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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

Gen Con Report

Posted by Palladium Books (Creator)

Hello, Wayne here. We’re all back from Gen Con. As most of you know, we did not get our miracle, so Robotech® RPG Tactics™ wasn't released from US Customs in time for us to have it for sale at the convention. However, we did have three copies with us to display, and we ran tons of demos. For more details, I’ll let Kevin’s Gen Con Report below fill you in.


The reaction to Robotech® RPG Tactics™ at Gen Con was overwhelmingly positive. People liked what they saw, enjoyed the demos, and liked the game play and the size and detail of the game pieces. Some were positively giddy. I have to admit, so are we. We met many Kickstarter backers who expressed their support and appreciation for the game, and we returned the favor by shaking their hands and expressing our appreciation for them. It has been a long, rough journey, but the end product is sweet. Cannot wait till we can start shipping out product.

And speaking of product, I am happy to report that the first container from China has been released by US Customs and we expect to begin shipping by the end of next week. Meanwhile, Wayne Smith has been working with various out-of-house tech people to set up our new shipping hardware and software. We had technicians and IT people in and out of the office all week as they set up the new systems and customize software to suit our needs.

We have been hesitant to offer completion and shipping dates, because they seem to be constantly shifting and changing. I think the completion and ship dates for Container One changed something like four or five times; one day here, three days there, another two day delay later, then the boat left port a day and a half late, made up that day and a half at sea, only to see the container tagged and held up by US Customs for a random inspection. It seems crazy to us at Palladium Books to subject YOU to that kind of frustration and tension. However, many of you have told us that is exactly what you want to know. We aim to please, so we’ll tell you what we know, when we know it, but you need to realize that timetables and dates are almost certain to change. Shifting schedules in China, shipping schedules and intervention by Customs are beyond our control. Wayne is tentatively scheduled to visit the China factories in September to see the manufacturing process and help build strong communications. Things should start to move more quickly now, with a new container of product shipping every week or two. That said, the schedule has already slipped a bit from what we were told before Gen Con. Containers Two and Three were supposed to have shipped together this past week. However, a manufacturing delay has changed that.

At this time, Container Two is now tentatively scheduled to be packed around the middle to end of next week. We do not yet have a definitive date for when the ship will leave China. Probably between August 28 and September 3. Container Three should ship about one week later, and Container Four a week or so after that. This is the data we have at this time, but as noted, it often changes. By the way, these four containers should allow us to fulfill our Kickstarter obligations for Wave One. That’s everything, prints, accessories, etc.

Oh, and we only recently realized that the plastic blast template is not painted, and it is too late to do anything about it now. This detail slipped past all of us – Palladium, Ninja Division, the factory, everyone. Sorry. It still looks great, is a quality piece of plastic and is easy to use.

Meanwhile, we are working with Harmony Gold to be allowed to provide PDFs of the core rules and other key elements of play and other fun stuff.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave Two

Everything is in motion and Wave Two is coming. We’re also already thinking about the Masters Saga (Southern Cross), New Generation (Invid), and other eras and battle fronts (like the Zentraedi’s interplanetary war with the Invid!). I think you’ll like the things we are kicking around.

2014 Gen Con Report

Without Robotech® RPG Tactics™ to sell, there was no reason to bring our new, special storefront. We went with the usual rolling shelves and tables. We filled space with specialty items, prints and artwork we would not normally have brought along. Having Robotech® RPG Tactics™ at Gen Con was just not meant to be.

We met a large number of Kickstarter backers, and hundreds upon hundreds of gamers enjoyed demos of Robotech® RPG Tactics™. We had three sample boxes of the main game on display (one completely laid out across a six foot table), and people got to examine the actual box contents, sprues, cards, rule book, etc. Most people were thrilled with what they saw and we got many positive comments about the quality.

We had a bunch of professionally painted Robotech® RPG Tactics™ game pieces in two glass display cases, along with some unpainted ones and a few sprues, so people could see them painted and unpainted. On the two small demo tables – one manned by Palladium’s very own Jeff Burke and the other by volunteer and uber Robotech® fan, Thomas Roache – were more game pieces professionally painted by Blue Table Painting. I think Jeff and Tom were surrounded (and I do mean surrounded) by interested fans non-stop throughout Gen Con, from morning till close of the Exhibit Hall. Unfortunately, that meant many of those passing by could not get a clear look at, or the chance to photograph, these superior painted pieces. Many did, however, get to play with them. Thank you, Tom and Jeff, for your hard work and tireless efforts to demonstrate Robotech® RPG Tactics™. And to Jeff Ruiz (NMI on the Palladium boards), who pitched in and did a good job running demos during breaks.

