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Battle of Brooklyn chronicles a six year community fight against a massive real estate development that uses eminent domain to take people's homes.
Battle of Brooklyn chronicles a six year community fight against a massive real estate development that uses eminent domain to take people's homes.
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Brooklyn Paper article about the ESDC's low ball offer to Daniel

About a month ago, Daniel Goldstein was informed that the ESDC was offering him 510,000 dollars for his apartment; an apartment that he paid nearly 600,000 for in 2003. This was a surprisingly low offer that Daniel feels was meant to punish him for fighting the project. The Brooklyn Paper ran an article about it today, following up on a very strong article by Nicole Gelinas in the Wall Street Journal.

The New York State eminent domain case will be decided any day now. Due to the story of of Pfizer leaving New London, CT this will be a big story either way the case is decided.

Also, we want to extend a further thank you to everyone who has supported our project. It is incredible to see the number of people getting involved.

For those of you in the New York area who are interested. We are going to do a rough cut screening of the first 30 minutes of the film- followed by a panel discussion with Daniel, Norman Siegel, Mindy Fullilove, William Stern (former head of the ESDC), and Robert MacNamara of the Institute for Justice- on Dec 10th at 7pm. rsvp to us through kickstarter and we will send you an invite with the location.

One last note. We are close to finalizing our efforts to have your pledges go through our fiscal sponsor MPI- this means that all of your pledges will be tax deductible.

40% of the way there- click to update for free download of Horns and Halos

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on kelo

we added video to the previous post about Kelo.

Kelo vs. New London

During the course of our filming the Supreme Court heard the case Kelo vs. New London.

In brief, New London seized a bunch of property in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood in order to create a research facility for Pfizer, and the Supreme Court upheld their right to do it. This case solidified the idea that government can seize private property from one party and transfer it to another private party in the name of economic development (economic development as "public purpose"). This case was closely watched by opponents of the Atlantic Yards project. When the AY project was approved and the eminent domain process began home and business owners sued to stop it in Federal court.

Two years later the Supreme Court declined to hear the Atlantic Yards case. At this point it was filed in NY state court. Goldstein et al V ESDC was heard by the New York's highest court in October and a decision is expected in the next few weeks.

This week Pfizer announced

that they will be leaving New London. What was once a neighborhood of homes is now a fallow development site. While this issue shouldn't legally have any bearing on the AY case before the court it seems as if the States highest judges likely read the NY Times. If they read the many editorials

on the subject yesterday it seems hard to believe that they could side with the ESDC.

We look forward to your comments.

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WSJ article
This article from today's Wall Street Journal has some interesting info about the situation.