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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
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Spartan Prototypes!

Posted by Palladium Books (Creator)

Greetings! Today I’m going to keep the Update short, but I have a bunch of photos to show you.

The Destroid prototypes arrived at the Palladium offices this morning, so much of today was spent carefully disassembling them so we could examine the parts breakdown and snap some photos for you all, and then putting them back together again. The disassembly was necessary because Ninja John had assembled them to do his own checks on how well parts fitted together and whether anything was missing.

First up, here’s a look at the Spartan. From the parts breakdown you can see there are a few different arm and weapon options, and both open and closed chest missile bay versions.

And here are a few shots of two assembled Spartans in different poses.

Note: Some of you will notice the seams, especially in the upper legs, where they are particularly wide. Because these have been assembled, disassembled, and assembled again, as well as painted with a sort of primer at some point to make details easier to see, there are glue residue and primer between some of these pieces that I just couldn't quite remove. That’s the main culprit in some of these seams being as wide and noticeable as they are. When the pieces arrived this morning, some of those seams were barely visible, if at all, and a good coat of paint should conceal them quite well.

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    1. Brian Sherry on

      So I am really unhappy with the delays and the ridiculous million model kits they are looking to deliver. Is there any reason I couldn't dispute the charge in my credit card to get a refund? I can't see why not.

    2. Scott Casey on

      I agree with a lot of the comments here. Bad engineering is the cause of the seams. Seams on the missile doors is completely avoidable. Still looking forward to the game, just wish the focus was on wargaming miniatures and not model kits.

    3. Tirrex_Falcon on

      Lookin' good. Even if the seem don't completely disappear in the final product, some model putty and paint will make them all good. I can't wait to get started on them! Thanks!!

    4. Jorel Levenson on

      glad to be of service sir. least to those who appreciate such things

    5. Duskland on

      Wow, it's been a long time since I've been to Palladium forums. I didn't realize it was such a hostile environment over there. I feel like I need a biohazard suit : )

      Also: Thank you Jorel and Mike for getting us what little information you can. It's a thankless job, but one I appreciate.

    6. Mike "Morpheus" on

      Thanks Ken, It's like being back on the kindergarten playground and someone yells teacher he called me a bad name after he just kicked me in the shin and he's lucky I did not hit him back but just called him a Moron or Stupidhead

    7. Jorel Levenson on

      I don't spend all that much time there, but I appreciate the sentiment. Sometimes I feel like banging my head against the wall would be a less painful use of my time.

    8. Forar on

      @Ken: I've concluded that my participation there is a sign of profound self loathing.

      ... not to mention being a part of KS comments and update comments nearly 1 year after a campaign ended. >.>

      Basically, I seem to be paying penance for crimes committed in a past life at this point. The only explanation is that, at some point in history, I was a monster.

    9. Ken Maher on


      My heartfelt sympathies to you. I've just seen the levels of "specialness" you, Mike and Forar have to deal with on the Palladium Forums. Pfftt "Happy Meal Toys" . . . . .

      May God have mercy on you brave souls.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Jorel Levenson on

      It that how we want to look at this? As PBs last chance? I don't think it is at all. I think they have other things going on and those very well could keep going on just basic funding levels.

    12. Forar on

      As an individual? No.

      As a collective? Certainly.

      Much larger companies have responded positively to consumer movements in the past.

      To be clear, I'm speaking of business practices in general.

      And hell, they responded to our requests for regular updates by... giving us regular updates. It took a while, but we have examples of such things in this very campaign.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Jorel Levenson on

      No one here is gonna change PBs behavior. Drop the notion.

    15. Forar on

      To get my inner pedant on; you can totally enable bad behaviour. Positive reinforcement in the face of unwanted/unwelcome/otherwise "bad" behaviour is totally a thing, and it is very much counter productive.

      If I give someone a dollar every time they yell at me, despite not wanting them to yell at me, I'm only encouraging something I don't want.

      We've discussed this at length regarding books they produce that you have valid issues with and yet buy several copies of all the same. Telling a company you are displeased with their business practices and then giving them XX dollars for Y copies of those same books means your critique carries very little weight.

      You are free to express yourself and purchase as you see fit, but there are, like, entire bookshelves of books written on the very topic.

    16. Ken Maher on


      If I can make a few points without you feeling aggrieved.

      1. People are annoyed that they have backed and paid for a project that is now way behind and coming up on almost a year with nothing to show for it.

      2. What has been shown and said via PB does not collate with what was shown and said during the Kickstarter. For example we were told that we had been shown the sculpts, this was not true based on the quality of the minis shown over the weekend.

      We were told the game and minis were almost done and production would be 45 days from the end of the campaign, again this was not true. I can go on, but I'm sure we don't all want a rehash of every single issue.

      3. Palladium and Ninja Division had excellent communications and PR while they were looking for and getting our money, now the reverse is the situation.

      4. Palladium admitted that they had no experience with mini war-gaming and that's why ND was brought in. I would be confident in saying that a large portion of backers have no interest in PB as a whole, they like Robotech and come from a mini background. What has been shown this weekend flies in the face of what is expected and can be done in mini war-gaming at present. All we have to do is look at GW or Wyrd for decent quality, highly detailed multi-part plastic miniatures to see the standard that should be aimed for. In 18 years I have never seen a leg arm or torso section split down into so many pieces. Even Battletech by FASA did it better with their unseen metal models all those years ago.