Carmen Bellaire manned the big Robotech® RPG Tactics™ demo table at the booth. Sadly, Carmen was not his usual flamboyant and fun self. His wallet was stolen two days before we were all to leave for Gen Con. As a Canadian, without his Enhanced Driver’s License, Carmen could not cross the border from Canada into the USA. He applied for an Emergency Passport, which seemed an unlikely turn of events. To everyone’s surprise and joy, Carmen was granted an Emergency Passport, and drove all Wednesday night to arrive at Gen Con by Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the stress of the theft (canceling credit cards and such), not knowing if he would get the passport in time, and very, very little sleep took a heavy toll on him. He looked tired, even a bit sickly, and as a result, his demos lacked the energy and zip that people have come to expect from Carmen. People still had fun, but it was not the rollicking Bellaire experience folks have come to expect. Moreover, Carmen had done a quick, basic painting of the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ game pieces with an unconventional color scheme that some people did not think showed them off in their best light, but we had to make due with what we had.

There were only so many advance game pieces from China to paint and use in demos. Despite having Blue Table Painting do nearly 60 game pieces and two other gents painting up another 10 or so, there were only so many for demonstrations. Carmen’s table used a combination of the actual plastic game pieces and our old demo pieces. As the other two, smaller demo tables were in constant use and usually surrounded by players and spectators, the large table with the unconventional painted game pieces was what many people got to see, especially when just walking by.

Pat Jakubowski ran two or three “official” Robotech® RPG Tactics™ games as part of Palladium’s block of 50+ Gen Con gaming events. From all reports, Pat rocked these games and players had a blast. I had several players come to the Palladium booth the next day specifically to tell me how much fun they had in his games. Awesome. I also had several people who played in demos as well as these games tell me they thought Robotech® RPG Tactics™ was fast, fun and a winner destined to be a big hit. (From your mouths to God’s ears.) Many people also commented on the quality and level of detail, and how much they were looking forward to the game’s release. Fantastic.

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    1. Brian Ledbetter on

      After all that has been said and done by PB, after all the delays and the GenCon Fiasco, I certainly hope they lend serious consideration to offering an olive branch to the backer base in the form of the final unlocked goal of a YF-4 wing for every Battlecry and above pledge, or a set of the convention exclusive Max and Miriya figures. I hope they realize they have generated a lot of disappointment and resentment amongst a lot of people, people whom they are going to need to rely on if they plan on continuing the success of RRPGT with any further kickstarters for the other generations.

    2. Jorel Levenson on

      Brandon is a freelance writer. He wrote Triax 2 and Madhaven for Rifts and is working on Japan 2 and Sovietski as well as Splicers books. He is a decent honest guy and will be mostly honest where he can be with NDAs and such in effect. Obviously being closer friends with Kevin makes him lean in that direction though is usually not one to jump on people who have accurate complaints. He told me he was running games in the game room and working at the booth.

    3. Max on

      Again in fairness here is NMI's point of view.

      ""and Gen Con did not want to give us/Palladium more than 5 tables in a room as they did not think we could come close to filling the seats. I have the emails from Gary to myself, the other Coordinators and Palladium where Gary gives us the very same info. It was part of the problem I had when "I" gathered the correct game event submissions from MA's, when "I" verified the game data with the MA's, When "I" created the game schedule and when "I" submitted the events based on the schedule and corrected previously entered events, well the ones that I caught.""

    4. Max on


      He's a freelancer I think. Jorel knows better. I do know he's not an MA. He's written for PB before.


      What does Brandon do?

    5. Jorel Levenson on

      In response to Brandon's comments, Gary Miller asked that I post this,
      "Yes, let them know that for his (Brandon Aten's) surveys it is redundant to survey the same people, and the two games he says I skipped where comprised of the same people as had played in am earlier game"

    6. Jorel Levenson on

      Max, it amazes me that even though I'm not on that page and haven't even messaged him today he is still using my name all over the place. He must dream about me.

