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The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
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STATUS REPORT – 2018.10.14 – Shut Up & Sit Down reviews Birmingham, Deluxe Edition still available, Martin Wallace at Spiel 2018

Posted by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games (Creator)

TL;DR – Brass Images & Videos. Deluxe Versions Still Available. Brazilian Customs Delay. Martin Wallace & Roxley appearing at Spiel 2018!

Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping is 99% finished. (Customs in Brazil is what is keeping it from being 100%, and a couple of customers in Africa and some remote areas we are following up on.) Brass is the biggest and most ambitious campaign we have fulfilled to date, and we are grateful to all of our partners for rising to meet the challenge. For those who ordered Brass post cards signed by Martin Wallace, the last of these have been sent; we expect them to arrive within the next 2 weeks.

Photo courtesy of BoardGameShot.
Photo courtesy of BoardGameShot.

We love to see how many of you have been playing Brass, and posting about it to social media and BoardGameGeek! For those on BGG who have not already done so, we would love it if you would add your honest ratings of the games here:

Brass: Birmingham on BoardGameGeek
Brass: Lancashire on BoardGameGeek

Kickstarter Deluxe Editions Still Available

While quantities last, anyone who missed the campaign, or who wants additional games or Iron Clays can order them at the regular preorder link. These ship within 1-3 weeks, depending on your location:

Deluxe Brass / Iron Clays Order Link

Available stock is as follows:

  • USA: Birmingham & Lancashire Deluxe, Iron Clays (100 chip set – retail version)
  • Canada: Birmingham, Lancashire (no Iron Clays)
  • EU, Australia, NZ: Birmingham, Lancashire, Iron Clays (100 chip set)
  • Asia, Rest of World: No stock remaining  

No Iron Clays left in your region, but you still want some?  We will be running a Kickstarter Q1 2019!

Video #1 - Shut Up And Sit Down loves Brass: Birmingham!

Some highlights: 

“I recommend Brass: Birmingham with every fiber of my being… I think this is my favourite management game since Great Western Trail.” 

“Look at how readable the game state is because of the choice of components... Different materials, creating tiers of prominence that allow you to see the important stuff first: beer, THEN coal and iron, THEN the buildings and networks on the board. In an era in which a lot of people want games to be all plastic or all wood, this is a textbook example of why texture is good.” 

“Every time I’ve finished a game of this, I just want to play it again immediately, which is why Brass: Birmingham gets the 'Shut Up & Sit Down Recommends' badge, unequivocally.”

For the full video review, click HERE

Video #2 - Brass: Lancashire How To Play video from Gaming Rules!

Complete with an introduction in fluent Lancastrian!
Complete with an introduction in fluent Lancastrian!

For any who have not yet played Lancashire, the official How To Play video for Brass: Lancashire is now in place, from the amazing Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! (Paul is firmly #TeamBrassLancashire. What do you think? Let us know in the comments or on social media!)

Video #3 - РАСПАКОВКА from Zundra Grapes

In which we learn how to say "Meow" in Russian!
In which we learn how to say "Meow" in Russian!

Demand is high for Brass in other languages, and a number of companies have expressed interest in partnering with us to produce them. Check out this wonderful, whimsical unboxing of the first one to be finished: Russian editions of Birmingham and Lancashire from Crowd Games! (For those customers who would like a copy printed in your language, we appreciate your comments! But we can't yet announce estimated dates or partners for any other non-English editions.)

The Brazilian Delay

As some backers have reported, the shipment of Brass to Brazil was refused by Brazilian customs and sent back to VFI. This is extremely unfortunate, but Roxley is working with VFI, our American supplier Quartermaster Logistics, and potential new partner Conclave Editora, a Brazilian publisher and distributor, to find a good solution for affected backers. Once we have a confirmation of the timeline for replacing these, we will be reaching out to all Brazilian backers to update you further. (While there is going to be a significant cost to fix this, none of that cost will be passed on to backers, as it is not your fault or responsibility.)

Roxley and Martin Wallace at Essen Spiel 2018!

