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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      mac on

      I am re-posting a comment suggesting ways to hold Palladium Books accountable for their lack of progress on this project.

      File a consumer complaint with the FTC

      File a consumer complaint with the Michigan Attorny General (since PB is based in MI):

      File a complaint with the Michigan BBB:

      Write a letter to Harmony Gold or post on their social media complaining about how badly PB has mismanaged the Robotech gaming license and how they are giving the brand a bad name.

      And don't forget to hit the Report Kickstarter button at the bottom of the campaign page.

    2. Ian W. on

      i.e. give us the stuff we already backed instead of making up more stuff to do

    3. Talizvar on

      Hey, guys. It’s Talizvar. Sorry for the long silence (not). Here’s what’s been going on:

      1. Wave Two cards on You know, for MODELS I DO NOT HAVE.
      2. Talking to manufacturers. With how long this has gone on, you could start your own business in it IF you learned anything.
      3. RRT scenario books. Are difficult to write when you do not want to enrage your fanbase that may require certain models that will not...(ahem) are not made yet.

      So yeah, if you could get on that, it would be nice.

    4. Terry Masson on

      Hi Wayne, it's one of your backers here.

      It's February, 2017.

      Just a reminder.

    5. Merijeek on

      Ooh! Then we can get some sort of masturbatory manifesto where Alex stops gargling long enough to tell Kevin that he "redefined the stomping on a dump sack genre".

    6. Talizvar on

      I wonder if another round of singing "Let it go." is in order. ;-)
      @Canis: you are 100% in the right in mentioning that however and I should not make fun of the thought. One day the burning bag of poo on their doorstep will be in order... I am petty that way.

    7. Ian W. on

      I'm wonder if another round of AG and BBB complaints about Palladium is in order?

    8. Talizvar on

      Very true.
      We are obviously suckers.
      I am sure Kevin is fully aware he does not keep promises so he figures with that on record, we deserve to be indefinite postponed.
      We would not know how to properly use our money anyway so he has relieved us of a great responsibility.
      So, we were given a big list of what the money was NOT spent on.
      Would be really nice to hear where it WAS spent from their lips.
      It probably was spent on the Robotech RPG... (minus the Tactics).
      Ah well, maybe now they feel they can safely ignore the updates section.
      Ah well, call it the year of the Narcissists, I am sure us foreign "investors" will have great influence in the years to come.

    9. Merijeek on

      Nah. Con men don't feel bad for screwing the people - they blame the people for being suckers.

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles Wood on

      I hope you all feel really bad at doing such a sucky job

    11. Missing avatar

      John Null on

      amazon and kickstarter are not going to give you your money back. pb has refused all tries at a refund. most people here commenting are not happy just waiting it out and a huge amount of people have seemed to have forgotten they backed this nightmare.

    12. Jennifer Creagh on

      So is anyone else considering reporting to Amazon and a claim for money bacdk for items not received? I spent loads on this KS and yet we keep getting fobbed off with excuses or just no contact at all nor replies to direct emails. Are you all happy to wait it out? Or call it quits?

    13. Talizvar on

      {The Count Voice} Four!, Four! months with no update Ah! Ha! Ha! (and 3 days)
      We are approaching a new watermark on how much they suck.

    14. Merijeek on

      Nope. You aren't.

    15. Nicholas on

      Wow almost three years ago....I'll admit I spent a bit more on this than I wonder if we'll ever see the models we were promised.

    16. Aaron Wright on

      Who gives a shit about part count.

      I'll take wave 2 if each model is in 1000000 parts at this point, I don't care.

      You guys are worthless.

    17. Talizvar on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Merijeek on

      Make them!

      No, seriously.

      Oh, you can't?

      Thanks, Kickstarter!

    19. Talizvar on
      Yeah, some 3 months and 9 days since last update!
      Looks good on you, how about it?
      The PB weekly missives are useless and pointless: address the KS you started and never finished FOR YEARS.

    20. ✩Don E✩

      You guys are bad at business. Maybe try politics you'll fit in nicely.

    21. Merijeek on

      Just add "for free" for any explanations as to why Kevin can't accomplish the stuff that every other business on the planet manages every day.

    22. Khyron's Eye on

      @ Bob M

      Know that they are starting another round of calls for quotes? Yes, but this time for more and even smaller pieces per model. After all, Kevin has tried and tried to reduce piece counts but found out it just can't be done.

      Except for all the other game manufacturers and miniatures lines that manage to do it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cygnus610 on

      Posted this in the main comments, but will post here as well - from the latest weekly Palladium newsletter:
      "It is starting to look like our manufacturing plan to make Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave Two game pieces with much lower part counts is not going to pan out. We should know by the end of January, 2017. Very disappointing for us. We thought we had a huge surprise coming, but we are already making contingency plans for the 2017 release."
      None of us saw this coming, I am sure..but hey we should know by the end of January, 2017, right??

    24. Rand Chua TL on

      NO News of wave 2 of the game?
      No News of our refund?

