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The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
13,699 backers pledged CA$ 1,718,708 to help bring this project to life.

2018.07.31 - Shipping Update. Gen Con Booth: #531 in Hall J - Bookplates available at Gen Con for those who do not have their games yet.

Posted by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games (Creator)

Gen Con Booth: #531 in Hall J

TL;DR - We understand everyone is anxious to get their copies, and we're doing everything we can to help the fulfillment centres get the remaining games into your hands as soon as possible. We are at Gen Con, booth #531, communications may be slow.

Shipping Zone updates  

ASIA: Tracking for all packages should now have been sent, and packages have been going out the door. VFI has informed us all China / SEA shipments will DELIVER by August 7.  The only exception is Indonesia, which will take an additional week (the boat to Indonesia takes the longest).

REST OF WORLD: We now have tracking from VFI for all 236 Rest of World packages. This was available much earlier in July but was missed due to a misunderstanding. All backers should also have it now too. If you do not have your ROW tracking number, please email so we can look into it.  

AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND:  COMPLETE! All packages were sent out by July 26th. Most have been delivered, and all backers should have received tracking. Excellent work Gameology!

UNITED STATES: 2300 out of 6000 packages were sent as of today (July 31th). Quartermaster has said that shipping will be completed by Friday Aug 3rd, with a worst case scenario of Monday August 6. They are pushing to see if they can speed that timeline up.  

CANADA: 1132 out of 1400 packages have been sent. Reports have been coming in all across Canada of successful deliveries. They expect to have the remainder out the door tomorrow. Excellent work Snakes & Lattes!  

EUROPE: 2000 out of about 6000 packages have been sent. A few weeks ago, the containers were all held by German authorities for over a week.   Since the containers were been released from inspection, Happyshops has run into trouble booking trucks to bring the containers from the port.  The final containers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Aug 1) and Friday (Aug 3). We are really pushing them as hard as possible here. We hope all the remaining packages will go out next week, but given the delays that have happened in this zone we do not feel we can guarantee this - If worst case scenarios were to happen, some backers might be delayed as late as the 15th.   Long story short: fulfillment is scheduled to resume from Happyshops to the EU tomorrow.  

Fulfillment Delays

Many of you in USA, Europe, China, South East Asia, and Rest of World have still not received your games yet.  We make no excuses, and we are extremely sorry for this. We at Roxley are the ones who select our fulfillment services, and so we alone must take full responsibility for these shipping delays.  

From the very start, we’ve communicated with each of our fulfillment partners that backers should receive their games in the last week of July, before Gen Con. We felt this was a simple and straightforward goal, and we trust our fulfillment partners know better than us how long each package will take in transit, and when they should be shipped to reach this goal. All of our selected fulfillment services represent the best in the business. Our relationships with each of them have been built on trust and an extremely positive experience in working with them in previous campaigns.

However, the increasing demand for Kickstarter, combined with the few choices of fulfillment partners to work with, has created some very real challenges when it comes to shipping out games in an ideal way.  

What we are doing to address this now:

Challenges have arisen in each zone, explained above.  Right now we are focusing on:

  • staying top of fulfillment centres, urging them to get packages out the door as well as requesting frequent updates.  
  • providing you with as much up to date information as possible through the comment section, Kickstarter updates and BGG (we will continue to answer comments as best we can at Gen Con). 
  • removing any roadblocks possible from fulfillment services

What we will do better in the future:

We need to be better. We will be better.

You deserve accuracy and timeliness that matches the quality of games that Roxley strives to create.

As such, we will be doing a full reexamination of how we do fulfillment for projects of this size in the future to increase our ability to fulfill a project in a timely manner.  Gavan and Adam will be working in house and with our fulfillment services on the following items:

1) Assuming worst case scenarios with timelines - When predicting fulfillment dates, especially as we approach fulfillment time, we will do better to provide dates representing worst case scenarios.  In some cases like USA, we feel we have done this, but it seems we need to pad our dates even more.  

