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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
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Revised Blast Rule

Posted by Palladium Books (Creator)

Greetings! Below is the new official text of the rules concerning Blast.

This rule revision goes into effect immediately. Tournament organizers are encouraged to distribute this rule to their players; however, if the tournament takes place before the end of October, 2015, it is up to the tournament organizer whether to enforce this new rule or the original rule as appeared in the rulebook. In either case, please make sure that all players are made aware which version of the Blast rule will be in effect, in advance, before they are required to decide upon the composition of their armies.

Following the official rule text is a Summary of Changes, which is intended to act as a quick reference to familiarize players with the differences between the new rule and the original version. After that we have included a link to some illustrated examples of the new rule in effect.

New Rule Text:

Blast> Weapon systems with the Blast ability cause huge explosions that have the chance to damage not only the target mecha, but also other mecha and structures nearby. When a mecha makes a Blast attack, the roll to Strike is made against a DF of 5 to see if it hits its intended point of impact.

For any Blast attack, the target must be a structure or enemy mecha (NOT a spot on the ground) unless the weapon system also has the Indirect Fire ability. Ordinary Blast attacks can target any structure or enemy mecha within range and Line of Sight (LOS) to the attacking mecha, while any Indirect Fire Blast attacks can target any point on the battlefield within range (including a spot on the ground), as long as it is within LOS to any friendly mecha or the attacking mecha itself. Note: A Blast attack cannot be directed at any target if there are friendly mecha within what would be the Blast area, unless those mecha have the Life is Cheap ability.

If the attack successfully Strikes its intended point of impact (DF 5) during the Roll to Strike step, then place the Blast template (the 5 inch diameter template provided) centered over the target mecha, structure, or location. If the target is a mecha or structure and the roll to Strike also equaled or exceeded that mecha or structure’s actual DF attribute, then that target takes the full MD of the weapon system. Every mecha, building or other structure other than the primary target which is also caught under the template takes half damage (rounded down), even if its base is only clipped by the edge of the Blast template or is barely touched by it.

ALL mecha caught within the area of the Blast attack have an opportunity to Dodge. Each mecha under the Blast template attempting to Dodge must pay a Command Point to do so, and must equal or exceed the attacker’s roll to Strike with their Dodge roll. Each mecha hit by the Blast attack may also Roll with Impact to reduce the MD the attack will inflict before applying the final MD to that specific mecha. Buildings and other structures within the Blast area take the full MD of the attack (or half, if not the primary target), with no way of reducing the MD.

Any mecha or structure which has a DF attribute higher than the roll to Strike takes NO DAMAGE.

Successfully Dodging a Blast attack, by either the original target or any other, does NOT cause the template to scatter; it simply means that the mecha which succeeded in the Dodge attempt saw the Blast attack coming and managed to protect itself against the attack. The Blast itself still hits the intended point of impact. Only failing the initial roll to Strike against a DF of 5 will cause the Blast template to scatter.

If an attack has both the Blast and Missile special abilities, ANY number of mecha under the Blast template may attempt to shoot down the Blast Missile attack at the normal Command Point cost per mecha. However, even if a mecha that attempts to shoot down an incoming Blast uses a weapon system with the Anti-Missile ability, it is only successful if it rolls a 6 on the Anti-Missile roll. If a mecha’s attempt to shoot down the Blast Missile is successful, all of the Blast Missiles that would have hit that mecha are destroyed and NO mecha are damaged by those missiles. In the case of a Blast Missile Volley divided between multiple targets, any missiles that would not have hit that specific mecha still remain, unless they are shot down by other mecha.

If the attacking mecha fails to Strike its intended point of impact (DF 5) during the Roll to Strike step, the attack scatters. To resolve this, place the Blast template centered over the original target with the direction marked 1 pointing in a straight line away from the firing mecha. Roll a D6 to determine which direction the template will scatter, as per the numbers indicated on the top of the template. Then roll another 2D6 and move the center (the hole in the middle) of the Blast template a number of inches in the indicated direction equal to the result rolled. The resulting location is the new point of impact. Note: A Blast cannot scatter a longer distance than the attacking mecha's range to the target.

