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Update #11

The Final Update


Hello Kickstarters,

We are very excited to announce that this will be our final update on the BLE-Shield for Arduino Kickstarter Project.

The boards are manufactured and shipped today. While we were preparing this update, we received the last four missing addresses from backers in China.

For those who were not able to get the boards through this Kickstarter project, the BLE-Shield is already listed in Seeedstudios Bazaar. Please follow this link: to order your BLE-Shield.

A first small stock is expected to occur in the Bazaar on Monday. Another batch will be produced after Chinese New Year but the BLE112 modules for the small batch are already delivered. So there won't be that much delay to get them manufactured.

Further details and updates on the BLE-Shield can be accessed using Michael's Blog available at and his forum at Please give your feedback in the forum if you encounter any problems or just feature requests since we already started to collect feedback for a revision B board.

Moreover we'd love to post pictures or short project descriptions on about what you guys have built with the BLE-Shield.

Thank you very much for being so patient since we had a delay of about three months. In a future Kickstarter Project, maybe a BLE-Shield 2.0.0, a BLEbee or even a BLEduino, we'll keep better track of the long delivery times of the BLE modules while calculating the timeline of such a project.

See you soon, since we think this won't be one of the last projects out of the hands of RowdyRobot.

Michael and Jon

Update #10

BLE-Shield pick and place in progress

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Hello Kickstarters,

The second batch of the BLE-Shield production is making good progress.

Please see the images to get an insight into the assembly process.

Michael and Jon

  • Image-205451-full
  • Image-205453-full
  • Image-205454-full
  • Image-205455-full
  • Image-205456-full

Update #9

The long awaited BLE112-A modules arrived. Production will continue now!


Hello Kickstarters,

The manufacturer warehouse finally received the long awaited, missing BLE112-A Modules.

The second batch of the BLE-Shields is now going to be produced by February 5th and shipped at February 6th.

So you can expect them starting to arrive by the middle of February. We've given our best to get the modules before Chinese New Year since the festivities would have caused another long delay.

Thank you very much for your understanding and have fun playing around with the BLE-Shields.

Michael and Jon

Update #8

BLE-Shield iPhone App Sources are now available

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Hi Kickstarters,

Since I promised an iPhone Sample Project/Application to access the BLE-Shield, I finished the app today and pushed it to the BLE-Shield github repository: where the eagle design files and firmware sources are available as well.

The user interface is implemented similar to the Messages application of iOS. Yes, correct... you can chat with your BLE-Shield somehow and it'll answer, or it will send you messages ;-) I will add some more UI features in the future and make bug fixes if necessary. Moreover I'll submit it to the Apple App Store after I add an About screen to the app. The intention of the app is focused on providing you guys a basis on how such an app can be implemented.

Another resource to access the BLE-Shield is still the BLExplr App which is available from the following link through the Apple AppStore:

See the attached screenshots to see what the app looks like.


  • Image-199206-full
  • Image-199207-full
  • Image-199208-full
  • Image-199209-full
  • Image-199210-full
  • Image-199211-full
  • Image-199212-full

Update #7

Update from the Factory


Hi Kickstarters,

After we received some pictures from the QC process of the BLE-Shield, we just wanted to share those with you.

As already mentioned in update #6 the first 84 BLE-Shields are shipped. In the images you can the testing process and a pile of BLE-Shields which has already passed the QC process marked with the "QC" sticker.

We expect the second delivery of the BLE112 modules during 21st to 28th of January. Once the modules are ready to solder we'll post another update.

Michael & Jon

  • Image-197539-full
  • Image-197540-full

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