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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan Sowle on

      I just want to say I shocked to hear about Carmin today and my heart go`s out to the Bellaire friends and family. I was also shocked at the attacks against him, as i sensed he wanted a chance to make rifts the game, but not have the bad cloud of palladium games over his head and the robo tech problems to dog his own success. Again i felt that people would not give him a clean break because of palladiums RT.

      In truth any hate should be aimed at palladium games for this royal cock up, not for the excellent rules but the models themselves etc. The blame has to be spread around and that Kevin also has blood on his hands over this. One this hits the general news it show what PB are really like...

      Again not hate here to Carmin, only the hope for him to heal and move forward.

    2. Termite

      I'm ashamed of some of the responses I see here. Frustrated with a Kickstarter is understandable, but the hateful responses I see here should not be in anybody's heart let alone voiced. The internet makes people "brave" to say things they wouldn't say to your face. It is very sad.

      I appreciate your efforts.

      I hope Carmen recovers quickly. Nobody should be pushed to that point. If he does run his Kickstarter it will be judged on its quality and potential regardless of what a few trolls have said.

      I, for one, am interested. Will I back it? Who knows? But I won't NOT back it because of something unrelated like this Kickstarter.

    3. wouter

      Sigh, it's the same everywhere online. Trolls pushing People to take harsh actions because of hurtful words.
      Trolls feeling protected by the anonimity of the online world.
      Trafic, very tragic.
      I can only hope he will recover soon and find the will and drive to continue with his work.
      Hopefully he will get the much needed support from his family and collegues.

    4. Marek Wiernikowski on

      Jay d just covered it. Read Frankenstein, kevin. You've built a monster with this project and it will destroy everything you touch. For
      Carmens part the response here was very predictable. Foolish move. If pb had any decency that IP license should be refunded. You've taken money from Carmen for something you knew at the time couldn't fly.

    5. Jay D. on

      I'll be honest. I'm not sure if I should even be posting here right now. But, like many others. I wish Carmen a healthy recovery. If anything positive other than a full recovery of Carmen were to come from this, it should be that this ends RRT. In the sense that things have reached a whole new level here. It is time for PB to do the right thing. Pay Carmen's medical expenses, give him back every dime he paid for the Rifts IP, stop with all the lies and start issuing refunds. If Kevin has any sense of friendship, morals or heart, it's time to end the cheraide. File bankruptcy if you have to. Close the doors and start issuing refunds. This is beyond just a game anymore. You failed as a company and you failed as a friend to look out for Carmen. You took his money and ours, squandered it and purposely threw him to the wolves. It is time to do the right thing, apologize and issue refunds. Or are you going to take a chance on everything that has already happened and possibly lose more than you already have?

    6. Rick Kowal on

      Oh yeah, and I forgot to say, fuck you, Kevin. And I hope you come to Adepticon with your sad as fuck booth so I can say fuck you to your face.

    7. Mathew Daley on

      Lord have mercy. My heart reaches out to Carmen and his family. I am more familiar with this subject than I care to admit. I know Carmen was trying to help his friend. I can empathize with that. I pray for a speedy recovery.
      Kevin, I know he is your friend. I know you are angry. Focus on your friend. This mess week still be here when the coulds pass.
      We backers, we are angry, and rightfully so. We should not, though, lash out against the only person that had actually tried to help in years. Expressing frustration is good. Attacking a person, especially one offering to help, is bad. Please, tonight, or when you read this, take a moment, pray, or just ponder the vastness and wonder of this short time we are on the stage of life, and give a well- thought to Carmen.