Team Roxley at Gen Con, complete with Kate Lucier as the Seraph from Dice Throne.
Team Roxley at Gen Con, complete with Kate Lucier as the Seraph from Dice Throne.

Team Roxley will be at Spiel in Hall 5, booth 5e118, along with Nate Chatellier & Manny Trembley, the creators of Dice Throne (and a preview of Dice Throne Season Two!). We would love to meet more of our backers in person!

Martin Wallace will be at the booth for a one-hour game signing session at 2:30 PM, Friday, October 26th. We will have a limited number of Brass Kickstarter Editions and Iron Clays for sale, and you are welcome to bring your own Roxley editions of Brass (or just the board or the rulebook, if the game is too heavy). (Because of limited time and the potential for lineups, Martin may not have time to sign other games, or to chat at length.)

Due to limited stock, we will not be able to preorder/reserve games at Spiel.

Under The Covers

How Paul feels after trying to defeat Gavan at this game.
How Paul feels after trying to defeat Gavan at this game.

This image is a glimpse into the artistic journey that led to the game you have on your shelf today: an early variant of the original Birmingham cover, featuring the entrepreneur from the Lancashire cover, years later, passed out on the street after losing his fortune to the drink. This cover was ultimately rejected, as feedback was that it was simply too dark. (Some people also asked “why is there a dead guy on the cover?”)

As always, if you have any questions, please email   

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley


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    1. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      @Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Is there any possibility of locating the revised manuals we talked about two months ago? Thanks!

    2. Sarah Brennick on

      We finally got to play Lancashire and we loved it! I am glad that I backed both, although we will likely play Lancashire for a while before trying Birmingham out. I really love how this Kickstarter turned out. :)

    3. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Just ordered 2 sets of Iron Clays - went through Backerkit OK - or so it seemed to me...

    4. André Silveira on

      I don't know if it helps, but I'm from Brazil AND my game arrived yesterday without any further problem! I know some of my friends didn't receive them, but there are at least three other people that got theirs'.

    5. Martin Pickering on

      As a native Lancastrian I’m not sure about Paul Grogan’s accent! 😂

    6. Ander on

      I am so happy i pledged for Birmingham :D

    7. METADNA

      @Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games you should make a box sleeve with this cover !

    8. Gergo Tothmihaly on

      I would have loved that cover!

    9. Immanuel Aquino on

      I approve of all this Brass: Bringmeham love. <3

    10. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Inigo, I believe these are done now, I will locate the link to the revised version for you and repost it once I have it.

    11. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Apologies, J D Sterling, we are sold out of the 30 chip fillout sets. We are currently planning to offer them as an option in the upcoming expanded Iron Clays Kickstarter though.

      @Lee, it's very visceral, is it not? I have had two friends so far request it as a poster, so I've passed the suggestion along to Gavan... we'll see!

    12. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      What about spanish localized manuals? There is no related news since they were going to be revised.

    13. Lee McConnell

      I didn't think that cover illustration could get any better, but that is excellent! I love the commentary on its predecessor that it evokes. I'm printing a copy of that pic to place inside the game box right now. You should have made that cover a KS exclusive option. I would have paid extra for that.

    14. UKsweeney on

      Bloody spellcheck. 😉

    15. UKsweeney on

      I would love some iron crayon to fill the set I have.

    16. J D Sterling Babcock on

      Any chance of offering the fill out kit of some 30 clays to fill out the trays provided in the game. I don't need the full 100 chips.

    17. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Frotes, @Sylvain, double checked it and it's working on my end. We have occasionally had some customers unable to use it in the past, if that's your case, you can still email us at and I can set up orders for you manually.

      (If you already have one pledge/order in, you may also need to email us to place another one.)

    18. Sylvain Ethier on

      @frotes : same thing here... the link is broken

    19. Des Lee

      Shoulda gone with that cover hahahaha.. Great conversation starter!

      Great work guys, and congrats on the continuing success of Brass. Two of my favourite games released in the last couple of years for sure. Looking forward to the next project from Roxley :)

    20. frotes on

      Backerkit link doesn’t seem to work