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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
5,342 backers pledged $1,442,312 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Exclusives Order Deadline Extended


Hey, guys. A few things:

1. Since it’s taking us so long to get those stats and new rules finalized and posted, we’re extending the deadline to order the convention exclusives until August 15. We’ll still get those rules done as soon as we can, of course.

2. We got a Grell yesterday, so I assembled him and took some photos before sending it off to our painter so we could have a painted one for display at Gen Con. Here he is, along with a part breakdown:

3. Speaking of the painter, here’s what he did with the Miriya Sterling’s Super Valkyrie we sent him:

That’s it for today. I should have more info shortly, including Breetai pics and hopefully, you know, that other thing you’ve all been asking about.

Miriya Pics


Hey, guys. It’s Wayne.

We’re working on a number of updates to post here, including the results of the scale poll, but I think those are pretty obvious: We’re sticking with the original plan to make everything in 1/285 scale (6mm) for all generations of Robotech®. It does look like there might be enough interest to make some larger game pieces for later generations in addition to the 6mm pieces, but that’s a discussion for down the road.

As for Wave 2, I’m working on a big breakdown of where each and every component is in its development, but that’s going to take some time. The short version is that some have been approved for tooling, some are still pending minor changes, and a couple are being reworked to reduce part counts while preserving detail. It’s going painfully slowly.

Today, I wanted to post some photos of the Miriya Super Valkyrie convention exclusive that we just got yesterday. Please note that I assembled this quickly just to check the fitting of everything so they could proceed with production, so I haven’t cleaned any flash or mold lines at all. Considering that, I think the parts look pretty clean.

Since this was done in metal, it is only 8 parts total. Assembly was a breeze, though getting that heavy figure to stick to the base did take a few minutes.

So that’s one down.

Grell and Breetai are both at different stages of development, but here’s a sneak peek at Grell:

Yes, he’s holding it together wrong. :)
Yes, he’s holding it together wrong. :)

These photos aren’t of the final piece, obviously. They’re the sculptor’s “greens” after adjusting the pose for the Grell exclusive. The photos were taken last week, so I expect we’ll have some pics of the final, metal pieces any day now.

Breetai is the piece that needed the most work, particularly a whole new head had to be sculpted, but some other posing adjustments were needed as well. I’ll post photos of him as soon as I can, but I hear he’s coming along nicely.

As for the conventional vehicles and infantry, we’ve had Carmen Bellaire, Mike Arnold, and a small group of advisors and playtesters working on the stats and new rules (as well as adjustments to a few old ones like Blast) for a couple weeks, and they just turned in their changes. We’ll need to go over them and make any final adjustments, but they’ll be posted soon. I know many of you are waiting on those stats before pre-ordering those packs, and I don’t blame you. Just know that we’re trying to get those posted as soon as we can, but we don’t want to post them until they’re in their final form, or close enough that you know how they’ll perform on the battlefield before you make your purchases.

Finally, one of the painters we’re working with, Chase Murphy, sent us some photos of three Miriya Queadluun-Rau pieces that he painted for a commission, and we wanted to show them off. Nice work, Chase!

The Big Scale Poll


Choose the scale for future generations of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ mecha – 6mm or larger?

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ was designed to be a 6mm, 1/285th scale game, and our intent has always been to keep all eras of Robotech at that same scale. For one thing, that has NEVER been done – all the mecha from Robotech® at one consistent scale. Most figures should look pretty darn good at 6mm, though the man-sized mecha and other small mecha will be very small.

That said, an increasing number of our Kickstarter backers have been coming to us and pointing out how small some pieces such as the Cyclones, Southern Cross soldiers and other man-sized pieces, as well as some Invid and Inorganics, will be at 6mm.

As Palladium plans for the future, we want to address this concern that has been brought to us by you, now rather than later. One big reason is, if we decide to release the Regent’s Invid and Inorganics forces as a new faction to fight the Zentraedi, we need to know the scale you want. (Zentraedi vs Invid makes sense since they were created to fight the Invid.) But nothing has been decided.

The suggestion has been to make the mecha of all future Robotech® generations – the Masters Saga/Armies of the Southern Cross, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles® – at a larger scale. 15mm has been the most commonly suggested, because the smallest figures like the popular Cyclones would be a decent size for those of who enjoy painting and posing larger figures. And that’s the dilemma, on the battlefield a consistent 6mm scale seems right. For those who love to paint and modify figures, a larger 15mm scale may be more fun and appealing (and to some, they think the figures look better on the battlefield, too).

