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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

Female Armor, and an Update from Kevin Siembieda


We've got some more photos for you today, this time of the standard Queadluun-Rau Female Power Armor as well as the experimental Queadluun-Gult wielding the optional Z-CR Mk.II Beam Rifle.

But first, a big update from the President and Publisher of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda, to address a few questions and concerns some of you have had.

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

I have come to realize that some Robotech® fans are so excited about Robotech® RPG Tactics™ that the unexpected delays and slow progress toward manufacturing have made some people nervous and worried that Robotech® RPG Tactics™ will not see release at all.

First, and I mean no disrespect, that’s crazy. Please be assured Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is important to us and will be released in 2014 as SOON as we can make that possible. Like you, we want Robotech® RPG Tactics™ out as quick as we can without sacrificing quality. Like you, we were honestly expecting a November or December, 2013 release.

Were Palladium Books and Ninja Division much too optimistic about how quickly we could get Robotech® RPG Tactics™ into manufacturing? The obvious answer is, yes. And yes by a large margin. But please do NOT for one second wonder if we are ignoring this product or letting it languish. And especially don’t think it is never coming out. Palladium has put its every resource into bringing Robotech® RPG Tactics™ to the marketplace and making it something fans can delight in.

I apologize for the delays. They have been unavoidable. Nobody is more frustrated with how long it is taking to get this wonderful product into manufacturing than ALL of us at Palladium Books. Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is Palladium’s top priority.

Please remember that this is a massive undertaking with dozens and dozens of game pieces and other components (stat cards, rule book, decal sheets, markers, carrying case, box packaging, etc.). There are nearly 200 individual components (130+ stat cards alone and 30+ game pieces) that have needed to be designed, created, checked, rechecked and then produced. And I’m not even talking just about the creative end of art, rules and sculpts, but design considerations, sprue layout, mold engineering, manufacturing considerations, manufacturing modifications to the game pieces, tooling, packaging, collation of the MANY components and pieces, marketing, shipping, and quality checks, double checks, and triple checks. And once it goes into the tooling and manufacturing stage, there are other issues. That is a lot to keep track of and handled. Even though Ninja Division is the lead on this project, Palladium finds itself working on some aspect of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ every single day. We’re fine with that and taking on more. Anything to get this game into your hands.

MUCH of this is out of Palladium Books’ hands. We are reliant upon Ninja Division and the engineers and manufacturers in China. As newbies to this type of product, Palladium has no choice but to trust the people handling design, layout, sculpting/model making, engineering, mold making, manufacturing and all the rest. As a result, we don’t know why some of this is taking so long either, but a lot has to do with the scope of this ambitious and exciting Kickstarter-funded project. If there was anything we could do to send Robotech® RPG Tactics™ into manufacturing tomorrow, we would do so. But we can’t. All of us at Palladium Books, Ninja Division, and in China are working to get the product line into manufacturing as fast as we can, without sacrificing quality. Every time we speak with the guys at Ninja Division they sound like they have their hands full and are working to get this game into manufacturing. But again, there are so many different aspects of this very comprehensive product line – each with its own array of elements and aspects to be addressed – it is taking much longer than any of us anticipated. Still, we’re staying positive and we are as pumped up about Robotech® RPG Tactics™ as we were from the beginning.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a passion project for all of us at Palladium Books. We are all huge fans of Robotech®. Have been for decades. We are thrilled to be making this product line a reality. It is a dream come true. We are doing everything in our power to create and release a fun, fast-playing game that Robotech® fans will adore! We are working diligently to make the game pieces, accessories and packaging everything a Robotech® fan could want. That means beautiful, accurate and consistently scaled game pieces that will make your mouth water.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Progress Report

Prelude to manufacturing. I’m pleased to report that progress continues to be made on Robotech® RPG Tactics™. We are starting to see final pre-production models and many of the sprue layouts have been hammered out.

Robotech® prototype game pieces. Palladium only just received the first batch of prototypes on the afternoon of Friday, December 27, 2013, and promptly began to build and photograph them to post images on the Robotech® Kickstarter page at the beginning of the very next week.

It is thrilling to finally be receiving these items. After building and examining what we received, Wayne and Jeff have caught some discrepancies with a few. Some changes from the sculpts are no doubt due to manufacturing requirements, and the pieces still look amazing. A couple seem like mistakes we will make sure to address. Likewise, Wayne and Jeff have notified Ninja Division that a couple of the figures were out of scale, and the Ninjas immediately set forth correcting them.

