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There is oil in them there hills!'s video poster

Oil Adventure in Appalachia : a Documentary from Kentucky Read more

Jackson, KY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on February 21, 2012.

Oil Adventure in Appalachia : a Documentary from Kentucky

Jackson, KY Documentary
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The adventure begins February 20th, 2012. - An Oil Documentary without the fracking

This project will be Philipp's first documentary after finishing film school in Vienna, Austria. He has directed music videos, image movies, and movie teasers for German TV. It is his dream to direct a documentary - we are giving him the story, but we can't help him fund it. We need your help!

"There is oil in them there hills" will be a documentary of 4 individuals from 4 countries and 3 continents that are seeking to strike an oil well in the middle of Appalachia - in 'Bloody Breathitt' County, Kentucky. Russell, Michael, Peter and Katharina are the adventure seekers and are going all-in

Guiding the drilling effort is Russ Senior, the native West Virginian and WWII Navy veteran, who has drilled and has overseen the drilling of almost 10.000 wells on 4 continents in the past 60+ years. His life of wildcatting and chronicle of each well he drilled - the dry ones and the strikes - joins the story of how these five individuals come to Breathitt County to drill a hole in the ground - it will be Russ Senior's 10.000th hole.

The outcome of the documentary is unclear - because you don't know if there is indeed oil in the hills of Kentucky until you drill the hole and find out for yourself.

Philipp and the film crew will follow the adventurers for three weeks - from spudding the well all the way to reaching their target depth. The documentary will uncover the character's emotions, their ups and downs, their thoughts as they get closer and closer to the target depth - waiting to see what is down in the hole. 


Filming equipment & transport and insurance  of equipment (incl. power generator on set, extra wet weather protection): $10,200
Travel (3 weeks): Film crew, food & lodging: $3,800
Post-Production & Festival Prep: minimum  $10,000
Incidentals: $1,000
Total: $25,000

And some closing words to satisfy the legal eagles: This project is not an offer to purchase or sell securities or participate in the oil and gas project. We are kickstarting Philipp's documentary project :-)


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    ONLINE RELEASE: Watch and download the documentary right after it's released.

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    OIL SAMPLE: receive and be the "producer" of an approx. 2oz sample from the first barrel of oil that is produced from this adventure. Comes in a glass bottle, commemorate box set with proof of production certificate and certificate that you are a backer of the documentary.
    Shipping included, US only, transport restrictions may apply in or to your State.

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    EXCLUSIVE DAILY BEHIND THE SCENES: access to the daily blog and behind the scenes raw footage during filming - right from the oil field.
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    MEET & GREET: Join the director and the film crew for a private screening in Vienna, Austria including Q&A session and dinner.
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    Sorry, Lodging and Flights not included.

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    PUMP YOUR OWN CRUDE OIL: On location visit of the oil field in Kentucky where you get to see first hand how oil is pumped and you can even bottle your own sample. You'll get to meet the operator and spend time with the service crew.
    You will get dirty!
    Trip is for two, economy tickets from the continental US, standard rental car for two days , 1 night stay in a motel close by (double occupancy).
    Note: should the adventure we are filming not be successful - no oil, that does happen - then the trip will include a visit of the field where we filmed and an alternative oil field will be visited nearby.

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    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Join us as associate producer - end credits and 15 DVDs + Behind the Scenes copies of the documentary signed by the director to give away to your family and friends - makes a great Christmas present!

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