Once the new point of impact is determined, the attacker must make a new roll to Strike, but this time, do not include the attacking mecha’s GN attribute; just add +1 to the roll of a D6. If the new Strike roll equals or exceeds the DF of any mecha or structure under the template’s new location, then those mecha and structures receive half damage (rounded down), as described above. Any mecha in that new location can attempt to Dodge, but must equal or exceed the new Strike roll for the Blast attack. Those mecha which fail to Dodge (or choose not to) can also Roll with Impact to reduce the damage by half (rounded down). Any mecha with a DF higher than the new Strike roll takes no damage. Regardless of the result of the new Strike roll, the attack does not scatter again; if it does not equal or exceed the DF of any mecha or structure in the new location, the attack is a dud. Note: Both friendly and enemy mecha can be hit and damaged by the scattered Blast attack. If the scatter is a missile, any mecha that would be hit can attempt to shoot down the missile(s) as described above.

If a Blast attack also has the Volley ability, use the procedures outlined above to determine if each missile hits (DF 5), with a separate roll to Strike for each missile as normal. Each missile that hits inflicts its full MD to its primary target, and half that amount (rounded down) to all other mecha and structures under its Blast template. Any mecha hit by up to 3 missiles in the volley may attempt to avoid them all with one roll to Dodge, at the cost of one Command Point, but its roll to Dodge must equal or exceed the highest roll to Strike of the missiles directed at it to avoid damage from all missiles in that volley. If 4 missiles from the same volley hit any given mecha, they are considered Inescapable for that mecha, and thus can’t be Dodged by it. Any mecha hit by the attack may also Roll with Impact as normal (only one Roll with Impact per mecha is needed for any given volley). Any missiles that fail their rolls to Strike scatter as described above, but they scatter separately unless the whole volley misses. If the missile volley fails to hit at all, the Blast template scatters (as above), but then it only inflicts the full MD of one missile. If a missile volley with the Blast ability is divided between multiple targets, each individual missile attack must be resolved with a separate Blast template. If any of them miss their initial rolls to Strike (DF 5), they scatter separately as well. As with any other Blast attack, any mecha or structure which has a DF attribute higher than the roll to Strike takes NO DAMAGE.

Summary of changes:

1. Units not the primary target but under the Blast template take half damage (rounded down as normal).

2. The Blast attack hits at its intended location with a Strike roll of 5 of higher (no matter what the DF of the primary target is), and only scatters when the roll to Strike is 4 or lower.

3. Any mecha or structure under the Blast template with a DF higher than the roll to Strike takes no damage, even if it’s the primary target. (So even if the attack hits where it’s aiming, it’s still possible that nothing will be damaged if all mecha/structures hit have a DF higher than 5.)

4. Scattered Blast attacks make a new Strike roll but DO NOT use the attacker’s GN, instead just roll 1D6 +1.

5. Blast attacks will only scatter once. Wherever the scatter goes, compare the new roll to Strike (D6 +1) to the DF of all mecha/structures under the template. Whatever the Strike roll equals or exceeds takes half damage (no primary target), everything with a higher DF is unharmed.

6. For any mecha that’s in the Blast radius of 4 missiles from the same volley, they are considered Inescapable.

7. A player only needs to roll a single Dodge roll, or Roll with Impact a single time, when hit by a blast from multiple missiles (from the same Volley) hitting the same target. Even if 3 missiles hit the mecha, the player pays one command point to Dodge or for Roll with Impact.

8. Only weapons with both Blast and Indirect Fire may target a spot on the ground. All Blast Weapons without Indirect Fire must choose a mecha or structure as the primary target of the attack.

9. Clarified that Blast attacks can’t be directed at areas containing friendly mecha unless they have Life is Cheap. Friendly mecha can still be hit by scatters, of course.

In addition to the Summary of Changes, Mike Arnold has created a PDF with two illustrated examples of the new Blast rule in effect. It can be downloaded here:

In the case of any apparent conflict between the official rule text in this post, and either the Summary of Changes or the illustrated examples, the official rule text takes precedence, followed by the Summary of Changes.

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    1. David Simpson on

      Palladium replied to our wave 2 you go.

    2. David Simpson on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Null on

      Meri, I think it's more like when he feels like letting Wayne have the newly changed password or when ever he feels like it. This "restart" in communicating has definitely proven pb is at least I one of the most incompetent companies I've ever dealt with.

    4. Merijeek on

      Hello? Is anyone there? When Simbieda said he was going to "restart" the discussion with an emphasis on communication, did that mean kicking it to a bi-monthly (that's every two months for the vocabularily challenged) update schedule?

      Or is too much work to polish "not a fucking thing" into a 5,000 word limp-wristed explanation of how a complete lack of identifiable progress is, in fact, totally progress?

    5. David Simpson on

      Update on the channel, talking about the 1500 subscriber giveaway, and the general future of the channel.

      Thank you to all our viewers, subscribers, and supporters.