Sprue Layout is in progress, but is yet to be finalized and approved. Some tweaks and changes are still necessary. Looking good on this front.

The Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Battle Foam Carrying Case. Wayne Smith has been in communication with the Battle Foam people, and the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ carrying case should go into manufacturing soon. Again, this is just one piece of the Kickstarter products that requires our attention, input and development from a manufacturer. We’re on it.

Color guide for the game pieces. Palladium’s Robotech® authority and artist, Jeff Burke, is working on creating an accurate color guide reference for painting the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ game pieces. He is creating front, back and side views with flat colors for every Macross mecha in the game, plus some squad variations. This color guide will be printed and included in the box game as well as presented online for your easy access and reference.

Packaging. Palladium is reviewing packaging right now. Again, until everything is finalized and approved, we must resist the urge to show it to you. But that doesn't mean all kinds of work isn't being done.

Release Date: I’m sorry, but we still do not have a hard release date for the game. I know it is frustrating to say we are working on it and it will be released as soon as possible. When we know more, you will know it too. We are as frustrated and disappointed with the slow progress and sliding release date as anyone, but things are moving forward on all fronts. Hang tight. We are getting there. I’m sorry we can’t give you anything more substantive at this time. We are sharing information, photos and progress as we get them ourselves! Things are shaping up to be a Spring release.

Dissemination of Information: Palladium would love to give you hard facts and a solid release date, but we cannot because we don’t have them yet ourselves. We share what we know as we know it. We release images and info as we can. We only received the first batch of pre-production prototypes on Friday, December 27, 2013, and began posting them the following Monday. We may not show you pieces that might have a problem, because we’re going to fix them and don’t want to alarm you. We give you “target dates” because you want them, but they are estimates and thus subject to change, and they have been changing.

Please know that we are working hard to make Robotech® RPG Tactics™ the best product we can. A game and game pieces that will please Robotech® fans and gamers alike. Every delay and problem drives us nuts, so we understand your frustration, but it’s all part of the process. We are working to get this game out pronto. Unfortunately, the complexity and scale of this project (which is kinda cool, when you think about it) has everyone from Palladium Books to Ninja Division to China working to make it great, all the time. Palladium has been nothing but honest with you about our expectations and what has been going on. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Being a Kickstarter backer. Your Kickstarter pledge goes toward funding a special project, to make that goal a reality. The product you are to receive as a Kickstarter backer is your reward for that pledge. Palladium Books is working diligently to finish the project you have so graciously helped to fund. And you WILL get the rewards promised. Believe that, because it is absolutely true.

Yes, there are delays. No, we cannot give you an exact release date yet – at this time – but we will as soon as we can make that happen.

In the end, you, our Kickstarter supporters, will be the first to receive a wonderful product that we hope will make you grin and provide endless hours of enjoyment. Thank you for sharing our dream. You, your pledges of support and unbridled enthusiasm are very much appreciated.

Keep the faith and we’ll continue to keep you informed along the way.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher

And Now, the Photos...

Note: The Female Power Armor and Battlepods shown above are pre-production prototypes assembled from 3D printed component parts. The Valkyrie Battloid and Tomahawk are early, unfinished demo prototypes, shown only for scale. The two Females are on generic 50mm bases, and the Valkyrie and Tomahawk are on 40mm bases designed for Robotech® RPG Tactics™.

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    1. Forar on January 17, 2014

      Ever the optimist, eh? :-)

      I look forward to the spring delivery, as is currently projected.

    2. Palladium Books Creator on January 17, 2014

      @Forar: Robotech RPG Tactics, the game, will be at Gen Con. For sale. In quantity. There's not much question about that. (I realize some folks on here are questioning it, but there's no doubt in my mind.) We hope to have it well in advance of that, but the particulars of just how well in advance are what we're still sorting out.

      I'm about to write up an update to post here, btw.

    3. Forar on January 17, 2014

      Though, as noted in the comments (since I figure the regulars in there would want to see that as well), limited edition figures would count as "products" too, so perhaps it's not hedging bets quite so much as I thought at first glance.

    4. Forar on January 17, 2014

      Following the usual pattern, if there is an update, I suspect it'll mostly be a copy/paste from their weekly newsletter, which just went out a few minutes ago.

