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A stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways
A stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways
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Copper or Gold?

Posted by Kevin John Nadolny (Creator)

We are in the homestretch before shipment. We have our reservation with the post office, Friday, September 26th. They will be picking up about 1000 Runbells for shipment. Hopefully, the packages will arrive within about a week. (although the post office says it can take up to two weeks). 

Copper or Gold?

We have not had a final sample of the copper Runbell until this past week. Here are some pictures of both for comparison:

Sound Quality

Here is a short clip of the sound quality of each color Runbell for those who wanted to hear each one. 

Want to Switch Colors?

If yes, then email me directly ( with your shipping name, and desired color. Please use the subject [Runbell Color].

Let us know ASAP or by Sunday (9/21) evening at the latest. 

The Runbell Tokyo Stamp

We had problems with our text engraving on the bell. We originally planned to stamp the text. The bells are stamped from a sheet of brass during production so we could add text at the same time. However, we moved to a laser engraving instead so that we could have more flexibility. 

Due to the mirror-like finish of the bell, our laser engraver could not make the engraving as planned. We then moved to a new engraver who is now sending us samples this week (which is quite late). So we have decided to cancel the "Runbell Tokyo" and only engrave the exclusive Kickstarter bells. 

We hope you understand and believe you will appreciate the other improvements we have made to the design. 

Thank you again

We are really enjoying seeing our design becoming a reality. Thank you again for making all of this possible.


Kevin, Tomoko, and the Runbell team

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    1. Kevin John Nadolny 2-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew.

      Greg, sorry again about the Runbell Tokyo stamping. The box says TOKYO on the bottom and the box sleeve has Made In Japan. So when you store your bell you will know it's from Tokyo.

    2. Greg Takacs on

      I'm kind of bummed about the "Runbell Tokyo" message missing as Tokyo was my last World Marathon Major in 12 months so the whole place and idea had a special place in my heart. I understand that it's a no-go, I guess I'll still know that it came from Tokyo...

    3. Andrew Whiteoak on

      This is intriguing, I love it, I bet you never expected to learn so much about sound!

    4. Kevin John Nadolny 2-time creator on

      Hi RichHeart,

      The copper sound is more high pitched than the gold. Both bells are from the same base material and yes have different coatings. The copper bell has a copper plating and the brass bell has a brass plating. The base material is brass for both of them. The thickness of the plating also affects the sound and the thickness of the plating can differ from bell to bell. We also noticed that some of prototypes would have different sounds as well. There seems to be many influencing factors, but in our case the two different platings make the biggest difference.

      The raw brass bell actually sounds quite different as well. The raw brass is very high pitch. Adding the brass plating gives us that mirror finish as well as toning down the sound.

    5. RichHeart on

      Personally, I prefer the sound of the gold (which I had selected initially).
      I am intrigued that they do sound so different, how come? Is it just coating or the base material?