2) Produce factory shippers - It is likely too late for Dice Throne Season Two, but in future campaigns, we will have the factory manufacture ready-to-ship boxes with foam padding to allow fulfillment services to simply place a sticker on the games and send them.   Brass is contained in cartons, which are packed into other cartons, but these are only rated for freight.

3) Split fulfillment between multiple partners in some zones - In Zones with the lion's share of backers, such as EU and USA, we will look at splitting fulfillment between multiple partners.  

4) Potentially discard the concept of staggering fulifllment - In order to be fair to backers, we asked fulfillment services to send out the games such that they would be complete in the last week of July, rather than asking them to ship them as soon as they got the games.   We did this with the intention of having everyone receive their games reasonably close to one another.  Although our intentions are from a good place and still seem logical, there are clearly too many variables outside of our control to take this path again.

Brass at Gen Con 

It took us well into July to decide to sell Brass at Gen Con.  This is because we did not want to pull the trigger on shipping Brass to Gen Con until we had confirmation that nearly everyone would already have their games.  (We knew a few people wouldn't have them yet, as that is the nature of shipping. )

After receiving confirmation from all of our fulfillment partners that timing wouldn't be a problem, we shipped a small number (100 copies) of Brass: Lancashire and Birmingham to Gen Con at the deadline.  Then we did our absolute best to ensure that your pledges were in your hands prior to Gen Con, but despite our efforts, here we are with more than we expected still en route. 

To say that our team is gutted that we have stock at Gen Con, while some of you don't have your game yet, is a gross understatement.

Gen Con is an extremely expensive convention for Roxley.  We need all our staff there, and the cost of flights, hotels and exhibitor booths are astronomical and going up every year. We also do not want to disappoint fans who are hoping for the chance to get a copy autographed by Martin Wallace.  

Because we have stock sitting at our booth, we will be proceeding with our set plan of selling our very limited stock of Brass at Gencon so that we may attempt to break even on the show.  These copies will not have the discounts or package deals that you received as a backer.  If you'd like to discuss this directly with our team, please email us at, we are listening.

Let us say thanks!

Please come by our booth so that we can personally thank you for helping us to make Brass an amazing game. We are tremendously grateful!   Your continued support will allow us to continue the Brass line, and also allow us to create many more quality games in the future.

Don't have your game yet, but want Martin Wallace's signature anyway? We got you covered with bookplates! 

If you really wanted your game signed by Martin Wallace, but you have not received it yet, we have a solution for you.   We have printed nice Brass themed labels that Martin Wallace can sign.  You can then stick it to the inside of your game box when it arrives. :)

Communications Reminder

Reminder that the whole team is or will soon be in Indianapolis for Gen Con this week and updates and email responses will be less frequent during this time. 

Game Damage 

If you have damage issues, or manufacturing defects, please contact us at with a detailed description and pictures of the damage. 

Thanks for your unending patience.  We are almost there. We want these games to get out to you as badly as you want them to arrive.


Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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    1. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Francisco, in stores this month. On soon :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      Finalmente è arrivato BRASS BIRMINGHAM la confezione è meravigliosa.
      l'ho giocato la sera stessa con amici è piaciuto tantissimo, la grafica è spettacolare e i materiali fantastici.
      una sola domanda quando uscirà nei negozi BRASS LANCASHIRE CHE VORREI acquistare anche quello a meno che voi abbiate ancora qualche copia.
      grazie mille

    3. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jeff, @James, thank you so much. We put a lot of love into this game and campaign and we appreciate that you are happy with it too!

    4. Jeff N

      Just got mine and I have to say that this is the finest packaging and shipment protection I've ever seen for a game. All of the perfectly sized bits of cardboard that you added to keep everything even and supported was just brilliant! This should serve as the model for everyone else making high end beautiful games. Seriously, kudos to Roxley.

      Oh, and the game looks stunning too!

