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The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
13,699 backers pledged CA$ 1,718,708 to help bring this project to life.

STATUS REPORT – 2018.07.20 – Fulfillment Has BEGUN! PDF rulebooks released. We Want Your Action Shots!

Posted by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games (Creator)

TL;DR – All product through customs. EU, Australia/NZ, Worldwide shipping has begun. North America has product and backerlists; first tracking numbers expected Wednesday. Majority of backers still on track to receive pledges prior to Gen Con.


All fulfillment centres have been authorized to proceed. Some delays may still apply in the EU and Canada, as detailed below. 

Canada/US Fulfillment

USA: All stock is received. Prior fulfillment projects finishing up. QML remains committed to their stated target of getting the majority of US backers their games prior to Gen Con. US backers will start getting tracking numbers on Wednesday the 25th.

Canada: We’re told that the truck carrying our Canadian freight BROKE DOWN (because that’s just our luck, apparently). Fortunately the delay is minor, and we are expecting the Snakes & Lattes shipment to arrive at their warehouse on Monday the 23rd. Note that this warehouse is still on American soil, so the games are still subject to customs and bureaucratic processing. We are expecting the first Canadian tracking numbers to be going out before the end of July. 

European Fulfillment

Customs was apparently very interested in the Iron Clays, but have now released all of the shipping containers. HappyShops has already packed and shipped over 1300 pledges as of last night, and will continue shipping the rest as they arrive. We expect the majority of EU backers to have tracking over the next several days, although the last container to arrive may be as late as August 3rd. Customers have been reporting very fast arrival after receiving tracking and excellent packaging of the games. 

Australia / NZ Fulfillment

No delays to report. Gameology is now packing and shipping all orders and predicts all customers will have tracking by Wednesday the 25th. 

China / Rest Of World Fulfillment

VFI has already sent games to their most remote backers. All remaining customers will be sent by the end of next week. 

There's a problem with my delivery!

For all delivery issues, please message If there is any damage to the game, especially if it was an issue with the packaging, please include pictures of both the game and the packaging in question if at all possible. 

I've moved! Can I still change my address?

The window for this has passed. If your address has changed and you weren’t able to update us in time, your package may be misdelivered or returned. Please email with the details, and we will follow up with you. 

Rulebooks are Online!

Covers only. Click below to completenate.
Covers only. Click below to completenate.



Lancashire: Birmingham:


Lancashire: Birmingham: 

Note that these are living documents and subject to change. (In particular, we have sent the Spanish rulebooks for another round of feedback and vetting based on feedback from the community, and will be updating them one more time based on that). 

Watch It Played Video - Coming Soon!

Copies of Brass have been rushed to Rodney, but we do not anticipate he will have time to finish work until after Gen Con. For those who just can’t wait, we recommend the full playthroughs already available from Heavy Cardboard: 

Heavy Cardboard - Lancashire Teach, Playthrough, & Discussion - click HERE 
Heavy Cardboard - Birmingham Teach, Playthrough, & Discussion- click HERE

We Want Your Action Shots!

Image: Demo-Gorgon Michael Cox & playgroup.
Image: Demo-Gorgon Michael Cox & playgroup.

We’re dying to see this game in the wild--on your tables, in your rec rooms, with your gaming group, or in front of your families & friends! So please tag us on Facebook, on Twitter at @roxleygames, on Instagram at @roxleygames, or you can upload your images to BoardGameGeek. We’d love to include some action shots in our next update--and if we choose yours, we promise to hook you up with the newest promos from Steampunk Rally and Santorini!

As always, if you have any questions, please email

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley


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    1. Paul Roberts on

      @roxley can add my voice to requesting the PDF rules are changed to individual pages as this makes booklet printing easier. Also as it's a "living document" could i ask you place a version number in the credits or somewhere. It will make it easier to tell of you have the current iteration. Many thanks

      You have done an awesome job with this game and I'm looking forward to finally getting my copies soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andre Dorow on

      The German pdf rules (and other languages as well) are really not printer friendly.
      Even if the pdf would have only 1 instead of 2 pages per sheet, it would be difficult to read it on an A4 printout.

      What's the workaround now?