    7. l3ol3afett

      @Rick That is what it says. Kickstarter counts any projects that have been cancelled as a backed project. So that number is actually incorrect. But simply looking at my backed projects would have actually told you that.

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. l3ol3afett

      @Maximilian Jenius the truth doesn't actually matter to Rick. He tries to insult and use false statements when debating. Is Brandon Aten another volunteer or is he a PB employee?

    10. Merijeek on

      No, he's a prick because that's his nature. The fact that he's Kevin's right-hand asswipe shows what kind of person Kevin actually is.

      Lil' Lola is just a fan-friend who isn't near so clever as it thinks it is.

    11. Max on


      I don't think boba is NMI. I've seen NMI here post before under his real name. In fact I was on FB and I saw this he just posted an

      ""You want to know why I am a prick or seen as acting like a prick? Because of motherfuckers like you and Jorel.""

      Here's a link to were he posted that vulgar remark. It's near the bottom.…

    12. Max on

      Ok in the name of fairness here's Brandon Aten's pov. I would like to say thank you to him for allowing me to post his point of view in this matter. If your on FB you can contact him as well. He's very open about it and a nice guy.

      ""Pretty much it came down to a complete lack of communication. Gary is a super nice guy, but nice doesn't organize a huge convention effort. We had games starting Wednesday night and when we went to go pick up the GM badges, they weren't there. They hadn't been assigned and there was a fire to put out so our Gms could get their badges for the convention.

      Then we were supposed to give rewards to all players of the games and give the players a written survey and collect demographic information. Gary didn't give these rewards to all the GMs, didn't give the survey (only gave it once for my three games) and didn't always collect tickets.

      Overall, the organizational skills were not satisfactory for being up to the task for coordinating that many volunteers, especially when we hope to double our efforts next year. This is just what was evident from my perspective as a GM and the complaints of other GMs that came to the booth. Any additional causes for dismissal that occurred before or after the con I am not privy to.

      Again, Gary is a great guy but as an observer just didn't seem like the right fit so this wasn't surprising.""

    13. l3ol3afett

      @Rick and....still wrong. And that's not even counting the canceled/duplicate projects so 39 is actually incorrect

    14. Max on


      Please don't twist my words. :) I said I noticed both books were suddenly done. I never said PB actually used RRT funds for the NG books. Were at a point where neither one of us is twisting the others words and we've been cordial towards one another lately. Let's keep it that way. :)

    15. Merijeek on

      A whole THOUSAND dollars? Like, a one with three zeroes after it? Oh my god that is so much money!!!!!

      So, shitting on the backers (for the sake of properly promoting the game) was acceptable, but spending a whole thousand dollars wasn't?

      This means that backer goodwill is worth less than a thousand dollars.

      Sounds about right from the PB perspective.

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. l3ol3afett

      @Rick and incorrect again

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. l3ol3afett

      @Rick And you just keep looking dumber and dumber. Personally, I think you sound just like NMI supposedly does just on the opposite side of the fence. I would def have a lot less posts here if I didn't constantly have to keep correcting you. ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. l3ol3afett

      @Rick "sounds like something NMI would say" Why don't you ask him.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. l3ol3afett

      @Rick " I wonder if hes actually NMI" it's stupid statements/rumors like this that have dropped your credibility into nothing. Which is why you backing anyone hurts their credence more than it would help them.

      "so tell me Lola does the truth hurt" since when do you care about the truth? I don't have an issue with truth. I have issues with false statements which is why you end up getting alot of attention from my posts.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. l3ol3afett

      @Maximilan Jenius I agree NMI and Kevin do not have a good reputation here. That does not automatically make them guilty of everything that people accuse them of.

      So you are saying that you have proof that they diverted fund to finish those books? Because to me (I dont own any pb books), taking 2 years to complete 2 books does not sound unreasonable. As for the calling thing, not sure what the terms were but if they failed to deliver, did these people call in and complain or seek action?

    26. Max on


      Agreed, but the way NMI and Kevin behave does not help them at all. All we can do is see if another side decides to tell their side of things. But this last year has not been good to PB. Kevin lying about the real status of RRT isn't doing him any favors either. I don't think Kevin is malicious or mean on purpose. He just isn't very good at dealing with gamers. I would still like to see where some of the 1.4m went. I noticed when RRT was funded suddenly after two years NG-1 an 2 came out. To this day he still hasn't called all the top tier backers like he promised them during the campaign over two years ago.

