Brass ~ An Industrial Revolution

by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

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      Nguyen Viet Hung on

      Man! Im from Vietnam and i havent received tracking information from VFI yet

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      Michael Price

      Nothing from “Jenny Q” here in Australia.

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      Michael Price

      Actually scratch that. I’ve found the notification.

    4. RobGThai on

      I hope to hear something soon. So excited. However, I still haven't received anything regarding the shipping in Thailand/Asia.

    5. Napinc on

      Seems S and L didn't do packages by distance. It's a bit of a shame as they should of focused on bc and prairies first then Atlantic Canada then did Ontario and Quebec last. They instead just shipped in what ever order but kept those with Iron clays to wait to have it shipped next week. While it's not Roxleys fault my suggestion for future campaigns is to ask the fulfilment partner in Canada to work on a furthest first shipping. If S and L would have done this all of Canada would have received their games early to mid next week. As it stands now if they don't ship the ones with extra clays to mid week. Some people across Canada may not receive them till the Aug the 8th( holiday on the 7th) or later while some received them today. Again not Roxleys fault but S and L should know better.

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      Simon McMahon on

      Received mine yesterday and I am immensely impressed. Congratulations on such a fine project that I am now itching to play

    7. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Napinc, we appreciate your feedback on this. We're just glad they were able to start ahead of schedule for this one... but we'll definitely mention it to them for next time.

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      Stephen Hickey on

      Latest status update is misleading. Not all deliveries have been made in NZ. I know of 2 people,myself included that have not had their orders fulfilled.

    9. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Stephen - I am absolutely willing to apologize for terminology here.

      Fulfillment is finished. Shipping is NOT. You are absolutely right, there are lots of backers in your area who still have their games in shipping.

      Thank you for your feedback.

    10. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      (That is to say, all the games have been sent, but not all the games have arrived.)

    11. Thomas on

      Any idea what’s causing the delay of products arriving at HappyShop after they have been through customs?

      In the last update you said it might take until 3rd of August for all products to arrive, now there’s no time frame given anymore (understandably so, I might add, since this is just asked out of curiosity and not a critique).

      So why is the transit time from customs to HappyShop apparently so long?

    12. Mathew Hill

      No shipping notification from Gameology nor delivery in Sydney, Australia as yet.

    13. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Thomas Pawel, we are following up with HappyShops about this as we speak. These are shipped by truck from the dock to the HappyShops warehouse via third party trucking which needs to be scheduled, which could not be done until the inspections were finished. We are hoping HappyShops can provide us with a more definite timeline about these soon.

      @Mathew, I've emailed you your tracking information.

      It's late here in Canada and I need to get to sleep. I appreciate you helping each other out in the comments. See you in the morning!

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      Bjorn Bal

      Can't find the promos at MeepleSource at this moment or will this be available later when GenCon starts?

    15. Thomas on

      Thanks Paul for your answer. I thought it might be something like this.

    16. The Mad Miller - Timo

      Didnt have the E-Mail from happyshop anymore...How do i Delay my shipping?

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      luis pedro de lemos severino da silva on

      I still don’t have my game. How can I know when i receive that or in what stage is my delivery?

    18. Baptiste Lopes on

      Great news, i want to delay the delivery but i lost this first mail :)
      Hope the game don't coming in my Week of holidays.

    19. Andreas Micheel on

      Germany: no mail from happyshop yet. Anything I should do?

    20. Missing avatar

      Miikka Mononen on

      @Andreas Why would you? They clearly state above that they haven't shipped everything out yet in the EU.

    21. AveN

      Haven't gotten mail by Happy Shops, but got my Game =) Prefer it that way ;) I'm Happy =)

    22. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper on

      Delivery from Snakes and Lattes scheduled for Tuesday July 31, London Ontario

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      Ingólfur Valsson on

      You use Europe and EU interchangeably it seems. That is confusing for those of us that belong to one group but not the other. Does Happyshop do all Europe or only EU?

    24. Harold777jp on

      VFI is not a trader who always sends tracking number to us.
      I have never received it before.

    25. James Mathias on

      How can non-gen con attendees that already own a great version of Santorini get these new promos?

    26. Patrick KBF on

      @James Mathias - I've gotten previous Gencon/Other promos from Roxley's website, I'd guess they'll be available there before too long.

    27. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @The Mad Miller, @Baptiste, I’ve responded privately to both of you.

