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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
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A terrible day

Posted by Palladium Books (Creator)

In recent weeks, game designer Carmen Bellaire began talking online about the Rifts® board game he has been developing under license. His planned upcoming Kickstarter will launch it and his own company.

On Friday morning he came here, to the RRT Kickstarter comments pages, and made what he had intended to be a post to drum up support from backers of our Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter project. It didn’t go well, to say the least.

Carmen’s awkward words might have seemed out of context and harsh. They were fueled by comments and accusations people had been directing at him here and elsewhere for a while now. Somehow, he thought he was helping by coming here to speak to people directly.

I don’t know why Carmen Bellaire said what he said, in the way that he did. I know he has been pushing himself much too hard, and was emotionally drained and physically exhausted when he made those posts. That might explain some of it. He can also be the proverbial bull in the china shop, and has a bad habit of not choosing his words carefully. A lot of his comments and observations about Robotech® RPG Tactics and Palladium Books were from an outsider’s perspective, and often incorrect or not clearly presented. Carmen’s viewpoint, like many of yours, is that of a concerned outsider looking in.

He had not been around Palladium Books much the past 3-4 years, because he was busy creating games for his own fledgling company, Rogue Heroes LLC, which he has hopes to launch in spectacular fashion with the Rifts® Board Game as his first release. This would be done via a Kickstarter campaign in April, 2017. In addition to this endeavor, Carmen works a full-time, 9-5 job, as well as doing freelance game design for Upper Deck. A lot of work for Upper Deck. It is my understanding that the many games he has designed for that company have yet to see release, but they have been keeping him busy and several are in the pipeline for release. Doing board games right takes time. I’ve learned that the hard way. Carmen is also doing work for at least two other game companies under a veil of secrecy. He cannot speak about them or identify the companies due to NDAs and the wishes of those companies. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to mention Upper Deck. I have been doing so rather shamelessly, because I’m very proud of my friend Carmen, and I figured the folks at Upper Deck will be okay with it coming from me.

Carmen is a passionate person who feels things deeply. He has a heart of gold and a truly brilliant mind for games. The launch of Rogue Heroes LLC and the Rifts® Board Game is the culmination of his lifelong dream and a five or six year journey to make that dream a reality. He has made a lot of sacrifices, invested a lot of money, and worked his tail off to get here. He was excited beyond measure as he prepared to launch his Kickstarter for the game. And if it panned out, he had big plans for the future.

Carmen and I have not talked about him “fixing” Wave Two, as he put it. We at Palladium, and many others, believe the RRT rules are solid. That while they could use some clarification, expansion and tweaking, they are really quite excellent and damn fun to play. What Carmen and I have talked about is Carmen’s hope and dream that if the Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter is a big success, he can quit his 9-5 job and dedicate himself exclusively to creating games. It is a lifelong dream I have heard about since the first day I met Carmen 12, 15 years ago. A dream he saw finally becoming a reality. A dream he has put his heart and soul into making come true. So no, Rogue Heroes, LLC is not a front or shell company for Palladium Books, as some have suggested; it is 100% Carmen Bellaire.

His terrible opening post and further discussion about Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and Wave Two on the RRT Kickstarter board was fueled by his passion and hopes. If the Rifts® board game was a big success, and he really could quit his 9-5 job, he planned to help Palladium get RRT back on track, doing whatever he could to help. Carmen has all kinds of ideas for advanced RRT rules, new factions and new waves of product that we would love to see happen. But for the moment, he was still buried with other work commitments and needed to stay focused on the Rifts® board game and its Kickstarter. 

What Carmen was trying to say and why

Carmen didn’t intend to challenge, threaten or blackmail anyone for support of his impending Rifts® board game Kickstarter. He was, in his own lame and awkward way, trying to say that his success with it would be good for the future of RRT, because he could be more involved and hopefully help make things happen faster in the future. He was trying to say, please don’t undermine his Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter, because his success would actually help RRT in the long run.

I know this is what he meant, because he called me Friday, early afternoon, very upset by the reaction of some people on the RRT boards. He apologized to me over and over again for upsetting people and fueling the vitriol when all he was trying to do was help. Help me. Help his upcoming Kickstarter. Help the fans. Help his family. Help everyone. And doing it by creating a fun Rifts® board game to be followed by many other games from his company, not just based on Palladium’s I.P., but many of his own brilliant ideas.

I understand why people are upset about RRT. What I cannot understand is the absolute hate and bloodlust of some, to destroy us, when we are trying to deliver the game they backed. Even more puzzling is attacking and destroying anyone who is affiliated with Palladium even in the slightest way, and shouting down and condemning others who don’t agree with their point of view.

