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The MemeFactory book will expand on the ideas we’ve developed in our shows and celebrate the media which makes the web awesome.
The MemeFactory book will expand on the ideas we’ve developed in our shows and celebrate the media which makes the web awesome.
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    1. Cameo Wood

      Any chance of an update?

    2. Steffen Reinhart on

      It's been over 5 years since this project launched and was funded (wow, time flies!)...and almost a year since the last update. Is it safe to say that the book will not be printed/published? I think backers at least deserve an update about what's happened in the last year and if this is a failed project.

    3. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      Hey Everyone - We do very much owe everyone a real update. My sincerest apologies. I think we're about to go into "Get It Done However We Can" mode because we're really sick of trying figure out how to do this the Most Legal Way™. Not to mention you all deserve your books and additional swag. This is getting ridiculous.

      I'm checking in w/ our publishing crew to see what our options are in light abandoning all legal considerations; once I know what our timeline is I'll update for real.

    4. Jason Knepper on

      A word from the authors seems long overdue... The shake-weight apology was premature and a more sincere mea culpa is definitely in order.

    5. Sean Tomizawa on

      Is this still happening...?

    6. Steffen Reinhart on

      Any update...?
      We're quickly closing in on the four-year mark and the last update was more than 6 months ago. Is the book still happening?

    7. Samuel Ryan on

      Any more news? Thanks!

    8. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      Hey Guys – Thanks for the comments. You're right, an update is very much overdue. The long anf short is: nothing has been abandoned, we're just still stuck in the legal part of the process (turns out what we're trying to do it very complicated). I spoke with our lawyer mid-last week, so... we're moving.

      I'll write a larger update to everyone today. Thanks for the prod.

    9. Samuel Ryan on

      Like Steffen I'd appreciate an update. While I can only speak for myself, if the project is abandoned due to a lack of time, interest or money then so be it, I'd much rather know what's what (even if it's bad news) than be left hoping I will one day see my t-shirt, poster and book.

    10. Steffen Reinhart on are things going? Any updates that you can share with your backers?

    11. Steffen Reinhart on

      Awesome -- thanks for the reply. Looking forward to reading the text!

    12. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      Yes! A big update is going to come this week, actually.

      The long and short of it is that PDFs of the finished CC-BY text should be done in two weeks and manuscript copies (for people who backed @ the Benefactor level) will be going to the printer hopefully NEXT WEEK.

      That being said, since it is now technically a BOOK with WORDS and IDEAS - anyone who wants access to a not-formatted but complete text version can have that whenever they want. Details on how to get / do that will also be posted this week.

    13. Steffen Reinhart on

      So...we're pushing into year three, any update?

    14. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      Pat, Michael - sorry I missed these; We're basically in the same spot we were for the last update which is "editing process." Just, you know, slightly further along. If there is one thing we've learned it's that everything about writing a book takes about 2x longer than we ever thought / wanted it to.

      We have another big editing meeting coming up on the 6th of September, after which there will be another big official project update.

      Believe me when I say: we wanna see this thing out just as bad as all of you guys! Thanks a million for your support and patience and awesomeness. We know its taking pretty much literally forever. <3

    15. Pat Hawks on

      "Hey so um... whats going on over there?"

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Cox on

      What's new, pips? Haven't heard anything in a while.

    17. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      It is! We've been exceptionally lax on the updates, haven't we? Rest assured it's because we're all working our butts off right now. We actually had a conversation w/ Breadpig yesterday about our EDITORS... which is very exciting.

      Suffice it to say hopefully within the next month or two everyone will start seeing PDFs of finished chapters - and eventually the whole book. Those w/ db access can see a bunch of it right now!

    18. Pat Hawks on

      Is this still expected to be finished by the end of January?

    19. Jeremy on

      I am down duh down down down with this project. You guys are great and I'm pumped to be able to back you up on this. But i wonder how you might respond to a kindly criticism...first, for all the LOLcats out there: Can teh internetz has message? (humans read: "does the internet have 'a message'?")

      I shall be very much interested to know how you'll address this in your book. Send it to me ex post facto at 1-900-555-5553. Loves! See you at NYU!

    20. Kevin Bruckert

      Way to go, guys! Can't wait!

    21. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      This isn't REALLY book related, and is really short notice so I've decided to comment instead of update, but if any of our San Francisco backers / friends happen to see this:

      Patrick and I are speaking tomorrow morning at 10:30a at the Web2.0 Expo with Kenyatta Cheese, Jamie Wilkinson and Elspeth Rountree about the challenges of documenting Internet Culture. If you're in the area, you should come by! And if you're already attending, come find us after the keynote and say hey! &lt;3

    22. Stephen Bruckert on

      @Skippy Hey! Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner.

      I think your comments were interesting... but I don't think it's ironic at all! There's nothing ironic about having a live show about the internet... we think it's a great format for the particular thing we do and we love getting a bunch of people in a room together to share a one-time thing. It's a great antidote to the often-isolating forever-archived nature of the internet...

      As for the book itself, it's a natural fit for us. We've stumbled upon a lot of really interesting ideas and themes in all this culture we've been documenting and explaining, and we believe the successful and complete communication of these ideas requires sustained attention and focus that just isn't fun in a live setting and, for now, incompatible with the way most people use the internet.

      Mike, Patrick, and I are all heavy readers and LOVE LIBRARIES. References to "dead-tree" media are tongue-in-cheek with us. We're huge boosters of internet culture, but not necessarily in opposition to other mediums. We can love the internet and still love paintings, sculpture, music, and literature.

      Thanks for commenting!

    23. Mike Rugnetta Creator on

      @Matthew Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the show. If you're in NYC, we're doing another (muuuuch larger!) one April 22nd at NYU. We'll be updating all our backers about it once we get closer.

    24. Matthew Hurst on

      I really enjoyed your performance at #KittenCamp in NYC, and was inspired to support this project! Looking forward to reading the entire internet, once it's in convenient book form.

    25. Pop 'stache on

      Love supporting the publishing of a physical book. Check out our photojournalism project for SXSW where we'll be creating a lengthy photobook of the festival:

    26. Skippy Fox Dudley on

      I like you guys, I do. As a librarian, who has had to endure 10 years of non-stop chatter from so-called informational professionals from the tech sector, I find it deeply - ironic? That you're using the internet to raise money for your print book about the internet. Could you maybe slip something into your lectures and slide shows about a little respect for my professional and the world of print publishing, maybe? K tx by!

    27. Stephen Bruckert on

      Nice to have you on the team! Every time we say "famo" we put up a picture of you.

    28. Jamie Wilkinson on

      Proud to be a backer. You guys rock, keep up the amazing memework