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Battle demonic horrors, hordes of undead, and
desperate survivors while discovering a post-apocalyptic Earth you’ve never
imagined. 5E and Pathfinder RPG Compatible.
Battle demonic horrors, hordes of undead, and desperate survivors while discovering a post-apocalyptic Earth you’ve never imagined. 5E and Pathfinder RPG Compatible.
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Cover Me!

Posted by Rusted Portal Games (Creator)

Greetings Survivors!

Our last update was in April, so it seemed like now was a great time to reach out and share an update. Of course, never hesitate to check in with us via comments or social media. In fact, special thanks to backer Michael Baker for commenting. Whatever the questions, we will always aim for transparency even if our first instinct isn’t an update. As you are probably aware, we are guilty of silence on social media and here. What I can promise you is we are slamming away on work for Apocalypse the Risen.

Apocalypse the Risen Progress:

As we’ve been saying through the last few updates, we are certainly behind schedule. However, those delays will not go without reward. We have commissioned more art, added significantly more content on the overall world and connected multiverse, and sourced additional contributed writing. That all means more Darklands, more colonies, and more regional points of interest for your adventures.

We are presently putting each of the individual chapters into the overall chapter layout. This is the first step in getting through final editing and ultimately layout before sending to the printer. Layout takes about a month as does printing, so as soon as we call editing final and hit those steps in the process you can expect another 60 days plus a couple of weeks at least for shipping. That’s much longer than we hoped to be bringing our first product to market. It is longer than you hoped to wait for the product. And yet as soon as you have it in your hands we will all be super happy. There’s no drama, no excuses, no personal issues. We are just working hard to deliver you the best game as soon as possible. That’s our promise.

AtR Cover Art Decisions:

We have been working with several different cover art options over the last few months. We have scenes commissioned and more considered. Some of finalizing the design is making difficult decisions on things as important as the cover. Look at the mock-ups below and weigh in with your opinions. What emotion do you want the AtR cover to convey?

Descended Cherubim
Descended Cherubim
Eclipse Devil
Eclipse Devil
Space Needle Battle - Embraced Demon
Space Needle Battle - Embraced Demon

Note: The battle scene art is NOT a final piece and includes some quick blending, so judge by style and composition not final detail.

What else is going on?

PaizoCon: May 25th—28th

Rusted Portal will make our yearly presentation of games at PaizoCon, THE Pathfinder experience hosted near Seattle by Paizo themselves. We are running 5 games, each are five-hour sessions with 8 players per table, and all are sold out. We couldn’t be happier to be on the verge of another great convention experience showcasing Apocalypse the Risen RPG.

  • Jason will be running “Hox and a Gentleman
  • Chad will be running “Grief Asylum

Gen Con: August 2nd–5th

Rusted Portal makes our second official trip as a company to Gen Con and already it is a great success. Jason and Donaven are scheduled for 4 games each, all are six-hour sessions with 8 players per table. Seven of the eight games are sold out and one only has 3 seats remaining (an even mix of 5E and Pathfinder games are included).

  • Jason will be running “Hotel Hell
  • Donaven will be running “Mind Wide Shut

And we are not done yet! In our last update we reached out to backers with interest in running AtR at Gen Con. Three awesome GMs stepped up and will be running 6 additional games, each 4-hour sessions with 8 players per table. They will be running “Dead in the Darklands”, the 1st level adventure unlocked during our Kickstarter campaign.

Dead in the Darklands” is a 1st level adventure beginning in YOUR colony, in both 5E and Pathfinder. The Gen Con version of the game will be a 4-hour session with five encounters, solid roleplaying opportunity with Darklanders, exploration of a unique Darkland, and multiple new creatures including:

  • Darkland Mutated – Fog Dogs and Stinging Baboons
  • Darkland Construct (new creature type!) – Junk Beast
  • Sentient Risen/NPC Class – Wretched Auxiliary
  • Mutated/Modified Hungry Risen

We can’t wait to get this game through some intense play at Gen Con before fleshing out additional content of the published product. “Dead in the Darklands” is the first in a three-adventure series unlocked during the Kickstarter. At Gen Con, players won’t see how events in one game affect the others, but rest assured they do. We cannot stress enough the importance of consequences in AtR. It has been a great study in human behavior and how players react to a game with no alignment and a significant grey area for morality. Those very decisions determine heroes and villains, even in a world where a PC may be both in any given scavenge. Oh the devious fun we have designing those decisions!

Donaven - Rusted Portal Colony

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    1. Michael Baker

      Thanks for the update all! Descended cherubim looks amazing!

    2. Johnny Freedom

      Oooh the Eclipse Devil is awesome! More brightness and energy will make it pop, the two dark colors will fade into the volumes of dark, ominous rpg books.

    3. Joel Flank on

      Definitely like the Space Needle battle the best