    6. Kiloden on

      so, i went from super excited about this KS, to really excited, to disappointed and now defeated
      I was loving this and looking forward to it and talking it up to all my gaming buddies. now I just want my money back and they can have the shit the shipped me already, I havnt put any of it together, there is no interest within my group to even play this game now

      is a lawsuit possible?

    7. Rick van Nooij on

      Oh my hopes of seeing Wave II have pretty much evaporated over the last 10 months.
      Just taking a stab at that it would've been nice to read it HERE on the KS page where the info should be. And not in some unwanted copy/paste newsletter I automatically send to the recycle bin.

      At this point, I'd like a refund or a front row seat when the mob burns down a certain office building....

    8. Merijeek on

      They weren't. But it's really just because they didn't want to lie to you.

      The current estimated delivery is Q2 2016. If you think at this point that PB will actually deliver in Q2 2016, you might also be interested in buying a spare bridge I have sitting around - and maybe some Amway as well (it's not a pyramid scheme, it's an inverted revenue funnel!).

      But seeing as how Wave Two is more fictional than the child of Santa Claus and the Easter really doesn't matter anyway.

    9. Rick van Nooij on

      So, when were you going to inform us here at Kickstarter that delivery of Wave II has been pushed back to the end of Q2 2016?

    10. Talizvar on

      So, will we continue the trend of placeholder "updates" on the KS project?
      Deliverables were physical objects not rule updates.
      Pretty sure most of the "reward" choices were all quantities of models.
      They could continue their trend and post the FAQ or Errata files on Drive-Thru to be more helpful.
      The work for the game IS appreciated but feels like they are trying to distract themselves and everyone from the remaining models to be shipped.
      "Estimated DELIVERY date was December 2013" was all a lie right?
      I would hate to think anyone could underestimate this badly.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andre J on

      Please one Update about wave 2.

    12. Jay D. on

      @Merijeek. More accurately. Fiction like Kevin's belief that PB ever made any type of impact in the RPG world. The hundreds of gamers I've met at multiple cons have never heard of them or wish they hadn't.

    13. Merijeek on

      Nowhere. It's fictional, just like most Canadian girlfriends (note - not applicable to Canada).

    14. David Simpson on

      HEY!! WAVE 2!!! Where the hell is it?!

    15. Missing avatar

      John Null on

      pb didn't really do shit. it was all mike and a few other play testers. pb has had these rules and the conventional stuff for a while now.

    16. Kiloden on

      That's awesome!!!!
      This is fantastic!!!!!
      I cant believe they actually accomplished something!!!!!!

      Now any news on wave 2?

      Havnt heard anything in the news letters either. Starting to wonder why I put my faith in this company. I must enjoy inflicting pain upon myself. I cant even re-sell this shit for what I paid for it. people look at the little pieces of the models and say ""

      as much as I would love to see all the generations of robotech produced, I cannot support PB doing it at this point. they obviously do not know how to handle things of this nature.

    17. Merijeek on

      I put twice(ish) into CW what I put into this one, and I'm quite happy with things, even with all the delays.

    18. RJ Tatge

      Starting to seriously wonder if I shouldn't have invested in Cthulhu Wars instead. Those folks are getting all their stuff...

    19. Forar on

      Ah, gotcha Mike. I was very confused there.

    20. Merijeek on

      No money is what is the matter.

      As far as why updates like this, well, they can claim they're 'working on it' while regurgitating the free work done by a fan-friend.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Watkins on

      What is wrong with Palladium? Is there something in the water? It's like they're deliberately trying to antagonize us with these updates that apparently now deal with everything under the sun except fulfilling this Kickstarter (That is now two years late.) It's beyond ridiculous. At this point I'm just enjoying watching this slow-motion train wreck.

    22. Mike "Morpheus" on

      I'm finally around to where I will do some Battletech conversions.

    23. Mike "Morpheus" on

      @Forar, that squeaking part is for Boy-Jorel the mouse.

      Sorry if you thought it was for you. He comes and attacks and them whines that people are so full of hate when they tell him off. It's his normal MO.

    24. Mike "Morpheus" on

      @Jay D, actually unless someone has told them PB has no clue. They have been posted freely in the FB group.

    25. Merijeek on

      Oh Forar. Why do you always stop short?

      What they should send you is a copy of the RRT manual, signed by Mike, and then Mike's name crossed out and Kevin's name signed about it. That'd be the accurate thing.

    26. Forar on

      Mike, man, if you call that biting, you haven't read my body of work.

      Also, what's this "squeak" shit? Some cartoon your kids are into?

