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$2,115 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Russell L. Foster
$2,115 pledged of $5,000 goal

Different Skies documentary update - latest news

Apologies for delays in reporting the project's progress. After waiting
patiently for over 6 months, I finally received some crucial Team Metlay video
footage! This will play an extremely important role in the overall DS 'story',
as it shows the actual seeds of what would later become Different Skies... at
least conceptually.

Now, for the bad news :) I'm simply going to have to get more footage at this
year's event. After going through all the footage I took from DS10, I'm still
missing some necessary story ingredients. Due to hasty planning and focusing on
too few things last year, I neglected to capture any usable 'Day-in-the-life'
footage, showing what a typical day would be like for a DS participant. In fact,
what I'd like to do is have an entire DVD chapter devoted solely to this
perspective, going through the entire week including show night prep. It would
of course be edited and compressed for time, taking up only a few minutes in
totality. But I'd have fade in/out titles at the bottom of the screen to the
effect of "Day 1" or similar, covering all six days chronologically.

Plus, I want to supplement the previous 'interviews' with additional long-form
discussions. Perhaps as a group, or individually. I'll be setting up proper
lighting and backdrops this time, which will distinguish the new footage from
the old footage rather vividly :)

As far as donors are concerned, there will be no extra cost incurred for this
effort. In my opinion, it is simply a creative necessity for the project which
will only increase the resulting film's level of quality.

The upside is that I've learned so much in the relatively few months since the
last DS, with respect to composition, lighting, framing, exposure control,
effective use of filters, etc. And I would love to use this knowledge for the
betterment of the project ;)

What this means is that I will probably need to be 'in your face' with the
camera a bit more than last time. Please indulge me on this, if you would be so
kind. This is mostly for the random candid footage. From your perspective, I may
just seem like a pesky paparazzi dude. Rest assured, though... I think you'll be
pleasantly surprised how flattering the resulting footage will be :)

I've also learned a good amount of valuable information regarding color
correction, which will certainly pay off in spades for the documentary. Here's a
link to a video I put together a few weeks ago, featuring some recent attempts
at color correction:


Anyway, that's pretty much where things stand for now. The projected (and revised) release date for the documentary will be just prior to Different Skies 2012, which will help raise awareness and perhaps even increase artist sales. I'm looking forward to capturing more footage this year on all levels, knowing it be much better than last year ;)


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