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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.
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      mac on

      I am re-posting a comment suggesting ways to hold Palladium Books accountable for their lack of progress on this project.

      File a consumer complaint with the FTC

      File a consumer complaint with the Michigan Attorny General (since PB is based in MI):

      File a complaint with the Michigan BBB:

      Write a letter to Harmony Gold or post on their social media complaining about how badly PB has mismanaged the Robotech gaming license and how they are giving the brand a bad name.

      And don't forget to hit the Report Kickstarter button at the bottom of the campaign page.

    2. Roadrunner on

      Steve , at this point openess and transparency is something kevin is not going to show. Why, because if he does it will show that relatively little progress has been made on WAve 2 for over two years. The months of waiting for quotes, then flip flopping from reduced parts , then we cannot do it so back to the originals and now back to something else, even on their own show this. Add the lack of any hard facts in the scant updates we do get over here, adds weight to this.

      As Robert says , it is likely (and so sad) that even the PB weekly Updates for the next few weeks will probably be little more than no news, trash talk to the RTT backers.

    3. Steve (Smoth) Smith

      Kevin, your kickstarter is struggling at best. I am glad I do not have much in wave 2. I was REALLY looking forward to the next half of the minis but people's anger at this point is justified. It is sad that he received the hate that rightfully belongs to you. It really is but you have kept all of us in the dark for YEARS, it is 2017.

      I have been absolutely positive up until this point, I still HOPE you WILL come through but I doubt you will even read this. PLEASE PLEASE tell us what is going on. I know several others in real life who have backed this project and even if I have to pay retail for what was in wave 2 I will... just tell us WHAT IS GOING ON. Be honest!

    4. Robert "The Madness" Dixon

      this week's update will be full of blame for us Backers. We're the reason that RRT Wave 2 will never happen. He'll suggest that if we want Carmen to feel better, we need to buy all the books that his name is on.

    5. Roadrunner on

      @Jeff NMI Ruiz from 22 hours ago

      Jeez , what was that all about, have you no respect or do you blindly follow the approach of your mentor/master Mr Sembieda? His "update" could be considered offensive and disresectful but you seem to think that that makes flippant remarks on what is a locally serious issue okay.

      The way that Palladium and its adherents are behaving makes me wonder what level Kevin will drop to in this weeks Palladium update - it is becoming very cringeworthy

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      deleted on

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    8. David Simpson on

      The first major BatRep from Gamers On Games is up for ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS! Check it out! This BatRep was filmed at Dreamation 2017. NOTE: This footage is raw, and comes from "Camera 1" We'll post camera 2 soon, and we'll do an edited episode as soon as we can after that.

      Support our patreon so we can do more at

    9. Geoffrey Martin on

      So your friend attempts suicide and within a few hours, your first thought is to get "permission" from his family to post your BS? Kevin, you're a liar, a thief, and a piss-poor example for a human being. Your superpower to bleed people dry and use them up is ultimately what lead to this. Go to straight to hell.

    10. Mark Johnson

      Stop passing the buck you gutless loser Kevin. This is all your doing. Stop blaming the backers for your incompetence.

      Of course, Kevin won't read this...

    11. Kenneth Harkin on

      Kevin Siembieda OWNS this. I hope Carmen Bellaire recovers, making the mistake of tying yourself to a thief and liar like Siembieda is not worth it. What is more that the anger from this community, which has been wholly created by the duplicitous practices of Kevin Siembieda, hit Carmen so hard only says he had orders of magnitude more empathy for the plight of the backers here than Kevin.

    12. Richard on

      Not entirely sure what the &£ck this adds to anything here! Doesn't show support to Carmen, just shows what a tool you really are:

      Jeff NMI Ruiz
      40 minutes ago
      Apple Pie
      Sweet, fresh, Apple Pie

    13. Maelstrom on

      Apple Pie
      Sweet, fresh, Apple Pie

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael England on

      Someone attempts suicide every 38 seconds in the US. And this forum has about as much to do with all of those, as it does to do with Carmen's. Which is to say, none at all. Mr Siembieda, you sent this little note to 5k backers, of which less than .5% were even aware of the discussion happening here. Absolutely despicable.

