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Sarah and the Seed, Our Bloodstained Roof, and Nothing is Forgotten bound together in a beautiful book.
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Advance Copies

Posted by Ryan Andrews (Creator)

Last week the advance copies of the books came, and much to my disappointment, they were printed incorrectly.

I have had a trying experience with this printer I'm using, and this came as a really defeating blow. Were I not bound by a contract and laws I don't understand my way around, I would have left them long ago. I was really hoping that the book would look right, and that I could wipe my hands clean of these guys, and finally get these books to you, but that won't be possible just yet.

They offered me a discount if I would take the books as they are, but after spending 6 (...7?) months to get the proofs to look right, it wouldn't be fair to you to send you a book done incorrectly. So after a week of arguing with them, they finally admitted fault, and agreed to reprint the books. It's a bittersweet victory though, because that means I have to make you wait longer, and I hate to have to do that.

They sent me the "expedited" schedule this morning, and it looks like they are going to take their sweet time fixing this. I'm going to make some calls and see what I can do to get them to move faster, but it looks like the books won't get here until early June.

It bums me out to send you these updates full of bad news. I'm sorry this hasn't gone as planned, but rest assured that I'm doing everything I can to get this printer to do this right for you all.

Below is a photo of the finished books. Look at them and join me in weeping.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      This'll be worth the wait, so no sweat! I will have to submit my address when the time comes though. I think I missed that email somewhere along the line...

    2. Missing avatar

      Alii Boyles on

      I'll also be living in a different location by June..!

    3. Audric Gueidan / Takopix on

      i change my adress too...

    4. Bryce Pemberton on

      The wait is fine, you're doing a great job

    5. Missing avatar

      Carina on

      Ryan! Is there any way to change my shipping address? I will be living in a different location by June.

    6. Arran on

      No sweat dude. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Heres hoping these muppets get their act together.

    7. Josh O'Berski on

      gonna go ahead and echo that you're doing the right thing, and the wait is not a big deal.

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Борис Сингх on

      Keep up the good work man! I really don't mind waiting for June. As long as your happy with what you send out then that's all that really matters.

    10. Gareth Pashley on

      Well done for keeping on, yr an artist that has a vision! I'm sure it will be worth the wait...

    11. KramsDesign on

      For what it's worth, I really appreciate all the love you obviously have for this project, and the delays mean nothing more to me than ongoing proof of how much you care. I'm honestly really thankful that you've put so much of yourself into this for us, and am happy to get the book when I get it, knowing it to be the fruit of all this labour. You're awesome Ryan!

    12. Arne Van Raepenbusch on

      Take as much time as you need. Awesomeness takes time!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrei Vasilciu on

      June isn't that far off. And if the covers are any indication, they're going to be beautiful books and well worth the wait. +1

      Well played to you my friend for sticking to your guns & getting them to reprint it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Amanda Venz on

      I'm seriously NOT stressed by the wait. this book is a gift for my son, and HE is a perfectionist.If you are that way inclined, then no matter if it takes a little longer, the finished book will be a treasure.

    15. Lisa Q. Fetterman on

      This is a great Kickstarter project. I'm very proud to be a backer and look forward to June. These books are going to be cherished, loved, and read for a lifetime thanks to your efforts.

    16. Stasia Arkham

      June isn't that far off. And if the covers are any indication, they're going to be beautiful books and well worth the wait.

    17. Ayme Sotuyo on

      That last part made me laugh. The covers are gonna be so beautiful and it's gonna be so great to finally hold them one day but yunno the old saying that Rome wasn't built in a day! And it's more frustrating for you to go through this process than it has been just waiting. Good luck this time!

      Around June? If I waited for animal crossing for 3 years I can wait for your book!

    18. Spencer Hawkins on

      Hey, Ryan A! ;)
      I might need to change my shipping address, as both my permanent AND temporary addresses will have changed by the time it's ready for the books to ship! How might I go about doing that?

      Thanks for caring so much about your work. It's great to see that this isn't just a way to make money, but that you also value your art as much as we do.

    19. Janet Guertin on

      I respect that you want to get it right and as many have already said, it's okay! As tough as it is, you're doing the right thing. Hang in there!

    20. Carolyn Paplham

      Gonna echo everyone else - the books are totally worth the wait to see them done right :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Max Frear on

      It's well worth the wait even if it does take until June. So please don't worry about it. We all still love you just as much as ever.

    22. Alex Camacho on

      You made the right choice, I prefer better quality over getting the book sooner, not sure why anyone would prefer it the other way.

    23. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Everyone, thank you so much for being positive. It's been hard not to stress out about this, but all of you make it a lot easier to not freak out. I hope that when you finally have the book you will feel that it was worth it.

    24. Ryan Andrews 2-time creator on

      Dax: All the art will be inside the cover since I opted for no jacket. The misprint was on the color section in the middle of the book. It looks like they printed it on a photocopy machine set to dark. All that work getting everything looking right gone to waste. It's pretty obvious that they didn't even bother comparing it with the proof.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dax Pagan on

      Sigh. Well, better late than compromised.

      How badly were they bungled? Did they not take notice of your fixes/corrections/specifications on the proofs?

      Will the hardcover have a slipcover, or will the paperback's exterior art be on the interior of the hardcover somewhere? (I remember it was an either/or, but I don't think you ever told us which route you'd opted to take...).

    26. Josiah on

      What Estrada said.


      I would like to send you some comics of mine, no strings attached. Throw them in the garbage or keep em.

    28. Jen Bennett on

      I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've been going through! Printing problems are a nightmare. Thank you for being committed to putting out the best quality book you can--I really appreciate it. I'm happy to wait.


      I understand, I'm working with a t-shirt company that is doing the same kinda thing to me. Don't stress too much I know you're doing you're best.

    30. Ryan Estrada on

      Someone is gonna smuggle a few of those out of the Chinese factory and they’re gonna sell at auction one day for like a billion dollars.

    31. Missing avatar

      Bebop on

      Hey! Hey you! Yeah you, Ryan! Take a look at that art you made, now back at me, now back at the art, now back at me, now look down. You're holding a piece of ART in your hand (I'm assuming you're holding the book in you hand)!

      Despite that I've already read most of it I am more than happy to pay my hard earned money to physically own a copy and it is DAMN well worth the wait. I am so so so pleased that you got them to reprint it correctly.
      Keep your chin up and remember how awesome you are, cause I know I do. :D
      I look forward to reading the book.