      "UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

      I hope to have more to report in the next Weekly Update. As of right now, not much has changed from last week. We are deep into the engineering stage and dealing with a number of matters that inhibit us from locking down a likely release date. We don’t want to keep shifting dates. The next time we report something, we want it to be solid, so it will probably be a few weeks. You’ll know when we know. Keep the faith. Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is absolutely coming out in 2014, Kickstarter supporters will get product before retail, and this game is going to be epic fun."

      That said, funny enough, my "they really want to hit Q3" seems to be basically iron clad at this point.

      "Palladium Books Gen Con Highlights:
      Robotech® RPG Tactics™ products and demos"

      Products, eh? Bold.

    5. melodramatic on January 17, 2014

      lol, there just needs to be a sarcasm font. wonder where the update is?

    6. Forar on January 17, 2014

      When all else fails, [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags.

      Sometimes the surgeons blade of sarcasm must be intentionally wielded as a bludgeon.

      Tone on the internet and whatnot.


    7. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 17, 2014

      @Robert O
      I was being sarcastic pal and you wanting info is not unreasonable. ;)

      I'm beginning to feel like Forar with the sarcasm not getting thru.:p

    8. Robert Oakes on January 17, 2014

      @ Fern

      I haven't turned. But the truth is still the truth, and I feel they could do with more updates.
      I have faith that it will be released, But like everyone I still wanna know when. and with every new pic of any 3d prototype or stat card or box top or anything I stay excited and it makes waiting a little easier.

    9. Chuck Mays on January 17, 2014

      So much for those rapid fire updates..

    10. Forar on January 17, 2014

      The next one should be fun.

      "So, about that Chinese New Year..."

      To be fair, they warned us about this in Update 121.

      To be fairer, backers have been noting concerns about the production schedule running afoul of CNY since... umm... during the campaign.

      But, whelp, here we are.

    11. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 17, 2014

      Wow, even the defenders are turning! Whats next, defenders and cabal members holding hands? Truly a sign of the end of

      I thought the last update was ok. It had pretty pictures of the minis making me glad I backed this project. I agree I'd like to see what the ninjas have been up to with RRT. But right now their focus is mega man so when there done I'm sure the ninjas will be more than happy to gives an a ninja update. =)

    12. Robert Oakes on January 17, 2014

      As probably one of the stalwart defenders of PB,
      I too would like a weekly up date. Kevin usually does one on the PB website, but not much is usually added to the RT section.
      Posting a weekly update here, and letting everyone know exactly where it all stands probably would alleviate many fears and animosity that has run rampant lately.
      Even if it's not so great news, like "The 3d printed prototype of the Spartan looked like crap so we sent it back to be fixed." At least Now we would know it will be a little longer because of that.
      Hell even a official " Ninja hasn't sent us any new news this week, we will press them for more information.!"
      But yes even as a faithful defender I can agree the communication is lacking. As probably most other defenders as well.

    13. Forar on January 16, 2014

      Actually, Palladium has stated they'd give us weekly updates a few times. Always thought that was a bit ambitious. Didn't happen often, but I recall they were quite good about November.

      Nobody reasonable is asking for *daily* updates. Weekly with tidbits or every 2 weeks with some real meat would be nice. They say they're working on bits of RRT every day, surely they have something on their own end to report each week or two. There are delays, they could talk about those (and I don't mean in assigning blame or making excuses; I'm sure mini production is difficult and challenging; tell us about it!).

      It's been an odd juxtaposition with this campaign for a long time now; we're told how great everything is and how far along it is, but only see a little now and then. Showing some stat cards was awesome. The figure pics are looking nice. Works in progress, but nice all the same. The very arguments made about why this is taking so long are the exact reasons why there should be entire volumes to talk about at any given time. Surely people aren't entirely busy on a daily basis with things that aren't advancing/maturing.

    14. Jay D. on January 16, 2014

      @Merijeek: I agree with you 100% that Palladium is responsible for the communicate issues just as much as anyone else. I was just addressing why a daily or even weekly update would be impossible. Looking at both companies websites you will find that Palladium its self is located in Westland, MI and Ninja Division is near Salt Lake, UT. There is way to much distance to know what is going on, on a daily basis. So, there will never be a update saying things like Ron Jodway was asking for.

      But, you also have understand Palladium's frustration with the communication as well. In this update they did say that every time they talk ND they just tell PB that everything is going great and that everything is moving smoothly. So really, all PB can do is relay the same BS that Ninja Division feeds them.

    15. Merijeek on January 16, 2014

      Again, if ND isn't allowed to do the updates the responsibility for doing so then falls to the management of the project - which is PB. In the modern world we seem to have forgotten that the management of a project bears ultimate responsibility for a project.