      So sorry that this isn't YOUR "most eloquent post", that YOU'RE scared, that YOU'RE shaken, and terrified and saddened. Hope you can recover... you know, since it's all about you. I haven't bothered to post on this KS in a very long time, because there's honestly no point. But today I had to break that rule. You sir, disgust me. Utterly.

    15. Jay D. on

      Well, I finally recieved something from Kickstarter help desk. The have sent me a response saying that my tickets have been forwarded to their Integrity Investigation Team and that they will have a reply after they conduct their investigation in the matters at hand. So, not really a answer but, at least we know someone there is looking into it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      @Matt Pinkerton: Then why did Kevin S., in a blatant attempt to blame anyone but himself for his personal failures in his (mis)management of this KS, blast all this TMI on Mr. Bellaire's personal issues all over the Internet? Probably greatly hurting Mr. Bellaire's chances in anything further in this profession because now, because of a relatively minor flame war (started by Mr. Bellaire it may be noted), Mr. Bellaire will try to kill himself. I wouldn't want this guy around as an employee if all I had was a reference to Kevin S.'s self serving attempt to extort silence from the majority of backers who are after Kevin's thieving backside.

      I wasn't involved, but I recognized the threat made by Mr. Bellaire immediately on reading his first post...and coming in issuing threats really isn't a smart idea on Mr. Bellaire's part. Sorry it happened, but I'd suggest you look at Kevin S.' doorstep for the real background reason for this attempt. I wouldn't be surprised if part of Mr. Bellaire's contract for the IP included the ability to snatch control from Rogue Heroes by Mr. Bellaire, which make for a better explanation of his unfortunate issues.

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      deleted on

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      deleted on

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Larry Algee on

      Sorry about the gentleman's attempt to commit suicide, but if a fairly standard internet flame war pushed him over the edge, there was a lot more going on. Given Kevin S.'s history with contractors reported publicly online, it is likely a goodly amount of the stress was caused by Kevin S. and whatever contract he forced Mr. Bellaire to sign. Simply look at the issues between Palladium Books and Ninja Division, where ND has nothing to do with PB at all, except some minor comments that give the full appearance of being forced by contractual clauses.

      While I hope that Mr. Bellaire recovers and his family does not suffer, trying to pawn 100% of the blame off on the KS backers, posting personal TMI of Mr. Bellaire's and "not understanding" why you (Kevin S.) are correctly reviled as a liar, con artist and cheat for your personal mishandling of what could have been an excellent KS to boost Palladium up into the higher ranks of tabletop miniature play and assured PB of a solid niche market in the future. The denial of the existence of any shred of personal responsibility by Kevin S. constitutes evidence of a number of issues of his own...but everyone here already knows that.

      In simpler terms, if you, Kevin Siembieda, had stayed the heck away from this KS and allowed ND to complete the minis...***AS WE WERE PROMISED, DURING THE CAMPAIGN, THEY WOULD WITHOUT INTERFERENCE FROM PALLADIUM BOOKS***...then this KS would have been closed, product shipped and Palladium would be making a mint selling plastic crack to Robotech addicts. Instead, we have vaporware, or even worse, badly designed minis that have (even in the "improved" lower part count) more parts for the simplest mini that any other company has in their most complex and ornate named playing pieces.

      Are the rules any good? I have no clue, I don't have time to try to put together 1-2 inch tall models based on plans for models several times their size that require more work for one squad than an entire army list of any other tabletop miniatures game by any other company to eliminate the design flaws.

      No Kevin S. All of this is on you personally and we all know it because your former employees and free lancers have admitted in public to the way you lie, cheat and steal your way.

    21. David Simpson on

      Robotech RPG Tactics, Rifts, Carmen Bellaire, and Attempted Suicide

    22. Richard Knowles - RTK Limited on

      I hope your friend recovers quickly and has better mental health care in the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ben Marsh on

      This was so tasteless.

      Send it out with your Palladium updates every week. This just makes it look like its all our fault. We're monsters everyone. We're pissed that we didn't get our toys so we picked on a guy until he couldn't take it.

      The retorts Carmen had to withstand were mild, and should have been more strongly worded considering the insinuations that started it off. His request was poorly worded and the response ended up being NICER than I would have actually expected.

      To label us as the cause of this poor mans issues is a gross injustice towards a person who is supposed to be your friend, Kevin. And if you think that the vast majority of people here wouldn't gladly give up the second half of their stupid toys to save a life, then you have no hope in humanity and need to get out of business quick. Save yourself from an inevitable spiral downwards.

