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Do you love unique and challenging puzzles? So do we. The Year of Puzzles is 12, make that 18, no, make that 22 great puzzles from world‑class constructors. Brought to you by Puzzazz.
Created by

Roy Leban

502 backers pledged $20,025 to help bring this project to life.

Welcome to Greencastle

What's next in your world travels? Greencastle, Indiana.

Greencastle, Indiana?! Don't worry, it makes sense and we think you'll enjoy the visit. It is a small town with a big table.

If you're solving in Puzzazz, you'll need the latest version of the Puzzazz app (3.2), which we just released — click here to update. After you update Puzzazz, it may take a few minutes for the new puzzle to appear.

If you're solving on paper, go to to download the latest PDF file.

The Flat Puzzles

We forgot to mention the "flat" puzzles in the last update, for everybody at the Thinker level and above. This is two puzzles instead of one because we got to the magical 499 backers in the closing minutes of the campaign. These puzzles are now at the printer and we expect to be able to proof them next week.

We've got the oversize cardboard mailers and mailing labels ready to go. But, if you've moved since you gave us your address, now would be a great time to let us know (send us an email or use Kickstarter's contact link).


    1. Creator Roy Leban on March 5, 2014

      The puzzle has 37 clues. The PDF is 4 pages long and the puzzle itself is 2 pages. Whether you're solving in the Puzzazz app or on paper, we're very confident that you're not missing any part of the puzzle.

      Beyond confirming that you have the whole puzzle, we don't want to answer any questions until the puzzle has been out for a while, so as not to spoil anything for anybody.

    2. Creator Ed Brody on March 5, 2014

      The PDF seems to be missing some clues -- maybe there's a page 5? The 37 clues given only mark about 75 elements.