What you need to know

Carmen Bellaire has put his heart and soul, and every dime he has, into the creation of HIS company, Rogue Heroes LLC, and HIS Rifts® board game. I say “his” Rifts® game because while it is Palladium’s I.P., it is ALL Carmen’s genius, money and blood, sweat and tears.

Vicious words of hate shocked and overwhelmed him. 

Twisting the truth and twisting his, admittedly poorly chosen words, cut him to pieces. Carmen was never an employee of Palladium. He was a freelancer who worked off site, like all of our freelancers. He submitted the occasional book or contribution to a product like RRT. Carmen has never deliberately held back from making RRT great. Carmen was not trying to blackmail you to support his game. All he wanted to do was help, and he saw the Rift® board game as his way to start doing that. He wanted you to understand this. That your support for his Kickstarter – or at least not trying to undermine it – would enable him to help you and RRT, because he would finally have the time to devote to it, if he could quit his day job. He even shared his dream of being able to do a lot more work on RRT, Wave Two and future RRT releases, among other things. Carmen had a lot of big dreams and good intentions. 

Crushed and shell-shocked by your heated words and promises to do everything in your power to ruin his Kickstarter, Carmen’s dreams were shattered. And why? Because he was friends with Kevin Siembieda and had done freelance work for Palladium Books off and on over the years.

He took your words to heart. Carmen believed you hated him. Believed you would work to destroy everything he had spent years building for himself, his family and for you. 

In a telephone call on Friday, he had told me he had never experienced this kind of hate and venom. He was clearly reeling from it. He said it was beyond anything he could imagine. He apologized, saying that all he wanted to do was help. Instead he had ruined everything.

A short time later, at 2:07 PM, Friday afternoon, Carmen emailed me to say how much I have meant to him. That he was sorry he ruined everything by posting on the RRT board and stirring up unfathomable hate. He felt there was no way to undo the damage he had done. That he had ruined any chance for a successful Rifts board game Kickstarter and the launch of his company. That he had let his family down and every single person who was working so hard to make the Rifts board game and his company a reality. “I can’t take it, man ... I am so so so sorry. Good bye.”

Carmen tried to kill himself moments later.

It is only by the grace of God that his wife, a nurse, entered the room in time, that Carmen is alive. He is in the hospital, but in a bad way. He is a mess. The fate of the board game, his company, his dreams ... and most importantly, his life, are unknown. His family and all of us who know and love him are still in shock and praying to God that he will be okay.

Words can kill

On Friday, words on this board – cruel, vicious, condemning words – successfully crushed a man’s hopes and dreams and sent him spiraling into despair. Those words pushed him to the point of trying to take his own life. I would hate to think anyone may take pride in that. 

I’m posting this, with the permission of Carmen’s family, because you need to know that words of hate, spite, cruelty and intolerance, pushed a good man – a husband – a father – a friend – to attempt suicide on Friday. A simple gaming geek like every one of us, Carmen worked hard to support his family, found joy in gaming, and dared to pour his heart into making his dream come true for the betterment of everyone.

Please realize that your words and tone may hurt another person as much as a bullet to the heart. Please, try to stop and think about what you say. Remember that human beings are fragile creatures. Try to find compassion and support for others, not tear them down. Try not to assume the worst or cast your assumptions and accusations against someone who does not deserve them. Not everyone is a bad guy. Not everyone is an enemy to be hated, attacked and ridiculed. Words matter. Lives matter. Kindness and tolerance matter. Perhaps more than ever before.

A friend asked me if Carmen will be okay. We don’t know. Carmen will be in the hospital for a while. We don’t know for how long. We don’t know if he will ever be the same. We don’t know whether he’ll return to game design and try to launch his company or the Rifts® board game in which he has invested everything. If not, that’s a tragedy of another sort, because Carmen has so much to offer. Before his suicide attempt, Carmen regarded game design as pure joy and tackled it with a childlike sense of wonder. All he wanted to do was to make games. After this, I don’t know. 

I’m afraid this is not my most eloquent post. I am still shaken. I’m scared for him. Terrified. And saddened beyond words.

Please pray for Carmen’s swift recovery, emotionally and physically, and that Carmen is able to find the strength to once again follow his dreams and dare to try to make them come true. I want that not just for Carmen, but because he has a treasure trove of wonderful games locked in his imagination waiting to come out. Games that will bring joy and laughter to all of us.

I hope and pray there is a happy ending coming. Our love to Carmen and his family. 

Kevin Siembieda

President, Palladium Books

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    1. Rache Bartmoss on

      Blaming the backers for this? Talk about a new low....

    2. Michael Martin on

      I'm very sorry to hear about what happened to Carmen, and I pray he is able to recover.
      I'm also incredibly disgusted at the callous comments here, and the heartless people who are more concerned about their games than a human life.
      This is not what our community is supposed to be like.