      Carmen, if you ever get the opportunity to read this, then I hope that you're better by now. Reach out to those around you who really care and get the help you need. The gaming community is filled with great people, but they are passionate to a fault. While you may have incensed that passion momentarily, there is truly no ill will towards you. You deserve life, you deserve to see your dreams come true, just as we all do. But read the writing on the walls and distance yourself from this so-called "friend" who used your tragedy as a defense mechanism for his own inadequacies.

      To everyone else I say, stay passionate, but stay decent. Stay vocal, buy stay on target with your words.

    24. Timothy C. Wright

      I sincerely hope both Kevin and Carmen get around to reading this.
      Here’s a thought, Carmen alluded to knowing some info that would help things along with RRT… And “if” things played out as you say, he just might need some reason to get out of bed in the morning… So, why not bring him in to manage the RTT and get wave two rolled out by the end of the year (2017, just to be clear.)
      Then, he would be known as the savior of RRT and NOT “Kevin’s tool, or a shell corp.” With wave 2 finished, all the “meanies” here would relax a bit and THEN Carmen could launch his Kickstarter in peace (Win, Win, Win…)
      On a side note, what you did here with this post; was in a word shameful and highly unprofessional (okay, two words.) This was not the venue for such postings, ever.
      If your intent was to even HINT that we are somehow to blame… well just look in the mirror.
      Now suck it up buttercup and get us some real info on the status of this Charley Foxtrot you’ve created and start working on a solution (P.S. there a really good idea at the start of this paragraph.)

      Hey man. We don’t know each other, but what ya tried there was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know you’ve got a lot going on right now, just take it one day at a time and be there for your family. Take care!
      Okay, now. I seriously think that could work, I hope they give it some serious consideration.

      Now on with my own rant…

      To all the fan boys-
      Okay, we get it… you’ve drunk the cool aid. You aren’t going to change anyone opinion here so please (for everyone’s sake) stop trying.

      To those who think the internet is filled with a bunch of meanies-
      There’s a little wire running into your house, go ask your mom for the scissors (the ones with the blunt ends so you don’t hurt yourself) and cut it; that where all the nastiness comes in. Go ahead, we’ll wait… The internet is for grownups after all.

      To all those who’ve said terrible things about the people who’ve said terrible things-
      Where I come from, that’s known as a hypocrite (look it up…)

      To those who say this isn’t the place for all the negative attitude-
      This is EXACTLY the place to complain that it’s been several YEARS without a meaningful update… Seriously, how long does it take to make some stupid little toy robots?!! Besides, they’ve been kicked off of every other public venue, let them have their fun.

      Okay, I think that covers all the emotions I’ve had about this nonsense. Back to lurking.

    25. Ragnarok on

      I read the thread. Carmen interacted with less than 10 backers. He literally dealt with less than 1/10th of a percent.

      Blaming the backers for that is utterly irresponsible.

      Hey, Kevin. You are a terrible person for doing that and making your friend deal with this if he recovers. Please do better.

      Also, wave 2?

    26. Forar on

      Here's something to ponder; this 'update' will be waiting for Carmen in his email inbox whenever he gets around to it.

      Maybe when Kevin is done trying to lay blame for this tragedy on the backers (99%+ of whom had nothing to do with it), he can ask someone with access to his email to delete it.

      This will be here for him to read over should he ever choose to do so, but that little nugget waiting for him seems unnecessary and uncouth.

    27. Scarlet

      What I'd like to see:
      1. a clear and open accounting of what has happened
      2. a timetable on rewards OR a timetable on whatever other compensation the backers will get (refunds, dispersion of remaining stock if there's no money to produce material, etc).
      3. Kevin stepping down, he's clearly unfit for his position

      Maybe after that I'll be able to say something positive about PB.

    28. Richard on

      *when = instead of

      Not sure what happened there

    29. Richard on

      It's nice to see a few white knights or fan-friends coming on board to support Kevin and the alternative facts of this case. Love to see unfettered Stockholm syndrome, it's even better when they justify their holier than thou moralising with 'I haven't looked at the post's' but obviously if Kevin's called it must be true.

