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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game.
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My Eleventh Update - New Feedback Email and Bases Sent for Corrections

Hi all, Scott here.  

Force Org Charts Feedback and Change of Email Address  

I became aware a few days ago that only some of the e-mails being sent to the feedback@ e-mail address were getting through. Unfortunately it appears that several (we don't know the exact number) never made it to my account. As part of the fix for this problem, we have set up a new e-mail account - rrt-rules[at]palladiumbooks[dot]com - and have tested it many times over the past couple days to make sure everything gets through (it does).

How do I find out if my e-mail got through? There is a simple way to know if your e-mail got through to me or not - I have sent a thank you reply to every one that I have received. If you did not get an e-mail back from me thanking you for your feed back, please check your spam filter first to make sure it didn't get caught there. If not, then please send it again. My apologies for the trouble.

And again, thank you to everyone who has sent in their thoughts regarding the Force Organization Charts. Please feel free to send in more thoughts and ideas as you can.

SDF-1 Bases  

I received screenshots of the new SDF-1 bases yesterday, but not all of the changes that I'd asked for (which were based on your feedback) had been made. I have spoken with the artist and he assures me that he will have the corrections done by the time of the next update.

Final Thoughts  

A big thank you to everyone who ordered RRT-related items (over 100 sales ranging from dice packs to full box sets) through the special sale of Robotech® (all RRT and Robotech® RPG items 50% off) on our website this last weekend. Because the sale was such a success, and many people wanted it to continue, it will be offered again this weekend.

Speaking of thanks, I want to give my warmest wishes to every one of you who will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. May you have a great and safe holiday filled with love and gratitude.  

I'll be back again in two weeks, November 28th.

My Tenth Update - Checking In


Hi all, Scott here.

Force Org Charts update

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their thoughts to feedback{at}palladiumbooks{dot}com so far on the Force Organization Charts.  Please feel free to send in more thoughts and ideas as you can.

SDF-1 Bases - still waiting

I am still waiting on the new renders for the SDF-1 bases.  As soon as I get them I will post them here.

Final Thoughts

To all those who celebrate Halloween, I hope you had wonderful (and spooky) fun.  I'll be back again in two weeks, November 14th.

Follow up to Update Nine - Attributions for the Force Org Chart Icons


Hi all, Scott here.

It was brought to my attention last night that Chris Taylor and Thomas Evans had pointed out that the icons in the temporary Force Org Charts needed proper attributions to their creators.  

This was my mistake - no excuse, I had forgotten to add the information to the file before posting it.

The file on DriveThruRPG has now been updated with the appropriate information.  Since Kickstarter does not let you edit a prior post (unless you edit it within 30 minutes of the original posting) I am going to post the attributions here.  This attribution is per the suggested format on

Afterburn, Bombing Run, Bullets, Cannon Ball, Circle Sparks, Clout, Cogsplosion, Crowned Explosion, Disintegrate, Embraced Energy, Gears, Gooey Impact, Laser Blast, Missile Pod, Missile Swarm, Rocket, Spiked Mace, Supersonic Bullet Icons made by Lorc.  

Blaster Icon made by sbed. 

 All Icons Available on

My Long Overdue Ninth Update: Force Org Charts


Hi all, Scott here.  

My apologies for how late this Update has become. I appreciate all those who have expressed their support as I have dealt with a personal matter that took much more of my time than I thought possible.

SDF-1 Bases

Our artist was not able to get the new renders finished in time for this update, as his obligations to others have taken up all his attention. He hopes to have them ready for us by my next update.

Force Org Charts  

As I mentioned back in July, Force Organization Charts were made several years ago but never released to the public. (We actually have several copies of different charts done by several of the original play testers, each with its own strengths to recommend it.) Since July there has been additional play testing done and numerous discussions regarding possible changes and finishing touches to what will become the official chart.

 Before we make our final decisions, we have decided to ask you, the RRT backers, for your thoughts and opinions regarding the finalized Force Organization Charts. Below are the charts which we think are closest to the spirit of Robotech RPG Tactics. For your convenience we are also posting a temporary file for the charts on DriveThruRPG.

PLEASE NOTE: The artwork and color schemes for these charts is not final - right now these charts are organized only to convey information. Once we have decided on all game-rule-related aspects of the charts we will then create the final color schemes and graphics for the charts.

What I’d ask of you is to please review the information on the charts and, if your time allows over the next six weeks, play through one or more games using them. Please send us any thoughts about what you did or didn’t enjoy, or ideas for improvement, to feedback{at}palladiumbooks{dot}com. PLEASE NOTE: This e-mail address is specifically for comments and thoughts related to the Force Organization Charts only.

UEDF Force Org Chart






Zentraedi Force Org Chart







Malcontents Force Org Chart






 Final Thoughts

I will be back again in a little less than two weeks with another update, Tuesday October 31st.


My apologies - Update #9


 Hi all, Scott here.

Due to a personal matter, Update # 9 will be posted later this week.  My sincerest apologies.