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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
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Regult Parts Breakdown!


Note: I’m sure most of you have heard already from Kickstarter that they had a security breach, but just in case, I want to mention it here. No credit card data was accessed, but they’re recommending everyone change their Kickstarter passwords, and the same goes for anywhere else that same password was used. So if you haven't done so already, go take care of that, then please come back and finish reading this.

Now then, on to the Update.

I was really glad to see how much you all seemed to enjoy last week’s Update, but I was a bit at a loss deciding what to show you all this week. The folks in China only just came back from their New Year celebrations, so there wasn't really anything new to show, but then it hit me. I bet you’d like to see the parts breakdown for one of these fine game pieces. Well, here you go.

Behold, the Regult in its constituent parts. Like last week, this is from an updated render, showing changes from the prototype piece shaded in red. You’ll notice there’s only one change visible from this angle (the eye detail was missing from the prototype), and that’s because this one was close to perfect. There were a couple other minor detail changes on backs of the legs, and there are an odd pair of bumps we've since told them about that we did't notice until seeing this render, but this guy's pretty much ready to go.

This week, Ninja John sent us some renders of the Valkyrie that he, Jeff and I are going to go over tomorrow and with any luck, we’ll be seeing prototypes of those soon. Meanwhile, Jeff is very close to finishing the art for the color guide, and I've been finishing up corrections to the rulebook and preparing to lay out the color guide section. I hope to give you all a look at that soon.

Have a great week, everybody!

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    1. Khyron's Eye on

      Just curious about the handles on the back hatch, molded on or separate pieces?

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      We are right at March and dealing with renders and hopefully 3D prototypes "soon" for stuff that is suppoed to be out by 1 July at the latest....
      Which means molds have to be done.
      Which means stuff has to be shipped over in bulk.
      Which means praying that the container doesn't get caught up in a US Customs check (as has happened more than once to minis).
      Which includes hoping like heck nobody forgot to dot an "i" or cross a "t" on the paperwork, thereby moving it from random to assured delay in Customs.

      I hope they get it straight and get lucky. I really, really do. The question they have to be asking themselves: "Why didn't they do all this last spring while the Kickstarter was winding down?" Seriously, they didn't need the total numbers to get set up for molds for Valks (x3 poses), Pods, Destroids, etc. Those were all part of the basic game.

      Rick Steinberg is correct, the rules were supposedly done and finished last fall when they were still dreaming about keeping the December being one of the "evidences" that they could make December.

    3. Forar on

      As I understand it, the renders are done digitally, the prototypes are made by 3D printing out the individual pieces as per those renders to see how they work out in reality.

      Just like the various pictures we've been seeing these past few months.

      But yes, if we're still waiting on the molds there's certainly still a long way to go. So the good news is that it's progress, the bad news is that "June, maybe even May" is seeming unlikely without some really smooth sailing over the next few months.

      The other silver lining is that it's indicative that the facility they're working with is either back from their celebrations, or shall be soon enough to start procuring such materials in advance of other work beginning.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Part count is no big deal as long as these casts are clean. It looks good. Unfortunately, with a basic core model at this point in the dev process I'm not so sure they can make the current schedule (besides showing how badly they blundered dealing with China). I can still deal as long as we get good product.

      Huge request though, PD/ND needs to get with KRM so they can design some foam trays. Yeah, you guys got sucked into Battlefoam, but I didn't go there, so letting KRM have model info doesn't hurt anyone.

    6. Morgan Vening

      @wl corlett, regarding the pre-prod models legs, I wouldn't be surprised if there was two or three separate variations on the basic Regult. From a production design, doing a Regult as an individual sprue would slow things down dramatically. There may be reasons why not, but I'd expect 3 Regults to a sprue, each paired Destroid + Command bits or Experimentals, a Valk in each mode, the Glaug + Recon + Recovery (though that might be split off), and the Regult Support + Options as pairs. Any larger, and you have issues with cutting them down for retail/boxing. Any smaller, and it increases production time by non-insignificant amounts. I made an estimate on run-time for the minimum Regults that have been pledged. If my information is correct, that's almost 18 days to do those, at 3 per sprue. Singular, and you triple that.

    7. Roadrunner on

      @Morgan Vening

      You are right that most of the poseability seems to simply in the leg positioning. However, I am sure that some of the pre-prod models were shown standing rather than running (so does this mean perhaps there will be alternate leg pieces?

      Given my memory of the the pods was generally that they jumped rather than ran so straighter legs would seem to be more of what is required?)

      As you say though the pods as probably the most static of all the mecha in the series, so as we are the getting multi part kits the real bonus will be seen on how much flexibility we have with the Veritechs.

      The parts count is not bad when you consider other firms offering and the ability to get proper undercuts in does mean we can likely expect a good amount of detailing. Just means with assembly and painting anything beyond a skirmish may have to wait until much later in the year.

    8. Morgan Vening

      @YourSwordisMine, While I'm not really fussed over the number of pieces, I can see why some people would be less than enthused. It'll take a lot longer to assemble, and depending on how fiddly the pieces are, some might not be easy for the less talented to assemble. It also depends on what level of articulation it has. If the pelvic mount attaches in a fixed manner to the torso, and the guns are on lockpoints rather than ball joints, then the added complexity of assembly doesn't add as much to pose-ability. The thrusters seem rotatable, but the top antenna mount seems relatively locked (other than minor rotation).

      It'll be interesting to see what they do with the more advanced stuff. Cause Regults have always been the most static of the mecha. No head, no arms, no real waist.