      Simbieda, as head of PB, who is listed as the company responsible for this project, is the person who bears ultimate responsibility for this project. That includes not only actually delivering a product, but also for the communication, or lack thereof.

    16. Jay D. on January 15, 2014

      @Ron: I love this thought but, chances of it happening are very slim. Just to get a once a month update is almost like pulling teeth. Plus, ND (who is doing all the work on this) is clear on the other side of the U.S. and don't have the permissions to post daily photos or updates, only the Palladium account can do that. So, to get a update or photos ND has to collect / write them, send them to Palladium, then Palladium has to check / verify what they want uploaded, next they have to have Wayne who has the log in and password to the Palladium Kickstarter account post all this. True the last updates have been directly from Palladium but, this is because they posted 3D prints / update from their office and not ND's.

    17. Ron Jodway
      on January 15, 2014

      @Azazel = Seriously? Even after this lengthy and well written update, you still find a way to pigeon hole it? You know when something is super successful, your mind starts filling with optimism... and then reality sets in... I think we all knew December was a pipe dream... At this point, my only REAL challenge to the entire RPG Tactics team and Palladium is: Can't someone take just take 5 minutes out of each day and throw an update... ANY 'ol update will do! "Hey guys, still working on... " or "Hey all! Just walked the studio floor and everyone is clacking away at keyboards!' How about some photos of the team working on this? Like some behind the scenes footage or promo art? I don't think that's asking too much. I'm not asking for lengthy updates daily, just a quick sentence or three and maybe a photo op! I would love to meet them team of people working on this!

    18. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 15, 2014

      @Ron J
      Yes they are. I just got done putting the Miriya mini and wow is it awesome. I never noticed how tiny the valks are compared to the zent stuff.

    19. Ron Jodway
      on January 15, 2014

      Female power Armor = sexy sculpts... I can't WAIT to piss off my players with these beauties! For me, this is going to more of an RPG aid than a wargame... that being said... HAIL BREETAI!

    20. Azazel A on January 15, 2014

      So this project went from "Pretty much finished and ready to go - expect it in December." when the KS was running, to "Pretty much everything has been started - expect it one day in the future sometime." hm.

    21. Darick Kingery on January 15, 2014

      Thank you for the Update, I am sorry i did not look HERE sooner, I have been wondering if i was going to request a refund,, looks like i do not,, i just need to be more patient and I don't want you to rush please take your time if it means making a great product. again Thank you

    22. Merijeek on January 15, 2014

      Why would the Chinese New Year delay things like getting approvable sculpts, card layouts, rulebook layouts, and the like?

    23. Forar on January 15, 2014

      Well, on PB's site the release date target has changed to "Spring 2014", which is April to June.

      Would ~6 months be enough to account for Chinese New Year, also known as the black hole into which time vanishes and projects sit at a standstill? Maybe. Maybe not.

    24. Jay D. on January 15, 2014

      Yea that tentacle / school girl project was called Tentacle Bento. Which I will admit is a fun game but, still even after raising funds from their own website and advertising was (mostly done) was still 6 months late as well.

      But, back to my beef with ND / SPM with Relic Knights. CaulynDarr is right that RK did have tons of mini's that we unlocked and CMoN is just as much to blame. But, the problem I have is that they have been working with CMoN for about 4 years now and should be able to have this stuff down. I'm getting 4 years because I have a first edition Super Dungeon Explore dated 2011 and estimating a year for pre-production. The thing I think that started the hatred for ND / SPM was when they pulled a familiar move there, that was pulled here. They advertised for months that everything was great then, 3 weeks before time to ship we get a update that the game was barely touched and that there would be a 7+ month delay. Again, 3 weeks before shipping saying everything is great to then say not even close and it would be at least another 7 months.

      I'm beginning to worry that we will see that same update here soon with the update about delays of Chinese New Year coming up.

    25. Merijeek on January 15, 2014

      @CaulynDarr - Yup, you have the same concern that I have. And, honestly, I'm pretty sure that is the reason we'll never get any sort of punch list.

      Honestly, is there any reason to believe that the design is complete (and approved) for even the stuff that was supposed to be in the main box - you know, the stuff that was 98% complete before the KS even ended.

      Right now it's just some malcontents whining - but if the general public had any idea of truly far things were behind (despite sunny and obviously false updates) it would probably turn into a virtual riot.

