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Hello there! I'm Walker, The Smartest Productivity App on the iPhone. Unlike other apps, I'll walk with you through your daily grind.

New app screenshots will be released on the Updates section above as they are completed.

Check out Mashable's article about Walker! :D

Hello there!
My name is Walker. The smartest productivity app, currently under development for the iPhone and the upcoming iOS 6. To be released in October 2012

All the productivity apps currently on the App Store don't walk you through your task management and without a constant, clear guidance, it is harder to keep a tidy to-do list. Which then leads annoyances like projects falling behind and tasks slipping through the cracks.

The idea of walker came from Getting Things Done by David Allen, which is a great life/task management system that, with a little software guidance, it is easier to implement and maintain.

Appsfire App Star Awards 2012 Finalist

Walker works like this:

Inbox tab

-Inbox tasks up front and separated from your tasks list.
-Collect tasks into the inbox from Walker, Siri, an email sent with an add to Walker link or Apple's reminders app.
-Tap an inbox task and Walker will ask you if it is actionable or not. This is essential to make sure you stop for a second to identify the next physical action required so the task reminder is saved efficiently.

-If the task is actionable, Walker will let you:
--Email the task, and file it on a waiting for list (delegate)
--Show you a 2 minute timer for short tasks (do)
--Add the task to your calendar (defer: time sensitive, appointments)
--Add to a next actions list, which will ask you to set a project and context (defer to do at a later time)

-If the task is not actionable, Walker will let you:
--File the task as a waiting for, reference, someday maybe or incubate on the calendar for a future date.

/////////////////Development completed for this tab.

Organize tab

-This tab will show you your current projects and contexts.
-Create a new project or context quickly.
-Set project's name and expected outcome.
-Set context's address.
-See the tasks for the selected project / context.

/////////////////Tap shows projects and contexts. User interface design needed for the project/description screen

Today tab

-All your calendars appointments for today will be shown here.
-You can also add and edit appointments here.

/////////////////Development completed for this tab.

Next Actions tab
-All your tasks deferred from the inbox via the "add to next actions button".
-Left swipe on task: mark it as starred.
-Right swipe on task: complete.
-Tasks will be grouped by project, context or starred status.
-Starred tasks will be shown on the notification center when you leave Walker.

/////////////////Tab shows all tasks grouped by project, context or starred. Interface design needed. Also needs gestures code to match inbox swipe to complete

Non actionable tasks tab
-Will show your tasks for the lists: Waiting For, Someday Maybe, Reference.
-Task can be sent back to the inbox for processing again at any time.

/////////////////User interface design required. Needs gestures code

Weekly review tab, series of screens

-First shows all existing next actions. Right swipe to mark as complete, or tap to process task again if conditions changed.
-Existing non actionable task lists are shown next to check if any of them need an action taken, tap to process.
-A list of calendar items in the past two weeks are then shown. Tap to edit an event.
-Then the inbox tasks are shown to be processed. Add new tasks here as part of a mind sweep.

/////////////////Needs code and user interface design.

Areas of responsibilities

-Create areas of responsibilities and then add existing or new projects to them-See projects for each area.

/////////////////Needs code and user interface design.

Goals tab
-Create long term goals, attach projects to them

/////////////////Needs code and user interface design.

-Walker will sync with your iPhone reminders, which syncs with your iCloud account and all the devices attached to it.
-To keep syncing nice and tidy, Walker will sync with 3 lists on your iPhone's reminders app:
--Actionable // Walker's next actions
--Non actionable // Walker's waiting for, reference, someday maybe tasks
--Other lists // Walker's goals, areas of responsibilities, projects, contexts, etc
Additional task information will be saved in the notes area of the reminder.

/////////////////Needs code and user interface design.


I need your help to finish Walker

Funds will not go towards the time spent coding the app. They will be allocated to finish the user interface design, app icon, licensed/3rd party code snippets, testing, website design, web hosting/domain and other app development expenses.

If the goal is not met the app will take ages to complete :/ And we'll all be really sad :(

So please help Walker get on the AppStore! :D. Rewards are fun!. They'll let you be a part of the app's development process, get early access and frequent beta updates.  You'll even get to learn some iOS programming :) and also a nice dinner :D

Thank you so much for your support!!!

Developed by Raul Rea


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