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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, September 12 2019 4:41 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
17days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, September 12 2019 4:41 PM UTC +00:00.


We are producing a online web series, jumping on the bandwagon of the current craze for role playing game shows. Except, this is produced with professional lighting and props and miniature photography, meanwhile employing a lot of actors. The aim is to produce properties good enough for further development and production into TV shows and movies and that is what makes it exciting. 

Shows like this garner audience and monetization through streaming. I believe they have just scratched the surface of this audience. Shows like this are also plot, character and art direction in miniature. A table top role playing game constructs a cinematic narrative.

The props are especially interesting for whenever research approves, we use archaeological reconstructions and 3-d print duplications, with the intention of keeping up to date. For instance Luwian studies will probably emerge as Archaeology begins its research into hundreds of identified potential sites, wherein artifacts of that bygone age will be unearthed...just like Troy. As we are currently distributing "Jason and the Argonauts" role playing game setting live on Monday Nights, this setting can enlarge to form a "Siege of Troy" scenario, and enlarged more to form a "Bronze Age Collapse-Sea Peoples" scenario...the Phaistos Disc, the model of the Argo, the Bronze Age costumed figurines, exemplify 3-d prints.

This project is based on doing more than 'fantasy' by using Archaeology for set and settings.

While we are aiming to produce Television Shows using former famous Dungeons and Dragons modules produced by TSR (currently owned by Hasbro and managed by Wizards of the Coast), new properties are encouraged and have been developed. More can be garnered by producing newly minted RPG settings, providing a income for new developers and writers.

The production from RPGLabs visible at the youtube site RPGstudiosX, showcases the development process, a four months long intensive use (twice a day six days a week) of table top games and actors to develop narratives and characters. 

So we can show the character and plot developing, to the audience, before the game/pre-production is green-lighted for dramatization for TV/Cable/Theater.

Risks and challenges

A great difficulty is developing the right talent while meanwhile managing all the moving parts that go into a project of this scale. A project management company, payroll, these things are to be outsourced and are part of the budget.
The aim is nine productions, two a day, for six days a week September-Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan.
It would be a community of actors who are invested in and identified as motivated and capable and have a comfort zone to invest in developing drama skills and keeping focused, so the initial backing is a huge contribution to the local entertainment industry, especially contracting with casting agencies and schooling their actors...for pay.
Three of the productions are to be edited and not live cast. That three-per kind of production is a very new kind of production in itself, though the actual nuts and bolts are the same as any other production.
Add to that the development of automatic editing software, and this three day show may garner a lot of attention to the Youtube streaming, and then to its more conventional execution of narrative as a TV series.
The miniature photography is to occur per game, so whatever sets are deployed are removed, so there is prop hustling and light changes, grip work, yet, I have worked out those technical details evident in the 50+ hours of finished production on the youtube channel RPGstudiosX.
Training is necessary for technical staff, which is three per production.

Its nature is similar to these Role Play Conventions, one of which I ran in 2001 called Mercury Con, that get hundreds of players for three days. This is not employing Actors but the casting agencies will have a great opportunity while RPGLabs is filtering out the excellence in review of their pools of talent.
I love that kind of work though; building teams, identifying talent, being aloof AND familiar, casting.

Another challenge is selling the developed properties, which should enable attracting already established properties, so that acquiring licenses to produce other properties is encouraged.
We plan on a second round of funding, not through Kickstarter, in January or Feb. of 2020, but these would be pre-sales from distributors. There might only be one, or there might be seven viable TV/Motion Picture productions properties: it depends on the quality. Most should be animation.
Writers are to be employed per production and document the games to create a manuscript. From those manuscripts, compiled and reviewed in January of 2020, there is a challenge in revising the material into good shows...not the usual fare of low budget costumed performers stiffly saying the lines they liked to use during gaming, but shows to be lit, acted, and directed professionally.
With nine projects what scripts that emerge is up to the varying talent and personality mix in each production. One month is good to work on initial casting, and the next four months is a good time to work out personal and technical issues, and people can be moved around to mix projects into good chemistry.
Meanwhile, its dynamite to enable actors four months to nail a character, and for writers to be handed a fully developed plot line and characters to work with as well.

The fan base that would to watch these youtube productions needs to be cultivated and a marketing company, or executive, contracted to spread the word, should bring notice to this project.
I am a producer that knows very little about marketing, and a lot about design and innovation.
There is already a fan base diffuse and populous enough to support monetization on youtube of these kind of shows but it does require perhaps a year of cultivation and getting people over to the youtube channel? Maybe these unusual approaches and specific promise of "one or two becoming a show" will attract more viewers than typical?
Marketing we hope will enable the projects to continue, for after this five month test period, if we have offers, even just one offer taken means to continue over years, developing material and shows.

Also, the project will seek to gain licenses of other properties.
Whether it can contract for popular licenses from Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, is to be determined over 5 months. It is not essential to get other properties but the fastest track to continue the business is to get licenses to famous Dungeons and Dragons modules from Hasbro/Wizard of the Coast.
I have never done that, but it is just a matter of the right price?
The process uses modules to develop storylines and characters, and previously famous modules SHOULD BE produced as movies and TV. They will be!