    27. l3ol3afett

      @Rick So you were there and part of the incident? Since that is a no, then no you don't lend any credence to the post at all.

      That's not even including all the false statments/lies/rumors that you have already spread.

      I am in no way saying that Gary is lying or making false statements. The only thing I am saying is that people jumping onto one side with only hearing 1 side of the story shows a clear bias.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Jorel Levenson on

      I did reach out to another person that said they would tell their side. They have yet to respond.

    30. l3ol3afett

      @Maximilian Jenius that is assuming that everything in that post is the exact truth. Unless we hear from all parties involved (although some people will automatically discount certain peoples statements) and/or witnesses, this is just one side of the incident. Taking one side without hearing all the facts shows a bias. ;)

    31. Max on

      So instead of taking the lead like another company would Kevin just left it up in the air for a volunteer to do? This is incredible! On top of that he couldn't be bothered to pay a 1k for a table. If he's this cheap to create buzz for RRT I wonder what other financial shortcuts Kevin took with the models. No wonder in his eyes there perfect. It seems like he did take the cheapest route in terms of sprue design. It would be interesting to see where the 1.4M really went. This type of arrogance and disrespect does not bowed well for RRT and any other models coming down the pipe.

    32. l3ol3afett

      @John Lacy I don't have a problem with the Grids/Selling pledges from AvP. I was just pointing out to others, that the "way better run" kickstarter isn't as pristine as they make it out to be. Many of the PB detractors like to point to other kickstarters and say how much better those are run but they only show good points and sometimes that isn't even accurate.

      I will have to disagree with you on a couple of points. Prodos' first kickstarter was a mini wargame. So not only did they have recent experience in kickstarter but in a mini wargame as well. They also do their own models. Vs PB which this is their first kickstarter and they hired Ninja Division to do the models (in the past, from what I gathered, PB had some metal minis made for their RPG). PB never hid that Ninja Division was doing the models (ND even ran the kickstarter during funding).

      Yeah, in the original count, I said 5 models (VF, Battlepod, Glaug, Defender, and Tomahawk). I did not include the 2 extra forms for the VF. Those were the original models that the ks started with. The Recon scout wasn't even going to be a separate model but they changed that early into the ks. The recovery pod was also added later in the ks and wasn't part of the original box.

      Actually this kickstarter is ABS not PVC. Completely different material.

      We have seen more than half of the units. 4 types of pods (Battle, Recon, Heavy art, Light art), Recovery pod, VFs, Defender, Tomahawk, Monster, Spartan, Phalanx, Glaug, Glaug-Eldare, FPA, Miriya. So thats 15. We have also seen the masters (yellow sculpts) of both Zent infantry. So 17 in total. We haven't seen 12. Jotun, YF-4, Ghost, Lancer II, Super VFs, VEF-1, VF-1D, Armored VF, MPA, Rick, Roy, and Khyron. 13 if you count the SDF-1.

    33. Missing avatar

      nigel robinson on

      @jorel in short PB couldn't be bothered or were too uninterested/incompetent too organise their company and games at the largest conevntion in the US.

      Instead they palmed it off to a well meaning and dedicated unpaid? fan and then continually blamed them.

      Awesome company.......

      caveat emptor

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    35. Jorel Levenson on

      Sounds like he had a lot of contacts an he is taking them with him....

