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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Matt Pinkerton on

      I'm with Mr Kerbow.

    2. Forar on

      Even with S&H, it'll end up around 1/4 MSRP, or likely around 1/3'ish some of the better retail sites I've seen.

      Not bad at all.

      Though that'll likely drop off markedly for add ons, but we knew that going in.

    3. MidnightBlue

      Seconded n815e...especially after you compare KS prices vs. Retail prices!!!

      I'm set for a while with a MASSIVE discount.


    4. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      I am in for a lot more than a single veritech and I'm okay with this.

    5. Kenneth Harkin on

      Now we are looking at one year + from the close of the kick starter to first deliveries. I am glad I went in for only a single veritech just to be in and keep an eye on things.

    6. Robert Oakes on

      @ Nick
      The narration of the show says it measures nearly 3/4 of a mile in length.

    7. Forar on

      1,210, if we're being exact.

    8. Forar on

      1,200m according to the first edition of the rpg book and the first three google sources I came up with.

      It might vary depending on the source material you're working with, but I've always thought it was that size.

    9. Nick Delciappo on

      @forar I thought SDF-1 was a mile in length. That makes the scale version 18.5 feet long.

      I have also heard 3/4 of a mile too. Which is accurate?

    10. CthulhuCultist on

      For those interested, I just received a reply about the experimental phalanx parts:
      "Yes. The experimental missiles will be included with the wave one phalanx release.


    11. AndrewDrexler on

      I am not too worried about the split in waves. 276 figures is alot of assembly and painting to churn through before the rest arrive. And since the majority of that number involves staple figures, it not like they were not first in the painting que to begin with.

    12. melodramatic on

      @felindar that would be pretty sweet

    13. Peter T. Pidrak (Felindar) on

      I just noticed the part about ninja div might be flying out to Palladium to help with the packaging and shipping. I'm in Northwest Indiana so if they let me know three or four weeks in advance, I will freaking take time off work drive up to Michigan help wit the whole thing if they just let me drive back with my toys.

    14. MidnightBlue



      It seems that an MTA-Titan might not be out of the question at those dimensions.

      I know we are getting minis that are a foot long to 10" tall in the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter. I believe the Land Iron Clad is a foot long...and the Martian Overseer Tripod is approximately 10 inches tall.

    15. Soulrage on

      I really dont mind the two waves to be honest. I expected the delays. I know Ill get my product when I get it. Until then Ill keep working on my 3-4 main 40k armies, and play 40k. Then when RRT comes in Ill be happy and start working on it. I just hope they reopen the backer kit between waves so I cant get more stuff.

    16. Forar on

      Also, a scale SDF1 is around 13 feet long. Given that a standard RRT table is only 4x4 or 4x6, it'd probably be more sensible to just set up a hull themed section or side for deployment. Hat off to those crazy souls who'll build a scale model and run like 6 games off it at once...

    17. Forar on

      Blue: divide numbers by 285, and you have your answer.

      At a glance, just under 12" by 6" by 4".

      Nowhere near exact, but converting scale as a ratio is pretty easy, you end up with the same unit of measurement, it might just be a small fraction now and then for oddly shaped items.

      ... it's a winter party and I've been drinking heavily, though, so consider that math highly suspect on its exactness until you can run it through a calculator.

      Principle should be sound though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      @Robotek19 - Thanks for your post about HG and why they are pushing the Shadow Chronicles crap. I'd wondered about that one since the original canon timeline & story was great. Trying such a large retcon always ends up screwing up the story as the paper over the cracks gets more & more obvious.

      As for the KS, well it's fairly obvious someone in ND/PB was more than a little clueless about dealing with the Chinese. If they had been scheduling the tooling for the "Wave 1" items (that was the minimum to release a game) *during* the KS, we would have probably had that in our hands by this past Christmas. Then while they are doing the tooling steps, get the preproduction modeling done on "Wave 2". Waiting to get everything done all at once is what shafted both them & us.

      What worries me right now is that PB appears to be neglecting extended release support and just plan on making Gencon release with Wave 1 and hoping the name Robotech will save the day. Oh, let's not forget the role playing Ambassador program that will somehow translate into the tabletop arena. Against the battered spouse mentality of the majority of GW's fans.

    19. Robotek19 on

      *swings a foot at the internet, misses and busts his @$$*

      Damn you internet! Next time! Next time I tell you!

    20. Morgan Vening

      @Robotek19, I blame the internet too! Everybody blame the internet!

    21. Robotek19 on

      No worries Morgan. I blame the internet and it's lack of tone. ;-)

      We're good :-)

      re: scale, I think I did the math before but I'm about to go I bed, think Dolza's flagship to scale is like 13km tall lol...just saying, we're gonna need a really big mold ;-)

    22. CthulhuCultist on

      @Robotek19: thanks for posting my comment here, I had to run out the door and didn't have time to do it myself.