    3. Eddie G. on

      First of all I hope Carmen makes a quick recovery. What has transpired is very unfortunate and should never have led to that drastic of a decision to end his life. That being said, call it passion or mental instability, what was said by Carmen was in a threatening tone to a group who willing gave of their money to see a dream become a reality only to see it dwindle to nothing regardless of Wave 2's delivery or not. At this point anyone with some minor business sense knows it is foolish to continue to pour money into something that will not be profitable to the company. If you follow any of the games made by CMON you would know that they drop support for games as soon as sales for it come to a screeching halt(case in point Rivet Wars...still bumming over that). We hope to see the light of Wave 2 but we as backers have lost hope and know better. It's all a waiting game to see which side caves first: The backers give up their pursuit to get what they invested back or PB admits defeat that they have failed. The second point is you don't want someone who is unstable running a business with your IP at stake and you certainly don't want someone who caves under the weight of criticism before the "dream" even takes flight and then threatens those who might actually be interested in what he has to offer or decides to take more drastic measures to get out of a tough situation. For that very reason, I would be hesitant to back anything Carmen is involved in now regardless of his past dealings or mishaps. You can't take words back so always think and choose wisely before hitting that Post Comment button. He needs help and I do pray he gets it and those around him help him to recover fully and let him know he is valued regardless of failings or shortcomings. Also Kevin could have handled this better. I for one do not approve of people speaking on my behalf and certainly take issue with the above update as well. You disclosed too much personal information and then posted it as a public update that now is available for non-backers to read as well. If anyone ruined any chance of Carmen making his dream come true, it would be you Mr. Siembieda. You obviously do not care enough to really protect your "friend" and his best interests or personal life for that matter. Not many knew about Carmen's comments till this update was sent in an email. With your haughty holier than thou attitude you only seemed to make the matter worse for Carmen. But that seems in line with Kevin Siembieda. Blame others but don't take ownership of your own failings.

    4. Brian on

      So... we should expect a Wave 2 on the suicide attempt in 2021?

    5. Tom Morgan on

      I will keep this short and to the point. First, my heart goes out to Carmen and his family on this tragedy. I hope he gets the help he needs and has a speedy recovery.
      Second - Shame on you for trying to pass the blame, Kevin. This situation is your fault, and not that of the backers you have repeatedly lied to over the last several years. You need to take a long look at yourself and your actions since this whole debacle started. You have shown a distinct lack of professionalism in this, and many other updates. I honestly think it may be time for you to give up and retire, since you're obviously not suited to run this company any longer. Being a long time Robotech and Rifts fan, it kills me to say that. However, you no longer have mine or anyone else's confidence in your leadership. It's time to leave before something else tragic happens.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      TalonZahn on

      I feel bad for Carmen, on a human level, and I would gladly swap his position with Kevins. Of course that would just give him an excuse to delay RRT Wave 2 even more.

      Also, I'm pretty sure Carmen is the guy that STOLE someone's work for the RRT rules and gave it to Kevin. Then Kevin, who claims innocence, offered to give the 3rd party something like $100 bucks to make it all even.

      Kevin doesn't even know what's going on in his house.

      I'd have to do some follow up investigation, but I wouldn't be surprised it this whole scenario was contrived to buy even MORE time for RRT or come up with an excuse as to why Carmens KS will get burned to the ground.

      I'm willing to bet a HUGE number of RRT backers will toss in $1 just to bitch and anyone attached to Palladium.

    8. Lee Alley on

      I am sorry Carmen got caught up in this cluster of shit.

    9. Lee Alley on

      This update has nothing to do with the KS you have failed to deliver. Kevin, you sold your so-called friend the rights to make his dream into a game. But you didn't do this out of friendship, only money. You are a coward.

    10. TwoGunBob on

      It's pretty much an attempt by Kevin to emotionally manipulate people into believing RRT backers are a bunch of trolls that would drive a man to his death over toys. I see a lot of people commenting that they haven't read the actual exchange and I'd advise they go back and read it before they talk about how poisonous the exchange was. It was an appropriate level response to a bad attempt at extortion. Carmen may have meant to say a lot of things but now Kevin is trying to emotionally manipulate into seeing EVERYONE involved in this (except himself naturally) as responsible for almost KILLING someone. Don't believe Kevin's hype, friends, this 'update ' isn't about Carmen, it's about Kevin and Palladium as always.

    11. WSting on

      OK... so I took the time to read ALL of the comments/responses/counter-points all the way back to Carmen's original post a few days back... and here are my thoughts.

