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Team up with us to launch this new short story collection into the literary stratosphere. Shape Conventional Wisdom. Change lives. Read more

Montpelier, VT Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on May 25, 2012.

Team up with us to launch this new short story collection into the literary stratosphere. Shape Conventional Wisdom. Change lives.

Montpelier, VT Fiction
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A month ago, our little publishing house released Vladimir's Mustache, by Stephan Eirik Clark. 

This is a powerful assemblage of short fiction in which all the stories have Russia, past or present, as their subject or focus. And the book is getting great reviews. 

Like from T.C. Boyle, who said that Vladimir's Mustache contained "elegant, classic stories that sift through history and paint a luminous portrait of an enduring cast of Russian characters." 

Or Ken Kalfus, who himself published an amazing volume of Russia-focused short stories some years ago: "With terrific gusto, insight, and compassion, Clark's first book of short stories brilliantly illuminates the lives of men and women trapped in Russian history and the muddled post-Soviet present. Vladimir's Mustache is a solid achievement, as well as a beguiling introduction to a new literary talent." 

Karl Iagmemma said the book was "a thrilling discovery: dark, elegant fables that dissect the Russian soul, in a style that feels timeless yet utterly fresh. I read each story with a delicious sense of anticipation and dread."

That's all fantastic, uplifting, and true. Yet we need to help this book gain the attention it deserves, it needs to prove its chops in the Court of Conventional Wisdom. All it will take is one great award to help this amazing book attain the attention it deserves from a broader audience. 

For that, we need to enter this book in several national fiction contests, like the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Award, The Story Prize, the William Saroyan Prize and.... The Pulitzer. C'mon, a little book can dream, can't it?

Problem is, see, contests aren't free. All have entry fees (and one requires sending out 24 review copies!), and those fees add up quickly. 

Join with us in launching Vladimir's Mustache to national stardom and you'll get a copy of the book in the bargain – maybe even a signed first edition! It's a win-win-win!

Also: The author has agreed to critique a story by a few select top contributors.

If we over-raise funds (also known as overfulfilling the plan) on this Kickstarter, we pledge to roll that money over into other literary projects on Kickstarter, and/or send free copies of the book to libraries across the country.

Hell, we don't want to make money, we just love to sell books!

Project Updates:

MAY 7: We've reached half the goal! This is a tipping point. Thank you supporters! Due to this success, we have decided to UPGRADE the first two rewards. Now, for $25, your copy of Vladimir's Mustache will be autographed by author Stephan Clark. For $50, you'll get TWO autographed copies, one for yourself, one to give to a friend. (Of course this applies to everyone who already signed up...) Spread the word!

MAY 13: It's the home stretch, just 2 weeks left, but still 1/2 way to go to our our goal.... New upgrade: Pledge at the $100 level and we'll also give you a $100 gift certificate good for purchase of anything we sell in our online store. So, to summarize, for $100, you now get:

  • TWO signed copies of Stephan's book
  • a critique of your short story by the author, and 
  • a $100 gift certificate to redeem in our online store for books, maps, calendars, subscriptions. 

Nota bene: only 5 of these rewards available, so act fast!


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