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Sarah and the Seed, Our Bloodstained Roof, and Nothing is Forgotten bound together in a beautiful book.
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Book Upgrade

Posted by Ryan Andrews (Creator)

***Some of you have moved since the campaign ended, and you've been sending me your new addresses. I appreciate you keeping me up to date, but don't worry about letting me know your address for now. I'll ask you for it in a survey once I know the books are on their way. Kickstarter will organize them all for me in a spreadsheet which *should* help me out when I start shipping them.***

OK! So now for the update:

In mid April, the printer I hired to produce these books botched the job for the last time. After finally getting them to admit their mistake, my option was to wait another 2-3 months to have them print the books again, or get an (almost) full refund. I had a tough decision to make, but ultimately went with a refund.

After dealing with mistake after mistake through the entire process, I had no confidence that after the 2-3 month wait, I would get a properly made book. I was worried that after 3 months, I would once again get a book that was printed wrong, and need to wait ANOTHER 3 months to get them printed again, and quite possibly be stuck in this Twilight Zone loop, thus never getting these books to all of you!

I immediately contacted another printer, Shanghai Offset. They came highly recommended by George Rohac, who has helped a lot of other cartoonists print their books after their own Kickstarter campaigns.

I was scared that it would be the same experience all over again, but with no delay Shanghai Offset sent me proofs, and a dummy book with gorgeous paper. Unlike my previous experience, these proofs were done correctly on the very first go. They have been fast with responses, and fast at sending me anything I ask for. So far everything has been beyond my expectations in speed and quality. I only wish I had gone with them from the beginning.

The downside is that the wait is a little longer. The paper is being ordered from Japan and the lead time on it is 4 weeks.

The books are scheduled to arrive at my house in late August, at which point I will work tirelessly to get them all sent out to you. I wish I could make them print sooner, but I'm at the mercy of the printers and the shipping company. I'll be shipping a few boxes here via airmail so that I can get a head start on sketching in the books. At the moment that's the best I can do to lessen the delay.

One last thing! 

I want to say thank you. Your responses to these delays have made a stressful situation much easier to bear. I'm convinced I have the nicest group of people supporting me. I've thought of a way to thank you all for waiting for this book to be ready. It's not much, but since the books are being reprinted anyway, it seemed like the perfect opportunity...

1) I've made them larger. (photos attached) One thing I noticed when I got the advance copy of the book, was that it just felt small and cramped. So I increased the size of the margins by 2mm all around, made the gutters an extra 3mm wide, and the overall image is also ever so slightly bigger. 

2) I've gone with a MUCH higher quality, beautiful paper from Japan. Unfortunately you won't be able to see or feel the difference with the old one, but I think you'll be happy with it.

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    1. Arne Van Raepenbusch on

      Still looking forward reading this! I hope it's getting to our houses soon!

    2. Elliot on

      This is great news! I am so glad you have found a printer that is working out for you. Thanks for the update and I'm more exited than ever now to see the end product!

    3. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Eduardo: Thank you for the kind words Eduardo! It's been a learning experience for sure! Next time I should be able to bypass all this mess and get a book done much faster.

    4. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Ana: Thank you Ana :D It really means a lot to know that people trust that the wait is worth it.

    5. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Emily Miller: Hugs would definitely help! The good thing is that hopefully all the bad stuff is behind us now :D

    6. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      toraplu: I DO live in Japan :) But the book is being printed in China (printing it here would have cost me more than the Kickstarter final amount) The paper is from Japan though

    7. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Dylan: YEAH! Your book is still at my parent's house in the US. I thought I would be going back home a lot sooner so I shipped it there. They love it, and I can't wait to see it (and steal it from them) when I go back.

    8. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Jason Hsu: I hope so too! So far they've been fantastic, so I'm pretty happy with how it's going.

    9. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Casey G.: It does feel good to finally be happy about what I'm seeing :)

    10. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Carolyn: You're welcome! I really think the upgrade makes a big difference, so I'm excited for you to see it!

    11. Eduardo Gutierrez on

      Finally!! I'm glad the new printers are better. This whole excruciating (for you) process must have been quite the learning experience for you; I know I have learnt a thing or two as well. Mostly, that you are not only a great artist, but also committed to get things right through thick and thin. This isn't as common a thing as one should expect. Can't wait to see my book, but I'll wait however long it takes for it. I'm not a fan of fast food, or fast books for that matter. Thanks for YOUR patience!

    12. Ana on

      Thanks for the update! I'm glad you're happy with the new printing company, hopefully everything will go smoothly from now on! Also don't worry, I'm sure nobody minds waiting, considering all the work you've put into this, the end product will be fantastic!

    13. Missing avatar

      Emily Miller

      Every time you post an update with the printer delays, I just want to give you a hug. I am so glad things are finally starting to come together for you. I agree with everyone else, the book will be fantastic and worth the wait. Keep your head up. :-)

    14. toraplu on

      I´m glad to read this. Don´t worry, we´re waiting patiently for what we know is gonna be a quality book, with the gorgeous stories we already know. Oh, by the way, I thought you lived in Japan :P

    15. dmeconis on

      Shanghai Offset, yay!

    16. Jason Hsu on

      Sorry to hear about the printer troubles. Hope the new printer will come through for us!

    17. Casey G. on

      Hooray! It must feel so good to see progress you are confident in happening. No worries here for the wait. Just glad to hear things are moving along and you are happy with the new printer.

    18. Carolyn Paplham

      The upgrades sound fantastic and this book is going to be so totally worth the wait :D Thanks for keeping us updated throughout the ordeal!