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Battle of Brooklyn chronicles a six year community fight against a massive real estate development that uses eminent domain to take people's homes.
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The first ESDC stamp of approval

First- thank you - we are amazed by all of the support- please continue to help by spreading the word to friends and neighbors - and enemies if you please.

Next - the scene- this is one that Suki has been cutting for the last few days- and will likely end up in the film.

We are struggling mightily with this process. In our effort to play to our strength- character driven- verite documentary- we fear that we are leaving much of the important story untold. Not only are we finding it difficult to include as many voices and characters as we'd like- but we are also struggling with an overload of information. 6 years and 150 meetings, press conferences, and decisions later- it's all a bit muddled.

It has always been our storytelling process to focus in on one or two characters and tell the story from their point of view. In this case we began to focus on Dan Goldstein early on. Clearly he is not the only person in this fight- but in terms of a storytelling decision we chose to follow his story. We don't mean to minimize the hundreds of other stories, and we are trying to figure out how to expand the scope of the film minimally without losing the focus that will keep people locked in.

In terms of the information: It all gets a bit confusing about when what took place and how it affected things. We are about 80 minutes into our cut and we are just getting to the point where the ESDC approves the project. At this point we are keying in on the first ESDC decision and PACB as major turning points to focus on. As such Suki has spent a lot of time the last couple of days on these scenes.

Several years ago in a galaxy far far away a group of government officials got together to approve a multi billion dollar project and in discussing it - it was very clear that few if any of them had visited the site... or even the borough of Brooklyn to gauge the validity of the facts presented to them. I'd like to say that there was a vigorous discussion back and forth about the merits of the project, the legality of the process, and the viability of the project. There wasn't. The meeting wasn't too long- but this isn't it in it's entirety. I would say it's the meeting in a nutshell

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