      Yes it's very very sad that Carmen's mental health has had such a drastic turn. I suffer massively with my own serious mental health issues and I've worked with the survivors of people who's friends and family have unfortunately successfully carried out this desperate act.

      But for Kevin to put this out into the public domain, when putting it as backer only, is very insensitive and painful. It also tars each and every one of us backers. It also highlights the trouble with this failure of a kickstarter. It's about time we had a list of what's happened and the plan to see this through... Or to finally admit it's finally done.

      So nasty people calm down a little and white knights get down off you moral high horse's and Kevin do the right thing, communicate honestly and transparently. This business reasons and hiding behind people can't know what we're doing has gone on long enough. To coin the pub landlord 'S#it or get off the pot'

    30. Missing avatar

      Canoso on

      So... This isn't really an update, huh?

    31. Missing avatar

      Fleshharrower on

      @Stan Bundy
      What makes you think you get to redefine what a Kickstarter means? You should go back and read the KS FAQ about a project creators responsibility. Pretty straight-forward and written in just a few sentences.

      You see the problem with trying to hold an argument on the internet, is that all of the facts are easily referenced. So here are the facts:
      1. This kickstarter is not complete, it's rewards are owed or a refund is owed.
      2. Palladium has shown no appreciable progress towards completion in years.
      3. Kevin's update above has nothing to do with delivering on his obligation, if you want to go lament about Carmen or show him support then may I suggest the Palladium forums? I think you'll find many like-minded individuals there in the curated forums.

    32. Scarlet

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. Stan Bundy on

      You got to appreciate the people who feel like doubling down and PROVING every bit being said by Kevin correct. I hope the lot of you that drove Carmen to this, and provoked this response by Kevin, get perma-banned from Kickstarter.

      I've already cut my ties with the RRT "fan" groups that have been almost nothing but hate and lies since the original (unrealistic) ship date for RRT passed. The ones where even with 100% ironclad proof of items being said by Palladium being true and factual (and happening to other Kickstarters, including other game companies) get one labeled as a liar and a "Palladium Apologist".

      It's really amazing how so many of you rabid hatemongering bastards keep screaming and pointing at RRT as if it's the only KS in history that's had issues, yet ignore the success of things like Savage Rifts, which proves that a Palladium IP being ran by another company can do a KS project quite well and relatively on schedule (therefore disproving most of the attacks on Carmen).

      BTW, the WHOLE POINT of a Kickstarter is to see if a project is viable - and no one goes into a Kickstarter expecting to fail (except, maybe, in the psychotic ramblings in the backs of the minds of the RRT bashers). After looking at Carmen's posts, it's obvious that his critics were deliberately reading things into his statements that aren't there, on a scale not much different to the delusions of Moon Landing Hoaxers, anti-vaxxers, and worse). You pick and choose and compartmentalize things completely out of context, to justify YOUR insanity, everyone else (and reality) be damned.

      Aaron, no one has to accuse backers of anything - you've ALREADY confessed to it, and proclaimed your status proudly to the universe.

    34. Aaron Kingham on

      Before anymore people accuse backers of being hate spitting asshats, please look up Carmen's posts on the Palladium Books forums. He did a poll there for his kickstarter and was met with many polite responses about the low chances of success for his rifts kickstarter. When he decided to post on this forum, he was defiantly stubborn that his kickstarter would be successful and made sweeping generalisations (against our kickstarter fulfilling unless he was successful) leading to people telling him point blank it would not succeed because of it giving funds to PB. The backdrop to this is Kevin has propped him up with false hopes, selling him an IP that will be facing a hard road due to PBs management of RRT. Kevin literally lifted Carmen up to pull the ground out from under him and let him fall. The update Kevin posted compounds that. I think Kevin needs to end this kickstarter and soon. Shame on you Kevin.

    35. old beetle on

      I wish Mr. Bellaire all the recovery and assistance he needs.

      Palladium, once again you see fit to crassly insult 5,342 backers for the actions of a small handful of people who replied to Mr. Bellaire's aggressive post. The choice of suicide would not be the result of a few rather tame internet posts. The choice of suicide is the result of mental illness. I know of which I speak.

      To belittle the thousands that tried to help you with your endeavors, and place blame upon us is not only misguided, but insulting to us and possibly Mr. Bellaire.

