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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

The First of a New Series of Updates


Hi all! This is Scott Gibbons, the new business manager for Palladium Books®. I’m sorry I haven’t posted here earlier, but I have been working hard to get an accurate assessment of where Palladium Books® stands, not only overall, but specifically with regard to Robotech® RPG Tactics™ I have some news that I hope you will find both positive and welcome. (Please note, this is largely taken from the last Weekly Update, with some additional information added by me.)

First, Wayne and Kevin spent half of Friday morning (7/16/2017) on a conference call with a manufacturer (I did not sit in on the call due to another pressing business need that morning). During the call they discussed the manufacturer’s initial quote on producing Wave 2 which we had received the day before. There were some points in the quote that needed clarification, as well as setting expectations for what we need in the finished game pieces. All in all it was a productive call and we are looking forward to getting a revised quote soon.

Second, a lot is going on with all aspects of RRT Wave 2. I have been learning about the plans for the relaunch of the game line and the strong support for the game that will happen when the relaunch takes place. Support will take the form of new product releases, demo kits, tournaments, organized play, and a lot of other things. Things that you have been looking forward to and that I feel you will enjoy. As soon as we have hard details and strong estimated release dates, we will be thrilled to share them with you.

In the mean time, I will be checking in with all of you in another update here on the Kickstarter page no later than July 4th, 2017. From here on out, I personally will be posting updates every two weeks - even if nothing has changed I will check in to let you know.

Now to answer a few questions that have been brought up about myself:

- Yes, I did develop a Rifts board game that I brought to the past three Palladium Open Houses held by Palladium Books®. I began developing this board game nearly 16 years ago as a hobby, well before Carmen ever began development on his.

- No, I have not been brought in to bring my Rifts board game to market. As I said above, I developed it as a hobby for my own enjoyment. If it should ever be made into an actual product sold by Palladium, I would be thrilled, but I am not holding my breath for it at this time and it is not why I’m here. I’m here to make a difference and to help grow the company.

- The reason I left the toy company I used to manage is because the owner decided to relocate the business. He wanted very badly for me to come with him, but I had family obligations that prevented me from moving at that time. I did however oversee the company’s move to a different state and spent a month at his new location hiring and training his new employees to ensure that things were up and running smoothly before I left.

- Kevin brought me on board at the end of May. We held off announcing my joining the Palladium family until we knew for certain that I would be a good fit with the company.

- I am Palladium’s business manager, not Kevin’s yes-man (though I can understand people’s justifiable concerns about me being such). Over the last few weeks, I have become intimately familiar with all aspects of the company on all fronts, financial and otherwise. While it is not the biggest company I have ever worked for, the potential to become a giant in the gaming world is definitely present. Kevin has also been extremely accommodating with supplying me all the information, introductions, and tools I need to be successful in my new position.

The RRT support team and I will be monitoring the comments section here. If you have any additional questions for me (that I can answer - certain business negotiations will need to remain confidential for the time being), please feel free to post them here. I will answer as many of them as I can as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your time and support!

Scott Gibbons  

Business Manager

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    1. Thulsa Doom on

      Hey 6 months have passes since you came aboard and you have accomplished nothing! You are smoke and mirrors, the distraction while the money goes missing. We won't forget this. You climbed into bed with Kevin and now you share his STDs.

    2. Ronald Ledwon on

      Well Mr Scott Gibbons you're the new Business Manager for Palladium Books. Well where the hell you been! You were needed 4 or 5 years ago. Palladium Books is very poorly run company they need your help BIG TIME. I will say this welcome. I don't know if you are going get this Robotech Tactics Rpg game going again. Wave 2 needs to be done if you want relaunch this game but I don't think its coming Wave 2 that is. That all.

    3. Talizvar on

      I get all distracted and this hits the updates section.
      Reviewing some comments here, it was like a crying out of "fresh meat!".

      Welcome Scott to a bit of a mess.
      It has been a few years since the successful kickstarter funded.
      A few people are wondering on progress and timelines for the miniatures outside of Wave 1.
      I have not looked at the next comment yet since I would like to reply to this on it's own merit.