      A) print a "tile" or "poster" version (4 sheets per rule page) and stitch and glue and cut each single page.
      This is a lot of work and still leads to a weird format that hardly fits in the box. Needs several tries.

      B) open pdf, zoom (page size = monitor size), screenshot+save each single side, then open e.g. Word and paste all single screenshots and print.
      This is also a lot of work, and is only readable with a magnifying glass, due to size (A4) and bad resolution (60 dpi monitor -> 300 dpi printer).

      C) have the notebook on the table during play.

      None of these are really suitable solutions. You could say, it is kind of mean to issue a rulebook/pdf that can not be used.
      I would really appreciate if you could provide us with a revised layout.

      Thanks a lot in advance, also for such a good game.
      BR, Andre

    3. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      Just got my tracking notice :)

    4. David Sheppard on

      Received no tracking yet. In the US, both games and Iron Clay add-on. I've been hearing delays around the interwebs. Pledge Manager shows I'm ready to ship, just not shipped. Double checking since there was some card problems along on this transaction.

    5. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Bruno, your game will have shipped by now. We are checking with VFI to see if we can get tracking for those who have not received it.

      @Jim, we are working on a solution for this, please ask at the booth if you end up in this situation.

    6. Jim Webb

      For those who backed the project who are going to GenCon and desire to get Martin to sign their box/instructions, is it possible to bring something for him to sign that we can place in the game if the games have not yet arrived and we come with proof we are a backer?
      I am located in the US and hoping to get the game before GenCon but believe it will not happen given that I have a few other items from QML and it is taking about a week after notification. I am getting very excited to play the games and while I do not expect the games to arrive before GenCon, it will be an awesome day once they do!

    7. Bruno Alberth Silva Barros on

      Brazillian backer here, still haven't got a tracking number. But reading the update, I'm guessing I should have received it already?

    8. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Pedro, @Farid, these numbers will continue to go out as containers are received. The majority of EU backers will not have received tracking yet, it is not yet time to worry.

      @Adrian, your game will have shipped by the end of the day today, we are checking into whether we can get tracking on our end.

    9. Missing avatar

      Pedro Gomes on

      Portuguese backer here, still no tracking number yet too. When is the "deadline" to receive it? Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      UK backer here, i had the address confirmation in late june, but haven't had any tracking or package yet. should i worry?

    11. Missing avatar


      Are RoW (Mexico) getting tracking numbers? According to update, games should have been shipped now but I got no tracking.

    12. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @barry, I'm being told that people who have used that button before have been able to go back in and delay a second time, yes.

    13. barry morgan on

      I have asked for a delay as going on vacation but only delayed until 2nd August. I will be back around 11th August, I assume if I go back in later I can delay it again?

    14. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      IMPORTANT UPDATE for EU backers who are going on vacation:

      HappyShops has informed us that they may have a solution for you – and what’s more, it is a solution that should be in your inbox already.

      In the original confirmation email you received from HappyShops (the example I saw was dated July 2nd), there is a link (unique to your order) near the end of the email. Immediately after the following paragraph:

      “In case of mistakes with the list of games or the delivery adress, please
      use the following URL in any case to make corrections or to learn how to
      resolve these mistakes! Do NOT reply to this email, since Happyshops cannot
      guarantee that your mail will be processed before your shipment. Besides
      that Happyshops is not your contractor in this case, so we are not allowed
      to change the contents of this shipment ourself.”

      If you click on that link, one of the options on the resulting page that comes up will be the option to delay your shipment to a later date.

    15. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Bill, QML just tweeted that they have begun Brass shipments today!

    16. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      Have U.S. shipments started to go out today?

    17. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Michael, we don't yet know if all have been sent, but we are getting confirmations all over the place from people who have received them. We were told last night "end of day Thursday at the latest".

    18. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Mads, that is indeed the rule - players should refill their hands after reconstructing the deck at the beginning of the Rail Era and we have noticed that could have been more explicitly stated. We're already rewording for the next edition.

      Though as all actions require a card, you will find it impossible to proceed if you do not do this, so hopefully it should be fairly intuitive.