      @ luis pedro de lemos severino da silva, tracking will be sent to you when HappyShops is able to ship your order. These are continuing to be shipped as containers arrive.

      @Ingólfur Valsson, apologies if this was not clear. We definitely recognize that EU is not the same as Europe (we know this can make a big deal for customs costs, for example) – but HappyShops is fulfilling both groups in this case, so the news will be the same.

      @James, we’ll be setting those up for sale after we get back from Gen Con.

    28. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Note - an alert backer has pointed out that the times listed for Martin Wallace's signings are in error in the above update.

      They should read 11:30 AM Thursday and 12:30 PM Friday.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      You've stated in a reply a QML tweet that you "are still expecting to get the majority of [U.S.] backers their games prior to Gen Con", which starts August 2nd. This is excellent news!
      According to the Kickstarter webpage, there are 5,231 U.S. backers. Do you know (approximately) how many shipments QML has sent out as of today?

    30. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Bill K. I do not have this specific number, no. In the case of QML we are going off of their latest assurances which have maintained this number.

    31. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      @Paul: Super! Thank you.

    32. Napinc on

      Will you have Zeus versions of the Santorini promos? I have a "mule" going to gen con and would love to pick up the couple of the ones I am missing.

    33. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Napinc, these are being produced but come from a different printing process, so unfortunately were not ready in time for Gen Con. Apologies :(

    34. Gerald Squelart on

      Received in Melbourne, Australia, thanks! Can't wait to try it...

    35. Gerald Squelart on

      Oh, and I only received a notification with the "Jenny Q" reference this morning, as the package was out for delivery; so don't panic if you haven't heard anything yet, I'm guessing it will happen over the next few days.

    36. Dayw4lker on

      Germany: received my bundle of Lancashire and Birmingham on Saturday - such a beautiful design! Cant wait to start the revolution ;)
      Thx Team Roxley

    37. Andreas Micheel on

      @Miikka Mononen because the above text reads " you’re an EU backer going on holiday, your original email from HappyShops has a link in it you can use to confirm your address" - and I havent got ANY email from Happyshops. I AM going on holiday on Friday though. So it all applies to me except I havent gotten a mail.

    38. Andreas Micheel on

      disregard that. Found it in my spam...

    39. unna on

      Hello, Today I received a message from DHL saying that I have to pay customs (25€/29$) for a shipment that comes from Singapore. Is it possible that it is Brass? :S Thank you

    40. unna on

      PD: I'm from Spain

    41. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @unna, that's definitely NOT Brass, it will be shipping from Germany, and you won't have anything to pay on it.

    42. adventuro on

      don't understand why in this update you said Happyshop still awaiting some EU containers delayed by custom while on the previous update you said all EU containers have been released by custom

    43. David Sheppard on

      Any chance there are updates on US fulfillment? Haven't received my tracking yet and was really hoping for a game last weekend. Kinda looking like I can't get one in this weekend either.

      I don't know what it is. I can forget/patiently await a Kickstarter until they say "we're shipping" and then I get super impatient. But when you hear Podcasters early last week bragging on their tracking numbers...

    44. Donald on

      My tracking info was in my Low Priority/SPAM folder. My game was shipped on 7/27 (Florida) with an expected arrival date of 8/2 (California) via FedEx.

    45. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @David, apologies but little has happened over the weekend that we can update you about!

      @adventuro, "released by customs bureacracy" unfortunately is not the same as "left the warehouse and on the road" and "arrived at HappyShops". Since they were released, one has arrived, one more is expected on Wednesday, and the rest could be as late as August 3rd according to HappyShops' last communications.

      Thanks for your patience with this, this is frustrating for us too :(

    46. Patrick Matheus on

      Hi, were can I see the tracking?

    47. Missing avatar

      Doug Lloyd on

      I'm really pretty bummed out; we leave for GenCon tomorrow and I haven't heard anything at all about shipping (I'm on the East Coast), so I can't imagine it'll show up in time; guess I won't be able to have my copies signed. :(

    48. Manolis Kountourakis on

      Any chance we can late buy-in the iron clays upgrade with the additional, larger, denominations? Will these be available in retail without needing to buy the whole iron clays package?

    49. Chen Minqi on

      Anyone in Singapore too? No tracking info yet, hopefully soon!🤤

    50. Dante Miraglia on

      i'm from Argentina, still haven't recieved any sort of tracking info or email, how do i check the status on the shipping?