    25. Talizvar on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    26. Stephen Schneider on

      Maybe PB could have just charged us $20 for a paper version of the game w/ POD option. Save the miniatures for the big boys. They're giving the cards & paper minis away for free. They could have saved us the pain and just started with that, and then said.... Hey, you know since you all seem to like this paper version of the game, how about KS for some minis? They way it is now, I'm not sure anyone is playing it, even if the DIY version is only a few hours of work, and endless playing for less than a happy Meal. The most I'd pay for would be for the dice. I did like those; shame there wasn't a Malcontent dice set. I'd probably buy the dice even if there wasn't a game. Hey, double Zentraedis, is that good, or bad? hehe.

    27. Merijeek on

      Monte Young.

      27 projects backed.


      15 commends insulting what a joke this project has been.

      The other three? Comments on another projects hoping they don't turn into the fiasco that this one did.

      Palladium Books - more contemptible than any other project.

      Well done, Kevin!

    28. Talizvar on

      @Scott Casey: Oh, that was no real complaint: they were not able to proceed as intended but made a plan an delivered decently in the end. They even followed up with a separate KS to get the stuff out they were unable to do at first... they had been honest and informed the backers.

      In painful contrast we have Palladium Books unable or unwilling to say if any tangible progress is being made. Heck, if they are actually getting quotes they would have had to get re-quotes some ridiculous 6+ times due to the time that has passed (most suppliers I deal with would stop quoting after the second one).

      Ah well, I don't know what means more to me: the large spans of time between updates that could trip up PB legally or the utter B.S. "updates" we get when they finally happen.

      PB... Thieves and Liars... I seem to know a song around that line:

    29. Scott Casey on

      @Talizvar: Yeah it was late, but SJG was always there with actual updates / progress reports and did deliver _everything_ unlike this Kickstarter.

    30. Merijeek on

      And yet I got a product I was very happy with for my $100(?).

      This one? Hell no.

    31. Talizvar on

      @Scott Casey: Yikes, Ogre was the poster boy for a late running KS and not getting quite what was agreed BUT they did deliver in the end.
      I would not bet against you at all on this one.
      Late is definitely better than never.

    32. Scott Casey on

      So, I am betting I will get the Ogre miniatures before ever seeing anything again from this Kickstarter. :)…

    33. Talizvar on

      Ah, I have something in common with Palladium: I obviously have trouble with dates.
      I can only hope it was a late night post and alcohol was involved.
      You have to get into the right mindset after all.
      Palladium certainly HAS done something I never thought possible: made me tired of Robotech.
      Their utter stupidity in handling the IP is astounding.
      So we wait.
      The "good" thing is that so much time has passed that all the ways to present it really does not matter: it has slipped fully into irrelevancy very similar to Palladium itself.

    34. Gary Whitfield on

      Talizvar, your fingers have been wandering again, I'm afraid. 2 months is 1/6th of a year, quarterly would be 3 months, and I wouldn't be surprised if quarterly updates are all we get [if, like me, you don't get the PB Weekly spam mail.].

      Like you, I don't go anywhere near Drive Through as I will not set up an account with them just to get teased about stuff I have not got, and you have hit the nail on the head with the rest of your post.

      Palladium must be a really amazing company. It must take a lot of skill and hard work to turn a company into the only one in the world that can do something.

      Palladium has done that, as it is the only company I can think of that actually sucks AND BLOWS at the same time!

    35. Talizvar on

      6 more days and then it has been 2 months!
      1/5th of a year.
      Maybe we are sticking to quarterly updates.
      You know, I have not gone to look at the majesty of seeing the cards posted for models we did not get from PB.
      The only relevancy they now have posting here is to avoid litigation and precious little else.

      You have my money, you promised rewards, it has been more than 3 years since funding.
      You suck Palladium Books.

    36. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      Pet Shop Boys.

    37. Talizvar on

      @Phunky: Not sure about someone made to "learn this free program".
      Around the time they came up with the 3D print of the Armored VT, they had some other prints displayed from "Wildcat Engineering Solutions".
      This guy Greg does appear to be a bit of a fan so he may have given them some help.
      I am completely unsure of the extent of it, but at least there is some objective evidence that some knowledgeable resources are available and had been used, to what extent I would not know.
      So it still comes down to how much was done for free and how much is still being "quoted" for the eternity it has been.

    38. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      @Talizvar I completely agree with you on the fact that there is almost no way someone who has basic CAM/CAD skills could not do what you suggest. When we take that into account we must temper that Idea with Palladiums shown and admitted competance and whatever archaic systems the cheapest of the cheapest chinese manufacturer can use.

      On the other topic yes, they are completely making brand spanking new models using the originals as guidlines only. If you can recall the pictures of the sad lancer 2 being remodeled it shows someone who was sat at a desk and told learn this free program.

    39. Merijeek on

      It's because Kevin is writing "It's Not My Fault Part Two: Electric Boogaloo - Or How Kevin Simbieda Invented Breakdancing".

    40. Talizvar on

      The "long silence" continues.

