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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      This should have been titled "Please stop bashing Carmen and don't take out your frustration with our incompetence out on his upcoming kickstarter"

      As far as an address change, why? Whats the point? You're not actually working on wave 2 or you'd have something more concrete then "amazing things are happening but we can't tell you" for two years of "work" on wave 2.

      Secondly, Having so many people that need to file address changes on your kickstarter that was 98% done isn't something to be proud off. Its an admission of how completely you have fubar'd this project dumbass.

    2. Roadrunner on

      So let us get this straight, for nearly five months you have been yelling us on the PBWU that you cannot update Kickstarter because you have no news to tell us. Then when you finally deign to make an appearance here, guess what you still have no news, no models/prototypes to show off.

      This was the big comprehensive update you yourself promised at the end of the year....

      Seriosly, do you take us for idiots? You have simply posted as you needed to tick boxes here at Kickstarter to avoid any penalties and of course it has nothing to do with the impending launch of the Rifts Boardgame - which you continue to wax lyrical about and put more words together for. A project you insist has nothing to do with you whereas this one actually does.

      Kevin you are not speaking or dealing with your fan fiends and suck ups here, you need to realise we simplyy do NOT belive you.

      Crazy, this crapful of lies got 22 likes? Who voted for it, Wilhelm Roache, Jeff Ruiz?

    3. Michael Maraszkiewicz on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Holley

      I purchased a new car with a 60 month loan a month before I backed this project. I wonder if wave two will show up before my title does. =P

    5. Rand Chua TL on

      There's 11 months left including this month February. Since the last time about them doing anything about our wave 2 or anything to related to this superbly slow and maybe not moving project.
      I'm feeling by end of year there would confirm be more not useful updates regarding our wave 2 and no possibility of them answering any of our refund request.

    6. Scarlet

      Let me guess - reduced parts count and fulfilled on whatever you haven't squandered means terrible mono cast pieces out of board game quality plastic right?

      Don't even bother pretending this is going to work out any longer. The jigs up Kevin, it has been for a while.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kapow Ltd on

      You can have my Wave 2 and give it to a homeless person for all I give a hoot. I own a fairly well off LGS and now carry NOTHING Palladium at all. Won't even special order it. Because you're an untrustworthy, lying git who used our money for vacations and who knows what else. I truly, truly believe not a dime of this went into the actual product. I truly believe Wave 2 will never happen and nothing has ever been done on it. I don't care about the product or refunds or anything after the 4 years it's been late. This is actually the worst kickstarter I've ever seen. You SHOULD be giving money back to everyone but you're a fraud and coward.

    8. Rache Bartmoss on

      Stop using Kickstarter to advertise new products and just give us what we are owed.

    9. Paul Mrstik on

      "Hey look kids! There's Big Ben, and there's Parliament!"

    10. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      Nothing about this concerns the backers other than you are putting a massive effort not in what you promised us but in other ways you can try to get even more money from us.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Kevin Filomeo on

      Things that have happened since I backed RRT:

      Got Married. Had a kid, Bought a house, took on a new job. customized a multi million dollar financial application, received over 30 Kickstarter backed projects.

      Things that have NOT happened since I've backed RRT:
      Received RRT nor played RRT.

      Everytime I get one of these emails I just start laughing. When I read it I feel insulted and disgusted. Stop updating if you have nothing to say you clowns at Palladium. It just enrages your backers even more. The amazing things that have happened in my life and this fucking clown can't even get this shit together. What a spectacular flaming pile of shit failure this kickstarter has been. I can't wait to see where this ends up after my kid graduates college in 20 years. I'll still be waiting here for Wave 2 after I retire most likely.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Merijeek on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. James Sanford on

      "We might, MIGHT give you what we promised in another year."

      WORST KICK STARTER EVER ! You screwed the pooch on a great idea because you were in way over your heads. At least it wasn't your money.

    16. Richard Knowles - RTK Limited on

      Unfortunately because of the mishandling of this project by Palladium, Robotech has essentially become a "Dead Game"... again ...

    17. Kirk Kirkland on

      You guys have taken so long I have gotten married and had two kids since I backed this. I work in prototyping and know the first wave was crap! I literally gave mine away! How about you guys stop collectively jerking us off with sandpaper and send some boxes or send some refund checks?

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Lloyd

      Sounds exciting! Thanks for the update!!

    19. Rand Chua TL on

      Not transparent about the project and lied to us backers!

    20. RobotechX on

      Not buying anything Palladium till I get wave 2.

    21. RobotechX on

      Not buying anything Palladium till I get wave 2.

    22. Stuart Johnson on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Lionheart on


      Hey, its an Update Party! Good to see y'all backers again!

      Is anyone playing this game? If so, did you post any pics? action reports? reviews? Bueller?

    24. Thomas Gordon Birchmore on

      Sorry....second to last.