      I can't gloss over the Iron Clays -- they might be some of the coolest gaming gear I own. I want more. Please make more.

    5. James Belt on

      @Roxley Thank you for having the best Kickstarter I've been a part of in terms of transparency and communication. You guys truly rock!!
      You did incredible and got the game on my doorstep within a week of your target. That's not easy to pull off. I've had too many KS campaigns with months on months and even years of delay, and you guys are apologizing for being a week off? Don't even. You hit this one out of the ballpark.
      Played Lancashire last night, and the game is gorgeous, plays well, rulebook is easy to follow... those clay chips!!!! Just fantastic!
      Thank you!

    6. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jeroen, we have not received an update from them over the weekend, according to what we've been told they should have about 25% of orders remaining to fulfill but should also have all their stock now.

      @Maross, these are coming separately and soon.

      @Peter - sorry to hear that! If it is serious please send a picture to

    7. Missing avatar


      I havent received my signed postcard :(.

    8. Jeroen Dancet on

      Is there any update for EU shipping?

    9. Peter Maylott on

      Received the games on Monday, played on Thursday. The games look amazing, production quality is fantastic. One warning for backer copies of Brass Birmingham. The player mats are a fraction larger than the plastic insert space, so store them above your game board. I have one crushed corner of one player mat. I only discovered this as I was setting the game to play.

    10. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Awesome @Jeff - glad we could help you out :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeff DeBoer

      I went by and Gavan helped me and I got two Martin Wallace signature plates to put inside my box for Birmingham & Lanacaster. You guys are the best!! Thank you. So excited.

    12. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jeff, we did think of this but sending a QML a steady stream of cancelled orders as people signed up for Gen Con pickup would have delayed the process repeatedly.

      I do hope you are able to come by the booth today, if you are not, please message me at and I will do my best to help you out.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff DeBoer

      Sorry, I meant “.......among the four creators” not “backers” below

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff DeBoer

      As an early “All-In” backer of everything waiting for ages and ages and delay after delay, I will be pleased indeed when something actually shows up at my doorstep. I am at GenCon and will come by and get a signed book-plate today at least and try not to punch “Joe-Blow” who got a copy before me. Small gesture is appreciated. Hope you have more bookplates left. Did you consider GenCon pick-up for your most dedicated fans/backers like me? Least you could have done. I have 4 different rewards currently pending with QML the last 4 weeks and they are all delayed. Shipping notices for 2-4 weeks just sitting with no movement. Something is seriously wrong. However, you win the prize tor transparency, among the four backers, but it still sucks, IMHO. And this was a pre-packaged game that they just need to slap address labels on as they receive and pass back to Fedex/UPS/USPS. The process is broken clearly. Please pick more reliable, dedicated providers with higher levels of service and maybe mulfiple warehouses to reduce time and cost to all of us, like you are considering. Patiently waiting and very appreciative......

    15. Joan

      @Roxley -Don’t waste your time on guilt over this campaign; you guys have been great, and I am super excited to see the result of all the imagining & planning of the past year and a half. I know it’s hard to not hear the critisism ring louder than the accolades, but after GenCon, when you’re doing your deep dive into how & where things went awry, please keep in mind the incredible end result you’ve delivered! So many moving parts needed to come together, all with their own scheduling needs & limitations, but the scope of what you imagined was breathtaking, and we’re going to have possibly the most gorgeous game ever to come in a box. I don’t think anyone here would have traded any part or component for the sake of getting it before one convention versus after, and timing is always the luck of the draw even when you do everything perfectly.

      Best of luck at GenCon!

    16. Missing avatar

      chase on

      Hi Roxley Games,

      I've been waiting with excitement for this game to hit my doorstep ever since the campaign! And now that I see you guys are selling it at Gen-Con before I have my copy, I just want to say..
      I'm perfectly okay with that. You guys have been absolutely amazing in your levels of communication and update reports. I feel like the transparency here is crystal clear. I really appreciate that. Whoever is upset that someone is able to buy the game a week before they get their own copy (Which they got at a REDUCED price) is just being impatient. There have obviously been massive shipping problems but just wait it out, the world won't end, and you'll get your game.