      4. You've taken offence at not being thanked for getting info for us and for being referred to as an PB enabler.

      We are grateful to you and others on Facebook, DakkaDakka etc for giving us information but people's ire at PB/ND is making them see red and common courtesy is getting overlooked.

      However, you cannot take offence and lash out at the community for referring to you as a PB enabler.

      In an ideal world the information shouldn't have come from you via back channels, it should have been posted here by PB. However, you appeared to be a major proponent of PB during the campaign, for example constantly posting adverts for the PB RPG sale, and this has given the impression that you are somehow affiliated with them.

      I can understand how annoyed you're feeling at the moment, but please don't take offence at the community's misplaced anger which should be directed at Palladium.

      It's unfortunate that their communication has been so poor so far that we already have an idea of what's coming down the line cos it's been flagged elsewhere.

    17. Jorel Levenson on

      I wish I could edit that post right now

    18. Jorel Levenson on

      @Marijeek, my bad that was unintentional. Sorry.

    19. Jorel Levenson on

      @Marijerk, He would have posted regardless of my questing to find out when it might actually happen.

    20. Zor on

      Good deal. As long as we hear from * somebody* from time to time, maybe we can keep people in the loop.

    21. Jorel Levenson on

      @Zor, we're aren't likely to hear from Ninja Division here as they haven't really posted here since the end of the campain in May 2013. Palladium is going to be giving us what info they have on the process.

    22. Merijeek on

      @Creator - Is that what will be necessary to get any sort of official response in the future?

    23. Jorel Levenson on

      Thanks to the few for lookin out and to Creator for showing up to give their 2 cents.

    24. Max on

      Thank you.

    25. Palladium Books Creator on

      @Merijeek Because I got tagged in that group and keep getting emails about it. I'm working on a proper response to post here, and will do so shortly.

    26. Zor on

      I thank you. I feel you, on this one. I just want ND to own up and talk to their financiers.

      I got no problem with lots of parts comprising a mini. I may be in the minority on that, in general.

      I think the massive amount of bits should mean something, though. Better pose ability, customization, etc. Ao far, these look like a ton of poorly planned bits where mass production and assembly are concerned. I'm all ears for any justification ND can offer.

    27. Max on

      J man your right. PB would still be PB wether you buy their books or not. :)

    28. Jorel Levenson on

      maybe easier to teach pigs to fly, but level your hate at me I guess if that really makes you feel better.

    29. Merijeek on

      Why would PB/ND be responding to an unofficial fan group and not to the official Kickstarter? I'm assuming it's official by the number of (TM) and (R) thrown around.

    30. Jorel Levenson on

      No one can enable their bad behavior. It exists. Deal with it. Teach an old dog new tricks is easier than altering their glacial pace.

    31. Max on

      Guys Jorel isn't a stooge for PB. He knows they have problems. He's just trying to get folks info and to calm down and give PB a chance to retort. At worst he might enable PB bad behavior but he's not under any delusions about PB. J man I thank you for getting info to those who aren't in the know. :)

    32. Jorel Levenson on

      I feel the need to do so out of respect for the community to get answers. I want them too.

    33. Merijeek on

      Yes, it's like you feel the need to do so because PB/ND don't communicate with their backers via the channel expressly created for such a purpose.

      Before the close of the KS, before they had anyone's money, they managed to communicate just fine.

    34. Jorel Levenson on

      I don't hear anyone thanking me for getting what info I did. I hear a ton of complaining by people who won't even help themselves. You guys are a sorry lot. I hope you enjoy your answers when you get them and next time you can cry for a week and I won't waste my time on you.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Jorel Levenson on

      You ignorant lot. I facilitated this communication here. I gave you info that was dropped elsewhere. I don't work for them. I am help you ungrateful lot. What a bunch of jerks.

    37. Merijeek on

      Jorel, you are enabling. They have no PR because they choose not to. They don't need a PR department, they need someone who will actually communicate with the backers.

      Did you know the creators of a KS can comment back to people? It's true! PB and ND even did it during the KS!

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Jorel Levenson on

      I think this worth reposting on here as well...They have no PR or I wouldn't be posting in defense of them right now, they would be.

    40. Jorel Levenson on

      There are almost 140 comments on here and not many positive ones. We know they intend to address the issue so let us give them the chance to do so. I think most of us would like the same without reading 200 insulting posts to get a few or even a few dozen decent points out of it.

    41. Jorel Levenson on

      I couldn't enable or disable PB if I wanted to. It is healthier for us all to relax a bit. It is mostly out of our control. Making a scene only achieves certain outcomes and it is not usually the other side listening intently to your issues. It usually leads to dismissal and being ignored.

    42. Max on

      Please stop enabling PB.

    43. Jorel Levenson on

      Let's give the guy a chance to explain before crucifying him further.

    44. Ken Maher on

      I'm sure we'll be told this is the only/best way the figs could be done.

      My 18 years of assembling Games Workshop, FASA, Iron Wind, Reaper, Ral Partha, Privateer, Wyrd, CMON and Spartan miniatures would suggest otherwise but what would I and the other experienced modellers know, Palladium are the experts at mini games.

    45. Max on

      I really hope Wayne proves me wrong.

    46. Max on

      Ken my point exactly.

    47. Ken Maher on

      Incoming. Batten down the hatches for an official update justifying the arsewards decision to cut / produce the minis like they did and ignoring our justified complaints. You have all been warned :)

    48. Jorel Levenson on

      Although I do see a lot of Rookie moves being made I still hold out hope we will end up with a quality product and maybe a few lessons learned on everyone's side.

    49. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.