      I guess you felt the need to lash out at someone, but Kickstarter is not that platform. By posting this update, you attempt to alienate anyone who has supported you. You have turned someone else's tradegy into your personal message of hate. You have done a disservice to your company, your backers, and most importantly to Mr. Bellaire.

      Did you discuss with him, prior to this post, its content including private personal information? Do you know what you personally have done to the chances that Mr. Bellaire's project would succeed? Who would back a project where the company's owner is depicted this way? You didn't even have the fall to make this a backer only update which will guarantee that Mr. Bellaire's future employment prospects will be able to read this as well.

      You argue for civil discourse, yet post anger and discord. I find your words to be harsher than any of the comments made to or by Mr. Bellaire. Your outrage is offensive. Your indignation is childish.

      Congratulations, Kevin. Job well done.

    36. Aaron Kingham on

      Before anymore people accuse backers of being hate spitting asshats, please look up Carmen's posts on the Palladium Books forums. He did a poll there for his kickstarter and was met with many polite responses about the low chances of success for his rifts kickstarter. When he decided to post on this forum, he was defiantly stubborn that his kickstarter would be successful and made sweeping generalisations (against our kickstarter fulfilling unless he was successful) leading to people telling him point blank it would not succeed because of it giving funds to PB. The backdrop to this is Kevin has propped him up with false hopes, selling him an IP that will be facing a hard road due to PBs management of RRT. Kevin literally lifted Carmen up to pull the ground out from under him and let him fall. The update Kevin posted compounds that. I think Kevin needs to end this kickstarter and soon. Shame on you Kevin.

    37. Brian M

      I realize that Kevin doesn't actually read these comments, but this "update" was horribly inappropriate in so many ways. A person's private troubles should not be shared like this in a blast email to over five thousand strangers. It was completely inappropriate to subject thousands of people to this horrifying "update" which has really no direct bearing on the Robotech KS. Kevin's negative comments toward Carmen disgusting, and his "blaming" of the backers is totally out of line.

      Really hope Carmen recovers and gets the assistance and support he needs. And if he has good game ideas, I hope he can get out from under Palladium's shadow and get them made. But at this point, I would still warn anyone I could about backing any product that Palladium was part of. This isn't out of vengeance or hatred; its just common courtesy to warn other consumers about a company that has a terrible track record.

    38. Roadrunner on

      First and foremost I do not think anyone here is churlish enough not to wish Carmen a speedy and full recovery., he certainly has my best wishes for his future

      However, will those who now have decided to cast a lot of unwarranted balme on the backers here just take a moment to reflect as well.

      First of all I strongly suggest that you read the "offensive" comments that were made before jumping to generalisations about the rest of us on this board. The comments were hardly the worst I have read on many Kickstarter boards and in the main were in response to an unfortunate, provocative post, that was followed up on in similar vein keeping the open wound wide open and raw

      Stop losing sight of the true cuplprit here, Kevin Sembieda and his failure in this project on so many levels as well as and including non delivery. The latest fail,, to use this unfortunate affair to disown anty responsiblity to carry out his promises and even worse effectively throw someone he says is a friend under the bus - not for the first time - and try (successfully it would seem) to drive a wedge into the community here.

      Yes Kickstarters are not always successful and sometimes they fail - many I have backed and delivered on were delayed for a coule of years It is at that point the creator gets a choice pay back refunds or effectively lose your own money and go bankrupt problem is in the eyes (and lies ) of Palladium this project has not failed, it is still going strong and so they can dodge any fiscal responsibility while continuing to lie to us.

      Wake up and smell the coffee, Kevin is trying to get one over on you again.

      No, well I just wonder if in a few weeks time he will announce he is taking over the reins of the Rifts BG KS project and will see it is completed. Why, to honour his dear friend of course, nothing to do with the monies he will now not be getting

    39. Gary Whitfield on

      In fact, let's vust take that a step further. I backed another campaign AFTER this one. Due to an accountancy error, the firm went into liquidation. The guy who ran it got more funding, bought back his IP, finished the production run, and finished the campaign. AT NO EXTRA COST TO THE BACKERS!

      Hands up anyone who thinks that is the sort of person Kev is? But it seems to be the guy Jeff was talking about.