      Just wanted to say thanks again, and hope everything goes well at GenCon!!

    17. T-Bow on

      Thanks Paul.
      All the best for GenCon.

    18. Eric F on

      @Bryan - they added 8 extra ones to each game to insure that you wouldn’t run out of 1’s during game play. I believe they made that decision in January.

    19. Bryan Rutherford on

      Just got mine, and it's gorgeous! Can't wait to wrangle some friends into trying it out with me. Just so you know, I seem to have gotten, er, more iron clays than I was expecting? Not a complaint! I got 108, rather than the 100 I was expecting that would fill the box (I seem to have 8 extra $1s). Just thought you might like to know! Great work completing this!

    20. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Morning all, answers will again be slow today as half the team is on a plane, and I am required at the booth all morning. We will get back to you all as soon as we can.

      @T-Bow, HappyShops still has about 2000 orders to send according to what we are told. We expect to be sending a comprehensive update next Friday (possibly earlier) after we get home. Hopefully that comprehensive update will include words along the lines of "all EU backers have now been shipped" but I obviously do not have confirmation of that yet.

      @Michael Whiteside, please message, ideally please include photos of both the shipping box and the game itself.

      Thank you all for your continued comments and feedback, it is appreciated.

    21. Dan Parr

      @Gavan: No worries :) Sorry for turning the comments section into a wall of debate though. It just seemed unfair for people to blast you for a genuine attempt to make delivery fair. As it stands, it looks like the majority of backers will have games in had within about 3-4 weeks of the first package being delivered. That's not a bad effort! I still haven't had my tracking, so I may flip sides and start yelling at you in a week or two ;)

      @Robert Voisin: Some people have had their game since 18th July and have no doubt played it plenty What difference does it make if a handful of con attendees do too? I understand that you feel it is unfair, but is it really reasonable to ask Roxley to take a big financial hit (by not selling stock at the con as they planned), and would that really make you feel any better? You still wouldn't have your game, and others would.

    22. T-Bow on

      I'd like to thank you Roxley for the amount of love, effort and dedication I have seen and keep on seeing with this KS. I can only see great communication and introspection.
      I can very well understand that it doesn't make sense to put your company at financial risk. Also, in this specific case, I don't feel like you have used me and my money, considering the rationale behind it, the situation we all ended up in and the transparency of your communication. I believe that no one is satisfied with this state of things, you the most among all.

      I have 2 questions regarding delivery (Europe).
      When should we get worried if we don't get the email stating that the games have been sent?
      What should do if that happens?

    23. Robert Voisin on

      I Do Not believe you should be selling this game at GenCon, that we helped make happen. Then other people get to buy the game before we get OUR copy. This is probably what is PISSING me of the most. Other people get the game before I get my copy I've been waiting for this since Ohhhh.. it was promised Jan 2018, and now maybe getting after GenCon when others get to go home and play while I wait!!! And .you state it's a very expensive thing to ship them to GenCon, I'm Glad we helped pay for all of this to take place and help your company. I'm not so sure future endeavors will be as good.

    24. Michael Whiteside

      Who do I talk to about a box damaged in shipping?

    25. Akash Dhaliwal on

      Thanks for checking! This campaign has been an absolute pleasure, even with some of the folks experiencing delays they have been minor and worth the wait.

      And it's beautiful as can be.

    26. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Reminder all - communications will be delayed until early next week.

      If you are at Gen Con, please come say hi and visit us.

      And thank you for all your positivity and support. We really appreciate it.

    27. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Good evening all! It’s been a heck of a day...

      We’re all set up at Gen Con, but half of our team is delayed in Toronto due to a cancelled flight. We will be able to proceed as planned, though bookplates must be signed on Friday now:

      Martin Wallace will still be at the booth Thursday at 11:30 (to sign games and postcards) and Friday at 12:30 (to sign games, postcards, and bookplates).

