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Battle demonic horrors, hordes of undead, and
desperate survivors while discovering a post-apocalyptic Earth you’ve never
imagined. 5E and Pathfinder RPG Compatible.
Battle demonic horrors, hordes of undead, and desperate survivors while discovering a post-apocalyptic Earth you’ve never imagined. 5E and Pathfinder RPG Compatible.
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Exotic Weapons, Magic, & Adventure:

Posted by Rusted Portal Games (Creator)

Greetings Survivors!

We hope this email finds you secure in your colony with ample resources. Progress on the Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting is still moving forward as we are finalizing some chapters, editing others, and tweaking some designs. We have more art rolling in still, from sketches representing feats and class abilities to exotic weapons and full scenes.

Exotic Weapons:

We just received final art on the flamethrower and a near final draft of the sawgun. Yes, shotgun/circular saw combo... because Enforcers need things like that!

Other weapons in draft include the post-Rise compound bow (using mountain bike parts) and post-Rise crossbow (using leaf springs and an impact wrench).

After working on the art descriptions for post-Rise exotic weapons, we realized the Enforcer needed to be exceptional in crafting these weapons, not just killing with them. That’s the type of tweaks that are still occurring as we put the final stamp on each little detail.

Other Art –

Scenes include the Tar Mammoth, Neighing Pyre w/ Firesteed, Glass Menagerie, and the Battle at the Space Needle (possible cover). We are getting as many full page scenes as possible into the book, each carefully selected to showcase a location discoverable within the world. We know these will bring the game to life for players and help visualize an Earth never before seen. So exciting!

Here’s a little fun I threw together just for this update…

Chapters_Trading Post_Who's Home_Combat
Chapters_Trading Post_Who's Home_Combat


Chad (Pathfinder) has been taking a last pass through spells and informed me last night he finished through the letter M. Spells are a significant category with numerous changes to match AtR nuisances: no alignment, different planes/multiverse, and difficulties in dimensional travel. We’ve killed Teleport and other similar spells, made planar travel challenging, but created in-world opportunities for exploring long distances or reaching other planes. We firmly believe this decision keeps the adventure alive even at higher levels. The sense of exploration will go on as will the level of challenge. We have included a heavy dose of epic fantasy in this post-apocalyptic game and done so without reducing the risk and horror. Who’s running this game for me? I want to play!!!


We mentioned in the last update that we were working on the 1st level adventure, “Dead in the Darklands.” We ran the first playtest on Free RPG day last weekend and the game is looking good. We will be providing that very early draft to our Gen Con GMs this weekend. The game will be well tested before being finalized for our awesome backers. Of note… there will be added content and details for continuation within a campaign on the delivered game. The game being tested is the convention version.

Free RPG Day Recap –

The most exciting thing to me about this event was witnessing a GM outside the company running our game for the first time. Don’t ever let a designer tell you it isn’t exciting having people like you, or fearless backers, being interested and involved in our game. It is humbling and amazing and I’m stoked to be part of this with you.

Also awesome is that our guest GM is a local radio celeb and all around good dude. He’s been down with AtR for a few years and hosted us on a couple different podcasts. Having him running What’s Cooking for a new group of 5E players was rad. RAD I SAY!

PaizoCon Recap –

We have another fantastic weekend at PaizoCon running AtR for five full tables of 8 players each. “Hox and a Gentleman” and “Grief Asylum” entertained players and kept them guessing as to what new horror awaited them in the next room. There were also some punny moments when Jason introduced the maize maze. It was really corny. No, AtR will never be campy horror. Yes, sometimes we might be horribly campy.

Regarding Pathfinder –

Another update note from PaizoCon is Pathfinder 2. We received some good insight, experienced some playtest examples, and learned a few of the major updates to the system. We expect this system to be a lot of fun to play. It isn’t Starfinder and it isn’t 5E. It might be somewhere in between, which seems like a great place to be. Rusted Portal intends to be in position to launch an early campaign with any open source options provided by Paizo. We know some players will make the switch and others will stick to P1. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Gen Con Update –

With just under 40 days before the start of Gen Con, your Rusted Portal team is hard at work trying to finalize even prep. We are also awaiting Gen Con finally posting the 6 additional games our guest GMs will be running for “Dead in the Darklands.” I’m certain we will fill those tables quickly and we are eager to see them posted.

Jason is running “Hotel Hell” for both Pathfinder and 5E in four 6-hour sessions. Magically, he has 1 single seat available in those four games. If you’re a single player at Gen Con, get that last seat, it is a creepy adventure!

Donaven is running “Mind Wide Shut” also for both Pathfinder and 5E in four 6-hour sessions. All four of those games are booked solid so I better get my maps locked down! “Mind Wide Shut” first appeared at PaizoCon in 2017 but is receiving a huge makeover for Gen Con, utilizing updated Darkland designs in the last year. I am really excited about the mind-bending twists in this adventure. Don’t you GMs love it when players have to camp for the night?

One important note on the inclusion of 5E in all of our adventures… As you know, we are much further behind in our 5E build than Pathfinder. The playtests for 5E have all been with first pass character classes and enemy designs. Being able to playtest in this fashion will really speed up the finalization of the 5E build as soon as Pathfinder goes to print. While the systems are very different, the flavor of our designs are well defined, making the conversion relatively easy. If anything, 5E gives us flexibility for more flavor without having to plot out years worth of feat advancements. We dig both systems, but we certainly started with the right system in Pathfinder. Going from that system to others is much easier than the other way around.

Home Page Updates:

We are also starting to get some things together with our social media. Our current homepage, has taken on some updates. Most importantly, check out for an updated collection of details and downloads. We captured a lot of the flavor from the Kickstarter page, wrote a little additional narrative, and showcased some of the art. We will also start a series of Truth Transmissions which will be posted at This will also host any podcasts, blogs, or other activities captured digitally. We'll blast social media when the Truth Transmissions start. These will be separate of the special ones unlocked during the campaign. If you are interested in sharing information about our game to friends and fellow gamers, send them that way!

Also of important note, we finally realized something dumb happened and have redirected to the BackerKit pre-sale. If you have people interested in the game, PLEASE send them that way. It is much easier than the vanity URL previously used. Some things that shouldn’t get overlooked get overlooked when my head is buried in finalizing this game. And that’s exactly where my head is at… deep in AtR Darklands, filled with Void magic, and battling demons attempting to distract me.

Social Media:

If you haven’t followed us on social media, go now and make that happen. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are growing and with your help, we’ll spread the word.

Facebook & Twitter @RustedPortal ftw!

Now, our hunting party needs to make a scavenging run for resources. The colony needs us.

Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

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