      The how to play videos coming soon will make sure to hit on this point.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mads on

      I am very excited to get the games! Cannot be many days now *fingers crossed*
      I looked through the rulebooks and they are beautiful and really clear. One note: It would seem that in the rulebook it does not state that you should draw up to 8 cards after the canal era. You only state that a player should draw 8 cards during game setup, and that he should redraw up to 8 cards during his turn, but this won't cover the case with everybody drawing 8 cards after the deck has been shuffled after the canal era. This seems to be a very unfortunate error in the rulebook for players unfamiliar with the game. Unless I am missing something?

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Was gameology able to dispatch all copies to australians by today as planned. excited to get this new edition of a game we have played for a decade

    21. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Frederico, we've never heard of JAM-N before so we do not think this is ours.

      @Torsten, I see what you mean! That is considerably faster to arrange. Unfortunately I am scheduled to spend most of my day on customer service, as everyone's packages are starting to arrive, and we are gearing up for Gen Con, so I can't promise when I can get to that spot on my ever expanding to-do list. :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Frederico Prado on

      Just checking: is the shipper JAM- N LOGISTICS?

    23. Torsten Stelling

      @Paul Saxberg I never wanted a 8.5x11" PDF. Just a single page pdf and not a reformatted PDF :)

      Can you output a PDF where each pages are individual? Like this: - I marked it with page numbers in red. Currently they are now 2,3 and 4. Just 3 Double Pages and not 6 individual pages.

      Can you help me out here? Thanks.

    24. Jörg Westermair on

      Can please release a printer friendly German rulebook?

    25. barry morgan on

      those in uk whi have received tracking info, who is the email from?

      also massively dleighted that watch it played will be available so I won't have to figure out and then explain how to play as RS is infinetly better than me at that particular job

    26. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      Update regarding translation links above, some people are finding the link does not work for them on their phone, but will work fine on a PC.

      If you can't get it to work for you, email us at and we will help.

    27. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Travis, sent you an email.

    28. Travis D. Williams on

      I seem to have issues downloading US rule books.

    29. steve brothers on

      Somebody post an unboxing video on YouTube please!

    30. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Powerplant Games, @Torsten Stelling, we appreciate you weighing in on this. We don't have time to redesign the rules in the short term to fit 8.5x11" although we will be looking at this for the future. Thank you for your feedback on this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cookie cat maker on

      What a well run campaign this has been. Excellent communication all the way through from Team Roxley.

    32. steve brothers on

      Watch it played video tutorial coming soon?


    33. Ultra Bithalver

      Got the package yesterday; tried Lancashire with 2 players: looks good !
      Birmingham goes to another person, so I can't try it (now).

      Thanks guys !

    34. Powerplant Games on

      The german PDF is unreadable when i Print it. Tried it on 2 different Printers :(

    35. Powerplant Games on

      The german PDF is unreadable when i Print it. Tried it on 2 different Printers :(

    36. Torsten Stelling

      Thanks for the manuals. Any chance for single page PDFs? It is much better for viewing on the screen. Thanks.

    37. Arjan de Haas

      Received mine yesterday, they look amazing! I turned over the old men and found a young guy on the back, wow was i surprised when i looked at the back of the women!

    38. Chooi

      Received mine in UK yesterday. Love it!

    39. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Veli-Ville Rauhala, strange... not sure what's causing that error, I've verified it's working for others. We will have to look into it further.

      Sending you a message in the meantime!

    40. Missing avatar

      Veli-Ville Rauhala on

      Same problem as Jake, says rulebook is in thrash(?)

    41. steve brothers on

      Wow! Look at that fulfillment truck jiggle. What a majestic site!

    42. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jake, sending you an email.

    43. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jake, sending you an email.

    44. Joshua Cappel on

      Very excited to see this is on the way!

    45. Jake Waltier

      When I tried to download the English rulebooks just now it said the owner put them in the trash.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Shaw on

      Not too far away now, exciting! I've been looking forward to it. Also looking forward to breaking out the Iron Clays in just about every other game as well.

    47. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Rackar, unfortunately resizing these to fit 8.5"x11" will require a complete graphical redesign, including redoing the example diagrams. We may be able to do this in the future. We certainly appreciate your feedback about what you prefer to see.

    48. Rackar

      Very nice but can you give us a printable version ?
      All pages size must be the same...

    49. Mike Chipman on

      Super pumped to have these in my collection.