      First, Carmen was way out of line with his "don't F$&@ with my upcoming Kickstarter or I won't help with the RRT project anymore and I'm the only one that can fix it" attitude. He earned the ire, if you ask me. He jumped into an argument head-long... in retrospect it was most likely fueled by his mental illness and flamed by our collective disgust for the way this Kickstarter has been managed.

      Second, it is clear that Carmen has been a solid freelancer and creative mind through the years but would be a horrible business owner, if the backlash that he was given over the span of a few hours pushed him to attempt to take his own life. He's clearly not well enough for the stress of business ownership. His mental illness must go well beyond this KS nonsense and I hope he's getting the help he needs.

      Third, Kevin S. Is the author and architect of this disaster. This project is 100% his responsibility and [we the backers] have every right to call him out for his misdeeds and lies. I will continue to go out of my way to warn gamers about Palladium and their business practices.

      In short, mental illness is real and requires professional help. I don't wish Carmen ill-will, I just hope he gets the right sort of help and makes better choices in the future about the friends he keeps.

    12. Qwyksilver on

      I had pretty much given up and forgotten about this Kickstarter until I received this massive wall of text. First of all, my thoughts for a quick physical recovery for Carmen, and hopefully a long and highly supportive, post-recovery period for both he and his family. Suicide is not something to be taken lightly. I truly hope he can find a combination of medication and counseling that will find him stability. I spent years working with folks with SI or having made attempts. Carmen, get well. Get help.

      That being said, I have now gone back and re-read the posts that led to this incident on this KS. Kevin, you are painting a large number of backers with an incredibly broad brush. I take a great deal of offense to this. I've gone and read those comments. The comments made by Carmen were poorly worded and extremely inflammatory. Backers did respond in the negative, and justifiably so. However unless there have been a number of posts removed, I find it hard to throw that blame on the small percentage of backers that posted here. Could there have been heat leveled through other channels? Probably, but again, shouldering that blame on the people here is irresponsible at best.

      We can armchair pathologize what happened, but the reality is, Kevin there is so much of your update that has been done in poor taste. I am sure you may be reacting to this in anger as well, since you are a friend of Carmen's. This is not the place for it. If you are angry at the words that erupted after Carmen came here, address that to the people involved, not the other 5000+ backers.

      But also know that there are a lot of angry people still here that may not personally wish Carmen ill will, and still want to know where the return on our investment is. And until our investment is refunded or fulfilled, you have to understand that ANYTHING attached to Palladium Books is going to be a target for mistrust, ill will and negativity. Carmen should have known this as well.

      You can blame people here for their words, but also know that if you attack someone that is already angry you cannot show shock when that anger erupts.

      Carmen sadly made the choices that he did. To purchase the IP, to come here and kick a hornet's nest. It is unfortunate that he was stung. That he chose to harm himself as a result is a tragedy. This speaks to his mental state before he came here. Do not try to place the blame solely on the community here. Even in your own update you listed a large number of warning signs, risk factors, and lack of protective practices that lead to what happened.

      Beyond all that has transpired, and beyond leveling blame and accusations, I want to know what are YOU going to do Kevin to fix this mess? I can personally care less about the rules. I want the miniatures. I don't care how fiddly they are and how difficult to assemble. I would love to know when I will be getting the rest of my little plastic men so I can go "Pew Pew" with my kids and my friends. I can always find a rule system that works.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      Kevin - You do realize there is ONE and ONLY ONE person who is responsible for where this project is, where this community is and the attitudes among backers that led to this?

      I'll give you a hint, his initials are the same as the funding platform he used, KS.

      I am sorry for what has happened to Carmen, No one deserves to be in a position of thinking they were better off dead.

      I've been there several times myself the last few years but chose a different path. Its so disheartening to give people your trust, your money only to be constantly betrayed by them. Its so disheartening to be completely powerless when people cheat you like that, knowing that they know you are powerless and that they are relying on you being powerless to steal from you and cheat you.

      Sound like anyone you know Kevin?

    14. Ryan Brady-Toomey on

      While it is horrible what happened, and I certainly would never want it to happens to anyone, drawing the direct correlation and placing the blame on the users here is the height of your utter lack of understanding. I haven't seen these comments that he made or that were made by users here. But to use an update for the RRT project to defend the actions of someone not even related to the project shows just how out of your element you are. This project has been so badly and terribly mismanaged that you can't even see the kind of environment YOU created here. It sucks that your friend didn't know what he was getting into, but if he didn't, there were literally YEARS of discussion on this topic and he should have known how things are here and that any amount of comments would not help.

      Shame on you for using a tragic set of events as a way to blame others. Shame on you for spending your time here berating us and not being there for your friend. Shame on you for not having the sense to apologize for how things went here. In general, shame on you.