    41. Talizvar on

      @n815e: Now is it the Willie Nelson song or the Petshop Boys cover that you think of?
      @Phunky Phantom: Sure I could believe the getting quotes is the good advice for appearing to be doing something.
      I would claim total BS when it comes to China having to make 3D models from scratch.
      There are many options here, mainly there are a horde of different programs that could convert the model data file to something compatible.
      Absolute worst case: Get a "master" 3D printout done then digitize / scan it in to a file that is more compatible. There are many companies that offer this very same service which would be cheaper than making from scratch no matter how low paid the "artist" is.
      Maybe there are benefits for living in a first world country but I can go 20km up the road and have (pretty much) anything scanned and printed out in an afternoon.
      One service here locally, they scan your face and print out the pilot for your RC plane in colour...
      The possibly out of money math was done looking at the large amount of retail stock darkening their warehouse.

      Occam's razor: the simplest reason for any holdup is not spending the money on the project.
      What remains to be seen is if it is by choice or inability.

    42. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      I deal with corporate entities alot. Behind the scenes in them so much is dictated inside corporations that revolves around lawsuits and the threat of them. I do a little bit of BS testing of testimonies and reports.

      This stalling tactic screams of Legal Council telling Palladium "if you are actively getting manufacturing quotes you are considered to be making a fair progress"

      In addition they have told us that Chinese manufacturers cannot use the models that Palladium has. This means everytime they try to get a quote from the manufacturer that factory has to manually from scratch recreate every model painstakingly only from pictures of the original models.

      "However, there are many Wave Two figures that have to be reevaluated and quoted by various manufacturers. They have to review each figure, devise ideal part reductions and mold compositions. This process takes considerable time, and is even longer when there is already a pipeline of projects to be quoted ahead of ours." - Update #194 Jul 27 2016

      "As I said in Palladium’s August 7, 2015, Weekly Update, we have not been able to show you physical work, because we are exploring different possible solutions to the piece count issue. This should provide a different end result and different number of pieces and a different final look. Until we nail that all down, I’m afraid there is nothing new to physically show. After all, you have seen the 3D sculpts from which we and the manufacturer are working. Note: That said, I have asked Wayne to include images of the 3D sculpts from which China is working, as a reminder of what is coming in Wave Two and how awesome these pieces are." - Update #186 Aug 26 2015

      "As I understand it, the engineers in China have to completely rebuild, and recreate EACH 3D file, using the 3D sculpts as a base from which to start, and even that is mainly just reference for the pose. They have to, in effect, completely redesign a completely new digital model to manufacturing specifications. To complicate matters further, the engineers in China have to adjust the 3D sculpts further to take into consideration the manufacturing process and the types of metal molds that are required. That makes certain undercuts and details impossible, and requires different approaches and more numerous pieces to make the detailed game pieces all of us Robotech® fans wanted." - Update #178 Jun 7 2015

      Also In my opinion they are out of money. I am taking the approach of the lady doth protest too much. They claim over and over how the money was not misappropriated, but it definitely seems to be alot of past tense with no actual comment whether they actually have the funds to do make the next wave.

      "Despite what some have suggested, I want you to know there has not been any misappropriation of the funds raised by the Kickstarter, nor any wrongdoing of any kind. Not by me or anyone at Palladium Books. There is absolutely NO merit for such conjecture or inferences. If there were ever any type of investigation, Palladium has accurate records, receipts, correspondences and documentation for every expense and transaction we’ve made regarding Robotech® RPG Tactics™. I have not spent the money on a new car or boat, there is no new house, no purchase of stocks and bonds, no salary raise, no luxury vacation (heck, no vacation at all), no parties, or any misuse of Kickstarter money whatsoever. We are all hardworking people dedicated to our fan base." - Update #186 Aug 26 2015

    43. Gary Whitfield on

      Nice idea, but seems more applicable to the backers than PB once you get to line 5.

    44. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      Maybe I didn't love you
      Quite as often as I could have
      And maybe I didn't treat you
      Quite as good as I should have
      If I made you feel second best
      RRT I'm sorry I was blind
      You were always on my mind

    45. Missing avatar

      Fleshharrower on

      "Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is always on our minds."

    46. Gary Whitfield on

      I am certainly getting like that. The monetary loss is too long ago to matter too much to me now. I certainly didn't go in for a massive amount, and am glad of that, but I still want more for the money than the warm feeling as PB burns more bridges. [I like the beer analogy, but prefer to think of them as having their ice-cream on gas mark 9]

      Still, I have other projects coming up, and have retreated for now into computer games as I am finding my eyesight is not up to the smaller models these days. Kinda looking at 70mm and up these days, don't know how long it'll be before I am forced back to 1:1 scale.

    47. Talizvar on

      It was certainly a tactical error not to get the base pledge models out: it guaranteed pretty much everyone has not received their full pledge.

      But looking back, Palladium Books has always been a beer short of a 6-pack.
      Ah! feel that month just go swishing by... let us see how long they go.
      Actually I think I do not give a damn what they do anymore.

    48. Gary Whitfield on

      And here we go again.

      Another month, no 'update'. Opted out of the weekly mail some time ago because, frankly, I don't give a rodent's rectum what else PB are doing, I just want to know what is happening with the pledge I paid for 3 years ago.

      How can anyone be fooled that there is progress with this when the base pledges are not even out yet?