      A "re-launch" can be problematic since many of the more interesting models were allocated to wave 2 while I do admit most "core" models are in wave 1. It will be hard to generate some excitement unless you plan on leaning heavily on printed scenario books for the game and that has a rather limited excitement value.

      I must warn that any efforts expended on anything other than getting wave2 items completed will be met with some measure of hostility since we have been rather starved for ANY meaningful progress for those models (unless you can manage to reveal new product AND progress on wave 2).

      Since many backers here feel that we are still owed money, we are rather hesitant to buy anything from Palladium. It may develop to a bit of a catch 22 since I am sure Palladium could use some additional funds.

      You have your work cut out for you, we seem to be at the point of "too little, too late".
      I wish you every chance and good luck: you will need it.

    4. Scott Kenny on

      While I'm glad to see a new person to hopefully light a fire under Palladium's butt to get Wave 2 out, you do realize that you're going to be the lightning rod for complaints, right?

      I need to apologize ahead of time for the profanity, but I really lack the vocabulary to express just how fed up I am with Palladium without it.

      A proper update needs to say where we are with Wave 2, what the problem(s) are delaying production, and what is being done to fix those issues.

      "As soon as we have hard details and strong estimated release dates, we will be thrilled to share them with you" is the same song and dance, almost verbatim, that we have been getting for the last 4 years. I'm fucking tired of it.

      You've had 3 fucking YEARS to lock down the designs for Wave 2 and get them in production. Yeah, it took a while to get Wave 1 sorted out, I understand that and comms about what was causing the delays was decent. Slow, but understandable. That learning curve is OVER, you don't have the reason of "the software to turn a 3d render into an injection-molding tool doesn't exist" and everything else that happened to use now.

      We should have had Wave 2 not more than a year after Wave 1, it's about the same number of models to get sculpted, sprues cut, packaged, and shipped.

      Parts count? Don't bother wasting any more time lowering parts count, look at the new GW sprues for parts count, a simple space marine has at least 10 parts, not counting detail bits. And that's the flagship model!

      The one thing you DO need to work on is getting the parts farther from the sprue so that clippers can get in there to remove them without breaking parts. I lost ALL the ball-gun barrels on my Glaug battlesuits due to barrels breaking when I clipped them loose from the sprue!

      My patience is honestly at an end, has been for quite a while. I have a file on my computer of all the stuff I'd like to ADD to my RRT collection, and I had a $680 pledge to begin with. I'm looking at about another $700 worth of stuff that I'd like to add. But you're not going to see a dime of that until Wave 2 is in my hands.

      I'm going to give the new guy his self-imposed deadline of 4th of July to get a REAL answer with timelines on it, or I'm going to the US Attorney for fraud.

      Because right now, it looks like you're simply giving us lip service, not even meeting the KS terms of service for describing what the issues are delaying fulfillment. Just more "As soon as we have hard details and strong estimated release dates, we will be thrilled to share them with you." Perhaps explaining to a judge exactly where the hell you have been spending the other half of the KS funding will convince you to fulfill the promises made 4 years ago.

    5. Rick van Nooij on

      "Waiting for revised quotes"?
      "Strong support for the relaunch" ?
      Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
      Sounds like a load of "SOON(tm)" to me.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Null on

      i'm calling bs on this scott. you'd have more credibility in my eyes if you came in here introduced yourself and gave more of an outline of how you'd like to move forward with this project. once you gave us the old quotes line ya lost me. we've heard that along with "reducing parts count" and "SOON!!" for way to dam long. i'm willing to cut you some slack but you need to show forward progress and tell us what's going on not re-hash kev's classic bs lines that have pissed off many backers.

    7. Pedro Barrenechea on


      An update? I sold my entire game because the mini's where a nightmare to put together.