      @everyone else: I also sent out a reply asking if the Phalanxes will have the experimental parts in Wave 1, so once I get the reply I'll let you all know :)

    23. Morgan Vening

      @Robotek19, Yeah, I wanted to apologise for that. I saw MB's post literally just before I had to leave for work (which I got to, 90 seconds before I was due, so I was cutting it close). It was obvious from MB's post, that you were actually asking for information. I assumed (and just made an ass out of me, you're pretty much in the clear*) that you were using the old chestnut that's been used before on here, that if you've never run a business, you've got no grounding to criticize. And it's a chestnut I f'n hate. But I was wrong. Sorry.

      * From the expression "When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME"

    24. Mike "Morpheus" on

      For many of you here don't forget about the Facebook page!

    25. Brett on

      Well, If we can have a scale SDF-1, then why not a model of the Grand Canon? Or Dolza's ship? Or the Protoculture Factory? I am sure BS would buy a dozen of each. :)

    26. MidnightBlue

      Here we go!


      224 ft long, 245 with cannon extended
      76 ft tall, 131 with cannon extended
      105 ft wide.

      So you scale experts...what's that on our game tables?

    27. MidnightBlue

      Heh...if GI JOE can have a 7.5 foot aircraft carrier toy, then by golly we can have an SDF-1 to scale!


    28. Robotek19 on

      Well, while we're at it Midnight why don't we bring back the scale SDF-1 conversation :P It's only a bit bigger than my car :P

    29. MidnightBlue

      I don't know why, really, but I always felt that the REF destroids lacked character compared to the RDF destroids.

      I definitely prefer Macross to everything else, but I'll want everything in the end. Post Macross, I look forward to seeing the AJAX and the Cyclones most of all.

      I wonder if we'll get that big mobile base with the Kill-All main cannon from the REF Field Guide. Wish I remembered what that was called. Heck...time to go back to the books...

      It might be too big to field easily as it actually carried destroids inside of it. Still, I'm curious if it is even a possibility.

    30. Jorel Levenson on

      Holy Comment section Batman.

    31. Lorindor on

      I agree. Some could also be part of the New Generation. It would be sweet to have the Regent Invids and the Inorganics too. They would be like a complete new faction of their own, but could be mixed with classic Invids as well. However, I could only see that happening if the game becomes really popular.

    32. Robotek19 on

      and for those who might not see it in the normal comments…

      CthulhuCultist about 1 hour ago
      I just a reply on the email about the missing stuff:
      "Sorry for the confusion. The Valkyrie wing will include all but the
      D type head. The Destroid set will also contain the command pack. All
      items included with the boxed game will be released with the first
      wave. This will include the decals, blast template and command tokens.
      Hope this helps.
      Jeff Burke
      Palladium Books

    33. Robotek19 on

      Well, I think they (HG) are trying to effectively turn Shadow Chronicles into the "Sentinels" if you will. I've gathered that it might be as a result of trying to get away from Big West which is part of the issue with the license. Making Hunter and all those 1st gen people be lost is honestly a great way to move forward and away from licensing headaches if they actually produce new stuff.

      With that said I'm hoping as you said, some stuff makes it, but it will likely come in as Shadow Chronicles would be my guess. Either way, more Robotech is ok with me however it shows up :D.

      And now my necessary reminder that I'd like to see future Robotech stuff keep the same scale. ;-)

    34. Lorindor on

      But yeah, they will probably not get their own Kickstarter.

    35. Lorindor on

      I think some units from the Sentinels era or at least early UEEF units have a good change of coming. The Condor, the Conbat and the fighters on Carpenter's ship are all from the series and are technically Sentinels era mecha. Also the "REF" Battlepod and the Mac III have all got some screen time (in the Sentinels movie and in Love Live Alive, respectively). Isn't the Bioroid seen in the Sentinels movie also different from the series? Then they would be foolish to not include it since the Robotech Masters has such a low variety in units. But I wouldn't miss the rest of the Sentinels destroids and especially not that transforming Pegasus... Have I missed something?

    36. Max on

      Are you guys showing another pic today of another prototype? Thanks and have a good weekend.

    37. Max on


      The cartoony paint schemes are easier to paint. At least for me.

    38. Lorindor on

      @Alberto Camargo
      I was just trying to give perspective and explain why many of us other want it to succeed. We all have our reasons for backing this Kickstarter. Actually, I'm only in this because it's Robotech. My only other experience with miniature war games were almost ten years ago when I tried to paint a few Warhammer Elves. But I got so annoyed with it that I almost threw them into the wall, and they remain unfinished to this day. (I really hope that the more cartoony color schemes in Robotech will be easier to paint...)