    15. Jeremy Cherry on

      First, sorry to hear about Carmen. This shit ain't worth taking your life over. It's a game. Get better. Second, this "update" doesn't really help that or anything else imo. Blaming a few people for saying some harsh things when you say in your own post some pretty condesceding things i.e. he was "in his lame and awkward way" trying to tell us something. Not to mention it didn't take you much time to distance yourself from you friend as you could, Kevin. But, I'm going to leave it at that.

    16. John Surette on

      The world is a selfish place. People don't care about how their words, actions, or anything effects those around them, only how it benefits themselves. I haven't gone to read the comments that may have caused Carmen's actions. And I haven't had to go far in the comments below to find even more toxicity towards the subject.

      I know what it is like to make a decision on something, with all of the good intentions, and then have that decision end up being a poor one. Not because it may have been wrong, but because of the reaction of those that responded to me. I also know what its like to commit yourself to a purpose, or a goal, and have that destroyed by others. I UNDERSTAND.

      However, I'm not a religious person. And as such, I will not 'pray' for good results. I don't believe prayers do anything. The toxic unhappy people are often the loudest, and Carmen needs to hear from that quiet, positive public to understand that there are people out there that appreciate the work, that are looking forward to seeing what else he can create and provide to us for us to enjoy.

      ~Kevin. If you are reading these comments and happen to read mine, collect up all the positive comments and words of support for Carmen that come from here or any other source, and bring them to him in the hospital. Let him know that the toxic voices aren't the only voice.
      That there are people who care more about themselves and hurting others. Let him know that there are other dreamers out there, that would be happy to continue to support the efforts of people who create games, worlds, and even stories for the rest of us to escape to and enjoy.

      Carmen is not alone. There are people who still support RRT, and would very much enjoy to see Rifts content, boardgames, and anything else that may come out. Remind him of the positive.

      And hopefully I get the quote right..

      "Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem"

      No one is a man, who does not render the world better.

      No prayers, but RRT and a Rifts game totally have my support, and I would be interested in backing the game(s) further.


    17. Brandon Aten

      My thoughts and prayers go out to Carmen and his family.

    18. James E on

      It's really sad that you are using Carmens problems to deflect criticism that is directed at you. You already appear to be a liar and cheat but this makes appear as a whiny coward. Man up to your responsibilities and do somethime. Quit blaming your corrector your incompetence.

    19. Missing avatar

      Claire Labus on

      @Shawn Carmen is both. He backed this project, and worked on this project. He shouldn't have come on here to push his new project and attempt to blackmail us to not putting in a dollar to warn people away.

    20. Shawn P. Smith on

      First off, I'm pretty upset about getting this "update" at 4am. Second, if online haters who are rightfully upset comments are enough to make you kill yourself you have way bigger problems than the state of your kickstarter, Next I would like to say the things that could have been done to avoid this fall squarely on the President of Palladium Books(as you call yourself) here's how Kevin
      Key#1 finishing one project that is 3 years over due, or if you can't finish then be truthful about your incompetence.
      Key#2 communication throughout the process to ensure people don't feel cheated or excluded.
      Key#3 Carmen should have never been on here if he's not a Palladium employee or a backer.

    21. MidnightBlue

      meant = met

    22. Missing avatar

      Claire Labus on

      I will say that I am sorry for my role in this. I am however not going to shoulder 100% of the blame either. PB and it's lies, and poor business practices, and Carmen's own attempt at blackmail are also to blame. He may not have meant it to sound like he was blackmailing us, but that is surely what it sounded like, and I responded as I would any attempt at blackmailing me. As to hiding behind the internet, I use my name here. I hope he recovers, and gets the mental health help that he needs. I will be adding this to my own therapy sessions.

    23. Matt on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    24. MidnightBlue

      I have not gone back and read the posts by Carmen or the hatred that I have no doubt followed from these boards, I don't have to...I can guess how badly it went.

      While this KS has definitely not meant my expectations, I do not wish harm to anyone even remotely related to Palladium Books or this project.

      I have very close and immediate family dealing with similar issues as Carmen right now, so I can completely understand the hell his family is going through, because I share their pain and fear.

      I wish them the absolute best outcome from all of this and hope Carmen makes a complete and full recovery and is able to find his joy in gaming once again. I don't know what I personally would do without it, sometimes my seemingly only lifeline against the hells of the Real World.

      Godspeed and quick recovery Carmen!

    25. Johnathan Lawson on

      I wish Carmen a safe and fast recovery!!

    26. Styx on

      Best wishes to Carmen and their family. I hope he comes through this with a long life and continued joy of gaming.