    8. Alberto Camargo on

      Well, PB and Kevin Siembieda... at this point, given my experience with this KS and basically each and every of you communications here and elsewhere, I would not believe you if you said the sky is blue and I would actually go check, so... yeah.
      Given that you post can be reduced mainly to "it's all you fault, you mean meanies! Carmen is just a depressed, suicidal guy, and you're making it worse when calling him on his comments! Meanies!!", coupled with the fact that in the last years we have been treated like mushrooms but you actually are able and willing to comment less than 24 hours after a shitstorm in the comments section...
      Yeah, no, sorry. I can't get myself to believe anything you've just posted in your usual, overlong format. If Carmen is suicidal, Im sorry for him, but he should not be posting here not trying to go kamikaze on a KS with your IP: he should be getting help. That is all. Also, I would not give someone with that little control over himself any money, I woul never get what I paid for AND I would be empowering him to dosomething even worse.

    9. The Dragons Eye Games on

      I'm sorry this happened, this is horrible to read about. I have stayed away from these posts for a while due to being sad about the wave 2 release but this is horrible that people would be that mean o someone, let alone someone basicly like them. I wish him, you, his family and friends the best. I hope he gets better and although I don't have the money right now I hope he puts out the Kickstarter and it meets with success.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tommel on

      First of all i want express mz best wishes to Mr. Bellaire and his Family.
      A tragedy that the took the decision to try and end his life.
      Know for something differnt, your Post is imho a pretty good Example of your Person.
      I haven't followed the comments on the KS Page for a long time.
      While i share your sentiment about "Words can kill" and that sometimes people refere to
      much to harsh words (a good example is Mr. Zakbar on the Dust Kickstarter who called the Guys at Battlefront Vermin and more bad things, and the reason why i don't support dust studios who know it and still left him admin of the offcial fb group) and some definitly take a step to far, but i also see that it seems that you don't reflect about your involment in this tragedy. It always the others who a wrong, never you. You blame the people on the board, say that they wanted to destroy the Rifts Boardgame KS only because he his Friends with you and worked freelance for Palladium Books. But that is not the whole thing, you seem to like to simplify things till they fit in your World View. He just as probably got so much hate because the people are filled up with empty promises, they want to see deeds not words! And because he uses your (or PB) IP for a Game. I can assure you that i will voice everywhere my Opinion of your and your Company where you or your IP show's up. YOU created this hatefilled atmosphere with your constant promises and long radio silence afterwards and then follows nothing! And you don't understand why the people start to call you a liar or a fraud?!?You say your puzzeled why people attack or won'T to see PB destroy, when you are trying to deliver the game. Did it ever occur you that i may be that these people dont't have any fate that you will deliver because of your constant excuses,broken promises???
      I must admit that i am pretty puzzeld how anyone can come to this ks and try to get support for something PB related and tell them that it might help RTT. That is the same thing over and over again. promises, promises promises. how can any sane person belief that after all what have happend the majority will take promises when they were fed up again and again with empty promises! I am sad because what has happend to Mr. Bellaire and his Family. I will think of him and hope that he get well and back on his feet. i wish that he can then spend his ideas on IP's less poisened by your deeds Mr. Siembieda. I think you should reflect about your piece in this whole puzzel. how you are involved and how much are you resonsible for this tragedy. it is sad that he invested so much time and money in a boardgame in the same timeline PB worked to devalue the IP he used.
      Maybe now is a good time to think about your doings and get something done. Imho RTT is Dead and want recover, my investment in your product flushed down the toilet, but still it would be the least that you deliver what you have promised! I don't have problem with delays if the company is upfront honest and keeps in touch. i think most people on Kickstart do. But these traits are not something i connect with you.

    11. Richard on

      Also, annoyingly, this is the largest update and yet contains the same amount of detail the others have.... Feck all about actually getting wave 2

    12. Richard on

      So now the backers are being accused of causing an attempted suicide!?

      If he truly did then I'm sorry that your mismanagement poisoned the well over here and his blackmail attempt pushed his buttons. If this is a sick twisted attempt that some are calling it this is a new low.
      I've suffered mental health issues for over 20 years and I really didn't need to read this. Using something like this, true or not, to emotional attack the backers is sicken and degrading.
      I hope he gets treatment.
      But more I hope that the special hell you end up in for putting out this type of emotional distressing post haunts you.

      Maybe if you done your job and got wave 2 done and out the community wouldn't be you know a little fired up by 'let it burn' just saying....

    13. Jeffrey on

      This is the first and probably the last time I will post on here. I take offense at your blanket statement that in some way We the backers may have caused undue stress to a free lancer that got in over his head. Your post had nothing to do with the project. Honestly I gave all my stuff I bought and received so far to a friend so they can sit on his shelf. Then changed my address over to his home because IF and I believe its a big IF the second part every comes out, I don't even want to bother seeing it. Last year I was frustrated as I shelled out allot of money. This year I've given up hope on the project and I'm sad to say your company. I grew up play your games in the 80's, saving up every dollar I could to get the next Rifts, Robotech or TMNT. I feel very cheated and won't buy anything from Palladium.

    14. Sining on

      His attempted support was 'If Rifts Boardgame KS succeeds,I will help RRT. If not, I will never help RRT and it will never succeed'
      That and the fact that a KS creator can say there's nothing backers can do as long creators like Kevin keep 'working' on the project is a huge red flag IMO. Especially a KS creator affiliated with Kevin.

    15. Aaron Kingham on

      @Ron, Carmen attempted to drum up support for Rifts here with an alternate option of helping RRT to completion. His attempted support was met with the ire of the vocal few who are "hating the game, not the player" The problem was that Carmen portrayed himself as an associate member of PB whos name is in the RRT book. More so as a close friend of Kevin. Given the smoke and mirrors updates of Kevin and his associates over the last 3 years (of which we have no choice but to read between the lines) he was bound to catch a lot of the heat directed toward PB in general. It should really have been like Kevins approach "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"......

      And I hope PB does stop posting updates, it's the only thing keeping the law from having a case against them and returning our money. Alternative is they can always start posting actual progress information. Once again, I hope Carmen recovers and I hope Kevin fulfils wave 2 or goes bankrupt, I don't care which.

    16. David Pawley on

      I believe this "update" about Carmen attempting suicide as much as I believe Kevin when he promises delivery of wave 2 in 2017, like he promised in 2014, 2015 & 2016. Not at all.
      If Carmen did attempt suicide, that is a sign of serious mental illness- not due to being met with disbelief that he could "fix wave 2" if only RRT backers would back his Rifts board game KS.
      Kevin Siembieda, you should be ashamed of yourself for this update & for your dishonesty regarding this campaign.
      End the farce. Admit that wave 2 is unable to be delivered, claim that it is despite your best efforts. Call it a day.

    17. Thomas Gordon Birchmore on

      I'm sorry that you conned someone you know and who trusted you. I feel bad for his family and hope he gets the help he needs. That said...Kevin, you are responsible for this. Your narssisistic personality and inability to just admit this is over, has cost this poor man his dream and almost his life. You are despicable. Even attempting to use his problems to try and deflect from your own fraud, is just horrible. I hope this in some way effects how you behave in the future, but realistically you will probably find some way to blame others for this failing.
      You used his trust and enthusiasm to line your pockets. If you are any kind of decent human being you will give back to this man what you and your ego have conned from him. Then make some sort of good faith gesture to us the other people you let down.

      Until that day. I will not forgive or forget.

    18. David Stanciu on

      I do know Carmen. Just as an acquaintance from years ago in the Windsor gaming scene. He is a decent guy and doesn't deserve this. This falls all on you Kevin. Shame on you for trying to make Carmen your fall guy.

    19. David Bruce on

      If the incident is true I hope he gets the help he needs. But I could give a rats ass about this kick starter. $230 down the drain is all I see.

    20. Ron Jodway

      Please pass my best to Carmen... I met him when I came to pick up my RRT wave one box and he was super nice and excited to not only give my box, but tour me about the place!

      And to all the backers that do nothing but spit hate and venom and give backhanded insults: It's because of you it came to this... can't we show a little compassion and understanding? Can we NOT hide behind the anonymity of the internet and just put words out for the sake of hurt?

      I'm just as upset as anyone, being a hug fan of Robotech, and Palladium in general, but seriously? When you can do nothing but spout negativity and hate at someone because they are trying to express themselves through a medium that, by its very nature, can be read and misconstrued and misunderstood in so many ways?

      In plain english, don't hate the player, hate the game. I know things have been a long time coming and I truly believe that if anyone understands that it's the gang over at Palladium. They are working hard to try and bring it to us, but all we can do whenever an update is given, is spout the same nonsense we always do: "You suck, where's my stuff, your company sucks!"

      Ultimately, they haven't forgot about us... it's obvious with the updates they give. Do they give alot of them? No. Would I like to see more of them? Sure! I would love to know the status of my backed kickstarter! However, at this point, it's kinda like getting punished. Everytime PB puts out an update, they get chastised and verbally brutalized. At some point, they'll just stop posting updates altogether.

      Maybe next time something gets posted, we can look at it with a critical eye and see it for what it is, not what we THINK it is. I'm going to end on a quote from an old radio DJ I used to listen to in the Detroit Area:

      "Were not here for a longtime, we're here for a good time." Mike Staff, 101WRIF

      Think before we post...

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Lionheart on

      I hope Carmen recovers and prospers. I met Carmen years ago and I greatly enjoyed gaming with him. Really fun and creative guy. I am sorry he is suffering and harmed himself and I wish him the best. BUT KEVIN!!! This update is NOT a good idea. It will NOT help either RTT or the Rifts boardgame. Blaming RTT backers for Carmen's actions is wrong and will not lead to good things. This clusterfrak just took a worse turn and I fear the public outing of Carmen's condition will only hurt his endeavors in the future.

    22. Aaron Kingham on

      Firstly, I'm sorry to see about Carmen, I hope he recovers and can return to his passion of boardgames very soon.

      Secondly, I'm appalled at your inability to converse with the investors in your company. Waiting for someone to take the "heat" directed at you and your company then taking time to write a lengthy update blaming us for what happened to Carmen. I was not part of the discussion, Carmen decided to comment in this kickstarter of his own volition and has now seen how upset we are about this mess, (which he implied as well). I will not back the Rifts kickstarter either as I have no interest in it, PB helps exacerbate that! Frankly Kevin, deliver wave 2 or go bankrupt, I don't care which.

      Once again hope Carmen recovers, I bear him no ill will other than his involvement with PB.

    23. Bruce Ralston on

      Kevin, this is the first I've heard of Carmen. I hope he recovers swiftly. No one deserves to be pushed to breaking point like this.
      My observation is that a lot of people are angry with a failure by Palladium to clearly communicate when the contents of Wave 2 will be delivered. It sounds like Carmen has walked into that. I'm not excusing whatever hate/threats have been directed towards Carmen. There is no place for that sort of behaviour ever.
      The only thing I can suggest is you look to protect all of your team's health and welfare (health and family first), and do what you can to defuse the situation. Please do your best to clearly communicate what is happening. I personally am happy with Wave 1 and even if you delivered Wave 2 tomorrow, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I can be patient. But I have no doubt that many others do not feel the same way.
      I hope Carmen recovers swiftly, and that he has lots of good support around him to help with that recovery. I hope he is able to pursue his dreams with the support of those around him. All the best, Bruce

    24. Jorel Levenson on

      I do hope Carmen gets better and gets the help he needs.

    25. Alan Preston on

      Fucking hell, what is wrong with people that they can get so hateful over a game an some money? Rhetorical question I don't give a fuck what excuses you might give.

      To Kevin, I hope your friend gets better and can put this behind him and continue to do what he loves.

