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100 stories for 100 fans. $10 = 1 story. $1 = read ALL the stories. Book sales support the author.
100 stories for 100 fans. $10 = 1 story. $1 = read ALL the stories. Book sales support the author.
134 backers pledged $2,712 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ross Pruden Creator on January 17, 2016

      Okay, James Seagle... Just sent your PDF. :)

    2. Ross Pruden Creator on January 14, 2016

      Anyone who hasn't gotten their PDFs: I had a number of emails bounce back before the holidays and have yet to go through which ones need to be resent. (James Seagle, I'll look into yours tomorrow and see what email I have for you; I'll message you here on kickstarter in case your email bounces back.)

    3. James Seagle on January 13, 2016

      Still haven't got my pdf copy.

    4. Ross Pruden Creator on November 26, 2015

      Hey Michael, James & Sarah, here's an update specifically for you, in case you missed the big update this morning. The PDF is done and being mailed out within 24 hours. After the Xmas holidays, I will probably be focusing my attention on porting to the the mobi and ePub versions, and then later on the paperback copies, etc.

      Also, sorry if I don't always respond to the project comments here; I often don't know I'm getting comments here because for some reason I never get any email notifications about them. I get notifications about comments on project updates, just not comments on the general project page.

    5. Michael Kohne on November 16, 2015

      Ross? It's been the better part of a year since you posted that you only had a little left to do on the PDF. Since then you've backed at least one Kickstarter, so it's not that you're completely off-line.

      What's going on with the PDF?

      Folks who pledged for custom stories and physical rewards: have you gotten your stuff yet?

    6. Michael Kohne on July 11, 2015

      Last update I saw was layout work - how goes it?

    7. James Seagle on November 8, 2014

      How do I get my epub copy?

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah Klinkhart on July 24, 2013

      Hey, how's it going?
      Haven't heard anything from you in over a month.
      Next month is the first anniversary ;)
      Sooo... will you be giving us backers an anniversary gift? :D

    9. Ross Pruden Creator on April 1, 2013

      Hey Caleb! Sorry it's been so quiet as of late. I recorded a video update the other day, but ran into some difficulties preparing it for upload.

      Here's the TL;DR version:

      I have about 30% of the stories written. Obviously, that's far behind where I wanted to be since I expected the stories to be done by February. The good news is that I've abandoned the 100 word restriction so the stories will be more complete than before. All backers donating $20 or more will get double the length of the $10 stories, because I feel it's paramount not to violate that promise.

      Soon I hope to get a block of time where I can knock out a big chunk of these stories. I'm finding that the historical fiction genre is quite a challenge; I have to research each story to provide an authentic background.

      All for now. Stay tuned for my video update!

    10. Missing avatar

      Caleb Jensen on April 1, 2013

      How's it going?

    11. Ross Pruden Creator on December 29, 2012

      BIG update written, but still adding art and links. Likely up tomorrow.

    12. Ross Pruden Creator on December 29, 2012

      @Caleb @TAC Update being written now!

    13. Missing avatar

      TAC on September 28, 2012

      COOKIES! I DEMAND COOKIES! or maybe a little update....

    14. David Paul Baker on September 15, 2012

      Congrats on your success. Look forward to seeing DIMEWORD move forward.

    15. Missing avatar

      TAC on September 12, 2012

      Give up a latte and pledge... It'll made Chris Dodd cry, do you need a better reason?