    39. Leonardo Poni on

      I'will be more than happy to not whine if ND will just say - ok guys we have screwed BIG TIME since we are just daydreamers (which is ok as KS surely involves passion and dedication for an idea) But here we are getting slapped back every update with constant bragging on how this game will be great....based on what we get untill this point they do not have any idea on how tooling and manufacturing will require, I will not be surprised to arrive this fall and guess what? ....another delay

    40. Missing avatar

      Pootzwacke on

      Everybody stop whining. If you've ever Kickstarted anything, you should know the drill by now. There are delays. Manufacturing takes time and a lot of back-and-forth or you get inaccurate pieces and quality issues.

      Palladium has done a great job recently keeping us informed, no matter what the whiners say.

      Take a deep breath and acknowledge how the real world works. It's what grown-ups do.

      Jeez. There's nothing worse than nerds.

    41. Alberto Camargo on

      "Well, if you want to be able to play the game with a someone, I'd say it's natural to want it to succeed. Also, I think many people want the other generations too, and then PB need the capital.
      However... "
      I'll be able to play with whomever I want already with the minis I might eventually get, so... (shrug).
      I'm not going to see any player over here anyway that (other than the ones I make) either, so it's not like it changes anything.
      I also don't care about any other generation (Macross fan here, don't really care that much about Robotech anyways), nor about any PB capital woes.
      Hell I don't really even care about the game all that much! (Already have 4 different systems to use the minis with). I'm in for the minis. And the minis apparently will be a year late. best, probably.

    42. Robotek19 on

      @Midnight: Stop making sense to me, you're making me fight my principles and Robotech is my weakness :-P

    43. Robotek19 on

      @GunplaGamer: Based on the update, I'd wager that if you got just "add-ons" it depends on the add-ons. For the most part if you got some regular valkyries and pods or destroids (except Monster), those are wave 1. All the other stuff is pretty much Wave 2.

    44. GunplaGamer on

      So as someone who just got individual pieces, when can I except my rewards? Thanks!

    45. Andrew Ferguson on

      Palladium, this is good news. I understand that you are probably more frustrated with this than I am and that having already waited a quarter of a century for this a few more months isn't too much to ask. Thank you for all of the hard work that you are doing to get this game into production. I know that splitting the shipments will increase your costs, and that all of this extra unforeseen time you are investing is keeping you from other projects. So thank you I look forward to receiving my game and with any luck spliting the shipments will maybe get it through Canadian customs without me having to's hoping.

    46. MidnightBlue

      Oh I'd love to see the other "ages" happen via KS if for no other reason than I might get some sweet discounts.


      What...too greedy?


      Tooling for new minis is still a huge capital commitment even if the first set does well. So I could see additional KSs to follow. But if RRT blows all expectations out of the water, sure, it could definitely be a self-sustaining beast.

    47. Robotek19 on

      Agreed. Since I first heard of KS, to ME it always sounded a lot like the stock market, and any money I put into that is as good as forgotten. To me it's no more than playing the lotto or gambling. I saw this as a more focused way to invest into something I wanted to see on store shelves to buy. I know lots of people want 2nd, 3rd, and Shadow Chronicles KSs (sorry but Sentinels is unlikely folks), but I'd rather not see that. I'd rather see this succeed on it's own and see the other gens show up in other "waves". If there are other KS's I'll likely be around for the excitement but probably will only get exclusives. I only ponied up money for this to see it succeed and MAKE it to retail :-D.

      In MY perspective, the only reason to have a KS for following gens would be because this one fell on it's face so hard that the others won't happen without our help again, and that would just make me sad.

    48. MidnightBlue


      I agree with you in that, for me, the goal of the KS was always to get Robotech RPG Tactics onto retail shelves. I had no expectations of any estimated shipping date to be a hard and fast line in the sand. I pledged based 100% on all the same info that we all had on the front page of this KS and all of the info and visual aids that we received during the KS.

      Beyond that, I have no expectations. I've purchased a lot of PB products over nearly 30 years so I know the quality of product that I could rely on from precedence and I'm happy with that.

      Since everything looked good to the point that I was ready to commit to the process, I pushed that button as I would a fire-and-forget missile.

      When it gets here, I expect to feel the explosion.


      Really, I think that is the best way to view a Kickstarter. If you can afford to invest your money with no guaranteed fulfillment date, then push that Pledge button and go on with your life. Someday, you'll have a nice surprise package waiting on your doorstep/inbox.

      It's working for me. I've been getting presents all throughout 2013 and 2014 looks to drop some doozies on my doorstep as well.