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The first feature film by Koo (dir. of The West Side, founder of explores the high-stakes world of youth basketball.
The first feature film by Koo (dir. of The West Side, founder of explores the high-stakes world of youth basketball.
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2,336 backers pledged $125,100 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Francisco Moreno on August 20

      any way I can get my money back?

    2. Creator Ryan Koo on January 20, 2015


      It can take four years to write a great script. It can also take forty years. Or four days. The fact that someone in history has accomplished something in a particular amount of time is not at all indicative that others can, will, or should do the same. As far as your comment "next time do us all a favor and wait till you have the script, before you hit up the good hearted people at Kickstarter for funding" ... I did have a script before I ran a Kickstarter campaign. It was read on stage, it was selected for grants, and I've since rewritten and improved it immeasurably. If you wanted to judge the script for yourself you could've come to the public reading I invited all backers too, last month — you're in NY, right?

      If you have an issue with my hard work on this project, I suggest you send me a message and ask for a refund. I will gladly return your backing if you feel that I'm taking too long, or working too hard, or not doing this as fast as you'd like.


    3. Creator Frank P. Dima on January 20, 2015

      Ryan - Steve Jobs said it best: "Artists deliver". I've been reading your updates over the YEARS and all I have to say is that it doesn't take almost four years to write a great script. People have wrote, shot and marketed multiple awesome films in the time it took you rewrite this thing. And BTW - from the start I thought the title was weak - but it took you almost FOUR YEARS to figure that out. Next time do us all a favor and wait till you have the script, before you hit up the good hearted people at Kickstarter for funding.

    4. Creator Francisco Moreno on November 20, 2014

      Manchild is not a child anymore, been so long since Sept 23, 2011 that grew up to be amateur, but I'll keep waiting till becomes "Pro"...

    5. Creator Neil Macdonald on August 13, 2014

      My money it went..........

    6. Creator Jay Wiencko on August 7, 2014

      How's shooting going, Ryan?

    7. Creator Bo Bickley on July 26, 2014


      Been a Looooooonnnnnngggg time sine you gave an update through the KS site.

      Care to share here instead of your newsletter?

    8. Creator Anthony Petito on February 11, 2014

      congrats man!

    9. Creator Ryan Koo on February 4, 2014

      Jordy -- did you see our latest updates! Sundance Screenwriters Lab, and we're shooting this summer? Johnny -- the short is out there... we actually made it really quickly: The feature, however, is taking a long time!

    10. Creator Jordy Wax on January 15, 2014

      Hey Ryan, any update on this?

    11. Creator JOHNNY D LEE on September 23, 2013

      dude how long does it take to make a short film

    12. Creator Lisa O'Brien on July 26, 2013

      Hey there! Any updates?

    13. Creator Mark Corderoy on April 2, 2013

      I backed a micro budget film (see your FAQs). Your website described itself as 'a site for DIY filmmakers and independent creatives'.
      I think that the way this project has unfolded has been unfortunate. We appear to have provided seed-corn money to attract a bigger investment?

    14. Creator Good Dogg. Location: Front Porch on December 26, 2012

      Thank you Ryan.
      Keep working hard. And if you hit a dead end a few times--so what--keep working hard and check in every few months to let us know how things are going.
      Don't get discouraged.

    15. Creator Ryan Koo on December 22, 2012


      It's just the calm before the storm. :)

      Working hard on it every day and will have some updates soon. Thanks for staying tuned!


    16. Creator Quentin Davis on December 21, 2012

      So what happened to this? There seems to be very little progress towards actually making the film. I backed this because I visit the NoFilmSchool site a lot, and like it (learned lots of useful things). I also wanted to help an aspiring filmmaker get a film made. But nothing seems to be happening. Or at least, we don't hear much anymore.

    17. Creator Rob Bejusca on May 30, 2012

      Looking forward to it Koo!

    18. Creator Ryan Koo on May 26, 2012

      Update coming soon! As soon as I have something concrete to share.

    19. Creator Jason DiVenere on May 11, 2012

      Any updates?

    20. Creator Heartborne on May 1, 2012

      How are things going? A new Update would be interesting :)

    21. Creator Derek Lawrey on September 26, 2011

      Can't Wait!!! Awesome to see this happen! Thanks Koo for all the updates and hard work! Loved the DSL hand book and look forward to the weekly news breaks!!

    22. Creator Ryan Koo on September 25, 2011

      THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I'm a bit behind on messages but I will get back to everyone in the days to come. This has been a truly inspiring, eye-opening, and motivating experience and I'm so grateful for all of your support! Time to make a movie!

    23. Creator James Elliot Green on September 24, 2011

      Way to get it done KoO! Look forward to my copy of this history making film. Also, thanks for pushing the envelope on this one. You played well all 4 quarters.

      I attended film school. What you have achieved with nofilmschool is momentous. The site just rocks. So, thank you for the free info and DSLR handbook . Thank you for raising the bar for narrative film funding via crowdfunding.

      Please look for my project DISEASED the movie on Kickstarter in coming weeks. You have engaged and inspired many.


      James Elliot Green

    24. Creator Gary C. Daniels on September 24, 2011

      You should use the success of this pledge drive to find matching grants from filmmaking and arts organizations. Wouldn't it be nice to have $250,000 to make this film instead of $125,000? There are grants available for every stage....preproduction, production and post. Why stop now, you're on a roll. Keep the momentum building!

      And congratulations!

    25. Creator James Elliot Green on September 23, 2011

      Way to get it done!!!

