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Battle of Brooklyn chronicles a six year community fight against a massive real estate development that uses eminent domain to take people's homes.
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373 backers pledged $25,506 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You

It's been a long slog since we first reached out to you for your help finishing Battle for Brooklyn.  It's also been a big week.

On Tuesday, a group of workers filed suit against Build and FCR, claiming that they had been promised Union Books for taking an apprenticeship course.  Instead they were forced to work on a private home for no pay and ended up with no jobs.  FCR then quickly released renderings of their first buildings.  Ugly- modular- and claimed they had no resources to build affordable housing.

At least the week ended on a high note.  Battle for Brooklyn was short listed for an Oscar today.  Out of 124 films that qualified, only 15 were short listed and 5 will be nominated.

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    1. Creator Amy Greer on November 19, 2011

      holy crap! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!