      Totally plan on selling my phase 2...if it's ever completed

    8. Pedwidge on

      The pre-gencon update, what a wonderful tradition.
      On 6/6/15 we had a epic 2 part update from Kevin to reintroduce himself and PB to us, promise more communication, etc
      On 7/27/16 we heard just about the same thing with the closing "You’ll start to see more happening soon." We haven't seen much since then.
      I do hope we have more communication and see some progress this time around and not some pre-gencon lip service we have received the past 2 years.

    9. Eryst on

      Welcome to the bear pit Scott.

      Thanks for the update, I'm willing to give you a chance to clean up this mess of a kickstarter.

      I don't hold much hope though. Look forward to being surprised.

      Good luck

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Powell on

      Thanks BUT WTF are the quotes for????? We have not heard or seen shit for wave 2. Chris its been so long I don't even know what is meant to be in Wave 2 anymore. As for the 'Relaunch' you might want to start working very hard to rebuild bridges with the community and shops. My LGS got burnt from wave 1 RRT and has no interest in even trying Wave 2 - but that's just my part of the world.....

    11. Missing avatar

      James watts on

      Thank you for the update Scott, looking forward to seeing more and good luck in your new job as business manager.

    12. Missing avatar

      Backers Paid for Retail Wave 1! on

      Scott, while I applaud you for finally posting here and breaking the 6 month no news drought... you're not off to a good start unfortunately. The "meat" of your post is largely the same "we're getting quotes.. trust us... we're working hard, we promise!" song and dance that we've been given for OVER a year with no tangible results. Credibility and trust need to be earned and your predecessors have unfortunately started your position at zero. If you want people here to believe you, please post exactly why the past 2 years have been completely wasted by Palladium by the only metric that matters (rewards fulfilled and products brought to market) and why the exact same claims made by your predecessors went unproven and their promises to do better were broken. That is the level of honesty that the few remaining backers who care to post and whose minds you may change require. Even your statement about not being a "yes man" mirror's Kevin Siembieda's own statement that he doesn't surround himself with them supposedly. Please prove us all wrong and be open and honest with the backers even if the news isn't good. We're tired of the alternating lies, delays, vague statements, and useless platitudes that have constituted Palladium's "communication" with backers for over two years.

    13. Jason Scott on

      How are PB going to recoup the funds required to start or even complete wave 2, dont see how this can happen they are not a massive turnover company, sales arent going to help fix this. I wont even start on their other kickstarter attempt.

    14. Michael Nolen on

      Welcome Scott. I am hoping for a more open communication dialog with the backers. If you have to, make backer only updates. With this community the information will most likely still go public. please keep us informed on what is going on with the Quotes. we are grown ups here and we can take the good and the bad. the big part is we want to be informed. This is the best way to bridge the gap that has been created. Thank you.

    15. Aaron Kingham on

      Welcome Scott, you will certainly have your hands full here if you are doing what you say. There is a lot of goodwill lost towards Palladium Games with good reason, it will be one hell of an uphill battle repairing what uncle Kev and Wayne have done here. Good luck, I will continue to look on this kickstarter with pessimism and cynicism until we get a real update.

    16. Mario Mora on

      I'll save welcomes for when the lot of us have our investments sent to us in good order. I have a wary attitude anymore, and have for the years spent waiting with everyone else involved on this kickstarter, for rewards to be fullfilled. Best of luck fixing all of this, but you'll understand if the vast majority of us are remiss in any hope or trust.

    17. Kenneth Harkin on

      I'll give Scott the benefit of a doubt but I do have to say this, trolling the very old and overused lines "reviewing quotes" and "waiting for quotes" does not bode well. Those feeble lines have been used for years by Kevin. I am in manufacturing and I know that if you do not have viable quotes after 2 months, let alone 2+ years, then the problem isn't the suppliers but your deluded expectations on price, lead time, and/or deliverables. Don't use it again.

    18. Missing avatar

      Canoso on

      You had a chance, Scott. You had a chance to turn it around and provide some solid info- a road map, a breakdown, an accounting, 3D renders... something. This was not a strong entrance, just different colored smoke.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sean O'Connor on

      In keeping with Palladium Books tradition, you're already a month off. (You probably meant June 17th, but wrote July 16th, which is next month.) Welcome aboard.

