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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

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Brief Update


Hey, guys. We’re heading out of town in the morning for AdeptiCon, but I wanted to post a quick update to cover a couple of things.


Wave One rewards have been shipping to European backers for the last week or so, and just about all of you should have gotten emails with tracking links by now. If you haven’t, that means that either you didn’t order anything that’s shipping in Wave One, or there is some sort of issue. In the latter case, send us a Kickstarter message or an email to and we’ll look into it.


The container arrived in Sydney last Thursday, and it should reach the distributor in the next few days. I will post more details as soon as I have them, but watch your email for shipping notifications.


As I said above, we’ll be at AdeptiCon this week/weekend, so if you’re in the Chicago area, please stop by and say hello. We’ll have demos running at our booth, as well as a big Robotech® RPG Tactics™ tournament, and hopefully other games. We’ll also have plenty of RRT product to purchase, as well as sourcebooks for the Robotech® RPG and our other game lines. Hope to see you there.

Wave 2 Update


Hey, guys. Wayne here.

I've been promising Wave 2 updates and pictures for a while now, but it has taken me so long to start posting them, some have begun to express some doubts. I’m sorry about that; there’s no reason you guys should ever feel in the dark so much that you start to worry about whether we’re even working on this stuff. Well, we are. ALL Wave Two pieces are either done or in active development. But pictures are worth more than words, so here you go.

Today, I’ll start with the few pieces I mentioned in the January 17, 2015 Update. More will be coming in the following days.

The Gnerl

The Gnerl is pretty much done. There are one or two very minor changes we’re considering, but honestly I don’t think they’re necessary. At the size of the final piece, I don’t think they’d even be noticeable.

The Ghost

Lots of progress was made on the Ghost, but there are a couple of details that need added or changed. There is some detail missing on the “canopy” area, and the bottom of the big air intake on the top isn't quite right, but we’re getting there.

The Lancer

Jeff still wants a couple tweaks to this one, but I think we’re done. This is another small piece, and it’s going to look great.

The Glaug-Eldare

I’ll have to compare notes with Jeff, but I think this one is done, too. The last round of changes went well, and I think they covered everything. Yes, it has quite a few parts, but this will be a big, feature piece on the battlefield.

The Jotun Armored Valkyrie

This guy still needs a bit of work. In addition to some detail that’s either missing or wrong, we’re still trying to remove some seams, or at least move them to places they won’t be noticed. In particular, we’re trying to move the seams on the lower legs to the edge of the armor plate on the side, where there should be a seam anyway.

Chinese New Year was last week, but it’s a 2-3 week long holiday season in China, so there hasn't been much work being done on that end this month. They’re about to come back, though, so things will be picking up in March.

Last Call for European Address Changes


Hey, everyone.

Like the title says, if you’re in Europe and your address has changed since you last gave it to us, your time is just about up. The NYK Meteor, carrying all Wave One rewards for European backers, is in the English Channel right now, scheduled to dock in Southampton tomorrow. From there, it might only be a few days to a week before the container clears Customs and is sent on to the warehouse that will be shipping the packages to backers throughout Europe.

I have already sent the “final” backer data to the warehouse so they could import it into their shipping system in preparation for sending the packages out, but we have received at least one address change since then. There may be more, and that’s fine, but send them NOW. It’s far better to change it at the last minute rather than a week later, after the package has already been shipped and there’s nothing that can be done about it.


The Corcovado passed through the Panama Canal two days ago, and is now headed straight for Sydney. It’s a little over two weeks out still, but we’ll need any remaining Australian address changes sent to us in the next week.

Rest of World

For those of you outside North America, Europe and Australia, your packages are about to ship. Make sure we get any address changes as soon as possible.

More Free Stuff Online

As many of you have noticed, I posted several more things on our DriveThruRPG page this week, including detailed assembly instructions for all three modes of the Valkyrie, among others. More of those are coming next week. That stuff is all here:

I also posted the images from the color guide as individual files on our own website, for those of you who can’t or don’t want to get them from DriveThru, or who only want a few individual images. These are the exact same images that appear in the PDFs on DriveThru, so there’s no need to download both. They can be found here:

Two Ships Passing in the Night


Okay, it wasn't at night, but yesterday afternoon, the NYK Meteor, headed north to Norfolk, then New York, and eventually the UK, passed the Corcovado, headed south to Savannah and eventually Australia. It was off the coast of North Carolina somewhere, unfortunately just out of coastal radar range, so I couldn't catch a shot of them right next to each other, but here’s a screenshot of their paths passing each other.

So What?

Well, aside from the fact that I think it’s kind of cool to be able to watch these ships move around the world, what that all means is that the container headed for Europe is getting close. It’s scheduled to hit the UK in about two weeks, maybe a little sooner. After that, figure about week or so to be unloaded, clear customs, and be delivered to the warehouse that will be shipping it to backers, then shipping them all out should only take a couple days, at which point I think you’ll be getting tracking emails for your individual packages.

As for Australia, the Corcovado is sitting in Savannah, Georgia right now, and its next port of call is Sydney, Australia. I expect it will reach the Panama Canal in a few days, then head straight for Sydney. Estimated arrival date is currently March 10, then like above, add a week or so for unloading, customs, etc., and a few days to a week for shipping them all out.

All of those estimated dates are subject to weather, customs inspections, and other possible delays, but we’re getting closer by the day.

Overseas Address Corrections – Last Chance for Wave One

So this is it, your last chance to get your address corrections in if you’re in Europe. Australians and other backers have another week or two, but you’re running out of time, too. I’ll be collecting and sending the final backer address data to the UK warehouse at the end of this week, so get us any last minute address changes for Europe NOW. If you've already sent it, you’re fine, but if you've moved recently, please get us your current address as soon as possible.

More Online Resources Coming

I posted the painting templates from the rulebook's color guide, plus a couple that didn't appear, as well as “blanks,” on DriveThruRPG a few days ago, and more stuff is coming. I’ll try and get some detailed instruction sheets and other items posted this week, so check back in a few days.

Missing Cards Posted Online


Hey, guys.

Quite a few of you have informed us of cards that were “missing” from your main game boxes or Battle Cry extras bags. They weren't really “missing,” exactly; all of the bags and boxes had the same cards in them, with very rare exceptions. However, there were a few cards that only came in the Tomahawk/Defender Destroids expansion but probably should have been included in the game box too. And there was one Support Card that should have been in the Artillery Battlepods expansion that was left out entirely due to a mix-up in sending files to the printer.

We are planning to include these missing cards in the Wave 2 Battle Cry extras bag, but in the meantime I have put them up on for free download. They are in PDF format, so the text is nice and clear, and there are no watermarks.

For those of you who do not wish to create an account on, I will be posting them on our website eventually, but it may not be for a week or two. They may also go up on our Facebook page in JPG format.

More resources are coming, like more detailed assembly instructions and color templates for painting your game pieces, so watch those places in the next few days.

Have a good weekend, everyone.