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    37. Jorel Levenson on

      Originally GenCon organization was done for Palladium by a friend of Kevin's. He began the year doing it and found he couldn't do it, so Gary Miller aka ingexthefuryhunter1 on FotM stepped in to handle it. According to Gary he has 14 yrs experience organizing cons and working with them on the West coast. Gary had been helped in coordinating the event with NMI an had contacted Derek Gunter head of organizing GenCon several times. At that point and time Gary was only in charge of organizing RPGs and had no RRT games scheduled. Not even Phaze/Pat's.
      To elaborate Gary talked to Gencon on getting Palladium there own room so as to properly showcase the companies systems but Palladium did not seem to want to pay like the other game companies at GenCon. According to Gary if Palladium went over more than 5 tables in the room it would have been cost the company as then Gencon would charge the company a room fee. Which is at least a thousand dollars. It would get them their own room, but it would cost them. Apparently the cost of a table in the Miniature gaming area was also a minimun of a thousand dollars. So Palladium went with the cheapest option to promote RRT, the free one and took the 5 table option. That room ended up being a mile walk from the booth. According to Gary those 5 tables were full almost the entire GenCon weekend, and according to Gary, Kevin and NMI did not frequent the RPG gaming room at all not even to drop off Prize Support for the MAs and their players. Gary said he even went out of his way to acquire a rectangular table to accommodate Phaze/Pats RRT games as all the tables in that room were round. Back to the preGenCon...
      After this had all been arranged by Gary Miller for Palladium, he had a small heart attack in February of 2014. Because of his health issues he passed on the work of organizing to NMI. NMI took over and made one phone call to Derek Gunter who in turn called Gary and said, "Don't have that asshole ever call me again." Even though Gary was sick he continued to coordinate. At this point he had never even talked to Kevin about GenCon, only NMI. When he finally talked to Kevin it was on a conference call with NMI and the other coordinators. From the sound of it Kevin demanded better communication of Gary and wanted accountability and emails to know how often he was trying to contact the GenCon organizers.
      When GenCon rolled around Gary was still in communication with Derek Gunter. He went to board his flight and it was delayed something like 4 hrs. I think he said he got in at 8:30 on the Wed. As soon as the delay was announced he texted NMI that he was going to be late. To which NMI immediately called Kevin and blew shit out of proproportion. Instead of asking how he could help from this delay like getting Prize Support to the Wed. gamers. NMI never did that. Gary contacted Derek Gunter to make sure the badges needed to get into things were taken care of and Derek assured him they wouldn't even need to pick them up til the next morning. Gary then called Palladiums office and tried to relay this information to Kevin as NMI had called Kevin directly. After leaving the message with the office. his phone died. When he got to the convention center at 8:55 and plugged in his phone there was a nasty message from NMI claiming Kevin couldn't get thier badges and Kevin wasn't pleased. Gary later said Kevin admitted saying he was "Kevin the owner of Palladium" and they should have his badge to which they couldn't find them. Gary explained at that point to Kevin that the Badges were under the name "Megaversal Ambassadors" and he was named as the sponsor. Kevin never mentioned that word to the GenCon people as far as Gary is aware. On the Wed when he arrived he spoke to Derek Gunter to confirm that the badges were there and that indeed they did not need to get them til the next morning. Atfer NMI left him another offensive message, cursing at him and demanding Gary bring the badges and greet Kevin, "bringing flowers and roses" when he gets there in the morning as Kevin is not happy on the badges issue. even After Gary contacted Alex back at the office (cause he never had Kevin's #) and clarified what was happening in the AM and that they could get their badges then. Alex told him Gary had called and it was something to do with the badges which Kevin assumed was the same message Nmi had given him.
      Gary got there at 6am on Thursday, got the badges, and starts working the RPG room. He swaps out a round table for the necessary rectangle one for the RRT game that was not in the original lineup he had planned, remember he was not brought in on that fiasco until closer to GenCon. After making sure the games were running and taking the tickets and such. Gary gets another call from NMI around 9am, telling him to come down to the Booth an meet Kevin. He walks the mile and gets there to find out the hall isn't open til 10 and he doesn't have the proper pass to gain early access. At about 9:40 NMI contacts him and tells him to meet them back at the RPG Gm Badge room. So he hustles there to meet them. I He meets them there and said every time he ever saw NMI there it was glued to Kevin's side. He never took time out to help out in the RPG gaming area, even though he was a Megaversal Ambassador. Every time Gary needed help with anything or needed Prize Support or whatever, he had to trek that mile to the booth to deal with Kevin and NMI.Which caused issues on Thursday night, as the booth closed at 6 p.m. And no one called Gary to inform him they where headed home did he need anything, So when Gary noticed he was down to low support for the last game, He went to get it and found it closed, He then called NMI who had already left for the day, having got there at 9 a.m, So gary did what any honest person would do and told the room that he he couldnt get prize support from the company and to please collect any names and emails from those effected and they would be able to get them picked up at the booth in the A.M.,
      All NMI really even was asked to do was help get Prize Support to people and Kevin blamed Gary for the dropped ball on the Wed gamers when his flight was delayed. There was no communication between the people at the booth and the game room the rest of that Thursday.
      On Saturday Gary went to the booth around noon to pick up more Prize Support. He later found out that Kevin or NMI had already been giving Prize Support to the Freelancers working games under Gary in the game room without Gary knowing because the booth had heard they where not getting prize support, can some one say WED games.
      In order to do the Prize Support Gary had come up with a system on his tablet where he went around 5-10 minutes before the game ended and did a small interview with the table of player before giving them all Prize Support. He would fill out a survey for every table and save it and them some time. On Sunday NMI called him again freaking out, claiming NMI had tons of paper surveys they printed out that gary needed to be filling out. Instead of asking Gary his plans they all made assumptions and expected various results. Sunday ran pretty smoothly and Gary got on his flight home.
      When Gary got there he was met with an email from NMI about how he, Gary was the problem and how he could fix HIS communication problems. He contacted the one other MA coordinator and told that guy he was considering quiting. That guy called Kevin and told Kevin he thought Gary was a valuable asset and would be a huge loss. Kevin supposedly said that he didn't want someone with Gary's issues with communication representing them any more, and wants him to step down. So Gary quit.
      In regards to Robotech RPG Tactics Gary wanted us to know that he thought it would have served Palladium just as well to actually have one of the 3 game boxes in the Gaming Room where all those people could see it and motivate people that payed to actually play the RRT game Phaze/Pat was running as they were just as likely future customers as anyone wandering past the booth. Carmen Ballaire was given a ton of the RRT miniatures to run his own game he was promoting that wasn't RRT or even a Palladium product. It was some mech board game that utilized cards to power up mechs, according to Gary. As a result of all the painted pieces behind glass that weren't being used and the demo games alongside Carmens game that left Phaze/Pat with only a few game pieces to run his games in the RPG game room. A lot less than he had intented for his map terrain that showed in many peoples words a hell of a lot better than the one at the booth.