      To any of the pricks and cyber-bullies involved, karma is a real bitch. Enjoy what you sow. It is one thing to express feelings, but this goes far beyond that line.

    27. Romall Smith on

      Despite what he just told you some of you are still being giant assholes. You put money into a KS that hasn't fully panned out that doesn't give you the right to treat people like garbage. Nor does it give you the right to discount a life. Grow up

    28. TwoGunBob on

      Disclosure? The next and only update for 2017 will be Caremen's recovery and recovered passion to bring you the best non-Palladium affiliated Palladium board game ever!!!!!

      And if anyone here decides they may want to post negative points on Carmen's kickstarter, well they better not because the harsh words might KILL HIM!!!!!!!

      So all you disgruntled RRT backers better stay away from posting negative comments in the Rifts game kickstarter cause then you'll be murderers by proxy!!!

    29. Michael Nolen on

      I hope Carmen recovers from this. however I think part of him getting attacked has to do with saying he could help this project move forward, meaning that he showed that he knew what the issue with this project is. It is probably in your best interest to tell us what is going on with full disclosure. remember you can make backer only posts as well. then we can all work on a way forward.

    30. Missing avatar

      Fleshharrower on

      Don't believe a word of your update Kevin given your stories over the years, I think I can faithfully say that you are full of it. Also your post has got nothing to do with RRT. Only truth here is that you owe us the final product and basically have stolen from us. Even is your post were true, Carmen shoulda never posted in here, he got back the type of responses he deserved for posting that crud.

    31. Missing avatar

      I need a handle too! on

      Well I certainly hope Carmen gets the serious mental help he needs.

      You caused the toxic environment that he stumbled into and blackmailed you victims of fraud. Maybe YOU will understand that YOUR words have meaning. And your YEARS of abusing your 'customers' with promises of delivering on what they paid for without any proof have turned them against ANYTHING PB.

      I sincerely hope that your company goes bankrupt because of your fraud and deception. Do t be stupid and kill yourself though.

    32. TwoGunBob on

      I feel sympathetic to Carmen but this vitriol wasn't even really bad. He storms in threatening to "let it all burn" and people respond "oh really?" And then the update is how this community is so AWFUL it almost killed someone!!!! This may well be a blessing when Carmen recovers because he'll likely do the smart thing and NOT run his kickstarter because he obviously is under too much stress to undertake such an endeavor.
      Seriously, if a few internet comments sent him into attempted suicide how would he handle real business stress involving real money? Business is not rainbows, unicorns, and taffy it is cut throats and usually ultimately soul stealing on some level. I know Carmen will recover and I hope he has the good sense to not try his kickstarter because he's proven already he lacks the mettle to see it through what will be a very hard journey.

    33. Kevin Daignault

      @Kevin Siembieda - I have been absent from the boards for a very long time, so I was unaware of the exchanges on the Message Boards that transpired leading up to this unfortunately incident. Please express my sympathizes to Carmen's family at this time, and my desire for him to have a speedy recovery. Having someone so passionate about game design is a great thing, and to loose someone like this hurts our community as a whole.

      In regards to the RRT community's responses to Carmen leading to this, we should remember the Kickstarter rules regarding posts. That message board posts should "Be respectful and considerate". Harsh language and personal attacks on individuals.are neither of these.

      However, blame for the environment leading up to this is not 100% to blame on the RRT backers that post on the Message Boards. This Kickstarter has not been managed efficiently to say the least. We are not months but YEARS behind the delivery of the Wave 2 miniatures, and there were several persons (myself included) that put hundreds of dollars into this Kickstarter without seeing the delivery of all the items we paid for.

      Kevin, you stated that we would have these miniatures delivered to backers by December of this year. I personally am holding you to that promise. Should you fail to deliver the miniatures by the end of the 2017 calendar year, I am stating that I will not only never purchase another item or back another Kickstarter from Palladium Books, but I will also not purchase or back another Kickstarter using an IP that is owned by Palladium Books in the future, as well.

      Blame for what transpired can be shared with many people, but you need to shoulder your share of the responsibility for the events leading up to this, as well. If you want to make this right, fix your relationship with your backers so that Carmen's Kickstarter can move forward when he is ready to begin his Kickstarter campaign.

    34. james laflamme on

      This update - How NOT to do something 101

    35. Brett on

      Whether this update was appropriate or not is irrelevant. The fact that some poor guy tried to take his own life and a few of you folks are all "Who cares, where is the rest of my stuff?" is pretty amazing. Look, I'm just as pissed about this kickstarter as the next backer. This whole debacle has ruined any affection that I had for Robotech... but blowing off a life and death situation just so you can say "Where's my stuff?" for the thousandth time is pretty damn low. Way make your plastic toys more important than a human life dudes. Real classy. I hope your mom's basement floods with raw sewage.