    26. Forar on January 15, 2014

      That was them? Funny, I remember hearing about it on another site, didn't even realize they were talking about a Kickstarter. Pretty sure this was a year or two before I even signed up.

    27. CaulynDarr on January 15, 2014

      @Fern - It was a card game about tentacles and school girls. It was pulled for obvious connotation reasons. Not anything to do with their ability to produce it. I think they where eventually able to private fund it and get it into production.

      The Relic Knights KS also had a publisher/studio relationship, so not all the delays can be put squarely on them. Cool Mini or Not was involved to some degree too. Also, Relic Knights ended up with about six times the number of unique miniatures that Robotech has. At least it seems they are in the home stretch at this point. All the design work is done, and it's just production side issues they are dealing with.

      I've had people quote to me on numerous occasions that there are lot of hidden costs when working with overseas manufacturing. Even SJ Games had over a year of delays on Ogre and they were working with printers they had an established relationship with.

      My concern with Robotech is that design work is not complete. Meaning they haven't even run into the typical unavoidable production problems yet.

    28. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 15, 2014

      @James D. Hecker: What was their first ks and why was it banned? This is the first I've heard of this.

    29. Jay D. on January 15, 2014


      Your absolutely right about ND being the people to look at about the delays. You mentioned a few projects that ND has out at the moment but, you are forgetting the REALLY big one. Look on facebook pages and rewatch some of the old tutorial videos and you will notice that John Cadice "CEO" of Sodapop Miniatures is representing ND. A little more research and you will find that ND is the combination of Sodapop Miniatures and Cipher Studios.

      Funny thing about Sodapop Miniatures and kickstarters did you know that their first project was banned / removed from Kickstarter? Or about their second big project called Relic Knights look it up here on Kickstarter if you want a good laugh. Relic Knights is just shy of 4 months from being a YEAR LATE on shipping and currently have no estimated shipping date. What gets better is that they are only 7 months away from the kickstarter from being 2 YEARS OLD. Also, I own every game SPM has made and I can tell you everyone of them have been late by at least 5 months or more. So, yea I would say they have a track record for their projects being incredibly late.

    30. There is no Wave 2 ! ! ! on January 15, 2014

      @merijeek , you have to remember PB has never dealt in the miniature market, when miniatures were made for their RPG game it was made by another company, PB is being blamed for the delay, they are responsible in the fact that they were not knowledgeable about the industry, so could only go by what was told to them by ND (who is experienced in this field), but the one thing PB did not take into consideration is how they are not ND's only client, ND has their hands in a lot of pies it seems and in more then 1 kickstarter recently(Games & Gears Battleboards , Robotech RPG Tactics,Mega Man The Board Game off the top of my head) . so odds are if there is a serious delay it will be from their end as far as sculpts and such, also someone said they would have to send out the design to get a sample sculpt if this company (ND) is anything like they claim to be they have one already, now this also does not include ND's own product line which they recently released their warsmith terrain lines.

      my worry is that something will come up with ND having too much of a workload and unable to deliver on any of their projects this happens more then you know with many small companies like this) But say all things go smoothly and packages go out I still say it will not be till around May 2015.

    31. Merijeek on January 14, 2014

      Yes, that was a good rundown by Fern. No doubt. For some people those kinds of things are a surprise. For some people they are not.

      The question is why it seems to have been such a surprise for those running this KS.

    32. Forar on January 14, 2014

      You just copy and pa... oh, never mind.

      You win this round.

    33. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 14, 2014

      Thanks. There not my words I just copy an pasted.

      And yes I get the irony of it. :p

    34. MidnightBlue
      on January 14, 2014


      That's a great rundown to show all of the behind the scenes stuff that many people don't consider.

      Thanks for that.


    35. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 14, 2014

      If that wasn't enough to there's also the battle foam bags that might slow things down even more. I'm more understanding now that I see what's up.

    36. Kevin S Is a Terrible Business Man on January 14, 2014

      I think it'll come out in 2015 which is fine by me. Don't get me wrong I want it now, but in the real world stuff happens. The reason I think this is because an industry insider gave this rundown of how this works.

      Prior to the KS they had almost everything ready to go it terms of the sculpting. They previewed a lot of stuff at Adepticon and from the miniatures side it looked pretty complete. They have a team of 4-5 working for them and the models don't take all that long to generate, I'm slow at modeling as I'm self taught and I can get a model done in 4-5 days time. Somebody with more formal training in 3d can easily do it in half that time, plus a lot of the robotech designs go very fast since there's so many parts that you can cut and paste between builds. Veritechs for instance are largely the same outside of the head variations so it's very little effort to make the variations once the 1st model is done, same with making guardian and fighter modes. Another advantage is that there's literally decades worth of reference materials to use as a source for the models, when you have drawing galore along with toys and models for reference you can copy those details much faster then when you are creating something brand new from scratch.