The second round of funding will be the affirmation of the proof of concept as a showcase for developing properties, so a second round of investment may come from Wizards of the Coast, and this company would be continuing to develop properties and also developing movies from Wizard of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons modules.
Yet, if NO properties are further developed, say one is funded and yet its funding does not include continued business expenses in this development is not probable the youtube development show can be monetized on streaming channels by early next year. Depends on how many viewers, so a maybe?
I dont have a feel for marketing and sales techniques, but it wont necessarily fail to profit if the second round of funding fails because original properties will be developed.
And...the amount of material devoted to selling a Production to distributors will be far more comprehensive than...perhaps any other kind of development process ever before!
That single stream from Youtube, based only on monetization, is PROBABLY not enough to sustain a second four months of "Development Showcase". So, to develop another set of properties to be produced and sold to distributors (the second round would be roughly 600,000...100,000 less than this first round) might also fail, and RPGLabs will close down. Backers who have put money into this project will still get 3-d print outs of Archaeological items though.
Yet it might sustain in additional development of properties that are neither currently owned or purchased from Hasbro, such as new role playing game settings and new modules, as a B2B service. That AND monetization via youtube MIGHT be sustainable without any further TV and Movies deals.
A shrinkage in scale may benefit the company model. I do not think expanding it in any case will though it can be a business model that moves into TV station studios in major cities.

So, there may be a "backing in faith" of the productions for the second round, but profit seems to be right around the corner on distribution deals that are encouraged by already existing, still developing "smaller" audience with a preponderance of scripting, art direction and casting all in place.
My aim is slightly beyond just a development showcase that through streaming monetization and selling Archaeology d'art. That model of profit seems like it would barely pays its staff and other contracts.
The aim is to get millions in later deals via multi-picture distribution, producing of several shows...TV and Motion Picture.
A modest second round of investment, a typical movie or TV budget of 5 million, given some properties developed prove attractive, are budgets far in excess of operating cost, yet they must include operating costs. More distribution deals on multiple properties diffuses the cost and retains the promise of the website and production method to increase its fan base over 2020.
That next form of backing is to contract with animation and live action producers here in Austin.
There should be a few movies ready to be sold to distributors. There may be pre-sales too, however, the end of 2020 should see a sustainable profit for continuing production before the years end in December of 2020.
Duplication in other cities will proceed as its an excellent model for development of entertainment properties, a Millennial way.

Thats just off the top of my head.
To think more systematically about answering the question regarding challenges, I do regard management and communication to be fundamental. The first month, and even during the 45 days of crowd funding, marketing and payroll and project management will hove into view, with offers and services discussed and contracted.
The casting agencies will be tasked with providing a steady stream of Actors that we can test, test cast, and get to know, over a month. This is a worthy bit of reality programming itself for the Youtube station, a kind of video production of a mini festival of actors learning how to play role playing least the ones that do not know how...but the process will result in casting only about 12-20 actors.
This will be through the now existing RPGstudiosX, for the writing used will be pre existing modules from other publishers. RPGstudiosX is not a for profit streaming channel on youtube. Although, there is a History of TSR's various versions of Dungeons and Dragons.
There is a more ambitious and detailed documentary of the various versions TSR, WoTC/Hasbro in order to make a history of the development of Role Playing Games. This initial backing will include that project, but I have made clear, also a few other projects!
During the initial orientation 1st month, writers will be employed to start creating modules, using an original game system, and this will be distributed through ANOTHER youtube channel...perhaps "rpgstudios9" in order to prevent copyright violations.
Finding Actors is easier than finding GM's. I know one, and one GM can work six days, half a day. I have made them the highest paid labor. Casting GM's is part of the process of casting players. Casting over the month of September will be fun, we enjoy this game immensely! So you may think of this as challenging, I do but its a challenge for me that seems reasonable according to my own skill sets and temperament and...decades of self knowledge.
Many of the other jobs are easier to contract. Finding Illustrators may be sketchy. I just wanted to put it that way...I am a Art Historian in many ways and that kind of recruiting can be done over a month online.
It can be tricky drawing all these people in over a month due to some having longer term scheduling..."Ill be availabe in Oct". So we offer contracts and fairly high pay, with multiple slots leading to those who want to work a lot can get a lot money.
Its doubtful already existing properties of Hasbro will be licensed but there is about 20,000 in the goal to negotiate over a few licenses. However, I have never negotiated licensing so a Entertainment Lawyer hire may prove to provide the ground work for the second round of investment wherein licenses for popular properties, like Hasbro's Dungeon and Dragon Dragonlance Setting (...which may be owned by Tracy Hickman) can be properly budgeted. Ten thousand is set aside as a retainer for such a lawyer. I used to know a few but I think they may be retired by now!
Its not a unusual practice so a newly minted lawyer may work just fine.
For it is then that RPGLabs properties, some that already exist, (and were developed in gaming during the first round of backing), will provide further backing for motion pictures and tv on their own merit.
More than likely! So to consider the acquisition of a license of a Dungeons and Dragons property with the purpose of developing it into a TV show is not the main aim. Yet it is a responsible pursuit by Executive Producing because of responsibility to the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time!
Perhaps one year wait to see the show of original properties will then get deals made with some leverage as to access, so a expensive license now might be a cheaper license later!

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