And just to be clear, we’re talking about future generations only. This has no bearing on Wave Two. Wave Two is well along in its development, with several pieces completely done and ready for tooling, and others undergoing final changes. We have no intention of changing its scale at this point, and never did. (We’ll be talking more about Wave Two in future updates, so please try to keep the comments here limited to just your votes in the poll, and discuss other matters elsewhere.)

We want to know what YOU want to see, and we will go with the clear majority of the actual votes in this Kickstarter “poll.”

- So please vote only ONCE.

- Indicate ONE of the choices below. You may elaborate and include additional details, but please open with your choice (e.g. “6mm for all future generations of mecha” or “15mm for all,” etc.), so we can see and tally votes at a glance. And please stay on subject. Thank you.

Note: We want to see all figures of all generations of Robotech® to be compatible on the battlefield, which is why we think we should stay with 6mm. HOWEVER, if there is enough interest in a larger scale, Palladium may be able to offer it to those who want the larger scale as well as doing the 6mm pieces, especially if there is a big demand. Both would be sold separately.

The Poll:

  • 6mm for all future generation mecha.
  • 10mm for all future generation mecha.
  • 15mm for all future generation mecha.
  • A mix: 6mm for the larger mecha, but 10mm or 15mm for the smaller, man-sized pieces.

Important Notice about the Comanchero Helicopter


Hello Everyone, Kevin again.

This Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Update is an important notification regarding the RRT Earth Defender Blister Packs available for pre-order by our Kickstarter backers.

With the recent announcement of this year’s convention exclusives and the Earth Defenders Blister Packs, we had included the Comanchero Helicopter as one of the items you could pre-order now. However, after further discussion involving its development we realized we could not, at this time, pinpoint a specific date of release or its true cost, so we have decided to remove it from the schedule until we can verify all the details and get a good handle on a realistic release date.

The Comanchero was always intended to be presented as a product that would be shipping later, after the first group of Earth Defenders, but we didn’t make that clear enough, and some were under the impression that it would ship with the others. We want to rectify that oversight in the clearest way possible, by removing it as a pre-order item at this time. So while the Comanchero Helicopter will be in development, it will be no longer be available for pre-order for the time being. Those initial few who were charged for that item will be contacted to arrange the refund of that portion of their orders.

The good news is that we are currently putting the finishing touches on the squad sizes, point costs and related rules and special abilities for these vehicles and Micronian infantry. These stats and info will be posted next week for your reference and to assist you with rounding out your squadrons and platoons. These units really add some nice strategies and flavors to the battlefield.

Reminder of what’s being offered

Convention Exclusives at Gen Con® Indy – Booth 1129 – Palladium Books

Of course, you backers can also place pre-orders online without limit to quantity through July 15, 2015.

1. NEW! Miriya Sterling’s Super Valkyrie in Guardian Mode. A sleek, dynamic item. 1/285th scale (6mm). $22 plus shipping.

2. NEW! Breetai ready for combat. This is Commander Breetai in a suit of Zentraedi Heavy Body Armor. His right hand opened enough to place a weapon, Micronian or the severed head of a Valkyrie or other bit of wreckage. 1/285th scale (6mm). $22 plus shipping.

3. NEW! Grell’s Male Power Armor. Includes a Grell Malcontent character card. 1/285th scale (6mm). $22 plus shipping.

4. Max Sterling’s VF-1J Valkyrie in Battloid Mode; a couple different poses are possible. 1/285th scale (6mm). $22 plus shipping.

5. Miriya’s Female Power Armor; a couple different poses are possible. 1/285th scale (6mm). $22 plus shipping.

All of these convention exclusives will be available at Gen Con® Indy to ANYONE on a first-come, first-served basis. Each is metal/pewter, 1/285th scale (6mm). RRT Kickstarter backers, however, can pre-order them from the comfort of their home and in any quantity (no limit) and have them shipped right to their doorstep. Palladium may also make them available at a couple of trade shows and other conventions, including the 2016 AdeptiCon. NOTE: We would like to get pre-orders from our RRT Kickstarter backers by July 15, 2015.

For ordering instructions, click here.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ – Earth Defenders (Micronian Forces!)

The Earth Defenders packs expand the scope of combat and are ideal for gamers looking to play the Malcontents faction or who want to bring Micronian troops into play on any battlefield. Note: None of this has any negative impact on Palladium finishing and manufacturing RRT Wave Two, but does plenty to enhance your battlefield options with your current game piece.

When we make these Earth Defenders available at retail in the Fall, they will probably sell at a retail price of around $12 or so per blister pack.