    26. Alex Clarke on

      Ah you know, hell with it. You either GET why this is garbage, or you dont. Not even remotely worth it to stick around and dance in a circle over it.

      Summary of facts below, believe or feel however you want, the facts remain.

      I dont know Carmen
      I dont care about Carmen
      Carmen isnt the one that owes me wave 2
      This update has nothing to do with the project that was backed

    27. jamie herbert on

      while i do not know Carmen, and was not part of the argument that took place, i will say that first, and foremost by your actions, this went from a game that could have lead to more successful kickstarters for you and those who license your products, you have irrevocably hurt your brand. 5 years ago the idea of Rifts with savage worlds would have enticed me into a kickstarter, instead, i avoided it like the plague, and have not bought any pinnacle games post their campaign. and no i had no intention of buying a Rifts Board game,mostly because of my terrible experience with the RRT kickstarter. As for RRT it is already burning, in an incredibly competitive hobby market with nothing new to sell since it came out, i am surprised it's not on clearance shelves across the nation. And to make matters worse you, YES YOU KEVIN SIMBEIDA took the group that was most likely to cheer lead you with this one game and demoralized them to a point that they have turned against you and your company. Failure to communicate, and when you did communicate, you gave us garbage like "despite promising you that this game would be in your hands firat as you supported us, we would rather sell to Gencon once it comes in as we already have your money and their money means more sales,". it is a terrible day. caused not just by freyed tempers, and poorly chosen, and hasty words, but by a company that has done nothing to restore faith in a project that had so much promise. No olive branch, no chance to back out, just a few appologies, and vague promises Kevin. You are responsible for this clusterfuck.

    28. Alex Clarke on

      @ Ryan

      We are pathetic? 90% of us have no fucking clue who this Carmen guy is. And are such, have a right to be pissed off that this update has NOTHING to do with this project, Carmen doesnt even work for PB. Why the fuck is this even a thing.

      I dont care about Carmen or the fact he tried to kill himself. Why? BECAUSE I DONT KNOW CARMEN. Im sure some guy in China tried to kill himself today as well, but if a stranger came up to me on the street and told me that, WHY would i care. Give your head a shake.

      As for accusing Kevin of lying.... Gee I wonder where that biased opinion stems from. (sarcasm to 9000 here). Not like the guy is a chronic liar or anything.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kenneth A Gunther on

      Very sorry to hear, also very sorry to see the content of some of the comments. One of them actually made me attempt searching if there was any way I could report other people's comments but I do not appear to be finding anything on my end so I hope someone on your end can report the worst of the worst here.

    30. David Simpson on

      1) If this occurred, the origin of it rests on Kevin, not the backers, though those who may have posted vitriolic comments do share at least some of the blame. This primarily rests on Kevin as it was his actions, lack of actions, deception, and fraud that have lead to the entire community becoming a viper pit.
      2) I am sure he contacted someone before posting here to promote his Kickstarter. Not being warned, or at least having it discussed that the backlash could be severe, if not just unfathomably hostile would be considered irresponsible
      3) This update is unprofessional and comes across as emotionally manipulative. It feels like it's a shot at "any publicity is good pubicity" or "you did this, you should feel bad, you should back this project to alleviate your guilt.
      4) This posting also comes across as a deflection from updating us on the status of Wave 2. Where is wave 2?

      Carmen, if you tried to take your life, or are feeling this level of depression, please contact me privately, I've had bouts of depression stemming from game design and me be able to help.

    31. Ryan McDaniel on

      You people are pathetic....not PB, but you who would try to say that this is a lie or have zero empathy for the situation that some of the horrid trolls here helped to cause.

      I know you don't care. Continue to be awful uniformed little men who simply hide behind their keyboards.

      You must be really proud of yourselves.

    32. Scarlet

      I wouldn't put it so rudely, but yeah, using someone's suicide attempt is a pretty low tactic. Of course I'd expect here. Kevin is a criminal, literally he's a con man who's bilked everyone of their money so I can easily see how he's sunk to these depths.