      I'm not biting anything, do you not read the PB newsletters? They are going to pimp that grab bag so hard it walks funny for a solid 3-4 months.

      Oooh, do you think if I'm super nice they'll send me a copy of the RRT manual signed by you?

      It'd work on, like, so many levels.

    27. Jay D. on

      @Mike.. Are you going to give those to PB free of charge too? Just think, they can take all your hard work again, reprint them, under the disguise of the "advanced rules" book and charge us $30. A book for them. You could earn the title of Ultra super duper Megaverse Top Best Fan Friend RRT Advisor. Of course again you will only earn a title and blame for anything that maybe wrong with while they keep the profits.

    28. Mike "Morpheus" on

      n815e...the's going to get some mileage.

      Then you have a squeak talking about hate while trying to bite anything it sees.....

      Actually Jay D. I'm doing up a real set of Skirmish rules on my own with conversion rules and more and have shared some of it this past weekend. That way I can play without taking out 50 miniatures for each game. Will also work on some BT conversions when I get to it. Gotta see what my classes require of me this weekend since I have Friday off I might be able to get a good bit done.

    29. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      "don't act like you know me or anything about me cause you are sooo far off the mark and have spent more time defending Kevin and crew here than I ever have"

      I have defended them at times, yes. The difference is that I'm not a Fan Friend, former or current.
      You are.

    30. Merijeek on

      @Jay - I think there's a humorous parallel between Jorel and Mike, even if they don't see it.

    31. Merijeek on

      Oh, Forar. Now you're just being difficult. The reason ROW shipping is so much is because PB just doesn't give a single screaming shit about them. Which has been made perfectly clear a whole bunch of times.

    32. Jay D. on

      My question is why so serious about wave 1 being "enough"? Is it because Mike knows something about HIS game and wave 2 not happening? That's the only reason why I can see anyone defending those 1,000 peice crap sprue models we got, saying it's good enough. But, then again Mike should be out there defending his game and his unpaid hard work. Remind me, how much did PB make of his work 1.4 million. Worlds best unpaid intern EVER.

    33. Forar on

      Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. The "Rick only" backers make up ~6% by quantity, which isn't a large portion, but again, it's not "2 or 3" people waiting without their stuff. And if I was unclear before, it's entirely possible that people paid in for exclusives (we both know for a fact that happens on Mini's KS's all the time) while snagging boxes at retail (and in hindsight, that would've been a pretty solid choice).

      That aside, yeah, 2015 is a writeoff, Q1 2016 is laughably unlikely, and without some real evidence of progress, Q2 (in time to get materials on hand for Gencon in early Q3) isn't looking likely.

      But don't worry, they'll surely spend another couple of months waffling on the conventional forces (rules and figures alike) and then it's ALL GRAB BAGS ALL THE TIME, BABY!

      Have you ordered yours? How about a second? More? For family and friends? Hell, buy a couple for strangers! Please... please buy our grab bags! Something something $88-92 in product for only $42 (ps RoW: hope you like S&H)!! :-P

      ... no seriously someone order like ten thousand of them so we can get this shitshow back on the road.

    34. Jorel Levenson on

      Clearly you only see what you want...ask any of the actual freelancers or people that know Kevin...I've always told him what I thought...even if it wasn't what he wanted to hear. I've never been a fan of how he runs his business. When I was broke I appreciated the sales...but at the cost of running a successful business that is a ridiculous way to operate...I don't wanna be his friend if his friends constantly have to lie to him and he is incapable of seeing the damage they do to themselves. I do support my friends and I still have plenty of friends among the freelancers and I still have fond memories of the actual games if not the business or the people running can feel free to speak for yourself...don't act like you know me or anything about me cause you are sooo far off the mark and have spent more time defending Kevin and crew here than I ever if it is shit your smelling it is all on you

    35. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      You had your head so far up Kevin's ass that you still smell his shit.

    36. Jorel Levenson on

      and during the campaign I was excited about this project...cause I thought Kevin and crew wouldn't be involved...I'm not the one fixing all their problems so they can continue to behave like jerks...I stopped supporting them when they showed they have zero concept of respect for their customers....

    37. Jorel Levenson on

      I don't have disdain for the rest of the people that got taken advantage of...

    38. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      "Keep on proving your disdain for the rest of the backers that aren't suckin off Kevin's teat like you have been"

      The irony of this statement coming from Jorel is not lost on me.

    39. Jorel Levenson on

      Goes to show what a clueless twat you are Mike. I've had a job for a bit now and there is nothing wrong with raising your own kids. Also I don't drink until after dinner so get your fact straight. You are so full of hate your vision is clearly clouded...

