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The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
The famous industrial revolution strategy boardgame by Martin Wallace and a finely brewed sequel, Brass: Birmingham
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Status Report - 2018.05.19 - Tile samples approved. Freight to begin May 23! You may still change your shipping address.

Posted by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games (Creator)

TL;DR - I'm breaking our usually 2-week update timing to let you all know that the tile sheet samples look fantastic and have been approved. The tiles are now being die cut.  Final assembly will be completed on May 23, ready for freight to begin!  Finally!  Thank you all for your patience.


The real test of a manufacturer is not whether or not they ever run into a problem during production.  On a long enough timeline, all manufacturers that have the courage to take on innovative projects with a very high expectation of quality will experience challenges or problems.   The real test of a manufacturer is how they respond to these challenges.  

I am happy to say that immediately after we discovered this problem, GPI immediately brought to bear, without hesitation, all of their resources to resolve the problem with great speed and true professionalism.   They even went as far as to send multiple representatives from their office to go China to oversee the factory during the reprint of the affected tiles.   

We absolutely appreciate the work from the amazing Jack Scheurich, Mike Fisher and the rest of the GPI team to resolve this problem.  I recommend game and gift market creators interested in a manufacturer that will stand behind their work contact them for a quote.

Thank you for your patience

We are in the manufacturing home stretch now.  Final assembly for the games will this week, at which point freight will begin.   We are extremely happy to have you receive your games and have done as much preparation as possible to ensure the probability for further delays is absolutely minimized.  Thank you again to everyone for your patience and unending support.  It means a lot to our team.

Will the games hit stores before backers receive them?

A few people have asked this now, so I thought I'd address this in a post.  The answer is absolutely not.  Backers will ALWAYS receive their Roxley Games before they are available in retail.

 I've moved!  Can I still change my address?

Yes.  If you have moved, please go to your original BackerKit email and click the link.  Even if you've submitted your survey, you should be able to manage your address.   If you cannot find your survey, you can retrieve it here.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please email  

Keep rollin' sixes,  

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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    1. Eric F on

      @Paul - thanks for clarifying things. My only comment would be that your timeline graphics are misleading and should be reworded to accurately express what is meant. Thanks for taking the time answer a question that I had that was ask by another backer.

    2. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Zadrow, for clarity, that was not a shipping date, that was an address lockdown date. (But even that varies by location, if anyone has a last minute change, email us and we will see if we can still accommodate it in your area).

      Updates about shipping will be soon - this weekend multiple members of the team were out of town, so when everybody's back and up to speed you'll get a clearer picture from us!

      (Although yes, that is still the timeline we are aiming for.)

    3. Missing avatar

      Zadrow on

      Was the 23rd freight date respected?
      Can we expect to receive it by end June/beginning July?

    4. Paul Saxberg of Roxley Games Collaborator on

      @Jester, not via BackerKit, though they will be available in retail and likely from our website in the future.

      @Don Clarke, I don't know that information, sorry!

      @Sjoerd, I don't have exact predicted dates yet - we will know more specifics very soon, we have a list of potential delivery issues to track manually, I will add you to it and we will update you when we have specifics.

      @Nguyen, we usually begin shipping with the most distant destinations first, and the nearer ones last, to try to harmonize arrival dates as much as possible.

    5. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Is it possible to just buy a set of Iron Clays now?

    6. Chris Laudermilk on

      Great news! In the homestretch now. The way Roxley (and their manufacturing partner) have handled the challenges are an example of the right way to do it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Konrad Wojtas on

      Thanks for the great news ;) Following Roxley updates is a pure joy even when it comes to delays :)

    8. Don Clarke on

      Thanks for the Info! Which factory in China was used for manufacture?

    9. Missing avatar

      Sjoerd de Vries on

      As I (located in the Netherlands) will be on vacation as of July 6th I wonder whether the listed shipment dates mean that I'll get the games before I'm on my way. Anything to be said on that?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonas Collet on

      Great stuff - I’ve told my gaming group that soon we have only two games to play :)

    11. Pauli Vinni on

      So expecting pictures From final product soon... Good to hear that you have found a good manufacturer. The seeking one is Also a job that has to be done properly!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Viet Hung on

      Will the freight to ASEAN region arrive the port before other region? I just want to know if ASEAN backer receive packages before other regions cuz it's closer.

    13. Eric F on

      Random question: when do the games make it to the ship? I ask cuz I confused the update both says assembly finishes and ocean freight begins on the 23rd. No worries either way just elated to hear things are nearing the end.

    14. Gavan Brown of Roxley Games 4-time creator

      @Chester - Roger that.

    15. Chester

      Thanks for the update. Please see the PM I just sent a little while ago.