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An animated concept album from Washington D.C.'s award winning rock band, Run Silent Run Deep.

"Love the unexpected changes. Strong melodies, nice pure vocal sound, heavy guitar, good stuff. Best of luck with it."

-- Howard Leese, Guitarist of HEART and BAD COMPANY

We've been compiling and refining ideas for a few years now, and have material for a full length album that is our best work yet. In the past, we would focus on individual situations and stories that would only encompass the length of one song.  We wanted to take a different approach for the new album...

We started talking about making each of the songs in the next album part of a bigger story.  We felt this new path would allow us more emotional depth in our music, and that it would create a different point of origination for inspiring new material than some of our prior work.

The result of our effort is a story about injustice, in a time long ago.  It is a tale of one man's struggle to avenge his family and village during a time when the only due process was an eye for an eye.  

We wanted the story to be fully interwoven in the music, and wanted to focus on the emotional changes of our main character as he is confronted with different scenarios throughout his travels.  We felt the setting and context gave us the best artistic canvas to fully explore our sound, while giving the story and characters a depth that cannot be conveyed with still images alone.

Here's the trailer for the project:

We've been given an opportunity to create this album with one of the top sound engineers in the industry.  Richard Chycki  has done work for a plethora of well known bands and solo artists.  The talent he works with range from P. Diddy to Rush, Dream Theater to Aerosmith, Journey to Def Leppard, and from Pink to Simple Plan.

We also have an extremely talented illustrator who has been slaving away out of the kindness of his heart for over a year now.  Sean Sullivan is a local of the DC metro area.  He holds a deep passion for illustration, and is very excited to work on this project with us.

A very crucial piece of our work will be the animation of the story. We have been fortunate to have worked with animator Brendan Stern on our trailer. Brendan is the Director of Animation, Motion Graphics, and Design at the multiple Emmy Award winning Infinite Motion Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Brendan joined the project in 2012 and is responsible for the animation you see presented.

If we can secure the funds to move forward, we plan on tracking the music at the multiple Grammy Award winning Bias Studios in Springfield, VA.

We have recorded with Bias Studios in the past, and always had fantastic experiences.  In our opinion, it is one of the best studios in the area.  The tracking process would be significantly longer than we have done in the past, and as a result, would cost significantly more.  Our engineer would have to fly into the area and reside locally for tracking.  After tracking is complete, our engineer would finish the mixing and mastering at his personal workshop.    

The process itself would be months of full time commitment for us, and would be the main focus of our time.  The goal would be to produce the best sounding album we can with the tools at our disposal.  We hope you pledge and help us embrace this opportunity!  We will work diligently and vigilantly on creating a product that will move you emotionally.  

If this project is as exciting to you as it is to us, please consider contributing to it and sharing it with your friends! 

Thank you again for your time!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

RSRD has been in existence for over a decade. Throughout that period of time, we have developed an internal process and chemistry that checks our individual personalities for the betterment of the group. Throughout our years, we have been a touring band and a studio band. We have been through the thick and the thin. It is on this foundation that we would tackle any risks or challenges during the production of this album and development of this project.

Potential Risk #1:

Key personnel are booked for the tentative time we have arranged.

Due to the high demand of the people we hope to work with, there is a chance they wont be available within our time frame. We would then expect to have a production delay no longer than 2 months after rescheduling. If we cannot make an arrangement that keeps the time frame reasonable to you, the backers, we will enlist additional resources.

Potential Risk #2:

The actual time to complete the album is longer than the estimated time.

The estimated amount of time is derived from scratch recordings of songs, personal time availability, and the engineer's professional experience. The cost to cover whatever amount of extra time we might spend on the album would come out of our own pockets. This is a major incentive for us to finish at or below our estimate!

Potential Risk #3:

Brutal guitar riffs, spirit summoning bass lines, and trance inducing drums have summoned creatures from the underworld, which surround the studio.

We will board up the room and turn all amps up to maximum. Once the creatures break down the door to the studio, we will have less than a minute to release a full scale CHAMPION RIFF BREAKDOWN ASSAULT. The musical brutality will be so overwhelming, not only will it disintegrate the aggressors, but it may consume us as well. We hope this scenario does not come to fruition.

Potential Challenge #1:

We've been playing and recording for a long time, but not at this level!

We have each song finalized to the smallest detail. We meticulously practice by metronome and are focused on having the smoothest studio experience possible. We have, however, never recorded with individuals of this magnitude. The challenge will be meeting or exceed the level expected of us during recording. We hope to pass with flying colors.

Potential Challenge #2:

There may be several additional studio options, each with their own challenging logistics and expense.

There is a chance that Bias Studios may not be our only option. If we are fortunate enough to work with Richard Chycki, we will most likely record at Bias. However, there is a chance we will record near where he resides in Toronto or even in Europe. These locations, though extremely exciting, will require even further planning involving temporary relocation, personal budgets, and time commitments.

Potential Challenge #3:

An oddly shaped, musically inclined alien has taken residence inside our singer/ guitarist/ songwriter, Thomas. (Think KUATO from Total Recall people)

If the alien hatches itself before or during recording we will have to appease and possibly compensate it for its talents. This could also lead to Tom having to learn a new 4 handed guitar tapping technique.


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