    33. Missing avatar

      Patrick McCarthy on

      Fuck you, Kevin.

      Fuck you for trying to turn your so-called friends attempted suicide into a plea for understanding for your failed Kickstarter.

      Fuck. You.

    34. digdoug on

      Also in terms of internet trolling, Carmen was not getting flamed that hard. He got into a two hour tiff with a couple of backers and got told to kiss off and was threatened with 1$ troll pledges on his upcoming kickscammer. The later is especially laughable as he can just ban trolling on his backer page as harrassment.

      As they say, the consequences will never be the same.

    35. Joshua Wilson on

      Years ago (yes, years and ago to preamble a board game) when I saw this Kickstarter, I had no idea that Palladium Games was still a thing. I just wanted to play a Robotech game. Not doing the research is on me on that one. Until today, I had no idea who Carmen Bellaire was, but a routine search reveals a "freelancer" the majority of whose readily accessible work is from Palladium. A "freelancer" who was, in gaming terms, a meat shield farming out your only other viable IP, Rifts, to folks that don't delve to deep into the Deepest Lore of RPG trivia. A meat shield, from reading the past couple days of comments, rode in and tried to swing a metaphorical big-dick at all those filthy peasants who just want what they paid for. And got absolutely roasted in doing so. And then bailed on the comments and his partner try and damage control it. And has now attempted suicide? That's on him for being a weak, and on you for sending a proxy to take your bullets. The easy fix here is to just give your backers what they paid for, kick in some coin for your employee's doctor bills, and just be fucking thankful your greasy ass is still drawing breath.

    36. Jason Brown

      Kevin I feel for your friend. He is obviously ill and I hope he gets the treatment he needs, and a swift recovery. Im sure not all of the posts were negative. Ask him to look at the positive ones as they are speaking to them, all the rest are speaking to Palladium.

      I am sorry to say I must now do to you what others did to him, I must critisize you, but in the hope you take it contructivly and learn from this.

      You know him and the community well. Surely you must have known his state of mind and the communities reaction to the suggestion of another kickstarter, why did you not warn him?! I'm afraid this one is on you.

      A board game may well be a good thing. I would suggest that he does a version of the game, without plastic figures, just cardboard stand ups. Something without all the really expensive parts that is easier to make. It won't sell as much but it gets the game out there. No silly stretch goals or promises he can't keep.

      If sucessfull he can later he can do a 'delux' version with the models or release the models as a seperate set, especially if they are usable in the rpg.

    37. Alex Clarke on

      So lets see if i can piece togather this clueless fuckery.

      I assume this guy, this "carmen" fellow your posting about, the one that i that id estimate 90% of us have no fucking clue who your talking about, was about to create a board game, LICENSED from PB through a company no one has ever heard of. And basically your pissed off backers saw this as a proxy company that would be able to MAYBE do a kickstarter and have a shot at it actually funding since the name Palladium Books is worth exactly dick all these days. And im going to guess these angry backers who actually follow your forums, or somehow KNOW who this Carmen fellow are, were a bit on the mean side, which is what your posting in regards to.

      Assuming I have pieced togather Kevins broken logic and this is INDEED close to what happened.....

      I have to say, i honestly couldnt care less. This looks like something that belongs on your forum, facebook or twitter. What in the actual fuck does this have to do with RRT.



    38. Rand Chua TL on

      On another note, what about the news of our wave 2 items?

    39. Zoggprime on

      I feel bad for Carmen, but this update is using broad strokes. A minority commented the most vitriolic ones but still the minority I dare say most of us just ignore the updates now until something of substance shows up. I hope Carmen recovers and can complete his game so I can see if it is any good before I buy it

    40. Missing avatar

      Alucard on

      If he did attempt suicide then I am sorry for him and his family but Kevin the one person that is ultimately responsible is you 4 years of lies from you have made this group very bitter. Kevin it is your actions that brought the rage and hate of the backers onto him. Even now you are trying to keep your halo clean and blame every person that wanted to have real updates and requested it and not accept that any (or most) of the blame is yours.