    40. Mike "Morpheus" on

      Oh, and on the part of not seeing anything new...totally agreed Forar....PB needs to put the move on. It might be too late as it is.

    41. Mike "Morpheus" on

      Did I hear a squeak? It almost sounded like Mr. Mom tried to say something over his beer.


      Gunpla Gamers Original Post
      Thanks, but hard to use any rules if I have no pieces...When is wave 2 coming?

      John Null's post
      Mike, are you now privy to what everyone's pledge is? not everyone got the same exact pledge. We have one dude over on dakka that only ordered up hunter's Valkyrie and only got his decals when he asked to ship everything together. what if this person only wanted some supers or a character? That's all wave 2 so he doesn't have shit thanks to pb dragging their ass.

      My Response
      Fair enough John, for those who only ordered stuff that is in wave two, the tabletop pieces and display models are probably not something you ever planned on using to play anyways so I feel sorry for you and the delay. For the 2 or 3 people that might have bought only wave 2 things and wanted to play, I apologize.

      The idea that people bought Exclusives to honestly play the game is possible for
      1. only people short on $ at the time
      2. people who wanted to see how the chips fell and what things looked like first.

      Neither of which is a significant portion of the backers.

      So we are back to the simple fact that yes, you can play without wave 2 just fine.

    42. Forar on

      Even if we accept the premise that "people who backed but only for stuff that ended up in wave 2 are rare", that doesn't alleviate the fact that a minis game with nothing new at retail for a year-1.5+ years is a problem.

      At this point I wouldn't hold my breath for them making gencon 2016 with wave two items. Even the resin stuff which they have been very quiet about for a very long time now.

      If it's only a couple of dudes, why bother railing against them, and either way the wave two issue remains pertinent to the vast majority of backers. Just because we haven't hit everyone's breaking point yet doesn't mean it won't happen in the next 15 months.

    43. Forar on

      kindly quote where the person you're railing about said that, Mike.

      Gunpla Gamer may have legit only ordered wave 2 stuff. Or may he did indeed get some with wave one but all the stuff he's really interested in wound up in W2, or even the majority of his contribution, financially if not by figure count.

      Either way, you are surprisingly vehement about something he didn't elaborate on.

      I know I've seen a couple of people say the same on your page. Just because someone wants to have their full box in hand before starting on assembly/painting/playing doesn't mean they're 'doing it wrong'. You are not the arbiter of who is a Real Serious Gamers and who isn't.

    44. Jorel Levenson on are such a douche....jajajajaja... Keep on proving your disdain for the rest of the backers that aren't suckin off Kevin's teat like you have advisor..... Jajajajaja... What a sad title....

    45. Mike "Morpheus" on

      So point is there are people who have ordered only wave 2 and seriously plan to play? Please. Go fish somewhere else on that one. I'm not biting. We are talking about backers and pledges here not people who were dipping their fingers into the pool.

      Asking Where's my Rick figure shows they bought something and is in no way proof that they ever had serious play in mind.

      The idea that you can ONLY play with wave 2 is ridiculous and has and still is being shown to be wrong time and again. There IS plenty of evidence of that.

      Again, "I can't play until wave 2" is just people whining that they can't play with Space Marines until every unit comes out in the new codex and makes no sense.

    46. Forar on

      Sorry, "a real RRT fan/player".

    47. Forar on

      And that's a spurious assertion. What people planned to do 29 months ago has no bearing on desiring some accountability from the company that cheerfully made promises they couldn't keep.

      As I recall even you've seen a downgrade in game size and scope, trading off part of your Showdown to get the rest of it painted (assembled as well?). You yourself are indicative that people's priorities can change, and trying to No True Scotsman as "oh anyone who didn't at least get a battle cry isn't a REAL robotech fan" is beneath you.

    48. Forar on

      They were very clear about the "CONVENTION AND KICKSTARTER ONLY" nature of those pieces. So yeah, I wouldn't at all be shocked if there were at small but "more than a couple" of backers who went in purely for wave two.

      Shit, you post on dakka, you know at least 1-2 there alone. There've been a number of people who pop up now and then asking "where's my Rick figure".

      And that's before considering collectors; whether or not they plan to play the game is irrelevant, their dollars spent just as well as anyone else's.

    49. Forar on

      People have mentioned backing for exclusives and planning to buy at retail. Considering the deals CSI had going, that wouldn't have been far off the deals we got.

      Point is, you were making a claim you couldn't back up.

      You're better than that.