    25. Thomas Gordon Birchmore on

      ****** hay guys check out this letter I received 3 years ago. Pay special attention to the last paragraph********

      Palladium Books
      Mar 18 2014
      Report Spam
      Dear Thomas,

      We share your frustration and apologize for the unfortunate delay. Palladium Books has been working tirelessly to bring Robotech® fans a superior product. Progress is being made and we are moving toward manufacturing of the First Wave of releases.

      Please understand, as a Kickstarter backer, you have not purchased or pre-ordered a product. You have “supported a project” in exchange for a promise of a reward. That reward had an original estimated delivery date which has passed, but that date was always an estimate, not a guaranteed deadline.

      By Kickstarter’s terms of service, we are obligated to deliver on the rewards we have promised, and we will do that. We are currently working toward doing just that.

      As such, we cannot offer you a refund at this time. If the time should ever come that Palladium Books cannot fulfill the terms of our Kickstarter project, we will of course offer refunds, as we would be required to do by Kickstarter.

      In the meantime, please be patient. We appreciate your support of the project, and your pledge will help us to produce a fantastic product that we think everyone will enjoy.

      With Appreciation,
      The Palladium Books Team

    26. Thomas Gordon Birchmore on

      Wow. Just wow. This boondoggle put me off not only palladium but robotech. I spend a lot time in my FLGS and everytime I see a person looking at anything palladium I talk them out of it. This has gone on for three years. I figure it's the least I could do for a company that has treated me so well.
      It's funny but I turned down 2 starter games for 20$. Lolz.

      Also do you remember all the people who were like.."just give them a chance. You'll see, they got our backs"

      I keep on the list just to read all your awesome comments. Don't give up on letting them see that they suck.

      P.S. if I see ©®SpecialK, I'm not sure if use the brakes.

      Love you all. See you next year.

    27. james laflamme on

      "Moreover, we want to offer organized play support, scenario books, and the next several Waves of RRT products."

      I do not expect to get my Wave Two.

      You (PB) pissed away and chased off people (like me and others) who really gave a damn and did everything in our power to help you do just exactly what was said in the above quote.

      No, you do not get to say :we are totes working on it honest" anymore.

      My minis are assembled. They are getting used for a game that actually GETS support in Battletech Alpha Strike.

      I game at least once a week playing BT:AS, X-wing, Star Wars Armada, Star Trek Attack Wing, Warhammer 40k, and soon Star Wars Imperial Assault.

      I and others like me were more than willing to put that time and effort into RRT.

      YOU would not listen.
      YOU fucked it up.
      YOU pissed it away.

      You reap what you fucking sow and you have sowed nothing but disdain, contempt, and vitriol by your own actions in regards to this project and those who very much wanted to make it a success.

      Screw you.

    28. Merijeek on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Kevin A Swartz, MD PHD

      Sorry, since it's been awhile since I followed this project. Can someone please remind me what "Wave 2" entails? I'm not sure if there is something I should be expecting or not.

      Also, if necessary, how do we update a mailing address?


    30. Misa Trotter on

      Seppo, you can go to and download better instruction sheets for all of the figures that make assembling them much easier. Takes the guesswork out of figuring which arms go with which hands etc. I just started putting my figs together Last month.

    31. Walter Spivak on

      I'd say something rude and disrespectful like you useless people totally deserve. Instead, I'm going to leave you with this thought.

      Take a guess what that though may be?

    32. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming on

      Enough of the delays and garbage about piece count! That is nothing but a shell game playing on the comments of a very small minority of backers.

      Get this done and over with. 4 years is 3 years too long for something that was "90%" complete upon launch.

    33. Terry Masson on

      I will not thankyou for yet another "We're working on it, we just can't talk about it yet".

      Four years. FOUR YEARS GUYS. Honestly. Wars are started, fought, and lost in less time.

    34. Seppo Helava on

      Huh. Funny re: timing of this update. I get why others are frustrated - this certainly hasn't been the most ... prompt fulfillment.

      That said, the weird thing for me is that after leaving RRT in the box after getting it, 'cause I didn't have time to assemble the models, I finally started getting around to it a few weeks ago, and have been slowly churning through assembly. I've got a few of each side left - maybe two more nights of assembly, and I'll be done.

      I can totally see how some people would despise this, but I've been enjoying it as sort of a meditative thing to do. I like the pose-ability of the models, and the option to assemble them in various combinations (sorta) for a good variety.

      I don't mind the part count, necessarily, I just wish some of the pieces were clearer about which upper-arm goes with which pose, for instance, on the Valkyries, because figuring it out through trial and error suuuuucks. Same goes for various legs, since figuring out the right combinations makes this whole process much, much easier.

      Anyway - count me in as someone who's still interested in Wave 2. I'm not all that concerned with timing, as long as it shows up eventually, but I also think the level of frustration is totally justified. :P

      Good luck!