    26. Creator Morrison Moments (deleted) on September 23, 2011

      "When the music's over, turn out the lights." --Jim Morrison

    27. Creator Morrison Moments (deleted) on September 23, 2011

      The money keeps rolling in...

    28. Creator Fifth & First on September 23, 2011

      Congrats bro! Nice work!

    29. Creator Audrey Ewell & Aaron Aites on September 23, 2011

      Congrats. Enjoy the night. And then go make a film that has something to say, a film that contains a bit of truth about our world. I believe you can.

    30. Creator Marcos Bueno on September 23, 2011

      I'm happy to have contributed to the project, and hopefully this will inspire other people to support great ideas as Man-Child.
      Marcos Bueno
      Sao Paulo-Brazil

    31. Creator Paul Seymour on September 23, 2011

      Congrats Koo so happy for you! Glad we could be a part of helping you make your film. The countdown would have been fun but way to stressful glad you made your goal early!!!! NOFILMSCHOOL Rocks!!!

    32. Creator Paul Herrington on September 23, 2011

      Congrats Koo! Love the blog, can't wait for the film. Hope your dreams come true on this one and it's only the beginning!

    33. Creator Hero Ngauv on September 23, 2011

      Congratulations, Koo! Down with Other You!
      (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

    34. Creator Richard Hazeldine on September 23, 2011


      I concur with everyone else's sentiments, you truely are an inspiration to us all!!

      Hope the shoot goes well and that you receive all your dues.

      Well done again and well done to everyone who has backed this film!!!

    35. Creator Quentin Davis on September 23, 2011

      Congrats! Glad you made the goal!!!! Good luck making the movie!

    36. Creator Patricia Carlson on September 23, 2011

      Bravo, Koo! Not only do you now have the funds you need, you also have a host of people who believe in your project. Way to go! And let's here it for Kickstarter for making it possible to fulfill your dream (and so many others).

    37. Creator Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides on September 23, 2011

      Dreams come true:) Congratulations!!

    38. Creator angela k pires on September 23, 2011

      yay! congratulations! i'm so glad to be (a small) part of your dream. and i don't even know you ;-)

    39. Creator timothy lee depriest on September 23, 2011

      Congratulations, Koo ! it feels so good...
      amazing... and its just beginning...
      and thank you so much for 'No Film School'
      many blessings to you...

    40. Creator Seth Koberg on September 23, 2011

      Congratulations, Koo! Well Done! Now get to work and make that movie! :-)

    41. Creator Jack Clarke on September 23, 2011

      Hmmm... Not sure if I want to contribute now that I may not get the frames that were advertised. Is there any way to pull what I pledged?

    42. Creator The Postwoman Movie on September 23, 2011

      Wow. Congrats!! :-) Can't wait to see it. You did good with this campaign. You stayed on us. Go, Koo.

    43. Creator joel draper on September 23, 2011

      Gary is right - ESPN will pick this up - and so will ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX (at least they will cover it) - even PSB! This is the right content - right story and will have the right type of fans that want to hear this story. Think about Lebron James and Bryce Harper - this is a chance to OWN part of the story before the hype ... I am happy you made it Koo! Gratz - only 9 hours to hit $150,000! How much would they pay for Lebron James or Bryce Harper High School Jersey? Maybe you should grab some autographs and get some t-shirts made before you shoot these kids into superstars! If you want to make shirts for your movie - I have a number you may want to call...

    44. Creator Gary C. Daniels on September 23, 2011

      I just doubled my pledge. I challenge everyone to do the same. Or at the very least add just a little more love to the pot, whatever you can manage. And for those who haven't donated: 9 hours left to redeem yourselves. :)

    45. Creator Ryan Koo on September 23, 2011

      THANK YOU ALL!!!!

      Gary, Thank you for saying that! It's very true and every dollar will go on screen, but I'm just so happy to have made it this far. Everything over the next 9 hours is great given now there's less pressure!

    46. Creator Jason T. Harris on September 23, 2011

      Wow you did it!!!!

    47. Creator Travis Low on September 23, 2011

      Word! With time to spare! You will have a much more fun and much less nerve-racking party tonight! Yes, I agree with Gary (see below)...let's keep going and give Koo a bit more to work with in his budget for this great film! I'll skip my usual coffee regiment today and increase my pledge a little bit instead...who's with me! Congrats Koo!

    48. Creator alexkoonce on September 23, 2011

      Koo, thank you for allowing us to take this journey with you . Congrats on MAN-CHILD surpassing its goal.

    49. Creator Gary C. Daniels on September 23, 2011

      Congratulations! But there's still ten hours to go. Remember, Koo's budget was already extremely tight for a film like this. So there's still ten hours to go for people to make their donations and help Koo make an even better film with no compromises because of his tight budget. There's absolutely no reason not to donate $5 at this point. You know the film will be made. There's no longer any doubt about that. So go ahead and make a donation so you can be a part of this amazing project! Rarely in life do you get a second chance to make the right decision. For those who haven't donated yet, consider these next ten hours your second chance to do what you know deep down you really want to do. You WANT to help but you're still coming up with excuses..."oh, he's got the money now, he doesn't need my little donation." Trust me, he needs every penny he can get. The hard part is really just beginning. $115,000 is good but $130,000 would be ideal! And just think, when this film is at Sundance and Cannes and is picked up by ESPN, you can say you helped make it happen! Just 5 bucks. Come on, what are you waiting for already?

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