      So when are we getting the minis we bought 4 years ago?

    20. Missing avatar

      musterkrux on

      Just want to give Scott some mad props for making a strong entrance.

      Good work, mate.

      I'm looking forward to you helping us all realise a dream that's a few years overdue.

      -Good luck!

    21. Nathan Huddleston on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. old beetle on

      Scott, are you a business manager or a project manager? At this point, what is the true state of the project? What is complete, where is the project in the train? Who is managing the details so that the dates in your posts are corrected before posting.

      Can you outline the project development schedule? Can you explain the PBs lack of progress for more than two years?

    23. Missing avatar

      Claire Labus on

      Welcome, and sorry. You have backed the wrong company, unless you plan on completely stripping Kevin Sembeida of power and decision making authority, you will be facing an upwards battle. The poor way he has treated us backers, and the years of lies, and lack of progress, has removed any good will I may have had towards this company. I would prefer a refund over what I pledged for. I have no faith in this project getting completed, ever. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I still would prefer a refund.

    24. Shawn P. Smith on

      Scott, good luck with your new position and relaunching this game. I would like a refund on all the add-ons we were sold on that have not been delivered in 4 years. That is not unreasonable. We accepted wave 1 so you got us on the kickstater but please.... the add-ons that were never even thought of.
      Texas Wargaming Coalition

    25. Aaron Kingham on

      Welcome Scott to what I hope is going to be a finish to this mess. I have quite a bit of money tied up with wave 2 so I am hoping that can be eventually delivered in full. I will remain pessimistic and sceptical about this kickstarter until we all have some real news about it. You are going to have one hell of an uphill battle restoring goodwill here. You can thank uncle Kev and Wayne for that. Good luck!

    26. Missing avatar

      Gordon nichols on

      You're a braver man than I stepping into this mess, and facing a collection of angry backers. The Gordian Knot would be an easier challenge than trying to fix this Kickstarter project. Given the amount of goodwill lost by PB due to all the delays, I'm not sure anyone can resurrect this thing, much less make it a success, but you're welcome to try. Getting and keeping the trust of your backers will not be easy, reading the responses, there's a lot of pain and anger, and much of it is justified. This was the first KS I invested in, and the fact it still hasn't managed to accomplish the goals promised, while most of the others delivered their goods with only minor delays (admittedly one of them was nine months late, but compared to PB's four years and counting, nine month's late is practically early), is disappointing to be polite.

      At this point, all I ask is that you stick to a plan, whatever it may be, and show us proof of progress. I'm not expecting RTT to land under my Christmas tree in 2017, but I'd suggest ORIGINS 2018 might not be a bad target-date. However, if it comes to the point where you feel this project just needs to be axed, please let us know. We're all adults here, we will understand if the project is just so f-ed up it needs to be put out of its misery. Disappointment we can handle and tolerate, smoke and mirrors not so much. Oh, and also: for the love of Pete, don't let Kevin write the updates. If I want 'Yuge' dreams, and all that, I can listen to our President and get that.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Ryan on

      I have a question: sorry if this is common knowledge or already answered but I will be moving over the next couple of months, will we have a chance to update our address?

    28. Robert "The Madness" Dixon

      a couple more questions:
      Are you planning to complete all of Wave 2 at once or will you be creating more smaller waves (3, 4,5)
      There are a number of us who no longer have their Wave 1 product. After so long many have become too frustrated and have given away or sold it all. Many people have no desire or use for Wave 2. Are you planning on alleviating their stress by offering partial refunds for pain and suffering this debacle has caused?
      How do you plan to gain the confidence back in the market. Nowhere I have gone offers Wave 1 product anymore. Like i said earlier, it's dead. Being from a long time retail management position, it will be very hard to get that back.

    29. Missing avatar

      nicolas giorgi

      "Waiting on quotes"
      "strong relaunch will be coming"

      Holy crap !!
      This is sooo weird, someone else is writting but it's kevin's words appearing on the screen ...

