Brass ~ An Industrial Revolution

by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

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    1. frotes on

      Backerkit link doesn’t seem to work

    2. Des Lee

      Shoulda gone with that cover hahahaha.. Great conversation starter!

      Great work guys, and congrats on the continuing success of Brass. Two of my favourite games released in the last couple of years for sure. Looking forward to the next project from Roxley :)

    3. Sylvain Ethier on

      @frotes : same thing here... the link is broken

    4. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Frotes, @Sylvain, double checked it and it's working on my end. We have occasionally had some customers unable to use it in the past, if that's your case, you can still email us at and I can set up orders for you manually.

      (If you already have one pledge/order in, you may also need to email us to place another one.)

    5. J D Sterling Babcock on

      Any chance of offering the fill out kit of some 30 clays to fill out the trays provided in the game. I don't need the full 100 chips.

    6. UKsweeney on

      I would love some iron crayon to fill the set I have.

    7. UKsweeney on

      Bloody spellcheck. 😉

    8. Lee McConnell

      I didn't think that cover illustration could get any better, but that is excellent! I love the commentary on its predecessor that it evokes. I'm printing a copy of that pic to place inside the game box right now. You should have made that cover a KS exclusive option. I would have paid extra for that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      What about spanish localized manuals? There is no related news since they were going to be revised.

    10. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Apologies, J D Sterling, we are sold out of the 30 chip fillout sets. We are currently planning to offer them as an option in the upcoming expanded Iron Clays Kickstarter though.

      @Lee, it's very visceral, is it not? I have had two friends so far request it as a poster, so I've passed the suggestion along to Gavan... we'll see!

    11. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Inigo, I believe these are done now, I will locate the link to the revised version for you and repost it once I have it.

    12. Immanuel Aquino on

      I approve of all this Brass: Bringmeham love. <3

    13. Gergo Tothmihaly on

      I would have loved that cover!

    14. METADNA

      @Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games you should make a box sleeve with this cover !

    15. Ander on

      I am so happy i pledged for Birmingham :D

    16. Martin Pickering on

      As a native Lancastrian I’m not sure about Paul Grogan’s accent! 😂

    17. André Silveira on

      I don't know if it helps, but I'm from Brazil AND my game arrived yesterday without any further problem! I know some of my friends didn't receive them, but there are at least three other people that got theirs'.

    18. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Just ordered 2 sets of Iron Clays - went through Backerkit OK - or so it seemed to me...

    19. Sarah Brennick on

      We finally got to play Lancashire and we loved it! I am glad that I backed both, although we will likely play Lancashire for a while before trying Birmingham out. I really love how this Kickstarter turned out. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      @Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Is there any possibility of locating the revised manuals we talked about two months ago? Thanks!