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The Carbon.Access.Tool. is a clean and elegant solution to the everyday key chain.

Recently we at Ruckus Comp launched the Carbon.Access.Tool., the next step in the evolution of the key chain. The initial launch was well-received but we want to realize the C.A.T.'s full potential and take it to the next level. We turned to Kickstarter because we want to secure the necessary funds to bring this product to full production and distribution. We know how exceptional the C.A.T. is and want to share it with the world.

Shawn Small // Creator // Engineer // Owner

Product Description

Long gone are the days of cheap carabiners that stab you when you sit down, put holes in your pants, or just make too much noise. The Carbon.Access.Tool. effectively solves these antiquated problems with a sleek and modern design.


The C.A.T. was designed to fit the majority of key standards on the market today; if you have one that doesn't work we include two replacement keys that can be cut at your local hardware store. 

Different packing methods
Different packing methods


Assembly fun! Impress your friends by assembling the C.A.T. yourself. Build it to your own taste. Using different configurations you can add/subtract as many keys and shapes as you like.

Materials and Process

We start with 6k 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber fabric and vacuum resin infuse it, this creates an incredibly strong and lightweight carbon fiber panel with a mirror finish. All parts are proudly 'Made in the USA' with the majority being produced within 15 miles of our SE Portland laboratory. 

Manufacturability or 'how we are going to do this'

Ruckus has 3d modeled, printed, tested, and revised a number of different iterations of our C.A.T. over the past six months. Coupling this playful design process with our years of carbon fiber engineering and manufacturing experience, we are fully able, ready and willing fully realize the magnitude of this project.

Early 3d model of a working prototype
Early 3d model of a working prototype
We are ready to load our machining files into 'Lord Cuttingsworth' and put the robots to work machining and cutting flawless carbon fiber. Each piece is then hand finished and assembled by Portland's finest 30 year-old over-educated work force.

The king of cutting, the sultan of swat, the colossus of clout
The king of cutting, the sultan of swat, the colossus of clout
We have long-standing relationships with our machining partners and hardware suppliers. We are able to successfully finish and assemble all of our finished C.A.T.s at the Ruckus Laboratory in SE Portland. We are able to quickly scale and implement necessary manufacturing standards and processes. We have all of our hardware sources in confirmed and in place. We did our homework. What's next is to launch this project and get it off the ground!

We are ready.

Design Features

  • Looks good with casual or professional attire
  • Impress your friends!
  • Highly configurable
  • Small enough to fit inside even the smallest pockets or tightest pants
  • Made from lightweight carbon fiber
  • Weight: (without keys) 6 grams
  • Proudly made in the USA


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with any project, there can be unforeseen problems that may arise during production. At Ruckus Comp we have been in the carbon fiber fabrication and repair business for over five years.This past year we have designed, developed and field tested handfuls of different product variations. We are confident in our design and ability to deliver a reliable and successful product within a timely manner.


  • At Ruckus Composites we have supplied 100% flawless carbon fiber arm plates that are used for X-ray machines and we hold the Carbon.Access.Tool. to the same flawless standards.

    If a plate gets scratched we won't ship it. Period

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  • We supply all the binding posts with a threadlocker all-ready installed. This stops the screws and posts from unthreading.

    We don't want anyone to lose their keys ever.

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  • We hand finish all the edges on the Carbon.Access.Tool. When you run your fingers around the edge you feel like smooth surface. Smooth like butter.

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  • We like to say the Carbon.Access.Tool. can hold anywhere from 0 to 8 standard keys.

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