      So weird...

      At least you didn't say "2017 is the year of rrt" ...

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Lionheart on

      Good luck Scott! Thank you for excellent information.

    31. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      I wish you luck and hope you can start regular transparent updates. As said earlier trust is fragile and when lost hard to rebuild. I wish you the best

    32. james laflamme on

      Ah i see the "you backers suck" brigade is here.

      Bad "copyright is oppressive because it doesnt let me ripoff other peoples ideas for profit" Syntax

      Duncan "i am way better than any of you" Gregson the limo driver.

      Bravo gentlemen....and i use the term loosely, you douched up these comments wonderfully.

    33. james laflamme on

      Ah i see the "you backers suck" brigade is here.

      Bad "copyright is oppressive because it doesnt let me ripoff other peoples ideas for profit" Syntax

      Duncan "i am way better than any of you" Gregson the limo driver.

      Bravo gentlemen....and i use the term loosely, you douched up these comments wonderfully.

    34. Brian Blaney on

      I'll believe it when I see it. Good luck

    35. Rocky on

      Good luck son. I hope you packed an umbrella.

    36. Patrick Moon on

      Please comment every 2 weeks as you said you would, at least until a decent amount of forward progress has been made. You CAN NOT make everyone happy after such a long delay. But I would love to actually see progress notes from you on this kick starter.
      As for question, I see there have already been great questions asked in this thread. Good luck!

    37. Alex Clarke on

      While i am convinced that hell will freeze over before wave 2 ships i found this update the most interesting thing to happen in 2 years. At least this Scott fellow doesnt put in half of a page of text about how excited PB is. Guess well see what happens at the hard dated next update.

    38. Missing avatar

      Cannonfodr on

      1. Can we have a roadmap of milestones identifying the key steps leading to fulfillment of Wave 2? Don't need exact dates, but a timeline of events with approximate durations.
      2. Can we have a listing of the items and where they are on the critical path identified in step 1?
      3. As many have noted, You've been talking with manufacturers, waiting on quotes and trying to reduce parts for an extremely long time now. Do you have the power to decide at some point that further work/research is pointless and to proceed with actual manufacturing? Is there a point in time where you will decide to go with what you've got? eg: We're going to spend the next 3 months looking at options and at the end of those 3 months, we'll review the different offers and choose the best one.

    39. Scarlet

      How about you start by accounting for the funds. We all paid for this boondoggle and it's highly suspicious that a company that struggles to pay it's bills and has to sell old warehouse stock to get by mysteriously hasn't come through on this project.

      And how about explaining why it's taken years to even get quotes on Wave 2.

      Maybe if there's an ounce of honesty from PB (I know dream on right?) we can start moving forward.

    40. Robert "The Madness" Dixon

      @Bad_Syntax Do you ever adjust your powdered wig so you can see the little people constructing a Guillotine?
      Kickstarter has rules about fulfillment. You get the money, you give the pledges what they paid for. You don't give half.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      Now, let me join the people who are giving constructive reports of what we really want. Remember that we INVESTED in this, so we should not be treated adversarially.

      1) When the kickstarter was first done, for wave 1, we saw regular updates of the 3D models, and the work in progress, and even proofs. Show us that. Show us ANYTHING that shows any progress has been being made.

      2) Don't tell us what you are told, tell us what you can verify. So, if there is a discussion on quotes from a manufacturer, please be there and report what you can. Yes, I understand that you cannot give prices or things like that. But you can tell us where the issues were, and if those issues are why work with that manufacturer broke down.

      3) Keep promises. I know some people will say that they don't want updates of "nothing has changed", but, frankly, you have promised us updates every two weeks. You have to rebuild trust, and one way is to keep promises.

      4) Create a way to track progress, and let us see that progress.

      5) Tell us who else is working with you, and the state of the relationship between Palladium and Ninja Division, and if Ninja Division is even still involved in this anymore.

      6) At this point, you are having to generate good will with people who are in a range of disappointed, frustrated, and angry. How are you going to rebuild the bridges?