    40. TwoGunBob on

      My hopes for all this. Carmen mends and gets the help he needs. Palladium refunds Carmen any money put through for the Rifts IP use. Carmen takes this money and restructures his board game using an original IP of his own creation free of any potential shackles imposed by Palladium. He shows renewed strength to run a kickstarter based on his own ideas and strengths. I think Carmen could well flourish under his own ideas and deadlines rather than anything that was likely proposed under contract with Palladium.

    41. Gary Whitfield on

      Jeff Neeley said "Very sad to hear this. And also VERY sad to see some of the unkind comments here on KS. This is a place to be constructive and to cheer on project creators. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be a part of this ecosystem...

      [Ohh yes, let's have this old chestnut again. There are plenty of projects where that does indeed happen. Buit those are the ones that actually deliver, rather than the ones that are incapable of fulfilling ALL the base pledges 3 YEARS after they were allegedly '98% finished"]

      Please get well Carmen. [seconded, don't believe he deserved anything like that.]And please keep thinking positively [Grow up and take the blame. Your company, your choices, your mistakes, your failures, and worse of all, YOUR SILENCES] Kevin. Know that a large majority of the people that back these projects are NOT represented by the small portion who post vitriolic comments in these threads. [sorry, that's the wrong way round. Small portion of people defend you against all available evidence - which, let's face it, is a mountain when compared to the evidence of life for RRT, which ain't jack!]

      Some projects don't succeed, despite the best efforts of even the most devoted creators. As KS backers, everyone should go in knowing this. And I still think Kevin has a chance to succeed with RRT. [No, he's got two hopes, and Bob Hope is dead!] He clearly cares very deeply about this material, his wider catalog of IP and those other creators he works with. Exactly what every hobbyist would hope for in a steward of gaming systems they care about.

      [Bullcrap. The person you describe would have been visible from outer space with all the effort he would have used to PROMOTE this game, and keep backers IN THE LOOP!]

      I just don't understand this position of entitlement and lack of common decency that I see in some of these comments. No amount of money anyone has pledged to this or any other campaign should make a backer think they have a right to act this way.

      [We gave PB our money over 3 YEARS AGO! If you had ordered something online that long ago, WHEN WOULD YOU THINK YOU ARE "ENTITLED" TO A REFUND OR AT LEAST SOME CLEAR COMMUNICATION WITH SOME VERIFIABLE FACTS!]

      I really hope the KS platform gains an ability for us to self-moderate these comments soon, so the 90% of us who are decent human beings can bury the other 10% who troll these threads and post negative comments that neither respectful nor considerate and are doing more to derail projects than help them to move forward.

      [I really hope people learn that this sort of "Campaign" damages the system that it runs on. The longer this travesty of a campaign drags on, the more people turn away from the system it runs on. The more camp[aigns end up like this, the more chance there will be a 'run on the bank' with people keeping their money in their wallets. I have used KS longer after I backed this than a lot of people, but I am done. No more money for PB, no more money for KS, until someone takes responsability for this. I am glad I only wanted some models to paint and display. I feel sorry for those who went in to the tune of $500 or more. I only went in for around $100, but am mad as hell that I have only got goods worth about 5% of that. Why SHOULDN'T I be mad at that. It's as near as dammit FRAUD!

    42. Matt Pinkerton on

      Alexander Brown, I enjoyed your comment.
      You've got the right attitude about this situation.

    43. Jay D. on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    44. Matt Pinkerton on

      Jeff Neely, that is very well said.
      Frustration over plasitic figures should not trump the importance of someone's life.

    45. Mario Mora on

      just... dude, I don't even care anymore. I am normally a very positive and cheery and supportive fellow, because I know what it's like to make mistakes, I know what it's like to let people down professionally, it's happened to all of us. But to let down a massive group of investors that were (and maybe some still are) of this game. Just start allowing an option for refunds. I only had the $15 dollar reward tier. That was all I could afford, didn't have a job at the time, but had a little spending cash and wanted to support this game. It's been too long, so please just offer refunds to those of us that are over all of this.

    46. Missing avatar

      QisforMe on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    48. Missing avatar

      John Null on

      no wave 2, if jeff neely can't be bothered to scroll down to where i reposted that link it's on him being lazy.

    49. Scarlet

      @no wave 2
      It's not worth your time typing tbh, there's always going to be some "fan friends" who'll stick up for Kevin the Criminal no matter what.