      Carmen did choose the wrong words and thought using threats that equated to "Make my Kickstarter successful or I will ensure RRT will burn" was not the right approach to a group of jaded, bitter and unhappy backer that you have left with your unfullfilled RRT. But I suppose he was just following your pattern but unlike you he listened to what the people were saying.

      Kevin do not try and blame us for the results of your actions. If backers had real solid progress or reasons for the indefinite hold of Wave 2 then their vitriol would not have been released on Camen with his ill chosen words. So maybe now you will realise that your actions on Wave 2 are having major consequences.

      I do hope Carmen does fully recover as this was a trigger not the cause of his stress. A single 2 hour argument is never the only reason but was the final tipping point. Think Kevin that many of the backers are feeling similar pressure over the delay of Wave 2 and you can remove that stress by releasing Wave 2

    41. Joseph Coons on

      Kevin casts "shift blame!"

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Powell on

      Sorry the hear about your friend but Seriously WHAT THE F........ why did you need to tell this to everyone? What are you looking for? Because people like me don't wNt $hit to do with company or anything that they promote in anyway. If Wave Lockness Monster ever appears then maybe?

    43. Max on

      If true I hope Carmen recovers. However Kevin your deceitful ways and lies has forced Carmen to make lame excuses for you and he had no right coming here to intimidate us. Your just going to use this as another excuse to fail to deliver wave two.

      Kevin Siembieda, you really care about Carmen and want to help him? Then stop dawdling and deliver wave two so you can be done with us.


    44. Jorel Levenson on

      I dont think the backers here are the real reason for such a massive break and I feel like blaming us is a very low thing to do.

    45. Mr. Interesting on

      I have no clue what's going on here.

      Question: any update on the actual game we backed?

    46. Alex Clarke on

      This could literally be the most unprofessional thing ive seen PB do.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bobby Walker on

      Why was this in my in box? Honestly I did not need to read this and have to relive my own personal trials with such things. I had nothing to do with this altercation and somehow feel it's being presented as my fault as a backer.

      I'd forgotten about this kickstarter for the most part and let it turn into a joke at the game store.

      I feel really bad for him since I know what it's like to lose hope over something ephemeral but I honestly did not need to know about any of this.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      You (PB) keep making mistake after mistake. There are way better ways to have handled this but yet you make this post? Once again you lay the blame on everyone else and take none on yourself.
      If what you said is even true, this is not something that should be in an update. It has NO place in business NOR in releasing it "to the masses". Your KS finally (FINALLY) had an update and I was excited to have one. But then I read this junk. You should (on many levels) be ashamed of yourself.

    49. Robert Aucoin on

      Anyone else feel emotionally manipulated? I didn't read any of these comments that allegedly caused this potential tragedy, but if it happened how you say, then your buddy was the proxy recipient to Palladiums gross incompetence in the handling of fulfilling your side of a financial transaction that is three years over due. I'm into you for $500 US, and what I've received to date does not equal that total. What you promised has not been realized.

      The mere notion that Palladium would attempt another Kickstarter while being three years overdue for promised goods is repugnant and you have to see how that would enrage and inflame an already toxic environment that is this comments thread. Why would anyone come and try to sell this community anything at this point? What did you really expect the reception to be?

      Sorry your buddy tried to kill himself, but putting that on the community you've failed to deliver promised goods to is bullshit. No matter how toxic, immature, idiotic, angry, or insulting a online comments thread can be, the burden of blame in a suicide attempt isn't the proverbial needle that broke the camels back. Pointing a finger at anyone else but him is irresponsible, regardless of how you need to rationalize this tragedy.