      Shipping proceeds as per the latest update – HappyShops is sending orders steadily and is at 50% complete. QML says all customers will have tracking today, tomorrow, or worst case scenario Monday.

      @Jim Webb, I should be able to look you up from your name or address. I would recommend attending the Friday signing rather than the Thursday one (unless you are content with a postcard instead)

      @Fabri Cinzia, @Rahme Butaine (and all other USA backers who do not yet have tracking), you should have tracking today, tomorrow, or worst case scenario Monday.

      @Chris, we really appreciate you comparing us with Jamey, we hold him in very high respect. Thank you for that.

      @Sam C, the goal was to have the last customers shipped yesterday, so if you have no tracking by tomorrow, feel free to email and I will follow up for you.

      @Icarus, we definitely take your feedback on this. This was never our intention with this campaign, which is why it was not announced earlier, but we are learning that contingency plans can never be layered deeply enough…

      @Akash Dhaliwal, I looked up your order and the packing list is correct. The 30 -Clay fillout options are considerably less heavy than the 100-counts (I got to hold both in my hands today) so I think you should be fine – please update us at if you are not.

    28. Akash Dhaliwal on

      Slightly concerned, my FedEx notification says 18 lbs but I ordered both games and added two more 30-clay addons. Should be 25 lbs approx. right?

    29. Eric F on

      @Fabri - I wouldn't be worried just yet. QML hopes to finish shipping all of Brass by the end of the week (I'd take that with a grain of salt). Also, they are planning on shipping to backers farthest from Florida to the closet to Florida. Depending on where you are in the US, it wouldn't be strange for you not to have received any tracking yet.

    30. Fabri Cinzia on

      I didn't receive the tracking number yet (USA). Should I be worried?

    31. Charlie Rand on

      @Rahme Butaineh Don't worry. It'll be like Early Christmas soon.

    32. Jason Sullivan

      Seems like a non-issue to me. The book plate is going to be a whole lot easier to transport, too!

    33. Icarus Must Burn on

      Selling a limited quantity at GenCon is fine with me. I would set better clearer expectations next time:

      We need to bring at least X copies to GenCon to cover costs and promote the game. We plan to ship backer copies before GenCon but that could change due to circumstances beyond control.

      The exclusivity expectation is something creators need to address directly and work to reduce along with the pervasive entitlement attitude.

      Haven’t received my shipping notice, but won’t worry about it until next week.


    34. Eric F on

      @Matthew - I bet they'll be sold out in an hour.

    35. William Springer on

      I am so excited to get my copy :-)

      I know I don't speak for everyone but I for one would rather have the game done right than done on time.

    36. Jim Webb

      For those who have yet to receive their game and plan to use the bookplate option (by the way thanks for doing this!), what information would you like us to bring to show we are a backers?

    37. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      @Sam C , I'm in the same boat as you are, might be that we are just in the unlucky 68!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rahme Butaineh on

      Still have no tracking info in the US. I sent an email as well and got no response. Kind of crappy honestly to be a backer and excited about the game for over a year, and people at gen con are just going to show up and grab a copy.

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin Fowler on

      I don't have tracking yet, but am happy for you to sell what games you can at Gencon. Going to a convention is expensive and hard work. I'll have my game soon enough and would much rather have it at home that have to go to a big convention.

      I also have been happy with the communication during this whole campaign. The delays have been frustrating, but each one was clearly communicated and explained. For a project like this, that's the standard I can hope for. I will recommend Roxley to others for a kickstarter in the future.

    40. Chris Laudermilk on

      It all boils down to stuff happens. Since we are backing a Kickstarter, we are witnessing all the issues and setbacks of getting a new product to market that we don't see when picking one up off the shelf at the FLGS.

