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I want to bring the Heavyweight Graphic Design Champion, Aaron Draplin, to the Fort for a night of cosmic wit & wisdom on design. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 19, 2013.

I want to bring the Heavyweight Graphic Design Champion, Aaron Draplin, to the Fort for a night of cosmic wit & wisdom on design.

Ron Myers
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About this project

This project was conceived with a solitary goal: get graphic designer, Aaron Draplin, to The Fort so he can give one of his legendary lectures on graphic design. 

So, just who is Aaron Draplin?

Originally hailing from the north of us, in Traverse City, MI, but now residing in Portland, OR, Draplin is a spirited graphic designer and co-creator of the designer-popular, Field Notes brand of memo books. He has built an impressive roster of clients, including the Obama Administration, Nike, Adobe, Lego, Burton Snowboards, Wired magazine and Incase. You can drool over his array of exquisite design at

And, why would you want to attend the lecture?

Let's just say that Draplin is a colorful speaker whose passion for design and the work ethic of the American Midwest and its history shows though in abundance. Once you hear him speak, you will leave the premises fired up to create and make cool things. Note that some of his language is PG-13. But, that's why we titled this project, "A Night of Graphic Design Straight Talk." 

Check out Adobe's "Aaron Draplin's Favorite Signs" (contains PG-13 language):

The Backstory and Lure to The Fort

Having been a fan of Draplin Design Co. and watching many video clips of his lectures, I wanted to attend one in person. The trouble was, it always seemed that they were too far away. So, I shot off an email to the man asking what it would take to get him to swing by the Summit City, perhaps, on the way to one of his regular gigs. A swift response arrived. Draplin was both interested and extremely personable. I started scheming. It just so happened that he had a few fall events close to the Hoosier state. So, I jumped at the chance to piggyback on his MidWest tour, which would help minimize expenses.

The Evangelist Brigade

I enlisted the help of two freelance designer friends: Josh Tuck of Rust Belt, and Kryste Wallen of thinLINEINK, who also happens to be Visiting Lecturer and Graphic Design Coordinator in the Visual Communication and Design Department at IPFW. Also in the mix is Carly Myers of Adphemera, a design enthusiast and expert event planner. The four of us are doing this because we want to enrich the culture of our city by bringing a nationally recognized designer here for a great night of Draplin's "Tall Tales." Those interested in attending should be ready for an unforgettable experience, whether they are students, professionals or simply those interested in great design. Even fans of large men in trucker caps will not be disappointed. We need your help.

Join The Brigade.

For this event, funding is needed for travel, lodging, venue rental, A/V equipment, marketing and merchandise. This is where you come in. Everyone involved with getting this event off the ground is donating their time, effort and funds. If you want to see more design events of this caliber in Fort Wayne, please consider funding this project, even if you can't attend. With your assistance, we can help grow the local design community and let amazing design both influence and thrive in our fine city.

Where and when is this all going down?

Providing we meet our funding goal, we are locked in on Draplin's schedule for Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Cinema Center in Fort Wayne, IN. Also, time permitting, we are working to get him to meet with a design class at a local university earlier that day. 

Take a look at his tour dates. This will be Draplin's ONLY Indiana appearance in 2013. Let's put Fort Wayne on the national design map and make this happen!


Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges associated with this event simply boil down to one thing, fundraising. We need to meet our goal to cover the expense of bringing Aaron to Fort Wayne. But, this is a labor of love for everyone involved and we feel there are enough like-minded individuals out there to make this campaign a success. Everything else is in place.

It really comes down to our friends and colleagues, in the art and design community, in and around Fort Wayne. We think that Fort Wayne can support this, and if you agree, please consider donating.

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