    9. YourSwordisMine on

      People are complaining about 16 pieces?!!!

      16 pieces is a VERY good thing! I was expecting far few pieces and I am incredibly happy we are getting actual multipart models!

      @Ninja Division THANK YOU for actual multipart kits. This is a godsend and worth every penny I paid. I have 350 models coming my way, and I for one cannot wait to put them together! Keep up the good work!

    10. Max on

      Meant = Keep up the outstanding job with the details and modularity! :-)

    11. Max on

      Another great update! This level of information is very enlightening into the behind the scenes creation of a miniatures game from the ground up. The level of attention and modularity of the models themselves is worth the delays encountered by the actual production process. This bodes well for the rest of the line if this attention to detail and quality continues. So fantastic job guys! Keep up the outstanding job to the on the details and modularity! :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Morrow on

      Oh thak Zor! Its multipart. All the stuff I saw thus far didn't indicate if that was so. Let the conversions begin!

    13. Joe Wright on

      If you guys haven't heard, Battlefront miniatures had a pretty big gaff with their plastic Panzer IV, so the fact that the ninjas and Palladium are showing and telling about the QA and pre-mold process is encouraging!

    14. Stan Bundy on

      So, this is the REAL reasons for two phases - so that we have time to actually assemble the PHase One stuff before the second phase arrives, without losing our minds from the monotony...

    15. Joseph Prozinski

      Wow, I'm guessing I'm gonna have at least 5,000 pieces to cut out and assemble! My clippers are going to get a major workout. At least 1,860 in Regults and its variants alone.

    16. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      So... basically, my Showdown pledge plus extras is going to take my whole summer to assemble, and brain damage from glue fumes even in a well-ventilated area should knock my IQ down by at least 5 points.


    17. Robert Oakes on

      As a stout "As long as it takes " backer, I do kinda agree with Howard.even though I am in the States. Shipping them around the world would seem to cost more plus add on to the already lengthy schedule.

      As for the parts, 16? I only see 15, what you really count the base? That would be like counting all the instructions and decals. Anyway that doesn't matter.
      I like the fact it is as many as it is. for pose-ability and modification.
      I loved it when Games Worksshop went to plastic, except the cost didn't drop as promised.
      With so many parts though my desk is gonna look like a Robotech factory.

    18. Nick Delciappo on

      If you think about it a Space Marine has 10 parts depending on the era. This is a mech, so 16 is a nice figure. Lookin good guys!!!!

    19. Robotek19 on

      Awesome update. The planning of modeling can now begin, at least for pods :-)

    20. Mike "Morpheus" on

      For those who missed it this is a good time to join the Tactics Facebook Group.

    21. Missing avatar

      Howard Browning on

      OK, you answered questions from the comments in the last update so I have a question:
      Are you really going to send all of the Asian backers product to Europe for shipping? Because that means my figures will complete a world trip going from China to the States, the States to Europe, and then from Europe to Japan (by or over China). It also it means I probably won't get my backer rewards till maybe 2 months after every one else. I am not in the 'as long as it takes' camp so I would hope you reconsider sending any Asian Backer's rewards from the US. I can't imagine there are that many, mostly a handful of expats living abroad.

    22. Forar on

      Assuming that's an average piece count for a model, that'd mean a Battle Cry box contains around 1,500 parts (give or take, based on containing 96 models, last I checked). Even if that's at the higher end and most are closer to 10, it'd still likely be well over 1,000, given that Battle Pods, Artillery Pods, Recon Pods and Officer's Pods make up 1/3 of that count.

      Woah. A little perspective goes a long way.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Fowler on

      The more parts the merrier! Makes for some nice conversion capability without cutting up too much of the model. Kudos

    24. Duskland on

      @ Derek - there is also the detail issue. It's really quite difficult to get reliable detail on the sides of the plastic piece where the front and back molds come together. Most companies get around this by casting large parts as two pieces (a front and a back).

      I assume the antenna is a seperate piece because that's where the artillery add on goes (since that's the only thing that changes between tac and artillery pods). The two arm thrusters are seperate so that you can angle them in any direction. This would allow you base some pods in flying position for instance.

    25. Joshua Russell on

      One word Derek, undercuts.

    26. Missing avatar

      Derek Sheeman on

      I see 7 of those parts that should be one piece. The two purple ones, the two green ones, the antennae and the two side 'nubs' all look to have to go together the exact same way each time, so why are they not one piece?

    27. Duskland on

      Only 48 tactical, 8 artillery and 4 recon pods : )

      Looking good, nice to see how things are progressing.

    28. Mike Norris on

      Now i am regretting the Showdown pledge. How many of these am I getting x16 pieces?

    29. CthulhuCultist on

      Thanks, this is a much appreciated update as I have been requesting parts/pieces counts for a while now...this update is the best so far as I gives an idea how flexible the build will be once we get the minis! Again, thanks! :)

    30. Caelen Rivers on

      Looking good, guys - can't wait for the summer :)

    31. Forar on

      *thumbs up* Good update, nice to see the parts breakdown.

    32. Brandon Aten

      16 parts = I can customize my zentradi to each be different instead of all looking the same. This is awesome!!!

    33. Joe Wright on

      Wow, digging it. Kind of happy it's fairly complex, as this equals more flexibility of posing.

    34. Iconography on

      16 parts = the price for perfection

    35. Ray "AcroRay" Miller on

      Beautiful! I love seeing material like this.

    36. Jason Harris on

      Ouch. 16 Parts per Regult battlepod...