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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

Sorry for the Silence

Posted by Palladium Books (Creator)

At long last, an update! Sorry for the last couple weeks, everyone. Fear not, we've been very busy behind the scenes, working to put the final touches on everything and get manufacturing started.

  • The rulebook is in final layout, and should be sent in for approvals sometime next week.
  • The Jotun Armored Valkyrie sculpt is done, and you can see some posed renders below.
  • We’re down to just a couple of sculpts left to finalize, namely a minor change to the Super Valkyrie, and a few modifications to the YF-4 Guardian and Battloid modes. Those should all be coming in any time now.
  • Game stat cards have been laid out and are being finalized now.
  • Product packaging is also in the works, so hopefully we can start showing final designs soon.

Delivery Estimate

We are still shooting for a December ship date, but we don’t know yet if that’s a sure thing. What we do know is that Kickstarter backers will be shipped goods BEFORE we ship to distributors. What’s more, you’ll receive everything all at once, while the initial retail release will only include the main game and the first six expansion packs, with the rest coming out in waves throughout 2014. But you, wise Kickstarter backer, will already have all the things.

Including, as mentioned above, the mighty Jotun Armored Valkyrie, pictured here:

  • Image 332826 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Would be great to have these over the December break. ;-) Thank you for keeping us informed and wanting to do the right thing by your backers! What a great, friendly bunch of ninjas.

    2. Lorindor on

      @Matthew Manganaro
      Actually, to me, the muzzle in the footage looks more smooth and shaped in one piece, unlike the GU-11. But it is really hard to say anything about how the gun is supposed to look like from such a short footage, when it's also in the background and a bit undetailed... And I can't really care that much if anything been altered. As I said before, the design is more coherrant now in my opinion. But I think it's interesting that they use that book as a primary source of information since it's not strictly canon in Robotech.
      @Jason S. Cope
      Actually, there is one other small differences in the two footages that I think is interesting: the Jotuns have different color schemes. In Force of Arms, the chest piece is completely red and in To the Stars, the color scheme is closer to the one in the sketch (although, the RDF/UN Spacy emblem is on the other side of the chest). I like it, because then I have two different "canon" color schemes to test out later. :)

    3. Matthew Manganaro on

      The shield mounted gun is an homage to the original Orguss, where the "shield" was actually a drum magazine for the missile bazooka. Though I commented on the gun change I'm not surprised by it. The Kawamori sketch has the shield and gun closer to the original Orguss, but if you do a frame by frame look at the animation sequence the Orguss Valkyrie has a GU-11 gunpod and independent shield. Using as many parts from the Super Veritech as possible makes sense in-universe. You are also right on the origin of the sketch. It is from p.198 of Macross Perfect Memory, which is where the title Orguss Valkyrie comes from. He proudly declares "Boku mo dettetan da yo" or "I showed up too."

      I've had that book since '87 and it's still my go to reference for line drawings and pre-production art. It did mean that most of the art in the first edition Robotech RPG seemed....familiar but I learned to live with it.

      @ Jason S. Cope
      It looks like the unit second from the right has a separate gunpod and shield, so hopefully you'll have assembly options.

    4. Jason S. Cope on

      I have to admit, I was hoping for the gun pods to be separate from the shields. But, other than that, I'm good. It's a shame there's only one animation scene with the mecha in it, with the second just being that animation reversed and a different background behind it. But, with what you had to work with, and what I would want in a mech, it looks great.

    5. Jason S. Cope on

      "why the head looks more VF than orgus." - It looks that way because the mech actually had the head of a VF-1A in the show. It was a combination of Orguss and a VF-1A made by the animators as they were working on both SDF Macross and SDC Orguss and thought it would be funny. I honestly spent years as a kid (back in the 56k days) trying to figure out what the heck was up with that mech. I honestly had let it go and all but forgotten about it, save my the random times I re-watch the series, until the KS.
      After digging up info on the Orguss, it seriously looked like a nice launching point/excuse for the existence of the Logan in Southern Cross. The crappiest mech in all three of the series. 8)

    6. Forar on

      I'm not really a fan. If the rules are decent I could see picking up a squadron, but I'm glad I left these off my already bloated backership. Backering. Backronage.

    7. Lorindor on

      @Matthew Manganaro
      Yeah, now when you mention it, what is it really with the gun being mounted on the shield? In the two instances the mecha is shown in the show, it holds the shield and the gun in separate hands. It's only in that sole reference image that exists (which I think originates from a Macross art book) that the pod is connected to the shield. Although, it does seem that the third Jotun from the left has detached its gun. On another note, the muzzle of the gun is not really supposed to be shaped as the VF-1's gunpod, but I guess making the designs coherent was the easiest thing to do.

    8. Matthew Manganaro on

      I really like the look of these. For those who don't think they look like the Orguss Valkyrie anymore I have to ask, what image are you comparing them too? The chest bulkier, the edges are less rounded, and the gunpod has changed but otherwise it is spot on. The sharpening of the edges makes sense since it's pretty clear in the source art that the leg armor/thrusters, arm missiles, and back thruster all come from the Super Valkyrie. Really the only reason for the rounded edges in the source art is that it comes from frames of animation and not technical illustrations.

      Great job ND, can't wait to start painting these buggers.

