy living in Atlanta, Georgia. 


This project has taken almost 2 years to complete, all while starting a successful business, finishing college, and dozens of other interesting jobs and experiences. The manuscript is in the final stages, with just some due diligence (research, legal stuff) to finalize and a few chapters to revise. 

I don't intend to profit from your pledges -- money will go towards making a better book (production, content), a better website (supplemental readings), and of course more project-backing and micro-financing via Kickstarter and Kiva. 

The $1,500 I'm seeking will pay for...
-ISBN / barcodes ($250 total, need 2+ for print/ebook editions)
-Pre-marking ($300 to send complimentary copies to bloggers, entrepreneurs)
-Website / tech ($250 for domains, hosting, graphic design, editing)
-Printing press ($700 up-front setup fees for physical copies)

What to expect...
*13 chapters (boss types, marketing, intelligent design, entrepreneurship, etc)
*120+ pages of content
*Supplementary reading on book's website
*Personal secrets (look inside my kimono)


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