      If you are taking the time to properly playtest the mechanics and rules it can take a good deal of time, but with a dedicated and experienced team it shouldn't be more than a few months. Back when I did playtesting for WOTC and AEG we'd usually have a 2-3 month window for each game or expansion which was usually plenty of time. It can bog down if you are trying to make something radically different or if your group isn't very focused. Another pitfall is opening the playtesting up to too many people as it generates a very distorted signal to noise factor where you have too many competing ideas, which makes filtering the results into a tangible mass quite difficult.

      I have some friends that are full time sculptors that have worked on projects in a similar management situation and they found it to be a complete nightmare. One of my friends was sculpting stuff for starcraft and it had to pass through managers at topps before it went to blizzard, then it might end up back at toops before heading back to the sculptor, sometimes topps would boot it back to blizzard a couple times before the sculptor would get notice of what changes were needed. On his end the sculpt could be done in 2-3 days time and look amazing, but with all the ping ponging back and forth between managers it'd be weeks or even months before a single sculpt met final approval. It ends up disrupting any sort of schedule you might hope to stick to and if you are working primarily as a freelancer it ties up massive amounts of time for no additional pay as you don't want to take on other work that might conflict with it and you are stuck on a holding pattern for long periods of time which quickly eats into your ability to make money.

      Add in the fact that most of these items are having prints made which is something neither ND or PB are likely having done in house and that can add several week time for each model as you need to add yet another company into the mix and deal with their schedule and turn around times. That's also for a single print, add several more weeks if any revisions and new prints need to be done.

      For the low volume run promo pieces done in metal it's usually a 2 month turnaround with most spincasters before you have product in hand. So you can easily have a single piece take 3 months (or more) even though the sculpt end in theory might only take 2-3 days.

      Once you add in plastics it's a very long turn around time, most plastic projects are quoted out a year in advance or more. Pretty much every KS that has used plastics has gone well over a year on the delivery dates due to numerous delays springing up from the production base and overseas shipping issues.

      There's a number of things that can be done to streamline the process, but things based on multi company involvements do not favor a timely completion or delivery. The best way to address a project like this is with a singular laser like focus which is simply impossible when you have 3 companies in the mix before involving production phases. If you're scratching your head saying "I don't remember there being a starcraft minis game?" there's a good reason, the 3 pony show ended up delaying things so badly it went way over budget in development and got canned.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lee on January 14, 2014

      I was one of those who seriously doubted the completion of the project, was tired of all the empty promises and was vocal about it. The last few updates have shown me that PB is listening. I'm happy with the progress and that we are finally being shown actual real tangible results. And no more promises that cannot be kept. I'm willing to wait (for now) as long as the game and the quality is excellent. Continue the good work guys and thanks for listening.

    38. Forar on January 14, 2014

      Hopefully Palladium reads your message, Wilfred, and realizes the error of their ways, as their site currently lists Spring 2014 as the target.

      And who am I to disbelieve the word of those who have all the up to date behind the scenes info and a wide array of experts to draw upon? ;-)

    39. Wilfred Cheung on January 14, 2014

      To those of you who demands a solid release date that PB cannot provide, from my experience you can expect this KS to be deliveried to your door from Oct 2014 to Feb 2015 depending if your shipment is first or last.

    40. John Lacy
      on January 13, 2014

      Any idea if we can get some more vids up like your Adepticon and Gencon playtests? I know that most places are leery about sending out playtest rule sets or the the like, but I would love to see some more gameplay with more of the rules expanded on, like the crossfire rule and the like.

    41. Mr. Dachi on January 13, 2014

      (just because I never know where Palladium might be looking, forgive the repeat!)

      Dear Palladium,

      On another forum, a poster claimed to have called your offices to ask about the game. One of the responses he was given:

      "He said they aren't allowed to show any kind of rules or cards in digital format & won't send out early bird rulebooks regardless of length of delay."

      Please confirm or deny this.