    36. Robert "The Madness" Dixon

      I don't care about the Rifts boardgame. I just want the bulk of my 730.00 pledge to be delivered. I will continue to dissuade every person who asks about RRT because of the terrible way you have mismanaged all of this. I have read all the comments up to now and frankly, as someone on anti-depressants, Carmen must really have been one fragile snowflake to have reacted so harshly to what amounts to a very mild ribbing.
      This is all PBs fault. Period.

    37. William A Scott on

      As much as I would like to tell you, Kevin, to gargle a bag full of wangs over this KS project this is not the time and place for that.

      As a human being I feel for Carmen's family of his attempted suicide and I wish them all the strength getting thru this but I little sympathy for Carmen himself. I have never understood suicide and the utter weakness it takes to even contempate it and the hurt it puts their family and friends thru. I had to go thru it with my father and his devorce with him constantly saying "I am going to go into my bedroom and you might hear a POP" for weeks. I finally told him to "either shut the fuck up and do it or man up and grab your balls but if you do off yourself I won't be at your funeral." It snapped him out of it enough to recover slowly.

      This project and your companies handling of it are toxic. I have collected and loved your Robotech and Rifts books since I was a young teenager some 25 years ago and when I first seen your Robotech Tactics KS I was giddy with excitement, finally the miniature game I always wanted! Needless to say it's been a steaming pile of dog shit. The models are fine, I have been doing models since I was in the 4th grade, and I don't care about the part count or the fact that some of the parts break because they are too fragile, models break. But the fact that you had shown finished prototypes for almost all of Wave 2 and yet we still don't have anything from it really pisses me off.

      And now you have another game I would more then love to have, a Rifts game with Deadboys, Cyborgs, Glitterboys and an unexaustable background of stuff you could expand on again gets me beyond giddy but you have that big boulder of RRT hanging around it's neck, and goddamn is it big. If the Rifts game ever sees the light of day, which after this I seriously doubt, I will buy the SHIT out of it but I won't give it a single penny until it hits the shelves.

      And for all of you that still hope Wave 2 is going to come out within your lifetime just remember this... Hope is the first step down the road of disappointment.

    38. Richard on

      Dear people who keep calling descenters on here anonymous keyboard warriors.... Kickstarter and Palladium Books HAS EACH AND EVERYONE'S name and address here. There is NO anonymous posters, this isn't 4Chan!

      And to say I'm empowered by the keyboard, no I'd say this and call KS a c unit to his face for everything about this project!!

    39. Missing avatar

      James Higham on

      I will pray that Mr. Bellaire, does make a full and speedy recovery. Having read the postings that you are blaming,and make no mistake YOU ,Mr. Siembieda are blaming those postings and the people who made them for what happened, nothing in them was more then people would not support his project. Yes some said they hoped it failed,only after a Mr. Bellaire tried to blackmail...and yes i read it as a attempt to blackmail the Thousands of unhappy backers to this Kick Starter into silence. So please do not try to put the blame on backers for this, for you share just as big a blame as anyone here, if you had completed this project in a timely manner, or at least been more open about how things are going maybe there would not be such a hostile response from the backers. Once again i hope and pray for Mr. Bellaire complete and total recovery.

    40. Shammar on

      Sorry to hear about Me. Carmen Bellaire. Hope he makes a speedy recovery,

    41. Jean Carrières on

      Hi Kevin,

      Long time no talk, eh? I don't know if you'll read this. Considering the level of toxicity of many comments here, and after what happened to Camden, I would expect not.

      I'm sorry to hear about Carmen's suicide attempt. It sounds like his words were clumsy and caused typical internet outrage. It's my experience that outrage turns anonymous cowards into bullies. That's unfortunate. Carmen clearly made a mistake, but the punishment should be proportional to the crime. This was excessive. The problem is that taken separately, each comment has little impact. It's as a collective that it starts having weight and power--but the collective has no mind or conscience. It's almost impossible to address it because as soon as you do, it's parts disassemble into individuals that decline any responsibility. (Much like large banks and corporations people love to hate.)

      As a non-believer, I don't put much stock in the power of prayer, but my thoughts will be with Carmen, you, and his loved ones. I hope he gets better and recovers from this. I hope he gets the best care available and all the love he needs. I hope he stays away from this place and interacts with people who lift him up, not tear him down.

      I hope you'll update this group on the fate of Carmen. I'm sure many of us care.

      Yours truly,

      Jean C.

    42. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Kevin, this is not an appropriate update, for a legion of reasons!

    43. Rodney "Hovertank" Brice on

      It is unfortunate that Carmen did attempt to take his life, but, as someone who doesn't post much here, I read the posts that allegedly led to this incident.