    35. Alex Clarke on

      @ Joseph - will kickstarter still send an email about it? or no notifications at all? Thanks ill check it out!

    36. Aaron Kingham on

      Wow. Just wow. This project has had no development whatsoever and palladium crapshooters are still spouting this bullshit. I paid a HEAP of money to see my favourite kids TV show as a TT wargame and you morons took a great stinking dump on it. What makes it worse is you idiots still expect us to think its ice cream. I don't think I will ever play this game even if you do fulfil wave 2 and I would rather be refunded but I went down that road with no result. I sincerely hope your company dissolves and you end up unemployable Kevin.

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. WSting on

      I was honestly surprised that this update spoke nothing of Kevin's health or well-being. It seems like ANYTHING he's said for the last many years has been about how he almost died from [fill-in-the-blank-illness] or how he tweaked some part of his body which has made it more difficult for him to work. I believe that Kevin, Wayne, and any other sad sack which attempted to project manage this campaign win the group award for Worst.Project.Managed.Project.Ever! I don't believe a single word from them anymore about this Kickstarter campaign. Kevin has provided zero proof that they've spent a single minute on this sham in the last year.

    39. Missing avatar

      nicolas giorgi

      Oh god, oh god, oh god .... i can't stop laughing !!

    40. Missing avatar

      Mario Powierski on

      I do nit believe a single word until I hold product in my hands. And even then, my interest in this game ist dead. I will certainly never ever play it wirh what has happend so far and what will be happening....

    41. Joseph Prozinski

      @Alex, you turn them off in the notifications section of your account settings. Uncheck the box next to the project you don't want updates from. You won't get any more updates, but you will still get messages if the creator sends them. You can't turn those off.

    42. Joseph Prozinski

      @Alex Clarke, you can turn off updates on projects so you won't get them.

      I'm surprised that so much was said yet nothing was said. I spent too much on this to unsubscribe from updates though. I like to see the new updates even though I don't expect to see any new information.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark McKellar on

      I honestly don't believe that they have done a thing to move the project forward.
      I have e-mailed asking for a refund (Surprise, no replies)
      How about a show of respect / good faith to all of us unhappy backers who put over $1.4 million dollars into your project / pockets (which clearly was not spent on model quality control).

      There are "special edition" and "event only" models that were not available as a part of the Kickstarter, and yet, I know people who are able to purchase these at their FLGS in other parts of the country. I am unable to get said models, even though they were produced (Max and Myria, etc)
      Why not extend the olive branch, and get these models that have already been produced out to us kickstarter backers????

    44. Alex Clarke on

      Never ceases to amaze me how this clown cant go two paragraphs without contridicting himself.

      "We WILL bring you wave 2 in 2017"

      5 lines of text later

      "Which will hopefully allow us to complete wave 2 in 2017"

      I wish i could unsub from this garbage already.

    45. Brian Blaney on

      With the amount of bullshit in this you should go into politics. Seriously. Show us something, anything. Your word means nothing.

    46. Missing avatar

      I need a handle too! on

      Not released details these many years you mean?...

    47. Missing avatar

      Alucard on

      This is a Trumpism Alternative Facts It has not been delayed due to the incompetence of Big Kev ™®© and PB (Pathetic Books) but due to the demands of the backers to delay the product until Big Kev ™®© can retire and take all the money from the Kickstater

    48. Missing avatar

      Alucard on

      This is all been said before. You have provided no evidence except your word which from all the broken promises is worthless

      Where are the resin extras? they did not need to be made in multipart plastic from China. While you have claimed to be working on parts count that should not have stopped you working and providing all the bolt ons that have been bought and paid for by backers

      We need real proof not the same old broken lies and failed promises that are worthless before they are even sent

      The good news is that banning all that questioned you on the PB facebook page because they wanted updates now has spread them to dozens of pages to really complain about your company and your performance. So instead of telling you and wanting feedback from you they now have been telling store owners who have been ceasing to sell your product. Well done

    49. Christopher "Kier" Conroy

      Since I backed this project, I've backed more than a few others (seriously, go check my profile... I earned that little badge next to my name here). More than a few of those have had miniatures of one form or another with them. All of them were at least 10x more transparent about the entire process--including lessons they've learned and missteps they've made--than this project has been. There's a lot that Palladium could learn just by reading the updates from these other projects... I know I learned a lot. And if, at some point in the past few years, you guys had reached out to any of those other project runners, I'm sure they would have happily shared some tips with you.

      I've been a Palladium customer of one kind or another since the early 90s, so I most certainly didn't expect the original deadline of delivery for this project to be met (even knowing nothing about mini-manufacturing). But we're really to the point where it's ridiculous. And from what I've seen pretty much everywhere else, there is zero excuse for the overall secrecy here.

      At this point, I really don't care much, so this really isn't an angry tirade (I'm sure others will more than make up for my calm), but this "process" has reduced any real desire I have to support or promote anything the company does, ever.