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Two years ago we went to the kickersphere to raise funds to finish Battle for Brooklyn.  We Finished!!  Now our baby needs a boost.
Two years ago we went to the kickersphere to raise funds to finish Battle for Brooklyn. We Finished!! Now our baby needs a boost.
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Dr Sarno doc launches

Our latest project All The Rage is now live on Kickstarter.. Check it out

Ten years in the making, All the Rage began as a profile of Dr. John E. Sarno, a back pain and rehabilitation specialist who pioneered a successful mind body approach to treating chronic pain, and it has morphed into an exploration on the connection between emotions and health.

Like Battle for Brooklyn, and our most recent film, Who Took Johnny, All the Rage follows a person fighting for what they believe in against a system that does not want to change. Here's a trailer for our kickstarter campaign.

This film could shift the discussion about healthcare in a profoundly positive way. It would mean the world to us if you'd spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter. Just two clicks makes a HUGE difference!!

Thank you for your support.

- Suki, David, Michael, and everyone at RUMUR

PS…Please fwd this email to friends, family, co-workers...anyone you think would be interested. The more the better! Here's the link again.

Also, if for some reason you never got your reward for this campaign please let us know asap. We pride ourselves on delivering every reward but sometimes a package can be misplaced.

Obscuring the Truth

Its been three years since we launched Battle for Brooklyn at Hot Docs. We got good press for the most part, and we did make a dent in the glossy public perception of the project, but I fear that we didn't make the kind of impact that we wanted to. 

Tomorrow the ESDC will hold a hearing about the environmental impacts of the Atlantic Yards Project.  We imagine that it will largely be ignored but we wanted to let you know about it.

Norman Oder writes about it here. Norman has continued to follow the project diligently.  I suggest you read through his blog if you want to know what's been going on.

We posted a piece at with some thoughts on the subject as well

We have been traveling with our newest film, "Who Took Johnny", and recently showed both films in Uruguay.  It resonated there as well.

In the coming months we will launch a kickstarter for our next project, which focuses on the workof Dr. John Sarno.  The working title is "Story of Pain"

thanks for all of your support

the rumur team

New Project

Hello Battle for Brooklyn backers.

Battle continues to resonate with people, and we could not have made the film without your support.

We are writing to you today because we have launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new film, "Who Took Johnny" which, like Battle for Brooklyn, follows a character fighting for what she believes in against very difficult odds.

Noreen Gosch has spent the last 30 years fighting for justice for her missing son, and all missing children. The film tells the story of her fight. We are excited to announce that "Who Took Johnny" will premiere at Slamdance (and has been invited to several other festivals so far). We are launching a small kickstarter campaign to get funds together to promote the film- and to tell the story of our body of work. Please help us get the word out by sharing our campaign on facebook, twitter, and via email.

Your support is appreciated. Here's a link and there's a trailer below

 Happy Holidays from RUMUR

Battle on Itunes and screnings in LA and Brooklyn


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New Project "Who Took Johnny" and Battle DVD now out

Please let your friends know they can order Battle for Brooklyn from this link

It should also be in stores some time soon.

We also wanted to let you know about our newest kickstarter project

We have spent over 10 years working on this film and we are nearing the end of the road. We have amazing footage, a good cut in progress, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Who Took Johnny is a film about an incredibly powerful woman fighting against nearly insurmountable odds in order to find justice, not only for her son, but for missing kids everywhere. Noreen Gosch has been a tenacious advocate for kids; getting laws changed, counseling others, and working to reform a broken system. This is a story that needs to be told- please help us tell it.