      Nothing in them were over the top. A few people told him the truth, coming here looking for RRT backer support, through blackmail, is not the way to approach any matter. A lot of what I read was primarily, we won't back your project, and that anyone we talk to will be advised to stay clear of it. Most people are more than willing (myself included) in just keeping there distance from the project (whether we would like it or not) and not to interfere.

      I am not taking the blame for his condition. I had no part in the conversation, and for K.S. to basically blame everyone here, is ridiculous.

    44. Ben Nicholls on

      What has happened is sad however the blame lands on you Kevin. If you remove that fact the you do not reply to emails, facebook posts or questions regarding the development of RRT, you provide lip service to your backers by saying wave 2 was coming out in "insert next years date here", and you have failed to deliver what you had set out to deliver with a $1million plus fund... then Carmen would not have felt the need to come onto these boards to defend his game. There would not have been angry backers or disenfranchised fans and this would have been a great launch to a new Rifts line.

      The blame sits with you Kevin Siembiedia.

    45. Marek Wiernikowski on

      From what I understand Carmen has paid out significantly for a license to PB. Not sure when this was paid. Generally the idea of any licensed pb product is viewed with hostility, due to persistent mismanagement of this project. So carmen is in a hole and comes here to try to drum up support? Yeah, not gonna wash. Kevin this is your mess, your responsibility. If carmen dropped your IP he'd probably be greeted far
      more positively. You Kevin, have created a large base of people who really do want to see your company shut down for gross incompetence. I've worked with enough miniatures kickstarters to call your bullshit regarding the difficulty. Kings of war. Dwarf kings hold. Mars attacks. Maelstrom's edge. Fastest turnaround I've seen from sculpt to production sprue is about 2 weeks. Not years. Not months. You had plenty of opportunity to touch base with people who've done this sort of project. You can't put out any real information because it would result in admitting that you can't deliver, that you failed. That you can't refund and you should be bankrupt financially as well as morally. You've created this mess, this toxic environment. You let your friend walk into it. Think about that.

    46. Scott Kenny on

      Kevin, I'd like you to tell Carmen that there are people who backed the RRT kickstarter who want him around to write games, tell stories, and yes, help make RRT better. Hell, if I was in Texas I'd be asking where Carmen was so I could tell this to his face, and I've never even met the guy.

      I backed RRT to the tune of $680, damn near two of everything but the starter box. I love the Macross setting, and the Valkyries. Game isn't bad, though I think I'd prefer a 2d6 mechanic instead of a single die roll. But I can deal with that, 1d6 is a little faster to roll.

      But you/Palladium Games need to lock down the goddamn model designs for Wave 2 and get them made, and get them delivered.

      Stop chasing perfect, it doesn't exist.

      Yes, the parts count is high. That's not really an issue for someone who has built lots of Space Marines, or other plastic models like Gundams or 1/72 transforming Valkyries.

      The parts count is the price you need to pay for the detail and poseability of the models. I have 9 Valks, no two are in the same pose, and they're built as 1x -S, 2x -J, and 6x -A models. I did as much as I could for the Glaugs and Regults, too.

      Sprue placement is more critical, most of the parts are way too close to the sprues, which makes them easy to break when you're trying to cut them loose from the sprues. Give at least 3-5mm sprue clearance like Bandai does on their model kits, people will be happier with the building process.

      But deliver the damned product like you promised 4 fucking years ago.

      I think I speak for a lot of people here, and while we love the Robotech setting, we are really fucking pissed off at you, Kevin (and Palladium Books) and your attempts to deliver. Or rather, your LACK of attempts to deliver.

      You owe me Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, and about $400 retail in additional models. Super Valks, Armored Valks, YF4s, Lancers, Quaedlun-Rau, Nousjadeul-Ger, Gnerls, and more.

      Your performance on the KS has horribly damaged Palladium Books' reputation. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that ANY kickstarter with Palladium IP is going to do horribly, because of how Robotech RPG Tactics has been handled.

      I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone back a Palladium kickstarter when it's been 4 years and I still don't have half of what I was promised.

      The only thing that MIGHT save Carmen's KS is a big sign that says, "Palladium Books has no involvement in this KS outside of the Rifts setting," (assuming that's true). And even then, it might not be enough.

    47. Leonardo Poni on

      Blaming us is by far the most vile and low thing you could make.

      If any harsh message have been addressed to your "friend" is entirely your fault (plus his obvious inability to relate to people on the net, expacially with really pissed off backers who are victims of a million dollar charade), Kevin pls at least try to feel ashamed of your dirty work and deliver what you have promised, if not only to honour Carmen for his tragedy