      I can appreciate that there was a hard deadline to commit to having stock at GenCon and that the last production delay threw a wrench in that. In my own case, I will get my game concurrently with the convention (FedEx shows delivery on Saturday). Even if it were another week or two on do I care? No. Will it hurt me that a few people at a convention halfway across the country get a copy a few days before me? No. Will I in the end have a high-quality game to enjoy for years to come? Yes! I would rather a small timeline glitch over a forever lesser quality game.

      If anything, Roxley has surpassed my previous gold standard in Stonemaier Games for a well-run, transparent campaign. There was never any doubt as to where the project was and why. While some delays with the last bit of logistics are frustrating and mostly out of Roxley's hands, the development & production delays all had a good reason for them hitting the brakes.

      As a point of reference, I pledged for both games, plus a couple of sets of both the full Iron Clays and filler sets, so I should be among the last group according to some assumptions. Doesn't seem the case; that, or if true then almost everyone should be in transit.

      Finally, I have another KS that is en-route right now (delivering a couple of days before Brass)'s 2 YEARS overdue. I knew what I was getting into and the potentials for delays. That's just part of signing up for a KS.

    41. Missing avatar

      Sam C

      In Canada: If I did not get any notification at all from Snake and Latte, should I be worried?

      Usually with Snake & Latte, I would get a label notification days before it ships.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Anderson on

      Agree with the majority of the comments here - this campaign has been great with communication and honest updates, even if it is bad news. Thanks for the continuous info and looking forward to playing sometime in the very near future.

      Now can we have a wager on when all 100 copies are sold out? I'm guessing no later than noon on Thursday.

    43. Pablo on

      Wishing you a successful Gen Con, Team Roxley!

    44. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @All, thank you for your support and positivity. We’ve had a busy and stressful week so we REALLY appreciate it. I will be trying to get on to answer questions throughout the day but most of Team Roxley is on planes today so please bear with us.

      @Pauli Vinni, we agree. The retail schedule is for Lancashire to be available in August and Birmingham to be available in September.

      @Barabas, we agree completely, we will not be selling any of the remainders to retailers. (At least not in the next few weeks. We’ve had one offer which may be an exception, but it’s from a vendor who wants to bring them to PAX West which would be well past the finish date for fulfillment anyways).

      @Peanut, our apologies – we’ll assign an animation egg to this duty immediately!

      @George, Thursday at 11:30, Friday at 12:30. See you soon I hope!

    45. George Fisher on

      This has been a fantastic campaign. Thank you for the great idea of the book plates. What time is Mr. Wallace signing again?

    46. Missing avatar


      Frustrating but not terrible. Just hope I get mine before Handycon next weekend.

      What is terrible is that you didn't add an extra animation to the top of the updates :)

    47. Joseph Chang on

      Just received the initial tracking email from Happyshops for UK, so I suspect I'll receive it on Monday.

    48. Barabas on

      Personally I haven't got a problem companies selling games at conventions even if all backers have not received their copies yet - although I would encourage the companies not to sell multiple copies to individuals or bulk sales to retailers so that the retail/secondary market isn't awash with available copies before the backers get theirs. It's also more palatable if the copies being sold do not include KS extras etc, but I'm not too fussed about that side of things.

      What is a no-no for me is games being available through distribution/retail channels before backers get theirs - this is not just annoying for the backers but I would have thought a commercial nonsense for any publisher relying on KS for publishing as it completely removes the incentive for people to pledge in the first place.

    49. trogdor on

      Are you kidding me???!!! This is the best campaign I’ve backed as far as communication and setting expectations. I’m glad you’re looking at ways to improve in the future - that’s a great work ethic. But for this campaign? No apologies necessary whatsoever. You’ve been more than reasonable and it is appreciated.

    50. Neil Hutchison on

      No problem at all, thank you for your frequent and honest updates. Having backed a kickstarter that is currently 2 years late with poor comms. and no end in sight I feel I am experiencing both extremes of the backer journey. All reasonable people will be ok with the news and wish you luck at Gen con. 😁