    42. Jay J Knight on January 13, 2014

      Looks good...can't wait to get them. I have to admit I really, really, really want my hands on them right now. At this rate I wont have to build any of them. The groups I game with are getting really edgy. The VHS tapes of Robotech are out in the man-cave/game room. Art & craft projects going strong in anticipation (we will have an ARMD carrying case...). Regardless what happens, PB/ N. Div... thank you for the opportunity from the ETC Assoc. Happy New Years. (please don't roll ones...all the way to the Sentinels!!!!!)

    43. Ronald Hicks on January 13, 2014

      Currently, I have backed 3 Kickstarter miniatures games. All 3 to this date have not made into full production yet, I have slowly gotten the "Everything is working, worried about Chinese new year, here's some pics" updates over the last couple weeks for all 3 projects. I am not overly concerned although it does suck to have wait a little bit longer, but those are the breaks. Going forward I will be more conservative when it comes to kickstarters like these. I think the overall success contributes to the delay at this point. They plan for the base set and some extras and then blame, we've collected over a million bucks and have ran out of ideas for the product line. That's how we end up with "dozens and dozens of miniatures that need sculpting"
      so, I am not angry, atleast we are getting updates. Until I get my games i can continue playing warmachine or 40k.

    44. CaulynDarr on January 13, 2014

      I fully expect delays in any Kick-starter that relies on overseas manufacturing.

      However, I find the lack of even a ballpark release timeframe or a itemized breakdown of project progress concerning. It would be helpful to at least get percentage completeness on digital sculpts, master molds, rules, book layout, package design, ext. As well as estimated time it would take for each of these items to be completed.

      If I knew those things, and it would just be an effect of when the factory in china can spit out the product, I would be cool with waiting it out as long as it takes.

    45. Robert Oakes on January 13, 2014

      Nothing like looking at the total devolution of humanity over money and objects.
      Don't get me wrong I am fully aware I have said my own piece and partook in this "foray".
      But 148 comments! I don't think there had been that many since the kickstarter was releasing updates during the kickstarter! Of course the mood was much more unified. "Hell yeah! Add on's and bonuses Whoo!"
      But here are the Facts
      PB, have they been late before? YES
      Did they over estimate their abilities and told us all an completely Unicorn delivery date? Hell to the YES
      PB do they always ship a good product, eh 9 out of 10 times, Everyone falters
      If they don't deliver do they have a reasonable explanation? Yes (when I inquired about the Capital ship book, they said that Harmony Gold has some issues with the material that was to be presented.)
      Does everyone have a right to be pissed about the discrepancy about the time quoted and true delivery date (which still is open)? YES it is America! (to those outside of America we extend this ability to you fellow kickstarters feel pissed off as if you were in America!)
      Do you have every right to voice your opinion and grievances here in the comments section? YES that's why it's here.
      Do those that still have faith have every right to express their belief that one day the Unicorn will come and UPS will bring them Robotech in a box? YES again.

      Actually I forgot where I was going with this........... eh Never mind carry on.

    46. MidnightBlue
      on January 13, 2014

      Well Wizkids is my main con exclusive experience and with them it was make it to the Con or Ebay. From what I hear of other con exclusives, your Wyrd Miniatures example is the exception, not the rule.

      I only mention this because it seems like some people are taking that situation personally. This isn't PB being mean to us, lying to us, or breaking a promise. It's a widely accepted and practiced business model in the industry...for good or bad, love it or hate it.

      Do I care if PB wants to be one of the few to change that practice? Of course not. More power to those that want the "exclusives." Might need to change the term "exclusive" to "promotional" or something though.

      So sure, write in, comment, communicate your desire for access to "con exclusives" in another manner (like the Christmas Surprise Packages, which PB did by the way). But there is no need for hurt feelings or attacks on the company. Not to mention that there's that whole "flies with honey over vinegar" analogy.

      Just some thoughts.

      I'm telling you..Galactus/Chrome Silver Surfer/Invisible Woman puck, Ant-man/Yellow Jacket pucks, Plastic Man mailbox piece, Chrome Nova, Spectre, Dark Phoenix, Fing Fang Foom (three versions), Halo Scarab Tank, Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor, Apocalypse Dragon, Hammer of Thor Chariot, maybe a few others that I'm missing...

      I've spent too much extra money on powerful and cool ACTUAL game pieces that could only be purchased at a con or at inflated prices on Ebay. I'd rather there was another outlet for these things...even if it had to be on a delayed schedule. I.e. con goers get the piece at the con. Online purchases can buy them a few months or a year later.