    42. Anthony Deaver on

      Nope. Don't care anymore. I've held out hope for this for far too long. I don't want a refund (already written it off) and don't really want my Wave 2. I'm done. No one around me has bought it.

      I gave half of my Wave 1 to a friend to paint (he likes that kind of stuff) and don't care if I ever get it back. I will continue to support Robotech by buying toys and videos, but I no longer care about this 'game'. 3.5 years with nothing but empty promises is enough.

    43. Grimoire Studios on

      That last one is why you're an elitist. "I'm better than you" while calling us 'monsters' and hateful people while you sit on such a high horse.

      In addition, you can't call us RRT fans. We are not RRT fans, we are only customers. We use to be fans, but that has change with the treatment from Palladium Books. I'll also let you in on a little secret...

      "It's coming, it's coming, we're working on it, it's coming, it's going to be awesome" = being strung along
      "I'm sorry, we couldn't do it, here's what went wrong..." = closure
      Refund = closure

      What people are really wanting is closure. And just RRT customers? (Not fans, customers) are this way? You must have never worked in retail.

    44. Bad_Syntax

      "Elite" because I understand kickstarter and know how to read their terms of service.
      I didn't call ya'll "stupid" because you did NOT read them, or do not understand them.
      But it all goes back to me saying that the RRT fans are a horrible bunch. I am ashamed that my love of a cartoon from my childhood associates me with such hateful people who can't understand what a "risk" is.

    45. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      Bad Syntax should maybe read the terms of use Palladium Agreed to when they created the project.

      Palladium did not fulfill the rewards, ALL of the rewards. Yes we are entitled to a refund.

      Now, I understand being entitled to refunds doesn't mean we will ever get them as that would require KS to actually uphold there terms of use, which they don't, or Palladium not being a bunch of fraudulent con artists, liars and thieves, which they are imho, and having the slightest shred of ethics, morals and common human decency, which they don't, imho.

    46. Forar on

      But hey, it's a new start, so let's look back on the road that got us here!

      Days since this campaign funded: 1,523 (it was supposed to take under 300)
      Days since Wave 1 began shipping in earnest: 994
      Days since Wayne said he'd give us a full breakdown of where all pieces were in the development process: 713 (seriously?)

      Days until the end of 2017: 195 (I think this ties to some reasonable skepticism)

      Suffice to say, Scott, if you manage to dig this campaign out of that morass and deliver (let alone manage to deliver a quality product) by... let's say the end of 2018, I'll applaud your success and offer to pay for your first drink at Gencon, should you get to attend.

      But the reason there's little left but mockery and scorn is because of the years (plural) that PB has spent faffing about and being unable to repeat what they already did with wave one.

    47. Beermonkey on

      Good luck Scott. I wish you all the best. I have to say I do enjoy the pure hate and vitriol that this project spawns. Between Kevin and Harmony Gold I've gotten exactly what I expected. A magical ride. That aside Scott if you can find a way to get product out to me a bit sooner than next century I'll be grateful.

    48. Robert "The Madness" Dixon

      Ah, Bad_Syntax. Good to see your elitist tones haven't dulled over time.

    49. Forar on

      Oh good, Bad Syntax is here to tell us how he thinks Kickstarter works and brag about how much money he's spent on this campaign.

      That first box really has paid dividends over the years.

      The periods between sentences still works better than letting the site condense them, though. I'll give ya that.

    50. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      Welcome Mr.Gibbons. You are a brave man posting here. I hope you don't take this wrongly, but...we have heard everything you have said above about the kickstarter before. As others have commented, with varying degrees of civility, we have been hearing for about 2 years one form or another of "getting clarification on quotes." And we have heard the thing about more regular updates before, as well.

      I think the one thing that might help is if we knew how much authority you really have at Palladium. I mean, are you actually able to tell Kevin "Hey, while that might seem like a great idea, we really gotta get this thing done FIRST!" Or is your job to try and figure out how to do what Kevin says he is going to do?