The first six Earth Defenders Blister Packs:

  • Apache Combat Helicopter (1) – Includes flight stand, base and stat card; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.
  • A-10 Warthog Jet (1) with big gun for ground attack, plus flight stand, base and stat card; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.
  • T-55MV Tanks (4 per pack), plus 2 stat cards and four bases; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.
  • Cougar 6x6 APCs (4 per pack), plus 2 stat cards and four bases; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.
  • Convoy Trucks (4 per pack), plus 2 stat cards and four bases; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.
  • Infantry Troops (8 troops per base for 32 total figs; some heavy weapons), 4 cards and 4 bases; 1/285th scale (6mm). $10.00 plus shipping.

Btw, we received a prototype for the Miriya Super Valkyrie convention exclusive from GHQ today, and though there were a few small things that need to be addressed, it is drop-dead gorgeous. The lines are clean and sharp, the detail is exquisite, and there are only seven pieces (one of the benefits of working in metal). It goes together like a dream. When we have a final version of it, we’ll post photos. We can hardly wait to see Grell (in male power armor) and Breetai (in heavy body armor). We will post photos of the pieces as soon as they are completely finished.

More 6mm vs 15mm Thoughts


Hey, Everyone. It’s Kevin Siembieda.

This sentence from an email I recently received seems to reflect the sentiment of many of you:

“I was a bit perplexed by part of the latest update....there was a lot of trash talk on 6mm stuff.”

No trash talk of 6mm was intended whatsoever. Ironically, Palladium has NO plan nor personal desire to depart from 6mm. Nor do you have to convince me of the quality or value of a consistent 6mm (1/285th) scale.

Personally, from day one, I have always wanted to see all generations of Robotech® done in the same scale. If for no other reason than it has never been done and would be freaking awesome!

HOWEVER, we have had a number, and I mean a good number of Kickstarter backers raise the issue and ask us whether we are considering doing a larger scale for some of the smallest Robotech mecha – namely man-sized units like Southern Cross soldiers, the Invid and most notably, the Cyclones.

I thought it was a valid question. And since we have had so many people ask it, I wanted to make sure that we are still on the right path with 6mm (1/285th scale). I used myself as an example only to represent that I understood how and why those suggesting a larger scale might feel about it. AND IF that might be the way the majority of the backers and RRT supporters feel, I want to know about it NOW, not later. From a manufacturing and design point of view, as well as for wargamers, 6mm throughout seems, to all of us at Palladium, the way to go. Most of the arguments in favor of going larger were more important to collectors and those who want these figures as display pieces, which is a segment of our backers that we didn’t want to just dismiss. Thus, the discussion.

I'm just trying to make sure that Palladium gives you, our RRT Kickstarter backers, what YOU WANT. And I want you to think about it so that if and when we say yes, we’re sticking with 6mm scale, there can be no issues later when the pieces are in that scale.

So please, don’t any of you feel perplexed. But please do let us know what YOU want. That’s the entire reason for my raising the question. And I raised it in the strongest possible way so there could be no confusion or doubt. I really want YOU all to really think about what you want from these game pieces.

In fact, I made the case for 15mm as strongly as I did purely to make people really stop and think about it, rather than dismissing it out of hand. My only regret is that it seems to have made some people push back even stronger precisely because they thought I was trying to steer them in that direction.

The only reason Palladium would even consider deviating from 6mm is if this conversation suggests that the vast majority of you might want larger figures (of any size scale, really). Personally, I would be shocked if that happened.

Of course, ALL the new convention exclusives and Earth Defender figures are at 6mm (1/285th) scale. Speaking of which, we’ll be posting the stats and data for how these units function and impact combat in the RRT game for you to see. That’s coming soon.

So please really think about this, talk about it amongst yourselves and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

Wayne will post a poll, probably next week, after there has been time for everyone to think about the subject. PLEASE participate in the poll. Please only vote once, because we are only counting the actual numbers in the poll, and we want them to be accurate.

This helps Palladium in a number of ways, because it will give us an absolute true indication of what you want, but it also gives us an idea if there is a large enough interest for us to consider making both sizes available; 6mm first and maybe 10mm or 15mm later. The idea of offering two sizes in the same package, upon further consideration, is wasteful because those who have no interest in the other size may just toss them out. But unless you tell us otherwise, 6mm is what we plan for ALL RRT game pieces.

Again, I want to make clear that the only reason we are even having this discussion is out of respect for the RRT Kickstarter backers who raised it in the first place and our desire to give you the game YOU want!

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher