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Fiona has been writing songs since she was 2. Now she's ready to record an album and she wants your help.

The first update will be one of the first songs that Fiona made up at age 4. What you see there is the words as they came tumbling out. The second update will be a version she recorded in a studio two years later when she was 6. Now she's eight and she wants to write a bunch more songs and make a record. Through Kickstarter we're trying to raise $500 so that we can go into a studio for a couple of days and make a record.

We did a little Q and A

Q: How did this project come about
A: I write a lot of songs with my dad and we want to make a record

Q: How do you write songs
A: Well, my dad strums his guitar some and I make up lyrics and we mostly do it on weekends

Q: How many songs have you written
A: A bunch

Q: What's your favorite song that you have written
A: "Foot Makes Noise" because it was kind of the first real song i wrote
(editor's note: When Fiona was 4 and her little sister was about just a baby she and I would play around while her mother put the baby to bed. She was really amazing at just going off the top of her head. There was nothing standing in the way of her creative fire. I started to film some of these on my little photo camera and she kind of shocked me with Foot Makes Noise.)


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