    38. Jorel Levenson on

      here is Gary's statement to me...

    39. John Lacy

      @l3ol3afett I'll agree with several points, yes I had the model counts wrong, my bad there, I think I was just looking more at the pledge store/sheet things, the backer kit stuff where you pick your addons ad Robotech's have been closed for a long time, so it was going off of memory.

      while this wasn't Prodos' first kickstarter their company hadn't actually existed until Kickster got them going, so from that perspective Palladium should have had an easier time with getting minis and production underway given their history with books and the minis made for their other games, but as you were saying, these are opinions ^_^

      The boxed sets model count we're both off on, given the three Valkerie forms, the two more standard walkers (missiles and guns, I forget the names) then the pods present, which will be another three forms (commander, troop, and that odd 'ship' one) so nine(?) total. AvP by comparison has the five marines (Different sculpts, not sure on their positionality, but given the 3d nature I'm thinking their somewhat unique/static), three preds, the two kinds of aliens (15 in total) the face huggers. Obj. Tokens weren't part of the initial box plans so I'm not counting them in this instance, but they had the designs done long ago, and even had mockups printed far in advance.

      As to models-to-come, that's another pet peeve, AvP may not have has as many, but they were quick to get mockups made and start showing them off for feedback, we havent' seen more than sketches for more than half of Robotech's :(

      And yes, materials are known in advance, but two PVC plastics won't be the same, it will depend on how it's gone about, in this instance they have taken the low road, very disappointing from initial shots, but it may be better from their pics.

      Didnt know they had a third company to go through, they haven't made much mention of what they are doing :/ At any step of the process. Like I said, I like seeing the work as it goes, makes me feel like more of a part of it you know?