      But I don't feel that I'm entitled to these pieces just because I've spent a lot of money on other products for this game & company. (If I did, then surely Wizkids should have given me all of those con exclusives for free after the many thousands of dollars that I spent on their games over nearly 10 years...and let me name their first borns.)

    47. Forar on January 12, 2014

      Then we mostly see eye to eye.

      That said, there are companies (my often noted Wyrd Miniatures, for example) who make their "gencon exclusives" available through online orders as well. There's no contract signed where companies ensure that the only way to get an exclusive is at the convention.

      With the last round, it was in part supposedly a matter of timing, being unsure they'd even be able to get a couple hundred to the convention in time.

      With 12 months notice for the next one (well, 7 months from now), that shouldn't be a concern. It's not like Gencon will sneak up on them.

      Last Gencon people argued that having them at the convention brought eyes to the space. I say that having them online and at the con brings eyes to both their space and their online store. Give the right purchasing incentive (example; Wyrd gives one of their GC exclusives away if you buy $100 in stuff from them) and it could prove highly lucrative. Make a special offer that bundles the Robotech books together with a mini, or purchase $X, or just drop $25 + S&H to get one, etc.

      It doesn't *have* to be a point of contention.

    48. MidnightBlue
      on January 12, 2014

      I've never liked convention exclusives...not since feeling the need to buy Galactus Eater of Worlds and every other Wizkids con exclusive that dropped for nearly 10 years at Ebay prices.

      But that's my sickness.

      I don't make it to cons. It irks me that to feed my sickness I have to sponsor someone else's trip to the con. But that is what it is. I can't fault a company for wanting to draw in the crowds to its booth. It sucks, but that's con-life.

      I feel the same for these...though it is a topic long beaten to death.

      At least with these con exclusives, a player can't drop down an uber-cool game piece with special rules and stats that I can't get at a retail store.

      Someone can drop down a Max or Miriya con piece at my table and I can also drop down a standard VT or female power armor piece and with the game cards from the starter, we can have the exact same piece as far as the game is concerned.

      I'm a collector at heart. I get the frustration, I really do. But from what I understand, nearly every booth at GenCon or any other major con have exclusives to draw customers to their booths.

      It's the name of the game and since those specific sculpts were never a part of this KS, there is no breach of good faith that we backers would be the first to have the KS attained minis.

      At least that's how I see it. I know it isn't the only opinion out there though.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kickstarter Backer on January 12, 2014


      Battlepod: Generic mecha usually shown right before blowing up.
      Miriya/Max: Elite mecha frequently shown dishing it out as well as taking it.

      Battlepod: Released before any backers gave even $0.01.
      Miriya/Max: Backers excluded days after giving up over *pinky* one million dollars.

      Battlepod: No "special" pilots unless you count the guy who got shot in the back by Roy.
      Miriya/Max: The male and female Mary Sues of Robotech who are also the only confirmed characters who had sex during the entire war (second fanboy/girl fantasy after the "savior").

      Battlepod: You get 13 in a basic pledge and 30 in the most common pledge. Adding 1 more not very significant in the total model count.

      Max/Miriya: You get no Q-rau in the basic pledge and only 4 in the most common. 1 makes a difference. Still true to a lesser extent with Max but lessened admitedly.

      There are alot of reasons why people didn't have an issue with Battlepods but did with Max/Miriya. In the end, it was a bad move overall IMO with alot more negative press about it (regardless of whether certain pledgers agree if the opinions were warranted but there is no denying that it made the comments negative overall for months). Either way, that ship has sailed. I just hope that palladium doesn't stick both feet in their corporate mouth by having even more gencon exclusives if backer minis aren't at least shipped out to all by then... or god forbid if they go the full screw you CMON route and air ship gencon copies to sell at gencon while backer copies are still on the boat for weeks.

    50. Forar on January 12, 2014

      They're also just Battlepods, and from what I've seen on google, don't seem to vary a great deal from the ones we're supposed to have dozens and dozens coming to most backers.

      Compared to unique sculpts that backers may or may not have the modeling skills to modify some of the Battloids/FPAs we have coming to match.

      What obviously really drove the issue was associating Max with the Battloid. A Max specific VT was requested repeatedly throughout the campaign, so using it so close to the end of the campaign stung a number of backers.

      If they'd just had "Limited Edition Battloids and Female Power Armour" available for sale at Gencon, I don't think they would've had half the contention and consternation that erupted (and reignites, now and then).

      Using Max's name was an obvious method of getting attention. And it worked.

      But that sword also cut both ways.