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Update #4

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We are honored and amazed and grateful and a million other adjectives that we have made it! The MemeFactory Book is now a reality. To all our current backers, thank you so much for all your amazing support, comments and of course for coming to our shows. We didn't realize until we started this Kickstarter campaign that we really have FANS let alone fans who describe themselves as "LONGTIME FANS". /blush

For those of you who are still considering donating, but are curious about where the overage funds will go, well... lets answer some questions right now:

0. A portion of the funding over 100% will go to the charity we and Breadpig decide upon (see last update for details). Again, if anyone has any suggestions for charities, we're still figuring this out and would LOVE input from you guys.

1. More funding means we have to worry less about our real-life responsibilities which means we get to focus on the book more. So that means a better book!

2. We're working on the MemeFactory Book Research Database now, but it's a big project with lots of ins and outs. With a significant amount of funding over 100%, we'd be able to pay a developer a fair wage to help us better design and streamline our code, which means a better and easier-to-use resource for you guys.

3. We're in top-secret negotiations with some guest contributors we'd love to have involved in the MemeFactory Book. These folks might be working on anything from one-off illustrations to writing sizable sections. What we've learned is that sometimes these busy, awesome people need to be paid for their work (which we totally understand). Funding over 100% will help us be able to afford an all star cast of guest contributors.

As these things become more in reach, we'll post updates to let everyone know. Also forthcoming are updates regarding: T-shirt design, poster design, Research Database and more.

But UNTIL THEN, if any of our NY based backers are free on April 22nd, we hope you'll come out to our show at NYU (Warren Weaver Hall, 252 Mercer St, at 8:30) and say hi!

<3, The MemeFactory Guys


    1. Dp.small

      Creator Tyson Young on April 18, 2011

      nice ^^ sweet update boys

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