    9. Brian Forster on

      Very cool. Here's to hoping they make the December goal.

    10. MidnightBlue

      Very nice looking figure!


      They'll look good in desert-ish camouflage for my UEF Marine forces! Go Dust Devils!


    11. Eryst on

      Nice models, very glad I stretched to pick some up.

    12. Missing avatar

      Backers Paid for Retail Wave 1! on

      @Palladium/ND: Any news on the Design the Ace contest? The last update had a mention of the entries from the May contest being looked and I was hoping that this update would hopefully publish the winning entries.

    13. Lorindor on

      The Jotuns look great! A bit more angular and less organic looking than in the short footage and few existing source images, but I think it will help this unit to blend in better with the other Macross designs.

    14. AndrewDrexler on

      @Vincent: They are having issues getting 150 cast for their big show in Detroit, I doubt they are going to be able to cast the 5k odd figures that the backers will want. Actually PB has already said MAYBE at some time in the future it MIGHT be available through their website store, but not through the KS right now.

    15. Missing avatar

      vincent tobia on

      Is there anyway for the backers to have access to the gen-con figures?

    16. Calibors on

      @matthew it seems they are using the jotun as a variant armored VF so like the armored VF it does not have a guardian or fighter mode (or tank mode in the jotuns case) and the armor can probably be ejected like the armored VF. This goes against what little RPG stats but was probably only way they could do it and why the head looks more VF than orgus.

      I'd love an update on what problems licensing issues have caused in total and ultimate dead ends that they just can not do miniature wise.

      The jotun minis as they are, look a nice addition and adds variation for something that was meant to be a joke, win win.

    17. Jay J Knight on

      Do-able, can't wait to see it painted. Looking forward to the game pieces. In the Robotech Role Playing games I played this mecha was a rare SOF Infiltration mecha. It had a captured Zentraedi IFF and used the Guardian mode to mimic the silhouette of the Battle Pod to close the distance during combat and gain access to Zentraedi ships for intelligence gathering and power plant demolition. The rules were from the local RPG group ETC Assoc. Does this mecha have a special purpose in Robotech RPG Tactic's? Will Guardian mode look like a Battle Pod from a distance? Thanks for your hard work and time. (alllll the way to the Sentinels : )

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      On another note, they look just right for a malcontent unit, too bulky compared to the more agile Valks so they can pass off as a competitors inferior design. (My role playing plans are wildly different from the robotech cannon...)

    21. AndrewDrexler on

      Robert: Or maybe the Scubby Bubbles?

    22. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      Mine'll be the Scrubbing Bubbles. Probably go with a pink and blue motif...

    23. Robert Henriquez on

      @Jim Phillips: I'm naming my Jotun unit the Tidy Bowls.Thanks for the unintended inspiration LOL

    24. WSting on

      I must admit, this is the first design I don't care for. Looks like toilet bowl mecha.

    25. Missing avatar

      haywire on

      Oops... ie... basically restating Darryl

    26. Missing avatar

      haywire on

      I think most of you are confused. It is not supposed to be THE Orgus. It was a mech that was an homage to Orgus seen for all of 2 seconds in the Battlecry Episode.

      It looks right to me.

    27. AndrewDrexler on

      Zor: Pretty sure they will look much better when they are painted. Although that chest plate IS a little oversized (it could also be just how this picture looks).

    28. Zor on

      I am familiar with the source material. The mock-up artwork looked cooler than the end result. I bought 'em because it appeared they had cleared the rights to a very Orguss - like sculpt. Not a big deal, just a minor disappointment. I can't imagine I'll have any trouble selling them off.

    29. AndrewDrexler on

      Zor: They never offered the Orguss. They offered the Jotun, a Valk\Orguss hybrid that appeared in a few frames of animation as an “in joke” among the animators. These are spot on from what little information is out there (although it might need more panel lining on the chest).

    30. Zor on

      I guess I should've known the Orguss was too good to be true. I figured they wouldn't have offered up something so specific if they hadn't already cleared it through legal. Shame on me, then. Wish I had known before I added them to my pledge.

    31. Missing avatar

      Vermilion Four on

      I may try and mod the YF-4 to look more like the VF-4 from Flashback depending on how they turn out.

    32. Dindo Moreno on

      Please please please get here before Xmas.

    33. Missing avatar

      Vermilion Four on

      Yeah I think they had to go back and check their info a few times on the stat cards. I remember making sure the J's was right by asking and they admitted to the misprint.

    34. Kris Scott on

      You know, I like these designs! No, they're not straight forward Orgus figures, but these models look really, really good. Can't wait!

    35. Alex Clarke on

      Kind of looks like the orgus, its possible their was liceansing issues for a direct copy

    36. James Henry on

      Guessing the Valkyrie had laser misprint on the unit card at GenCon got fixed.
      Here's to hopefully in December though I've always been told hope is not a method.

    37. Missing avatar

      Donald Walker on

      Yes please, +1 for international packages arriving before Christmas!!!!

    38. Joseph Prozinski

      Thanks for the update.

    39. Jay Libby on

      I was hoping for Orgus design!!

    40. Zor on

      Those "jotun" valks don't look much like the Orguss mecha, anymore. That's a shame. Glad to hear the optimism about December delivery, though.

    41. Dernic on

      Hoping for a Christmas miracle ;)