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The installation of an inflatable pavilion [bubble] that will hold workshops and lectures about improving public space IN public space.

UPDATE: Thanks for your support! The funds we will collect from kickstarter will help us pay for the installation and associated operational costs of running great, free public events. We raised funds to bring an iconic inflatable bubble to Prague for reSITE Festival, an event we are organizing. The name of the bubble is ROSY (the Ballerina). We will install ROSY in the courtyard of the National Theatre, right in the center of Prague. It is going to be an awesome sight. 

The video below was made by our friends at Mixed Grill Productions as promotion for our festival. We want them to film a documentary of the events at reSITE, so any additional funding will go toward the documentary and a conference we are having during the festival.

The bubble is more than a huge work of public art or architecture. We will use it as a pavilion to host free public events: design workshops, a dance performance, film screenings, urban games, and design discussions. We need something cool and playful, something catchy, and something iconic that can be a physical representation of what we stand for. And, it needs to be free for the public. We are doing all of this from MAY 21st-27th 2012.  

We're working with lots of different people and groups to make this happen. raumlaborberlin designed ROSY (the Ballerina). You'll hear more about them later. 

ROSY (the Ballerina)…

ROSY is from Berlin, and we think you’ll like her...

The story goes: ROSY is a ballerina. She's perfect. She's transparent, she's iconic, cool, and holds 130 people, the exact number that we expect at these events. 

She was designed in Berlin, she was made in Zurich, and she spent the summer of 2010 in a bunch of parks in London. When we found her she was so well used that she was a little beat up. So, now the guys at raumlaborberlin are fixing her in Berlin, restoring her beauty and they’re getting her ready for her big show in Prague. She looks awesome in her potential home at the National Theatre, right?

ROSY'S Bio...

raumlaborberlin was commissioned to design ROSY (the Ballerina) by Up Projects for Portapavilion 2010. She traveled to 15 public parks in London that summer, but the poor girl, she never went anywhere else. We think it's time to bring her out of hiding and let the people of Prague see how great she is. 

Why do we need funding?

It's important to us that our events and lectures are free for the public. But, of course it will cost us to bring such a cool pavilion and to put her the center of Prague in a famous public space where she can be seen by thousands of people. We'll be using the money to fix and transport ROSY, pay for the space at the courtyard [piazzetta] of the National Theatre and for the crew to install her and for a security guard to keep ROSY safe at night! We might even pay for her to get a mani/pedi [manicure and pedicure]. Lucky girl. The theatre is really the best place for her, anyhow. ROSY is a ballerina and she belongs at a theatre! 

What is ROSY up to now?

ROSY recently traveled via trailer from London to Berlin where she'll get a checkup and cleaning. Then, she travels to Prague to go to the theatre at the end of May. 

Who else is supporting this project?

Lots of folks! We started out wanting to be a platform to connect people either working on or against issues regarding design for public space. We had huge ambitions but a small goal: to organize a half-day symposium. Then, we started talking to people and saw how excited they were about our ideas. Quickly, we grew. We've surprised lots of people by building a really broad coalition of support and attracting lots of international guests. The US Embassy in Prague is supporting us along with dozens of organizations like the Fulbright Commission, Center for the Future and OKD Fondation. Your support will match theirs. We're super lucky to have our partners on board and they give us the energy we need to move forward! 

Our team

Along with the guys and gals at raumlaborberlin, we have a talented and ambitious team here in Prague. 

Help us bring ROSY to Prague...

In these last months, we have grown from a conceptual idea to a team of nearly twenty and we found Rosy in the process. It's incredible, really. 

To make our dream a reality – to bring ROSY to Prague - we are asking you: PLEASE JOIN OUR TEAM. Help us bring ROSY back to the theatre where she belongs. Let’s get her here. She deserves to see this beautiful city.

What's next [with your help]?

After ROSY's debut in Prague we'll start preparing for next year. Our plan for next year is to take a temporary pavilion to other cities. We're aiming high. We want to start the path for change in Prague, then go on the road to other central and eastern European cities. So, your support this year will be the start of something really big. You can wear your pin proudly and we might even visit you in your city next year! 

Thank you!

We couldn't do any of this without your support. Special thanks to Mixed Grill Productions for making the kickstarter video, Up Projects for use of ROSY's images and video footage, Raumlabor Berlin for being awesome, Center for the Future in Slavonice, the Goethe Institut, Nova Scena the National Theatre, the US Embassy in Prague and all others who helped get us this far!! The list is long. Mostly, I'm super thankful for my amazing team in Prague. We're so excited for May and for the future! ROSY is going to feel loved in Prague! We know it. 

ROSY stuff for you...


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