      As to the number of units problem, to intrude into another conversation (sorry) I think they were saying they had some people reduce their pledge levels, that happens sadly, leaving them with more units than they initially wanted. They will still be making it, but they dont want to sit on dead product and pay for the storage (That's a passive cost sink) and it's not something they can sell, as it is the Kickstarter exclusive boxes. They said they may do some of them as giveaways and prize support, but that's not going to cover THAT much that soon. So they opened it up, something that actually made more happy than not, I have several friends that are planning on backing now because they didnt have the coin back then, so yay for more players ^_^

      As to the line thing, that didnt make any sense to me (The anger over it) This is a game that most people backed for the desire to play the war game (At least in my circles) so if anything the lack of the grids would help in that aspect, depends on how they are going about it. They explained their rationale in a followup video and it makes perfect sense. In their playtests the grids were taking WAY too long to move minis, it ruined the ideas of using traps and acid damage, as it really threw off wall running and the idea of a mass skirmish with a swarm of bugs. I rather like the idea of getting into it faster, getting that blood flowing all the quicker ^_^

    40. Jorel Levenson on

      just waiting on garys approval and correction and I'll post up what his experience was

    41. l3ol3afett

      er that should have been known not know

    42. l3ol3afett

      @Jorel "they got 10x the funding so they need it increase the size of the operation and that level required 5,000 units. They are still making the game even though backers only wanted less than half that I believe. Trollafett be gone." And yet Robotech did 20x the funding. Prodos would have know from the beginning that they needed 5k units. Yet they are only telling backers now? Again, your anger at PB clouds you from the facts.

      "Prodos does run not from a little Negative criticism". PB didn't at first. Go back and check. 4 days after the spartan update was released, they sent out another update. IMO, that was a mistake. Instead of trying to explain their position, they should have only said that they will look into it. Then the "Zero incident" happened. And there have only been 2 comments since. Bad? Good? depends on your point of view. Bad for people that want PB to engage them. Good as it prevents any more back and forth like in the "zero incident". Personally, I don't care if they are in the comment section or not.

    43. Jorel Levenson on

      should have read...Prodos does run not from a little Negative criticism. huge points for that

    44. Jorel Levenson on

      Prodos does run from a little Negative criticism. huge points for that

    45. Jorel Levenson on

      they got 10x the funding so they need it increase the size of the operation and that level required 5,000 units. They are still making the game even though backers only wanted less than half that I believe. Trollafett be gone.

    46. l3ol3afett

      @Jorel Backlash comes from backers. I have seen much worse run kickstarters get way less backlash.

      "Prodos has yet to admit to any such follies" Really? You mean like the fact that they didn't get the min 5k orders from kickstarter that was needed for the project? Which is why they recently opened up on their website for people (that weren't in the kickstarter) to go pledge? And then only after backer backlash did they admit it was for that reason? How about those rules that Prodos promised us....oh wait, they came back months later saying Fox had vetoed that.

      From the AvP kickstarter frontpage
      "We have significant backing financially and an experienced team of rules designers, artists, 3D designers and model makers. As a team we are highly experienced in logistics and manufacturing and have learnt a lot about expectation and delays having already completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for our first project: Warzone Resurrection." and yet, they have still missed the "May 2014" ETA, reopened the pledge manager, haven't shown all the pieces yet (still supposed to be shipping in 1 wave atm).

      "License Approval that Palladium supposedly claimed to have complete before the Kickstarter even ended" exactly which license approval did PB claim to have before the ks ended? Because according to the front page "we have completed the vast majority of our development before launching the Kickstarter. Sculpts for the game pieces are almost entirely complete. The rulebook and game components are deep in development and will be ready for layout soon" and "Since new units are products that are not included in the boxed game, their development and production was not included as part of the initial funding goal. Similar to how we needed to fund the development and production of the box game, these new units need to be funded for us to be able to create them at all." But you are too busy being bitter to actual do any fact checking.

    47. Jorel Levenson on

      The Comments section and Update Comments over on the Prodos KS are positive the majority of the time. There are way less unhappy people in that KS and it shows that they interact with the backers. Go look at the comments.

    48. Jorel Levenson on

      AvP isn't having any of the issues like PB is nor the amount of Backlash, It is a terrible comparrison. Only similarity worth mentioning is they are both licensed properties so they have that hurtle. Palladium made actual major mistakes and kept quiet about it. Prodos has yet to admit to any such follies and has been at the same stage of waiting on License Approval that Palladium supposedly claimed to have complete before the Kickstarter even ended. Trolla the excuse maker. I think Prodos is doing a decent job. Palladium is doing a terrible job. Stop comparing them inaccurately.

    49. Jorel Levenson on

      Sounds like all his communication had to go through NMI who in turn wasn't properly conveying the information to Kevin.