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MemeFactory Writes A Book's video poster

The MemeFactory book will expand on the ideas we’ve developed in our shows and celebrate the media which makes the web awesome. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2011.

The MemeFactory book will expand on the ideas we’ve developed in our shows and celebrate the media which makes the web awesome.

Brooklyn, NY Publishing
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About this project

Ladies and Gentlemen

Hello and Welcome to MemeFactory’s Kickstarter page.

More than a year ago, a friend looked at us after a MemeFactory performance and said “you guys should write a book.” We all laughed. When a stranger said the same thing two months ago, we stroked our collective beard in deep consideration...

Over the last couple years we’ve traveled far and wide performing and speaking about Internet Culture, as The Three Guys from MemeFactory but also independently. We’ve worked with Know Your Meme, we’ve talked with The New York Times and NPR; one of us is even pursuing a Ph.D in lulz at NYU (yes, really).

Along with having amassed a vault of images and video, we’ve also managed to stumble upon what we think are some very interesting ideas about user generated culture, some of which require a little more explanation than a 45 minute lecture with three projector screens. And we would love to share those ideas with you. In snazzy, jazzy, zazzy BOOK FORM.

The MemeFactory

Chock-full of the media we study, this text will contain ideas of use and interest to all corners of web culture: from b-tards to moral-fags, from redditors to SA goons, from "academics" to furries.

In case you’re still wondering what the book will actually be like, consider:

Will Goatse make an appearance in the book? Probably.

Will it also be a usable classroom text? Absolutely.

Has this ever happened before? Good god, we hope not.

At end of this wild and crazy ride, the finished book will be available as a FREE CC-BY Licensed PDF on First print editions will be sold exclusively at MemeFactory shows; future print editions will be available pending demand.




A brief and incomplete history of sharing media on the internet. Starting with the internet coke machine and moving all the way to the very moment before we hit print on the manuscript, we’ll outline the jokes and trends that have made the web what it is today. (And hopefully it won’t cause Jason Scott to throw his Odd Job™ hat at us).


By late 2007 so many sites were collecting, displaying and producing internet memes that memes became a meme. Our minds were blown. We’ll try and figure out what this means, and if consequences or the world will ever be the same. Spoiler alert: they won’t.


Remember when people didn’t post video of themselves on the web? We barely do. From the famous and infamous, to the fam-o and embarrassed... we’ll track the faces and personalities that have changed our idea about who deserves to be a celebrity. We’ll also include a bunch of silly quotes. Especially when taken out of context. Like this one: “If it's on the Internet for one second, it's on the Internet forever.” -Perry Aftab


Increasingly everyday communication involves the combination of texts and images. Advertisements and TV and movies – yes – but also multimedia messaging services, emails and animated GIFs are making the form of image with caption or subtitle or overlaid language ubiquitous. What does this mean for the future? IS LANGUAGE CHANGING FOREVER? Maybe not, but also, maybe. Neat!


“Advice Dog is basically the haiku of the internet.” --Our Super Smart Friend Wythe Marschall

Image Macros of all shapes and sizes can express pretty much any idea, from the mundane to the disgusting. Just like poetry, each type has its own rhythm. We’ll identify the range of these forms – from the Epic Ballad of Dogfort, the Rhyming Limerick of Rage Guy’s, all the way to The Advice Dog Haiku.


There are two kinds of ownership at work on the internet. There’s capital “O” ownership: a person or corporation Owns the copyright to a piece of media. But then there is the more ersatz idea of ownership experienced by the “punk” “infringing” on that copyright: the media was made for them to consume and is probably hosted on a platform which they have intimate knowledge of. Which side of this Ownership War is more noble? Is noble even the right way to think about it?


Pessimists say that spending too much time on the internet has kept us from creating anything of any real cultural worth lately. They gesture wildly towards the past – towards Einstein, Mozart, Van Gogh. Does our love affair with our they-think-for-us-so-we-don’t-have-to machines mean there will never be another Einstein? Do torrents of pirated media mean no more Mozarts? How will there ever be another Van Gogh if Google scans all the paintings??? To be perfectly honest we don’t get it. And we’ll tell you why. WITH VIGOR.


We wanna make it to 150-200 who knows what else might make it in there? Cats? Probably! Guest contributions? Fingers crossed! Meme Crossword Puzzle? THAT’S A GREAT IDEA! (not really.)


MemeFactory the Textbook will exist in 3 formats:


An ever updated and always changing catalog of the work we’re doing to prepare for both this book and our shows – our research database will contain finished chapters, entries, fragments, presentations, and all the media we harvest in the process. All media will be locally stored, so if another Downfall happens, we’ll be safe. This will be opened to $500 level donors in mid-April and open to the public once book printing is complete.


The full text will be released as a free-to-download PDF as soon as we’ve finished the first edition. On top of that, as we research new shows we’ll be adding and updating chapters ‘ know...the internet keeps changing. And so do we.


Ideas: now in dead-tree form. We’re going to print a short-run of first editions for our awesome (that’s you guys) funders. WITH QR CODES! Because videos don’t print right. If there’s crazy demand, there might be future printings, but the best bet is to get in now.


March - May: Sketches being compiled and drafts written now

June - August: Full time work begins spending the summer cranking this bad boy out

August (or September): Hopefully to press by August.


Given the estimates for printing costs (and like t-shirts and posters and stuff) our calculators indicate that we’ll probably net between 8 and 10k if funded. That breaks down to about 1000 dollars for each of us for each of the 3 months of full-time writing. Given NYC housing costs...we’re pretty sure that’ll cover living expenses. (Winky smiley face).


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    Advance access to PDF of the finished book (roughly 1-2 months pre-release).

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    PDF Access to each chapter as editions are finished.

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    Your name listed as “Contributor” in the book (print and PDF).
    A REAL BOOK, signed.

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    Your name listed as “Supporter” in the book, and on a slide in the next 5 MemeFactory shows.
    A Real Book, signed.
    Hand-screened MemeFactory T-Shirt (in the size of your choosing!).
    Full-color MemeFactory Poster.

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    Your name as “Patron” in the book and on a slide in the next 5 MemeFactory shows.
    A T-shirt, Poster and Signed Book.
    Pre-release access to the research database (approx. 6 months before release).
    20 minute MemeFactory performance for you and your friends via Skype or iChat.

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    Your name as “Benefactor” in the book.
    A personal thank-you on a slide in every future MemeFactory performance, ever.
    A Glow-in-the-Dark T-shirt, Poster and Signed Book.
    Advance, xeroxed manuscripts (1 manuscript copy per revision; max 3 revisions, possibility of only 1).

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    Unlimited high-fives from the MemeFactory guys.
    Your name - HUGE - on a thank you slide in every future Memefactory performance, ever.
    1 Night MemeFactory Performance in the US (flight cost included, not stay).


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