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A stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways
A stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways
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Runbell is Moving Forward! - One Week Wrap-Up

Posted by Kevin John Nadolny (Creator)

Thanks again for backing Runbell!! We closed our campaign just one week ago and are now in the midst of initial production. Very exciting times! We've ordered our first materials and are on our way to completing Runbell on schedule. 

Kickoff Meeting at Ohgi Bell

Last Friday we had a kickoff meeting with Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Goto from Ohgi Bell. We discussed our plans for moving forward and our estimated time schedule. They gave us some helpful tips. 

One important point is that brass comes in many different types with different amounts of copper, iron, zinc, etc. We are using the best type of brass for bell making. 

We also divided different roles for production. Tomoko and I will be handling most of the material ordering directly. However, Ohgi Bell will be in charge of ordering the springs and the striker. The spring is especially important because the stainless steel needs to be of high quality. Imagine using your Runbell over and over and over. By using a high quality spring, the spring stiffness will remain even after repeated use. A poor quality spring would lose it's usefulness quickly. 

Small, but essential tips like these is what makes an experienced local partner so crucial. Thanks Ohgi Bell!

First Material Orders

The critical path for Runbell is the order the aluminium die cast for the grip. "Critical path" is a term commonly used in the construction industry to identify the most time-critical tasks. The die cast is the most time consuming and the most expensive part of Runbell's production. The lead time from our order to receiving samples is approximately 40 days. By placing our order for the mold as soon as possible, we can receive our first grip samples in late July. We can't wait and will be sharing pictures as they arrive. 

After approval of the samples, we need 3 more weeks for mass production. After mass production, we need about three weeks for assembly. That schedule puts us in September when we are ready to ship!

Small Design Change

We made one small design change to the grip. We have enlarged the area around the spring to grip connection. The original connection exposed the end of the spring. This spring end had a chance to get caught on clothing, etc. While we have had no problems with the original design, we decided to improve the design. The change will hardly be noticeably and reduce the chance of future problems. 

 Backer Surveys

Now that we have our time crucial order out of the way, we are putting our focus on the backer surveys. Expect the surveys later this week or early next week! 

Thanks again for being awesome and allowing us to embark on this exciting journey! If you want more frequent updates like our Facebook page as we are updating more frequently there. 


Kevin, Tomoko, and the Runbell team


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